Why Do Cats Sleep in Unusual Places?! – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #5

Why Do Cats Sleep in Unusual Places?! – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #5

Hello I’m Simon, welcome to Simon’s Cat
Logic, we’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do. Today we’re going to have a look at favourite sleeping places. Altogether I’ve had six cats in my life
and it amazes me how individual each one is, even down to things like
their favourite sleeping places. My second cat Chloe’s used to love the airing cupboard and would always find a way of sneaking in there and going up to the second shelf
and laying on the soft towels and the warm. She loved it in there. [Where do cats like to sleep?] Cats sleep or rest intermittently throughout the day. Cats like to sleep somewhere safe, usually up high. They’re also really fond of somewhere dark and warm. You can find all sorts of hiding places
and nice places for them to sleep such as igloo beds, or those
radiator beds, or even something as simple as a cardboard box with a nice
blanket inside. Now you may think to yourself.. why is my cat sleeping in this random
place on the floor, especially when I bought this really expensive cat bed, but if you
follow the line of the hot-water pipes in your house you may well find that
your cat sleeping just above them and keeping nice and toasty. [Let Sleeping Cats Lie] Now I know cats are really cute when they’re fast asleep, but please resist the temptation to wake them up. Cats sleep for 16 hours or more a day and
this will be even more in kittens or elderly cats. You may find that cats actually steal
your seat as soon as you get up. It’s actually because it’s nice and warm because you’ve just been sitting there,
but also because it’s off the floor and it smells of the owner as well. [Why do cats love laundry?] All laundry provides a comfortable place
for cats to sleep. Now some cats prefer dirty laundry just because it smells familiar
to them and it has a scent of the owner on it. Whereas other cats prefer clean laundry
and this can be more because if it’s been freshly tumble dry this could be
nice and warm. A safe place to sleep. Whether it’s a box the laundry pile or even a suitcase, cats
tend to rotate round when their sleeping place which is the normal behaviour. We think this is a throw back to African
Wildcat behaviour where they want to regularly change their sleeping place to
avoid a build up of external parasites. [Cats that sleep together…] Many owners think that if their cats sleep
together on the bed that they must be friends this very much depends on how the cats
are sleeping together for example if the cats are sleeping
together with interlocking paws and maybe they’re grooming each other and rubbing against each other I think it’s safe to say they’re
probably friends or in the same social group. However, if you go back and have a look
at your cats and you see that actually they are carefully spaced out on the bed maybe they’re in a crouched position and
they’re very carefully just avoiding eye contact with the other cats it may be that they’re actually tolerating
each other or just not in the same social group but there for the valued
resource of the owners bed. [Do cats dream?] It is thought that cats may actually have dreams because they do have what’s called REM sleep or rapid eye movement sleep I think many owners like to think when their cats are twitching and moving their paws that perhaps they’re chasing squirrels
and things outside, but unfortunately at this point in time we don’t really know
what they’re dreaming about. [Simon’s Real Cats – Sleeping Places] Hugh always makes me smile because his favourite sleeping place is this big compost bin
outside my back garden and it’s just in the right place for it catches all that
afternoon sunlight and he’s always there snuggled on top of it, because he’s black furred he absorbs all the heat. Teddy’s favourite sleeping place is actually at the end of the garden in an old run-down polytunnel which is all overgrown with stingers and brambles and things, but there is a little hole under the door Jess’s favourite sleeping place is quite
sweet she likes sleep next to my pillow here at night and I have to make a space for her on my bed by pulling my pillows up. My cat Maisy is ginormous and her favourite stopping place is at
the bottom of my bed because she’s so big he basically sprawls
out and dominates the entire area. That’s the great thing about cats they’re all so individual. My cats have all got their own favourite sleeping places and I’m sure
yours do too.

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  1. Put a box with an old sweater behind my computer screen, they love it. You usually hear them argue about that spot

  2. my black cat WaWa loves sleeping on my bed and when I'm in bed she loves sleeping in my arms

  3. Podrías poner los subtítulos es español :'v

  4. Mis 10 gatos duermen en diferentes lugares pero muchos duermen conmigo en la cama y entre ellos

  5. My cat doesn’t like to climb that much

  6. My cat T'chala likes to sleep over the kitchen chair or between me and my husband what can be annoying some times but it's so cute! 😻

  7. My cats sleep in the garden. when he is in the house, he sleeps on the dining table.

  8. 😃😃😃😃!!!!..

