Wild Hamsters fight over delicious candle wax – Seven Worlds, One Planet | BBC Earth

Wild Hamsters fight over delicious candle wax – Seven Worlds, One Planet | BBC Earth

A European hamster. Wild hamsters are found in grasslands
throughout central Europe. Here, in the city,
they’re doing extremely well. This male is on a mission
to find food. The coast looks clear. But best not take any chances. The trick is to get in and out
before you’re caught. And now…dessert. Candle wax – it’s full of oil
and high in calories. A hamster’s cheeks can hold
a quarter of its body weight. Just one more mouthful. SQUEAKING Oh, dear. Big cheeks and narrow bottlenecks. How very embarrassing. Mission accomplished.

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  1. What?? Hamsters eat wax???

  2. WOW .. what a breaking News story from the BBC … still nothing on week 68 of the violent demos against Macrons globalist policies in France .. Hamsters ?!?! .. seriously ??

  3. Aaaaawww 😍😍😍 Lil Big Hamie!!! 🐹😎👌👍

  4. Maybe they are able to eat candle wax cuz they been in the wild for so long unlike domesticated hamster who are used to pellet,veggies,treats and other things

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  6. What a cute hamster 🐹😍

  7. Let’s hope they were not fragrances candles

  8. Behold the in the top of the food chain le hamster the most ferocious creature in the world

  9. I didn't know there are wild hamsters. They are adorable. I also didn't know candle wax was so delicious. I will have to try it myself. 😳😉☺🐹🐭🐱🐺

  10. Looks like my girlfriend after she eats too much.

    …which is often.

  11. Moral of story: Be careful what you leave at a grave.

  12. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏻❤️🙏💯

  14. Awwwww so cute…I had 2 as a kids…I loved putting them in the ball and watching them run around!!!

  15. This is so cute kawaii 🐹❤🧡💛💚💙💜💗

  16. Oh dear, nearly got stuck there for a minute or two…

  17. I had no idea they ate wax

  18. Weird how they have much longer tails than the domestic ones

  19. Saw a video of this guys fighting a slipper. They may look adorable but they're fierce tiny brutes

  20. There are hamsters fighting over anythig.

  21. where's the fighting?

  22. Hahaha me…..when I see a candy bowl.😬🙌🏽😍😋

  23. This is just tooooo cuute!

  24. I love Attenborough, he could narrate paint drying and make it exciting & interesting

  25. Never


    Hamster eating waxxx😯😯😯😬😬😬

  26. I hope that's a soy or bee's wax candle

  27. Misleading title. Hamsters aren't fighting in this video. There's only one hamster and he's struggling to get the wax out of the bottle.

  28. They made it look cute but I bet that hamster was scared shitless

  29. Dooooo cute, but, I was worried, bout those cheeks gettin stuck , " yay", free at last… 🐾😍👏

  30. Awwwwwww I want them all I want to squish them so hard they are the cutest things ever

  31. I didn't know that hamsters got so fat !! I also didn't know that candle wax has a nutritional value. I have learned something new today.

  32. Look HAmmy. Just because it says it's Apple Spice…lol

  33. 1:31 it’s his chest day. Cut him some slack.

  34. Click bait….. Not amused

  35. It's weird to see wild hamsters!

  36. there went any hamsterS fighting, their was one hamsteR fighting a candle pot

  37. The lesson learned here is not to be greedy

  38. Where was the fight ?????????? 🐹

  39. That hamster pre thiccc

  40. the voice actor sounds like pooh bear

  41. Crazy little hamster 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. I associate myself with this hamster

  43. This is just grave robbing

  44. Mate,u up loaded this video months ago! U must of forgotten

  45. Все же, на кладбище не стоило снимать развлекательный сюжет. Проявите уважение к покойным!

  46. I'm gonna call him Neville

  47. i guess i never imagined hamsters in the wild….i guess i thought they were made up….like unicorns. huh? whatd i say???

  48. The advertised hamster fight never appeared.

  49. There were no fighting hamsters in this video

  50. A rodent is a rodent!

  51. That's what the hamster gets for ruining a grave stupid piece of s***

  52. It’s 3 in the morning why am I here

  53. With how active wild hamsters are, I hate to see people keep them as pets in little cages.

  54. They whole video reminds me of Winnie the Pooh eating honey. Eveb they guy speaking reminds me of him.

  55. Live footage of me at 4 am looking for something to eat

  56. this is reuploaded, seen this quite a while ago.

  57. I would keep one if I found it

  58. cuutenesss overlooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooad

  59. Reminds me of a pet hamster that got stuck in a toilet roll inner after stuff its cheeks

  60. When your cat sticks their head in a Pringles can.

  61. I don't know why but I never realized that there were wild hampsters. I thought those were just called nice or rats.

  62. Little tubby guy is adorable haha imagine coming outside and seeing this little dude laying on his back with his head stuck in there

  63. I laughed so hard at the ending, lol cutie

  64. Well time to move to Europe with a ton of candles

  65. This Hamster is on the Keto diet lol

  66. How come i never seen wild hamsters wtf i want one 🙁

  67. Such cute pink toes! 😁

  68. Hey there! I am using YouTube

    Friday, 14 February 2020
    2:38 PM

  69. 2:44 wen u eating her ass n she gives u a surprise xD

  70. Captions: a European ham stuffed.

  71. this has already been uploaded before!!! I need a new hamster video or the world is going to END!!!!

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