Which Fast Food Do Rats Prefer? (EXPERIMENT)

Which Fast Food Do Rats Prefer? (EXPERIMENT)

Yes, Internet,
we red your emails and we listened
to your voice messages, and now we’ll find out which fast-food burger
rats prefer.( music playing )Recently a video of a rat
in a fast-food restaurant
in China spread across the Internet
faster than you can say MSG. – Let’s watch it.
– MSG. Link:
World Star. Rhett:
Okay, so there you have it. If you’ve ever needed proof
that rats like fast food– But it did get us wondering
what kind of fast food do rats here
in America like? And the truth of the matter is, rats actually have a highly
developed tastebud sense. – Of course they do.
– In the tastebuds. So we have decided to put
those tastebuds to the test. To the rat zone! Here we are. This is Master Splinter. We are going to be
presenting him or her– we don’t really know–
I don’t wanna check– with two competing
fast-food options to see which one he prefers. Now, we’re going to
put him in this maze, which is basically
just one lane. That’s why we’re calling it
the “Fast Lane o’ Fast Food.” On opposing ends,
there will be two competing
fast-food dishes for Master Splinter
to decide between. Okay, on this side we’ve got the delectable Chick-fil-A
chicken sandwich. And over here we have
KFC’s Chicken Little. I think we should
acquaint him with each one just so he just sort of– – Yeah.
– Yeah, I’m not gonna– Let him know what’s there. Just don’t let him
eat it, though. Oh, gosh,
he gets really excited when you get him close
to chicken. – And then he–
– Okay, now. He smells both. Now we’re gonna put him
in the middle. Come on, rat man–
oh, of course. What? Master Splinter’s just
looking for the exit. Now, once he realizes he’s in a safe but
exit-less environment, then I think that he’s
going to decide to eat a chicken sandwich. Yeah, Chick-fil-A.
You know where it’s at. I don’t know why
I’m rooting for Chick-fil-A. I mean, just because
it’s on my side. Oh, he’s getting
himself clean. He’s cleaning his snout.
Getting ready for chicken. Is that a zoological fact? That’s a pre-chicken routine,
yeah. I always do that, you know,
wipe my face down before I get it greasy again. Oh-Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yes! – Yes, he–
– He did it. Okay, he ate it.
He ate a little bit. Master Splinter has chosen, Oh, look, he’s pushing
the bun off. – with zero influence from us,
– Look at him. the Chick-fil-A
chicken sandwich. ‘Cause he did check out
Chicken Little over here first. Science, guys. Here is the Taco Bell taco.
Here is the Del Taco taco. Link, why don’t you introduce
Master Splinter to yourself and also the tacos? – Hi.
– Oh, come on. – Come on.
– He knows. – He–
– He wants to be with you. Hello, I’m a dog person. Dogs have nothing to do
with your species. Neither friend nor foe. So that makes
me neutral as well. Okay, let him
smell the tacos. Start with
this one this time. Let’s just see if
it’s the one he gets
introduced to first. Okay, smell the Del. Smell the Del Taco. Oh, he’s wanting to go
after it. – Taco Bell.
– Oh, gah– Taco Bell
There it is. Set him in the middle. – I love the way he has
that moment.
– He’s just like… He has that moment, like he
knows the stage has been set. Oh, he’s going towards
the Taco Bell. Uh, he didn’t eat it.
He didn’t eat it. Link:
I would love for him
to check the Del Taco out and then make a decision. Hey, buddy,
Del Taco’s over there. He’s doing his
chicken face, by the way. He’s doing his getting ready
to eat cleaning thing. – You call it that chicken face?
– Chicken face. He’s doing chicken face,
which is a scientific term– Okay, now it’s getting
a little excessive,
Master Splinter. I mean, you’re going down
to the hip region. I don’t know about that.
You look great. Don’t worry about
yourself so much. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Ooh. He has now acknowledged
the Del Taco taco. He’s eating it. He’s eating Del Taco taco. Rats prefer Del Taco!
The new slogan! Yes, Internet,
we red your emails and we listened
to your voice messages, and now we’ll find out which fast-food burger
rats prefer. You’re welcome. Okay, we’ve got the McDonald’s
Quarter Pounder with cheese
on this side. And over here we’ve got Wendy’s
Dave’s Single with cheese. Okay, calm down. Calm down. We need to tell him–
No, rat– That’s McDonald’s. This is not fresh,
but they’ve announced that they’re gonna make
their Quarter Pounders fresh. – And that’s Wendy’s.
– Okay, now… I wonder if they smell
the freshness of the beef. Well, really, do rats
prefer square patties – or circle patties?
– Or round– I feel like
we’re doing a service for the scientific community
at this point, not just the people. Man, he’s so– he gets so
excited about his choices. But he plans it out. Yeah, this is like when you’re
out with your friends and you’re driving
on one of those roads that’s got both a Wendy’s
and a McDonalds. You know those roads. He’s checking out
the Mickey D’s. He’s not eating yet, guys.
He’s smelling. – He’s disciplined.
– He’s disc– – He’s more disciplined
than a human.
– Discerning. I’ve never just
smelled a burger. – I’ve always just gone in
for the bite.
– Right. Now he’s gonna do
chicken face.
There– Here he goes. Just let him do it.
He likes to come to the middle,
It’s showboating a little bit. When you’re gonna
chicken face, you’re front and center. All right, chicken face
is getting a little intimate. It’s like he’s getting ready
to go on a date with a burger. Now you’re going on your back? It’s so excessive.
You don’t need to do this. We understand.
Chicken face is important. Chicken body is important. But now it’s time
to eat a burger. Stop touching
your frickin’ face
and eat a burger. There we go. Here we go. Yep, yep, yep. – Wendy’s!
– He did it. He’s eating the Wendy’s. Master Splinter,
and rats everywhere, prefer Wendy’s
over McDonald’s! Wendy’s Dave’s Single
with cheese. Oh, wow. This has been so special. Yes– Oh, gosh,
I really smudged it. Okay, and by the way, we’re absolutely
not suggesting that any of these places
have rats. We just scientifically
determined which food rats prefer. And because Master Splinter
did such a wonderful job, we are going to award him
with a custom made cheese trophy! Set it right in the middle. Here you go,
Master Splinter. We’ve learned he won’t
eat it immediately. We’ll just be sitting around
watching him do his chicken face and hopefully he’ll eat
the trophy one day. And you keep watching,
because we’re about to get in on the next YouTube craze–
soap cutting. Rhett:Raise your hand
if you’re a Mythical Beast.
Now use that hand
to type
into your search barbecause that’s
where you can buy
this “I Am A Mythical Beast”
shirt right now.

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