World”s Most Expensive Cats

World”s Most Expensive Cats

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  1. I have a bengal t.t

  2. Savannah cat all the way

  3. The world's stupidest humans paying money for cats

  4. Fuck cats Love Dogs…xoxoxo

  5. I want them all.

  6. Love my Bengal.

  7. Bucatti more expensive

  8. Peterbald looks scary

  9. bengal cat wasnt bred with leopard but with a bengal wild cat

  10. Cats can't be trusted 😠😠😠 bumb faking fluffy asses 😠😠😠

  11. Need to check pictures you use. Asian leopard cat is a small wildcat not large leopard depicted.

  12. Scottish fold price is wrong lol. More like 1000-2300$.

  13. I found a stray Russian Blue once. I even named him Smokey. He was about a year old and sweet as can be. I wanted to keep him so bad but sadly my parents said we couldn't have anymore cats. So my mom drove him to a no kill shelter. Very sad day for me.

  14. I have a Russian blue

  15. Atleast they are cheaper than an iphone

  16. Omg!
    I saw one of the khao manee in one of my neighbourhood’s houses!
    Also, the khao manee i saw, theneyes of it was red and blue

  17. Dam They are all so beautiful IF I had the coin I would have a hard time picking one.

  18. Wow! So many and accuracy is in your video! Please take this video down as it has more inaccuracies in it than not.

  19. I dont see the sibeirien cat a kitten costs 1500 to 2000 and there hypo alergenic and playful loyal and so cute

  20. Ive seen a khao manee cat just out here on our street. Wandering and sometimes begging for food its appearance is pure white color one brown eye and a blue one looks exactly like the one on the picture and they are twins unfortunatly one of the twins doesnt have the eyes of khao manee so yeah i think ill just adopt that cat and sell it for a thousand dollars!

  21. You forgot about the ragdoll and the snow shoe cats! 😮 I had a snowshoe and I tell you they aren't too cute as babies but they are so beautiful when they get older 😍 A snowshoe are rare and getting worse every year 😢 They can cost around $500 to about $2000! They have the same colors as the hymalan (sorry can't spell 😢), when a snowshoe is grown into a adult they have the raccoon mask face but their noses are bright pink with very beautiful bright blue eyes 😍💜💜💜 If you love this kind of breed and manage to find one, do not ever let it go! My old landlord was a alcoholic and a scitsophrenic and he thought my baby girl was attacking his cats and told me he'd bow hunt her and my dog AND my 3 yr old son if he ever saw them outside again😨 We'll somehow she got out that same evening and never was seen again 💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 It still haunts me every day that I didn't do more to protect her for that last week and a half before we moved out of there 😠😢 But Anyways look these snowshoes and ragdolls they are similar but the ragdoll has shorter legs in the front I think. It's either their front legs or back legs that are shorter then the other side. But are so very beautiful and rare and expensive but very worth it 💜💜💜💜

  22. I got two baby kitten Himalayas for free and i name them cotton and blue❤

  23. If you want save money, steal stray cat on the street. 👌

  24. I had a Russian blue before her mom just appeared in our house one night I don't know how she got it but she's pregnant and she had a she had a baby girl that looks exactly like on the video and I named her Ash and she was my best friend my life my everything until like a year ago she was stolen from my backyard and we never found her and since then I've had depression. And she would disappear Some Nights but she was so loyal so I think someone has been watching her for a long time and trying to take her but she escaped and I finally got her😭😭🐱🐱

  25. I just love cats

  26. I just love cats

  27. There are girl cats too

  28. My neighbor found a stray bengal and she couldn’t keep it but when we asked my mom if we could have it she said no (the neighbor asked if we wanted it)

  29. I got a bengal for $360 only.

    Does that mean I’m lucky.

  30. I have a tabby cross Russian blue and I got him for free

  31. I love these vids post more vids and keep them interesting

  32. My cat cost 12000 SEK and one dollar= 8 SEK

  33. i didn't know that a cat has the same name as me?! (the savannah cat)

  34. Humph….I'm a dog person😊

  35. That's more expensive then my moms jeep and my dads truck

  36. this is why i like dogs

  37. I have a Russian blue and I bought her for 750$ since she was a kitten and they're so loveable and loyal

  38. 1,5,11,15😍😍😍😍😍 omg

  39. I love the Bengal but they're too expensive!

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  41. I have a bengal cat 🐈

  42. those pics are not savvanahs

  43. Bianca Long, by kids you mean your "imaginary kids" right? Cause the truth is, you are definitely not married and you don't even have a boyfriend 😛 HAHAHAH!

