When your Cat is Dying – Losing a Beloved Pet and Coping with Grief

When your Cat is Dying – Losing a Beloved Pet and Coping with Grief

The love that many of us have for our
pets can be as deep and enduring as the love that a parent has for a child. They
are indeed a part of the family and a lot of times a lot more pleasant to be
around than some of our human family members! When you adopt a cat or a kitten
it seems impossible to imagine that someday he will grow old and eventually
die. That day seemed so far into the future
it’s as though there is no way it will ever really happen. But if you have a pet
it’s likely that you will experience their physical decline, and ultimately,
their death. It was almost 16 years ago when we found
Vincent. He was just a 2 month old kitten abandoned at a river marina where we’d
rented a canoe for the day. For most of his life Vincent lived happily with
Michael as an only cat until we moved in together a few years ago. Vincent then
had to adjust to living with my cats – including most annoyingly for him
Sing Sing. Despite a rough start Vincent found his place in the housecat
hierarchy and everyone lived together harmoniously…
well usually! A few months ago we noticed that Vincent was rapidly losing weight
and a trip to the vet confirmed that he was suffering from renal failure. This is
a very common disease for older cats and for a while we tried medicines and a
special diet, but it became clear that nothing was going to help. We knew Vincent
was dying. At that point our main goal was to ensure he was comfortable. In the
days before he died Vincent showed a lot of interest in wanting to take walks
outside, on which we always accompanied him. He would take the exact same route
visiting each of our neighbors before heading back to our house back home. We
made Vincent cozy beds in Michael’s office where he could rest without the
other cats bothering him. On a few warm afternoons we carried
Vincent outside – At this point he was having trouble walking – and let him rest
on a blanket in the Sun. He would lift his head said sniff the breeze and he
seemed to enjoy the warmth on his fur. Michael and I had agreed that if at any
time Vincent appeared in pain we would immediately take him to the vet and have
him put down, but fortunately it didn’t get to that
point. Now, I know it isn’t a happy thing to think about, but it’s good to have a
plan of what you will do when your pet shows signs that he might be dying. If
there’s any sign of distress or pain he should be taken to the vet for humane
euthanization to prevent needless suffering. We were with Vincent the
moment he took his last breath. With tears rolling down our faces, softly
stroking his thick black fur, we told him that we loved him and that it was ok to
let go. We kept petting him long after the warmth had left his body. I wish that
every pet and honestly every creature that we loved – human and animal – could
have a life as happy and a death as peaceful as Vincent’s. Saying goodbye can
be a heartbreaking and even traumatic experience. I think it helps to remember
the happy life that you provided your pet. We – all wish that our pets could live
forever or at least as long as we live – but that isn’t the way of life. Celebrate
the everyday moments that you have together and the comfort that your
pet provides. The body will die but love lasts an eternity. If you liked this video please hit that
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  1. Vincent was a very lucky cat to have someone like you as part of his human family. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like Vincent had the perfect winding down. Sorry for your loss

  3. SIP, Vincent. You're up there with my Tyler D Katt, Juliette aka Julie Bell and my Sunny Bunny. I have no doubt, I will meet them again. My condolences for your loss. I pray you find comfort in the lovely memory that IS Vincent. LOVE never truly dies.

  4. It must have been so hard for you to make this. Sending you love and heartfelt wishes at this sad time. Our babies, naked or furry are so important in our lives. He may have taken a bit of you with him, but he left a piece of himself with you. 🌈👼🏻

  5. Such a sad tale. You only had to look at Vincent in happier times to see how full of life he was. To see his beautiful black fluffy tail when he was walking in his final days ,anyone watching this vid would see how loved Vincent was and will always live on with love and in your hearts. One of my ginger toms passed away from kidney problems. I can not tell you how many tears I cried. Like your Vincent, my ginger tom will always be in my heart.

  6. Sorry for your loss. We all have been there. Animals are so dear that we can't but expect to live with them until our own death.
    He had a beautiful and loving family, much more than many cats get in their entire sad existence as strays.
    Many hugs and cat's liking from our Familia Gatuna.

