Why These Vegetarian Monkeys Have Sharp Predator Teeth

Why These Vegetarian Monkeys Have Sharp Predator Teeth

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: The gelada. [MUSIC PLAYING] Today, they’re only found
in these verdant highlands. [MUSIC PLAYING] The males have luxuriant golden
locks and deep red markings on their chests. Most surprising, when they
yawn, they reveal these. Teeth like this are usually
only seen in top predators. But these guys are
mostly vegetarian. So why are they so
long in the tooth? They spend their days
feeding on fresh grass shoots and playing around. It seems a peaceful life, but
there’s trouble on the horizon. Gangs of bachelor
males watch on. Like troublesome teenagers,
they wake up late and spend their days plotting. Their aim is to challenge
the resident males and win control of a hareem. They begin to close
in on their target, singling out one
individual male. But down below, he knows
exactly what they’re up to. It’s a gelada standoff. Both sides want to appear
as threatening as possible. This is where those
teeth come in. [MUSIC PLAYING] The big resident male leaves his
hareem and approaches the gang. He needs to show them
who’s boss around here. [MUSIC PLAYING] The odds are stacked
against him, 6 to 1. [MUSIC PLAYING] He seems fearless,
but what’s surprising is what happens next. He turns and scampers,
but this isn’t cowardice. It’s a planned tactic to show
those young whippersnappers who’s got the most stamina. And they quickly tire. The bachelor boys are defeated,
but they’ll be back tomorrow. And our resident male
returns to his family a hero.

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  1. the joys of the meat n 2 veg / boys will be boys /

  2. This looks better than the new lion king movie

  3. When they are fighting they look like lions with those manes

  4. Human evolurton is lie. Humans cant alive in nature without Pre information

  5. 2 28. Metal bands have been trying for this look since … metal began.

  6. They're the tribe of Sun Wukong

  7. 2:28 hello my nightmare

  8. Can they breath when they do that?

  9. So u gotta be Usain Bolt of the geladas world to get all the hoes 👌

  10. When they are running, it seems like lion with farssssssssssssss

  11. If anyone plays the Souls games ( Dark Souls, Sekiro, maybe Bloodborne ),

    skip to 1:18


  13. I'm less afraid of the teeth and more afraid of how far they can pull back their upper lips

  14. Are they lion cousins ?

  15. 2:28 Aliens vs Predator remake looks insane

  16. Those things are scary.

  17. So this is where all the hair metal bands got their look from lol

  18. 0:16 Extremly beautiful it looks like a painting crafted by a legendary artist.

  19. So essentially the predator…from predator

  20. 2:28 Predator, is that you?

  21. 2:28 now thats natural beauty

  22. That one golden male looks like a lion😂

  23. Looks like a hybrid lion,babbon

  24. Cukur rambut dulu brow

  25. Pause 2:29 Dope super villain

  26. Me at 2:09 looking at the Popeyes employee when they finally bring back the chicken sandwich…

  27. I had no idea there were even this kind of monkey on earth. Wow

  28. Dr Morse sent me here.

  29. مفبرك خيانات زوجية واظحة وهاذا تظليل على العدالة والقانون

  30. What you upload this video for…??

  31. yes that's how it's always been and should be

  32. HaW ReeM…

    I thinks it’s harem😂

  33. so why they have teeth?

  34. Victoria secret model

  35. 2:28 Worse thing I've ever seen 😳

  36. Allah ki qudrat….. 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴

  37. 2:30 you scared the heck out of me mate

  38. ดูแล้วดูอีกจ้า

  39. All I see is Michelle Obama

  40. The Smithsonian name used to be held in high esteem by me, but it seems as if this youtube channel in particular has it's only goal as to how to stretch 5 seconds of kinda interesting data into 3 to 5 minute clips of tediousness, speculation and the most boring narration ever. I prefer quality over quantity personally. So, why do they have the teeth they have? 4: 17 later and no one knows? Smithsonian should be above clickbaiting?

  41. @0:11 that’s what i do when I’m hungry

  42. Do y'all see groot at the back at 1:51

  43. 0:07 when i tell my big brother if i can play

  44. So this I were they got the character Predator 🤔

  45. They go to the salon every day? Those manes are glorious. Yet, long haired dogs that live with people look like mops without intervention.

  46. When he yawned I went from 😴 to 👀

  47. Look like predators

  48. 1000 deaths for everyone within 2000 years

  49. 2:28 that one friend in the group who claims he's the most attractive

  50. 2:27 thats so creepy

  51. I'm sure one of the adults had fillings.

  52. This universe will be erased and good riddance but you will all live in torment endlessly.

  53. You will still exist but this universe will not.

  54. Can you explain why animals have whiter teeth than us and they don’t brush their teeth

  55. For the same reason buffalo have horns. Defense


  57. 2:27 when predator makes a crossover with Smithsonian channel

  58. Ethiopia is a beautiful country

  59. i really liked the part at 0:58 when you said " So why are they so long in the tooth? " are you referencing the saying that goes " why the long face" but in this scenario it is their teethes aa haahjajaajaha much love from brazil xx

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  61. They are vegetarians because they never tested USDA certified

  62. My favorite baboones

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    Nice highlights though☺️

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  69. Dentist : open wide
    Me : 2:28

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    ”Hey their baaaaby”

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  78. They could have even evolved from a carnivorous specie

  79. 2:28
    What if you woke up one morning and this animal was just sitting at the foot of your bed? What would you do?

  80. This monkey has better teeth than I do

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