    You don't have a special man in yo life BITCH! HAHAHAHAH! I WIN NIGGA! 😛

  44. what's the difference between ashera and bengal cat?

  45. I have hamalayan cat

  46. The LaPerm looks like a rug.

  47. We have a bengal cat and we got him for free lol

  48. Hmmmm…. Why is he only naming the cats as boys???

  49. #1 hello kitty for sure

  50. The Russian blue cat? More like like grey cat …. Man that's dumb

  51. Don't shop, adopt!

  52. There is a lot of Bengal cats in my block (more of a dog person)

  53. Resident ready planning sculpture impose river swing loud melt each.

  54. nah im not gonna spent alot of money for a expensive cat. if i found one of the expensive cat i just kept them. Thats how my life. If i found something good i kept it so i don't have to buy it. Easy life (#THUGLIFE 😎😎)

  55. I love cats, awesome video☺

  56. We had an Egyptian Mau once. He just came walking in my grandmas house and since she is gone so often, she gave it so us.

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  58. I have 2 bengals….

  59. Slry the khao manhee in Philippines is worthless you find them in streets here i have seen 10 of those things in the streets of silqng cavite imperial

  60. When we got our siberian neva masquerade cat we bought it for 1136$
    Just wanted to say that!

  61. The #4 is like a kangaroo

  62. Charge due concentrate summer rage ankle nobody let garage.

  63. I've got a calico 🙂

  64. so all i have to do to get a ashrea is give the owner a bunch of cars? Oh ok. Good tip.

  65. Whats next? Top 10 frying pans?

  66. always adopt please….

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  68. We have a serval. If you want one be prepared to get a permit or move to a state that allows them (mine does). Also, be prepared to get ambushed in the middle of the night, just because the damned cat feels like scaring the shit out of you. Otherwise they're very affectionate, intelligent, and playful (we love him to death). Be prepared to shell out $5k-$15k, depending on sex (and its bloodline's history of domestication), for the privilege of being owned by one.

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  71. Where's the swinx

  72. I couldn't watch the whole of the video, I had to paws it. 🐱

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  74. I'm a dog person but I would LOVE to have some of them they are so adprable

  75. I have saw a cat that have a blue eye on the left and yelow in the right my phone died befor i can take a pic

  76. The Savannah cat is probably a cross between A cheetah and a House cat

  77. I have a savanah cat and got it for 50000000000000000

  78. thanks for uploading this!

  79. I have a Bengal cat

  80. And a Khao Manee cat mine is called lucky she's beautiful

  81. Oh your just gonna buy an expensive dumb cat

  82. I got a bengal cat about 2 months ago her name is Venus after the god of love and her bday is 14th February she is my daughters kitten but I’m the baby sitter for her every day she’s very intelligent very comical and acts like a viper that’s what I have dubbed her as always thinking I’m her toy an always cuddles me to death to she loves when I sleep cos she first dives into my face to make place for her so she can come sleep by me even when I’m sick she will paw me in the face then nuzzles me in the face too an gives kisses 😘 an then will snuggle up an wait till I’m better viper was sick about a month ago an fought tooth an nail to get her better she would not eat or even drink water even though I’m a dog person I can’t now imagine life without her I paid Malaysia ringette r4000 viper rules my room now an loves the balls with the bell in them the other night while watching on my iPad I had a bag full of those balls an she found then then she started hitting the bag around the room till it fell over an went inside to get her another one this is like 3 am I thinking she’s sleeping but no she wants to play. Viper/Venus loves baths if she could join me in the bath I don’t think she will think twice but she don’t like lavender or hot water 😝

  83. Y is it always a “he?” Isn’t that a bit sexised? (Sos I can’t spell)

  84. This is my opinion I like cats because there clean they clean there own dump up and u don't have to walk them

  85. wait are Norwegian forest cat that Expensive 0.0 we have for cats and 3 of them are Norwegian forest cat and we got them free…(and i mean all 4 catsand they are born on difrent times so not from the same person)

  86. is it just me or the cat at 1:12 looks like homer simpson

  87. I have a siamese kitten and he cost $400

  88. I want em all 😍

  89. I have a bengal for $300

  90. Wht the furball if going in here

  91. I have a Russian blue

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