  7. R.I.P Vincent. You will always be Loved.

  8. Thank u. Every time I lose a kitty,I just remember that all life comes to an end on this earth.

  9. Vincet was a really lucky cat. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  10. Rest in peace beyond the rainbow bridge, Vincent

  11. A beloved pet dying is indeed very traumatic, no matter if they're old or young. In case of my cat it was so terrible – a rapid and precipitous decline in a very alone place – a petsitter's home (due to not having a passport to travel), nobody of us was around him when he went away. 🙁

  12. Sorry to hear such sad news. I know the pain, many of my cats died because of diseases and some other causes. Most of the time, I wasn't even around when they died. I used to cry even when they got common illeness. I am glad that at least vincent had a wonderful life. It must have been painful for you to film his last says, but I am glad that you still did and shared his story. Thank you.

  13. Hi. Caroline. Such a great video. I'm so sorry about Vincent 🙁 . He lived a long and happy life with you. RIP Vincent 🙂

  14. I'm so sorry for Vincent's passing. My deepest condolences.

  15. I'm very sorry for your loss of sweet Vincent. I'm glad you did not have to have him euthanized. I hope the same happens for my Catarina. Yes, animals will always die, but I look forward to the day all animals will be at peace with each other and humans, old age has none of the unpleasant things associated with it as it does now and they can live out their full lifespans and die a peaceful death that is free of suffering and not due to disease or other things they die of now. Vincent will be missed.

  16. He was a gorgeous fella… an must have brought many joys into lives of people he encountered in his journey… may you sleep soundly little one 😘

  17. So sorry for your loss of Vincent. How beautiful that he was able to cross the rainbowbridge from his own surroundings and surrounded with your love. I so, so admire your ability to being able to go to that stage of mourning where you're able to celebrate the life of the one you lost. (That for me usually takes a while…) Vincent was one happy, lucky cat to have had you guys for his mommy and daddy ♥♥

  18. This is very sad to loose our furry friends!!!!

  19. Wonderful advice. I’ve always been grateful to my vets for letting me be present & touching my pets as they crossed over.

  20. And, Vincent was a very lucky kitty. I’m sorry for your loss.

  21. Vincent was happy !! Thank you!

  22. I'm sorry for your loss. You took very good care of Vincent. R I P loving Vincent. Its so hard to say goodby. My cat Whiskers also had renal failure. She didnt seem in pain but stopped eating. She was always a small cat as at her biggest she only weighed 6.3 lbs. But after her weight loss she was down to 3 lbs. I though she had to be suffering as she really wasn't walking or drinking, just nothing. I took her to the vet and stayed with her of course and told her I loved her and that she was the best cat ever. They are all special but Whiskers was a special life given to me. I'll never forget her. Thank you for your story. You explained the hard process well. Thank you.

  23. At least he was 16. When our cat die of FIP at only 2, that was truly a terrible experience. Sor your loss.

  24. So sorry. You took good care of him and he had a good life. For those of you who have old and sick pets, if it's available and affordable, please consider having the vet come to you when it's time to put your pet to sleep – especially if they ultra hate the vet like our cat did! Of course you probably won't be able to do this at the last minute, so it's a good idea to check ahead of time – and of course even if you schedule everything perfectly, nature may have other plans. But for us it was so much better to have it happen at home, much more peaceful and no need to drive/travel while you're stressed out and sad, etc.

  25. Hugs to you… he was very handsome.
    I've had my Gato (his name 😊) since he was 3 weeks old and he is a beautiful black n white tux…he is now 16 yrs old and showing same signs as your baby. He is not in any pain he is still eating and drinking water but, he has lost alot of weight 😕. He is and will always be my handsome lil man. I will do everything I can to make the time we have as comfortable for him as possible. So many special moments and memories. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us… 🙂 🐱🐱 💗

  26. Two months ago i adopted a cat from my wife's friend. He was 5 months old and he was extremely sick. When i picked him up, he had been having diarrhea for 2 weeks. We took him straight to vet, but he did not last long. He was with us inly for 3 weeks. Me and my wife cried for a whole week. I blame myself, because i think i could have done better for him. After one week we decided to adopt his sister. She is a very rambunctious cat and made us laugh every day with her silliness. But i do realize that one day i will too be sad to see her go.

