Why Can’t Humans Breed with Animals?

Why Can’t Humans Breed with Animals?

This episode is brought to you by Skillshare. The first 1,000 people to sign up using the
link in the description will get their first 2 months free. In the 1920s Joseph Stalin sent researchers
to Africa as part of a secret program to create a hybrid race of ‘man-apes’. Meant to be physically superior soldiers,
these man-apes would have been a formidable force that featured (hopefully) the intelligence
of a man with the strength and speed of a gorilla or chimpanzee. Yet ultimately despite dozens of attempts
to impregnate women with chimpanzee sperm, and apes with human sperm, the program ended
in completely failure with not a single viable pregnancy. Hello and welcome to today’s episode of The
Infographics Show- today we’re taking a look at why humans can’t breed with other animals. Reproductive isolation is the evolutionary
mechanisms, behaviors, and physiological processes by which a species is unable to mate outside
of its own species, and is critical for speciation- or the process by which populations become
distinct species. Scientists have identified a host of factors
that make it impossible for us to interbreed with animals and separated them into two groups:
pre and post-zygotic reproductive isolating mechanisms. Pre-zygotic reproductive isolating mechanisms
are all the things that make it physically impossible to attempt to breed in the first
place. Geographic isolation is one of these mechanisms-
after too long apart one species has physically changed so much that it simply does not find
another species sexually attractive and there is no inclination for either to attempt to
mate. Other mechanisms include physical attributes
such as incompatible genitalia, psychological factors such as a prey/predator relationship,
and sperm motility- one species’ sperm for example may not be capable of navigating the
reproductive tract of another. Post-zygotic reproductive isolating mechanisms
are those factors that make it impossible for a hybrid fetus to grow into a reproductive
adult- so even if two animals of completely different species managed to mate, they could
still produce no viable offspring. The further apart two animals are genetically,
the less likely they are to be able to successfully mate, and for humans specifically we’ve simply
been too far removed from our ape cousins for our genetics to match up anymore. With humans diverging from apes as late as
7 million years ago, there’s simply not enough common ground anymore for viable offspring. While there are several factors and scientists
still don’t fully understand all of them, the biggest factor is simply DNA- human and
animal DNA simply doesn’t match up to produce anything useful. As our body’s ‘operating system’, DNA tells
every cell in our body what to become and how to become it- one cell might become muscle
tissue while another becomes a red blood cell. Basically, DNA is our own internal instruction
manual, and things have to line up very, very precisely in order for DNA to do its job properly. When we attempt to mix human and animal DNA
however, the instructions simply don’t match. Imagine you have one set of instructions for
building a boat, and another for building a skyscraper- mixing them up together results
in one document that makes no sense and is no good for building either a boat or a skyscraper…
and least of all a floating skyscraper! Yet recent evidence in our DNA shows that
humans have interbred with other species such as Neanderthals, who make up a few percentage
points of everyone’s DNA- including your own! So why Neanderthals and not Stalin’s gorillas
and chimpanzees? Well, first we have those pre-zygotic reproductive
isolating mechanisms which in this case are not working as they would. Humans and Neanderthals looked very physically
similar, so some attraction was inevitable. We also shared a very similar psychology,
both lived in family groups and had the same customs and traditions such as burial of the
dead- we were close enough culturally to consider each other viable mates. Our physical bodies also aligned properly,
being a near mirror copy of each other. Upon successful mating, those post-zygotic
reproductive isolating mechanisms also failed to come into effect- our reproductive tracts
were nearly identical so human sperm could easily navigate the reproductive system of
a neanderthal female and vice-versa. Our DNA was also so closely similar that the
instructions ‘made sense’, and resulted in viable offspring. Nine months later- a happy and healthy human/neanderthal
hybrid would be born, but with humans flourishing while Neanderthals were slowly going extinct
it would be humanity who rose to prominence, with just a splash of our late cousins in
each and every one of us. Had Stalin’s plans succeeded he may indeed
have created an unstoppable army of human/ape hybrids, so ultimately let’s all be thankful
for DNA keeping us human. Stalin may not have been able to make a race
of ape-man super soldiers, but if he had had access to one of Skillshare’s many classes
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what kind of people would exist in the world today? What animal attributes would you love to have? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
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