  9. I absolutely adore the little kitty sleeping on the big kitty. Perhaps one day you'll let them both fall asleep that way

  10. As soon as I get off my chair my cat jumps on it and does the face

  11. I used to watch this when I was 5, now I'm 9

  12. wherever I am, she wants to be on me, or very close, unless it is hot weather.

  13. At night time my cat always sleep on my leg on top of the duvet in winter. Whereas she sleeps in front of window in summer. She also sit on couch with me exposing her belly to be rubbed but if someone is around she always find hidden places.

  14. Does anybody else's cat have a crazy obsession with bras?

    Cause mine steals them and then rubs her little head all over it.
    She's a little weird……………

  15. My cats love to sleep inside of our arm chairs and hide inside them

  16. That was so heartwarming!! 💚
    Thank you for sharing!!👍🏻💚💚💚

  17. 16 cats here… all over…

  18. Why do cats sleep in such hot places? Is their fur coat not that insulating? I have a dog and he doesn't mind the cold at all, he always looks for the coldest place to sleep like on the tile floor or near a window he hates sleeping in beds or under blankets.

  19. I'm Jackie Chan, a Chocolate Siamese. I like to sleep next to my mom's pillow at night like Jess, but only when I have gas.

  20. I have a seat thief that will take my chair if I stand up for even a second

  21. My cat leaum loves to sleep in the bathroom on our close.

  22. I love your videos. I have 7 cats all rescue cats. And they all have tbeir own corky personalities. Love the furry babies.

  23. My recently departed cat Freddy Kruger) used to drem very regularly and it was pretty easy to guess what he was dreaming about. His paws would be kneading his little mouth would be sucking and you could hear the noises very clearly..the was nursing in his sleep. Right up til the end he would nurse in his sleep.

  24. My cat always slept in the middle of the stairs.

  25. Love your work Simon and greetings from Chicago.

  26. I have a home office/sewing room with stacked bins full of fabric. No shortage of places for my tabby sisters to nap. Another favorite place is a chair in front of the French windows, especially when the sun is shining.

  27. My cat had a favourite spot next to some bamboo we had in our backyard (we ended up burying her there when she died). It was a shady place but it kept her cool in the summer and shielded from the rain in the winter. She also loved to sleep on the carpet in front of my dad while he was watching TV.

  28. My older cat sleeps on chairs, blankets, and on a pillow by the heater on the ground in my room. My younger cat sleeps on my bed, the top of the cat tree, and on the top bunk on the bunk beds in my brother’s room. They both like sleeping or rolling around on the warm cement outside on a warm day.

  29. My old cat slept on a high chair I used to own because (what I think) I used to pass out and drool on the desk thingy and it smells like me.

  30. My cat Cassie loves to sleep in my dads hair salon on the couch’s or the customer chair, she’s always scratching the chair so we put a pillow so she doesn’t scratch it

  31. My calico,Lucy sleeps on the corner of the couch between the wall and the pillows that are attached to the couch.

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  36. Only 6? Im 13 and have had over 12 already plus doesins of kittens

  37. One time i went to a cupboard to get some toilet paper. I opened the door and was greeted with my cat lying ontop of a plastic bag with rolls of toilet paper.

  38. why does cats like sleeping in the sink?

  39. My cat likes to sit on my homework, AS IM DOING IT😂

  40. I have a bay window in my kitchen and my kitten freya loves to sleep on the cushion

  41. What is the white cats name and the kittens name???? I wanna knowwww

  42. My cats love sleeping on the beanbag

  43. My two cats are brother and sister have A little bed that they can both fit in. When they sleep in it, they make a little circle with each other like a Yin-Yang. So cute!

  44. Not my cat he love sleep on the middle of the floor its cold
    One time my cat smack her brother

  45. Topaz seems to enjoy lounging in the bathroom sink xD

  46. My cat likes to sleep either in the corner on my bed near my face, or ontop of my PC

  47. simon's cat I have a question what is the kitten's name in your videos ? I know the bigger cats name is Hughie or at least that's what you call him but what name did you name the kitten?