  27. It is very hard to suddenly be without your beloved I went through such a loss a little over 2 years ago when my Trilauni passed away I was so lost without her after having her for almost 13 years having gotten her the Tuesday before Thanksgiving back in 2003 that I didn’t want to do anything and didn’ snap out of it till I brought my current baby Ziva home on November 5th 2016 and I could not be happier thanks for what you do and may you have the greatest of holiday seasons keep up the good work

  28. I remember the day I was at the vet and he told my apparently healthy, 15yo cat I grew up with would only live another 1 or 2 months, my world collapsed, I had to swallow the pain and the tears to understand what the situation was and what could and could not be done. Later, all alone in the car I erupted in a cry but then I realized I still had to explain everyone at home the situation so I pushed the pain back again to drive home. It's still a source of great pain to me after years and now that I have another cat I fear the moment I will have to say goodbye to her. As you said, you have to cherish each day and learn to cope with loss, there's no way around it.
    Goodbye Vincent, you loved and were loved.

  29. Made me cry. So sorry 4 the loss of Vincent he is very handsome.

  30. This is the strangest thing, I just said goodbye to my 21y friend, the resemblance to Vincent is scary, stay strong and keep up the great work!

  31. My cat died and i was sad too 😢😢😭😭😭

  32. This is a beautiful and heartbreaking video. Thank you for sharing your experience with us

  33. Wow. I really teared up. A couple months ago my cat died of old age and it was so depressing. Especially watching her slowly decline. I wasn’t even with her when she passed 🙁 it was a night and I remembered the morning my mom told me my cat Lucky was dead… She lived much longer than we expected and I loved her so much 🙁

  34. You are so calm, If my pet died I will be crying all over the place talking about him.

  35. I’m sad to watch this. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing with us. XX

  36. This reminds me of my Lucy. She was given 3 years but she only lived 1. She eventually stopped eating and barely drank water. She could hardly walk or stand. She went from 16 pounds to only 7 pounds. We ended up having to put her down. I told her I loved her and then dad took her with my brother to the vet. I am bawling as I write this because I miss her so much. She was almost 16 when she was put down. It's been almost one year and it still hurts so very badly… I love and miss you Lucy… forever and always…

  37. So nice to know Vincent had some time outside before he passed 🙂 Rest peacefully little man.

  38. i know how you are feeling as where i just lost one of my kitten about a week ago ; ;

  39. RIP Vincent I wish you can meet the cat which was taking her last amount in the cat shelter I went to ( on the other side).

  40. I am dreading the day my cats will leave us. They are only 12 but it is a very possible thing that they aren't with us for much longer, even though cats generally live a lot longer.

  41. That was beautiful. Ultimately grief is the price you pay for love.

  42. shine on dear Vincent…

  43. 😪. A beautiful video!

  44. I had the same experience with ginger cat named Little guy a year ago, who only live 8 years. Special diet. He was a kisser. Been gone a year now, but sure beautiful memories. God bless you for loving him.

  45. So sorry for your loss.Our senior Noel (aged 21) passed away last april.We still miss her.She too passed with advanced renal disease.

  46. My cat died today and I've never cried so much in my life

  47. Thank God for there being 0 dislikes,i almost cried, the way you described the life and death of your beloved cat made me feel warm inside knowing that he had a happy life, and a peaceful death, surrounded not by cameras, but by loved ones, it makes me wish my cat had lived longer and died peacefully, but he died to a car, after growing up with him, I still can't let him go, even after 3 years, Thank you, you helped, but now it's my turn to deal with my pain

  48. My cat is in the wild.. his name is Bruno.. he's probably dead.. like for Bruno if he's not dead comment if you think he's dead and my dog *weiner* got tooken away.. lol she's fat

  49. My grown son just had to put down his sweet black cat, Ananda. I teared up briefly, more for my son than for his cat. I am comforted knowing that Ananda is where all good cats, dogs and people go when they die – in the grave decomposing into her constituent chemicals.

