Would You Like A Samoyed

Would You Like A Samoyed

Hi guys! Welcome to Yeti’s Place. This is Yeti the Samoyed and I’m Yeti’s Mom
and on today’s episode, we’re going to talk about, would you like a Samoyed? Up next, on Yeti’s Place. If you’re new here, please be sure to click
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down below. Let’s get started. So Samoyeds are most closely related to the
primitive dog. Oh, Yeti, you just slobbered everywhere. YUCK! Ewww! There is absolutely no fox, nor wolf DNA anywhere
within a Samoyed. They are an odorless breed. Yeah!! Which makes it awesome if you want to cuddle
with them! Yes, Yeti dog. Oh, it’s Mr. Dogman. They are high energy, working dogs. They love pulling sleds. They love hauling equipment around. They love hauling wood. They’re also great agility dogs. They’re also wonderful herding dogs. I know, when you look at a Samoyed, you think,
a herding dog? What?! Samoyeds are members of the working dog group. So, some of the distinctions about a Samoyed,
is that their coat is white. Biscuit and white. There is a little bit of biscuit on Yeti’s
ears. They can also be white and biscuit, cream
colored, biscuit, biscuit and white, biscuit and cream. They have pointy ears. Yeti, face the camera so they can see your
ears. They have a classic Samoyed smile. They have the black areas of their mouth,
which curl upwards, giving them that beautiful Samoyed smile. They have bright, sparkly, shiny eyes. They also have long, white eyelashes. They’re always panting ’cause they’re very
warm, inside this beautiful, thick, double coat. The outer coat, protects them from the wind
and the harsh, winter elements. And the inner coat, helps keep them warm. The inner coat, is a shorter coat, which is
really, super soft, it’s almost like a cashmere soft. The long, outer coat, which is about this
long, protects them from the harsh, winter elements. Now, in the summertime, you shouldn’t shave
a Samoyed, at all, because Samoyeds take a long time to grow their fur. About a good 6 to 9 months to grow the fur
back and it won’t grow back as pretty as it was before it was shaved. Plus, if you shave a Samoyed during the summer
months, you’re exposing their pink skin, which never ever sees the light of day, to the sun,
results in sunburns, which can be really bad on a Sammy, because their skin, of course,
never sees the light of day, because it’s buried beneath this thick, luscious, double,
thick coat of fur. Samoyeds also have a beautiful, curly tail,
that of course, you guys can’t see, because Yeti is sitting down. But, normally, his tail would curl up over
his back and it’s nice and poofy and beautiful, thick, really really gorgeous. Samoyeds have extensive grooming demands. They need to be groomed every day, every other
day. On a weekly basis, they need to be really
thoroughly groomed. Every day, I normally just go through Yeti
with one brush, but a few times a week, I will go through him with multiple brushes. The first brush is a demating rake, which
has the swivel heads, so that the swivel heads don’t get caught in his fur. And then, the other brushes that I use, is
a slicker brush. So, I use multiple, different types of brushes
on Yeti to get him looking soft and poofy and beautiful. And I also spray him down with some conditioner,
some people conditioner, mixed in with water. I pour about this much into a spray bottle
and then I fill the rest up with water, shake it up and spray him down, to get him nice
and soft and beautiful and smelling really nice. Come here. Samoyeds are highly intelligent and they’re
stubborn. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. Yeah, I said you’re stubborn because you are. He’s very smart. He knows what to do, it’s just a matter of
getting him to do it. When they are determined to do something,
which happens a lot, they will sass. And by sassing, I mean they will bark back
at you and they will tell you that, no I don’t want to do what you’re telling me to do! I want to do this instead. Mom, you have to let me do this instead. Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! They’re like a 2-year-old child, who wants
to do naughty things. And this happens throughout their whole lives! They’re great indoor dogs. They do well if you have a smaller home, if
you have a big home. If you have a big back yard, if you have a
small back yard. If you have a small back yard and a smaller
home, bring them on walks, a few walks a day, being gone for anywhere from 15 minutes to
a half hour at a time, because that help wear off some of their excess energy. If you have a big house, with a big back yard,
do the same thing. Now, you shouldn’t unhook a Samoyed from a
leash if you have a big, giant, huge back yard that is not fenced in, because if they
see a squirrel or a deer, they will dart off and they won’t come back. So, if you have a fenced in back yard, then
of course, you can bring them to the back yard, you can unhook them from their leash
and you can let them play. If you go to the dog park, you can, of course,
unhook your dog because dog parks are fenced in areas with other dogs there. You can let your Samoyed play with those other
dogs. If you’re new here, please be sure to subscribe,
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  1. Yeti is back, to ask if you'd like to get a Samoyed. He's just the cutest, but he gets a bit upset when I talk about what a Samoyed can really be like at times. I do apologize for incorrectly mentioning that there is no wolf DNA in a Samoyed. Per the Samoyed Club of America, it does say they are 'most genetically similar to wolves.' I meant to say there's no fox DNA, but they are genetically similar to wolves, as it had been written in my notes sitting off-camera. But, when you're in the excitement of filming with a crazy Samoyed, who is always demanding treats, mistakes can happen.

  2. would i like samoyed?? i am dying to see a samoyed in a flesh, so that i could take some pictures

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    – Intro
    – Would you like a Samoyed?
    – Yes
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  5. Yes, I would like a Samoyed please.

  6. I'm content with being Yeti's friend. He would not like the 90+ degree summer weather here.

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  8. When I saw the title of this video my first thought was, "oh boy, what did Yeti do now. His Mom is trying to get rid of him". LOL

  9. I am sorry there must be some wolf in them , My xiomar ofrten lloks like a small albino wolf. I nickname her "Wolfie"

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  11. I can provide ice, baths or something and the AC will it be enough

  12. If you have said they dont really listen, do they run away sometimes? I dont have fence in my front yard so they can easily run away.

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