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  49. My cat sleeps under the fridge door cuz the warm air

  50. My Cat Likes To Sleep On Me Or At The End Of My Bed.

    I Have 2 Cats I Used To Have 4 But One Got Gave To My Sister Any One Died So Let Me Tell You The Story

    When I Was Born I Had 4 Cats Tig,Saffie,Oscar And Shadow So
    When I Was 5 Or Six I Was Going To School Normally Everybody Fussed About 17 Or 18 Year Old Tig That Morning Someone I Knew Was Outside Stroking Her Dead Body They Said Her Heart Wasn’t Beating.
    I Almost Cried But Only I Tear Ran Down My Face I Held It In. We Berried Her In My Front Garden The Next Day There Was No Tig Left. I Was Only Down To Saffie Oscar And Shadow. Then My Sister Lost Her Cat Zoe. She Had No Cat So We Gave Saffie To Her. Now I Have Shadow And Oscar And I’m Grateful That I Have Them! Btw If You Get Something You Don’t Want Still Be Grateful For It. (For Instance I Don’t Want Oscar And Shadow I Want All 4 Cats!) I Hope You Have A Nice Morning,Afternoon,Evening Or Night!
    Thanks For Reading My Story!

  51. Oh who is that cat in the window ♡♡♡♡

  52. when my dads cats were kittens, we would always find them sleeping in odd places as well, like behind the TV, in empty tissue boxes, under the beds, its just off, though, when the fireworks are out and there are thunderstorms, they are under the beds in fear.

  53. When my cat was a kitten, he loved to sleep in this little draw in the kitchen cabinet.

  54. I love it it’s so nice how I see the picture of the tree and the cats

  55. My cat loves to sleep on the counter in my bathroom near his food bowl. There are no pipes, and the counter is made of some sort of hard, cold surface. Would this be normal?

  56. Sam, I admire you so much, you are a beautiful person, because you look after your pretty cats. I have one cat and three dogs, and I love them so much. They are my happiness.

  57. Bijoux likes to sleep On your head like a turban!😂

  58. My cat love to sleep in my shoes

  59. My current cat, Freya, used to sleep all the time on top of this cat tree my family got for her to scratch on. More recently though, she's moved her sleeping spot to on the back of the sofa where we usually sit. We think maybe she's gotten too old to jump all the way up to her old bed and that makes us sad :c

  60. My cat loves to sleep in cardboard boxes even if there is a lot of cardboard sticking up

  61. Dogs end up with their wn random sleeping places or even areas where they hang out depending on the time of day.

  62. My cat Bhodi sleep under the bed tho

  63. My cat Lilly (who died at age 16 or so) used to sleep on my head, or across my neck. If you sat down she was in your lap and if she wanted attention and you didn't do it, she might climb you and might sit on your shoulders or something.  Simon's antics sometimes remind me very much of Lilly actually.   We've had many cats over the years, she was the only one who has wanted that much contact, which was particularly interesting as she was a feral cat rescue and while she was already grown, they did not know how old she was.   She lived with us for 15 years.

  64. I love the Cats Cartoon, I think it is GREAT.

  65. My eldest, a Bengal, sleeps on my hips since I sleep on my side. The middle, a barn cat, sleeps in the middle of the floor when it gets warm. Our newest addition, a TuxeTorti, sleeps either in a box with a towel in it or on top of the sofa right by the window, the only one that faces the setting sun

  66. My youngest cat, Sherbert, is more dog-like in his behaviors than cat-like. Example, he likes to sleep under the covers, between my legs.

  67. my first cat Juci liked to sleep on the freshly washed and hanged bedsheets and blankets as they dried on the sun. afterwards they would be dirty again because she walked over them with her dirty paws, and she would smell like lavender fabric softener. my second cat Berci was a right badass, his favourite spot was inside the doghouse (even though he had his own cathouse, and a den we made him out of a basket) from whence he would kick out my dog Potato (who was like a very naive teenage puppy at the time). during winter he allowed Potato to sleep inside with him, lol… and my current cat, Big C thinks its beneath her station to sleep with the dog (and she has extra long and fluffy winter coat which makes her like thrice her size during winter) so she sleeps atop the doghouse when the sun shines there, but otherwise she sleeps as far as she can from Potato, in the farthest part of the garden, in the toolshed, where she uses the cathouse originally made for Berci, which is on top of an old counter (that contains a lot of useless stuff we didn't throw out for whatever reason) I store in the toolshed. I love them so much. the pets not their houses cause those stink 😛

  68. Cats:- "When our paws twitch when we are sleeping, we arent dreaming of chasing squirrels silly – we are hunting herds of buffalo!"