  50. My 17 year old girl has renal failure too, and is dying. How did you know your cat wasn't in pain? My cat is very anemic and falling over herself when she walks sometimes. If she's not in pain, she could die at home? Yet– my other cat had ckd too and he didn't look like he was at peace dying at home, sadly. Keep in mind everyone– that you can't always tell when your pet is in pain. This is a really hard call.. heartbroken.

  51. *РУССКИЕ* ставим лайк!!!

  52. i had a black cat, i loved him so much for so many years, but he passed away on Christmas in 2012

  53. i lost nicodemus almost a month ago and i got his ashes back yesterday and i am so lonely

  54. My died she a baby

  55. Sorry for your loss

  56. I lost my cat Drogo today. He was only 6 years old. I knew he was sickly but wasn’t sure to the extent. I work third shift so I came home this morning and gave him kisses and pets like I always do. I woke up at 12 and did the same thing again before returning to bed. I woke up at about 3:45 and went downstairs to give him kisses before making lunch. Unlike his normal perch of sleeping in my chair he was under it. I thought he was asleep until I got closer. He is buried at my friends house and I miss him so much already.

  57. He was a lucky cat, so sad that he had to leave.

  58. A beautiful tribute of Vincent, thanks for sharing.

  59. My Cat Tobi passed away today at 7:30 due to alot of medical conditions. Medicine got trapped in his lungs, he was severly dehydrated, had an upset stomach was already stressed. He painfully died infront of me, his unexpected death has caused alot of sadness in the household. #rip tobi, you brought joy to all of us and were the best thing that has ever happened to me, every time you purred when we pet behind your little kitten ears for you made us euphoric. Writing this in tears makes it hard. Your eyes went black the moment your soul left your body. You left too soon and will be forever be in our hearts and missed

  60. im looking at my cat right now, she has renal failiure and im going through the dying process, im heartbroken. i havent lost anyone or anything that i truly love in my life yet, this will be a first for me, and im already thinking about how im going to cope when shes gone. im hoping she will go peacefully like your baby did, the vet is on standby to come to my home to help her if i think she will need it.

  61. August 11 2019  Bubbles has been in heaven for one year.  Early in the morning I called out his name,  Bub for short and couldn't go back to sleep,   Bubbles was only 8 years old  the vet wouldn't take him cause they said it would cost a lot of money to keep him a live.   Funny that it sounds  I wish I could have went with him. Bubbles died on side of my on August 11, 2018  I never stop telling him I loved him and Its alright to leave me for now.

  62. I never even pet my cat the day he died. My older sister was at the vet with him when he died, but i never pet him. I feel so terrible.

  63. No no no no please

  64. omg yesterday my cat died and it looks simualr to vincent.. IM SO SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TY 😀 IM CRYING SO MCUH

  65. My cat Maximus die today he had the same thing with him 😭😭💔

  66. I've owned two cats I loved one for almost over a year and now I have another cat oreo that I love Just as much

  67. It's clear that Vincent has had a wonderful life with you all and that he loved and adored you very much – alot of whats in your video has rung true with my Willow, and unfortunately we have to make that decision to end her pain tomorrow – your video has brought me alot of comfort and perspective on whats best for Willow, it couldn't have been easy for you to make this but I'd like to thank you for sharing your experience and clips of your lovely Vincent – It's greatly appreciated ❤❤❤

  68. I honestly cant even speak. I cried atleast 10 times in this video.

  69. Omg he’s looks exactly like my cat big boy!!! I am also going to have to put my baby boy to sleep due to kidney failure and a tumor. This was so hard to watch but it helped a lot

  70. My cat Mickey is having to be put down today. I’ve had him my whole life, I’m 15. He isn’t eating at all and is shaking. This video brought tears to my eyes and helped me through the pain. Thank you

  71. I cant..I cant, I stop crying. Yesterday my cat died from weight lost.. She lost 3 pounds and the vet said that's a bad sign. We cried for 30 minutes. After 3 hours she suffered even more. We wasnt gonna allow her to suffer. We took her to the vet and put her down. I had her for 9 years. I love you Molly. Rest In Peice and your in a better place now.

  72. My cat Stella passed away today 💔

  73. I loved hearing Vincent's life story. So beautiful, he had such a loving family and got to be where he loved do be the most. As I type with tears streaming down my face, I'm reminded so much of my Rugrat's life. I raised him on a bottle at 2wks. old and I held him in my arms as we said our last goodbye. He would have been 14 on July 22, 2o18? But he took his final breath on Apr. 14, 2018. He was my SoulCat. He was one of a kind.

  74. Our little Felix died in the middle of last night. We loved him so. He was such a wonderful little guy who brought so much joy into our lives. RIP Felix, we love you and will never forget you little one.

  75. On Friday at 7:40 in the morning my tonch cat passed away He was 16 years old I was holding his little paw and I told them not to worry that I was gonna be fine and then he died I'm so h Heart broken I think about him every minute I wish he was here I miss Much Thanksgiving is around the corner he used to love Thanksgiving and hes not here no more I'm supposed to pick up his ashes on December 4th. I feel like part of my life has die with him

  76. My cat has just recently died earlier in the morning and this video was really comforting. It would be great if they could live as long as us…
    He will always be in my heart and i will be in his.

  77. I don’t even know this channel. I don’t know you, or your cats, but this video moved me to tears. Maybe I’ll stick around, and I’m so sorry for your loss.

  78. I kept taking mine back & forth to the Vet while struggling with diabetes untill she let us know at the Energency Veterinerian Hospital it was time. After a sonogram the Dr found alot of Cancerous fluids and showed it to my in a giant syringe that it was in between her organs all of a sudden it was clear she wanted to leave us and not be bothered anymore. She is part of my heart & Soul with the deepest LOVE forever and all eternity. 🖤 I cried everyday and still do grive.

  79. My cat died today. She was gonna turn 2 after new years but she had what i think is called FIP. I guess it was a mutated Infection or disease that is incurable. Unfortunatly me and my family had her put down today. She was the kind if cat that never hurt a soul and was so much fun to be around. Please pray for my family. Have a good day

  80. Just lost my cat a few days ago had him for close to 20 years his health took a sharp decline in a very short time span he started losing lots of weight though he was still eating and drinking fine and in the blink of an eye he was gone forever leaving a gaping hole in my heart I miss him so much I feel like I want to die myself 😭

  81. Our cat died that's why I'm watching this.

  82. Thank you so much for making this, I lost my cat named "Dolly" a few months ago after spending the entirety of my life with her around. She died on November 13 and it has been the hardest death for me in my entire life. Much like Vincent, she died at sixteen years old from renal failure: although I didn't know that until watching this video, unlike vincent, Dolly was an outdoor cat in the weeks before her death, she showed a ton of interest in coming inside. Her death was the same as Vincent's death in every way except that she did everything vincent did in his final days inside instead of out. We let her in whenever she'd want in, and let her lay down on a blanket next to the window all day if that's what she wanted to do. On the fateful night of November thirteenth, my mother said that if she didn't die by the weekend, we would have to take her to be put down… fortunately, she died her peaceful death with me beside her petting her right behind her ears as she lay in her bed for the final time. while my mother was out of the room to brush her teeth, Dolly purred and gave out three final kicks of life as I told her I love her one last time. The past few months have been tough, I think about her every night. Her death has definitely hit me the hardest any death in my life has ever hit me but I find comfort knowing she loved me and that I gave her the best life I could. Again thank you so much for making this video, it shed light on what caused Dolly's rapid decline and provided comfort for me in ways nobody else could, I can't explain why that is, but know it must've been very difficult for you to make this video. Thank you.

  83. I had to say goodbye to my little friend last week.
    The pain I feel is beyond description.
    God Bless cats and the people who love them.

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