  69. When my cat is outside, he likes to sleep on the hay bales. When he's inside, he likes the back of the couch.

  70. My big fluff ball, Sophie, sleeps right beside my head. So I also have to make room for her. She is HUGE though so I end up in the middle of the bed while my partner is stuck against the wall

  71. Found my cat sleeping in the washing machine

  72. My cat is a rescue cat, and has a horrid fear of rainstorms. If there is even the slightest rumble of thunder, he's either under the kitchen table (we've actually installed a small cat nook made of a box and a blanket under there) or in my lap. And if it is raining at night, he is going to be somewhere on me, either curled up next to me, draped across (or between) my legs, or curled up on my pillow with his nose in my ear.

    He has a choice of several cat nooks in various places in the house. Some of them had to be firmly discouraged for safety reasons (such as under the sink, where various household cleaning substances are found) and in the cabinetry under the kitchen counter (wherein there are many metal pots), so we've had to install child-proofing on the kitchen cabinets. He also claimed the breadbasket as his, which was quite the problem when he first moved in, because he'd also chew through the plastic bag to get to the bread. That particular problem was solved once he realized he wasn't going to have to worry about his next meal anymore, but he still would evict the bread and claim 'his' breadbasket. To the point that we ultimately made another cat nook out of said breadbasket, lining it with a towel, and placing it on a middle shelf over by the back door. He's also learned how to open and close the breadbasket, which is always good for a chuckle.

    "Where's the cat?"

    "Did you check the breadbasket?"

    "What? No, the cat's not… oh wait… the little furry beast has gone and holed up in it and closed the door again…"

  73. You should put a dog in

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  75. The reason why I want my cat in it is to vary lovely cat to onner Lucy. R.I.P Lucy

  76. Eu amo gatos,tenho 5❤😻😻😻😻😻

  77. My cat likes to sleep Every where and anywhere(like on top of my loft or on top of my desk[which is the same height as my loft]). I think her fur and tubby ness makes everywere comfortable. Also she sometimes sleep in what looks like most uncomfortable poses she can get in.

  78. I know I am late, however: I do know a little about what cats are dreaming. Years ago I had a burmese that I took walking in the park together with my other cat. She met a dog for the very first time and retreated to my shoulder, hissing and spitting. In the following night I woke up by a deep growling from her (sleeping on my pillow), her back- and tail fur standing strait up. I had no doubts about what she was dreaming 😸

  79. Our Lulu is like Maisie ..she takes over the bottom of the bed, halfway through the night she'll lay across us,towards morning she starts rubbing herself several times on our back, legs etc come sunrise she often paws our face and miaws loudly waking us up,she proceeds to lead us to her food bowl or the door but very rarely goes out.Thus we are tired out on waking to the alarm.. however she then goes on to curl up on the bed and sleep soundly to after 10am . Blimey O'Reilley whose got it right here?

  80. Poor squeaky toy

  81. My cat Ginger likes to sleep near me on the same bed, where he'll take the left or right side of me, or go to my mom's room to sleep on her leg rest. Either way, he's so big that we have to squeeze in for space. It's almost a given he will wake us up at 4 am for his breakfast.

  82. My cat likes the hat compartment in my very old highboy dresser. He stands up, opens the door, and jumps in. When I see that door half-open I know he's in there sleeping. It's very cozy and small and I have a couple folded up towels in there. The rest of the time he just likes to sleep on me or under the covers next to me if it's cold. We are best friends!


  84. My cat finds spots and uses them for a couple months then retires them for new ones.

  85. This tuxedo cat approves

  86. What do you have to say about my cat ? He sleeps on the couch, furniture, washing machine (when it's off) and off course me !

  87. My friend had a cat that sleeps in closet on towels. Its cute.

  88. i got my cat a basket for her bed, she will sleep there, under my bed, or on the window pan with sunlight

  89. спасибо за субтитры!

  90. my pancakes loves sleeping on my bed or next to my dads bed! right now he’s next to me napping on my couch

  91. Our family cat Paddington used to sleep with my parents with the dog til my parents and brother went on a vacation while I stayed home to work. After that they would start the night with them but when I got home from work come sleep with me in my " crowded" twin bed.

  92. My cat likes to sleep on top of the blanket at the bottom right side of my bed. He’s a rescued stray so he’s not ready to cuddle with me yet. It took him a year to trust me and stop scratching and biting me when I went to pet him. Now he loves it and just looooooves being brushed. He will bring the brush over to me. He’s a huge Maine coon, which makes me wonder how he ever became a stray, he’s absolutely beautiful.

  93. Our cat changes all the time. As she is elderly, we put a step stool by our bed thinking that she was having trouble jumping up. She sleeps on the step stool!? So cute!! (She can jump up onto the bed just fine.)

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