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Hey! This is the Daily Overpass! my name is
Eric and I make apps! Now today, let’s ask, “What is your Plan B?” Man, I have been driving like all over
the place today. I saw I had like to prospect meetings today. Meeting with an individual and a company that need aa app. I’ve got another meeting
tomorrow. I’ve got – I’ve got quite a few meetings this week which is
uncharacteristic. I prefer just to be in the office all the time. But, you know,
it’s been busy and I was gonna stop and do the video like out in the countryside,
someplace and everything which is nice and scenic. But it just started getting
late and dark. But I kept the suit on. Trying to show you, guys, I care.
Be professional today. So, today what I wanted to talk about was this
news article I read last week. And there’s.. I mean, it’s just – it’s a
common news story, you hear it all the time. But, you know, Marvel heroes shut
down over the last week and everyone was made, you know, everyone was fired or they
were all being let go before the holidays. Like right before Thanksgiving.
Because Disney terminated their relationship with the – with Gazillion
Game Studios or something like that. I’ll include a link to the story down
below. I don’t know a lot about that company or that game, but I do know what
it’s like to work in a place where there’s been like massive layoffs. Sorry. I’ve worked in a lot of companies where as a contractor, fortunately where
I was kind of outside of what was going on, but where they like Management will
come forward and say they have to – they have to lay a bunch of people off or
they have to make them redundant. And a lot of people, don’t be like,
you know, they can’t get rid of me because they need me for this,
whatever. And you know, it’s kind of sad to see it happened. I mean, first, I
hate to say this, but for some people like who are real jerks in their company,
if you’ve ever worked someplace where like somebody’s just been there for
years, and they’re like just really nasty to everybody else because he considers
everyone a newcomer, I don’t mind when they lose their jobs. But, you know, people
were just starting out and people who work hard and especially software
developers, I hate to see that because what they’re doing is they’re
putting their faith into – well, not their faith, but they’re putting something they’re depending on management or marketers or whatever to
be able to take care of their careers. And you know, sometimes people make
mistakes. They make mistakes a high level the same way I can make mistake
now and release an app that does nothing, or you know, that does very bad. And
you know, it made me start to think about Plan B. Because one of the
things when I was working as an employee, when I was working as a contractor,
pretty much for like a long time, longest time as a software developer – I’m always
thinking about what plan B is gonna be or plan C or whatever. And for a
while, you know, was just starting out plan B of course was I’m gonna
work at a grocery store. Like if I lose this job I’m gonna work at a grocery store,
all this kind of stuff. So, I’ve known a lot of people who don’t have plan B. Now,
I’m an app developer and I release my own apps. I make my own income from the
apps, also do client work, but, you know what, this could happen to me too. Like
one of the things that I’m always thinking about is that for what if
Google decides to terminate my – to suspend my account for any reason, right?
And by the way, I’m trying to be – I’m on the straight and narrow, there’s no
reason they should, but if they did, I would be in the same situation. It would
be one day, everything’s going good. The next day, I’m carrying a box out of a
building. It’d be my own office, but whatever. So, I’m always thinking
about a plan B. So, Plan B is the client work. So, making sure that we
always have client work, just in case, you know, the the passive income dries up. And
you, guys, have mentioned this in the comments a lot – having multiple streams
of income, right? Another thing, I’m always – I always try to do is stay marketable.
And this is one of the things I think about, if you’re a software developer and
you lose your job one, of the best things about it is you’re a software developer
and you’re skilled. I feel bad for people who start off in a company as a software
developer and they’re working away, then learning all the different systems and
they might get promoted to project manager or some some management level.
And they kind of lose those skills and then they get made redundant. Then I
think, it’s a lot harder for them to find a job when they go on to someplace else.
That’s just – that’s just my opinion. when I look at it. So, you know, when I
think about my plan B, so, plan A – by the way, if passive income is in your –
if that’s part of your plan, that should always be plan A. Plan A should be
passive income because that’s the thing that’s going to continue to work and
it’s scalable. So, you got passive income, then you got active income, so
maybe doing client work, maybe working as an employee ,something
like that, but it’s not scalable. You only have so many hours in the day. Then
you got -my plan – my plan C is probably go back and get my
teaching degree again or you know, go back and work at the grocery store, all
this kind of stuff. But I’m always thinking about what can happen
because those poor people who lost their jobs right before Thanksgiving, that
could happen to me. It could happen – by the way, I think it could happen to anybody. So, anyway, what’s your plan B? Do you have
one? By the way, if you’re somebody – if
you’re like my age, you probably have one. You’re probably thinking about it from time to
time, but a lot of times, people who are really, like in their in their early
twenties, like in my experience, I mean, but what do I know, right? People in their
early 20s might not have that plan B. So, I think probably the best thing to
do is to keep yourself marketable, which means, like when you’re learning a new
skill, not just thinking about what’s the best thing for your app. But also, is this
gonna be good for the market too? And it’s just, you know, it’s one of these
things that I think about from time to time. When I’m learning a
new technology like Corona SDK, something we use, I don’t think that’s a marketable
skill. A lot a lot of companies need that skill. Unity is something that is – it
works really well from the gaming perspective. But then, also a C#, is
JavaScript, that kind of helps that kind of stuff. So, is this kind of one of the
things I think about even though I use Corona. Anyway, let me know what you, guys,
think. You know, do you have a plan B? Is it an irrational fear? Cuz, I don’t think
it is. I think a lot of us, you know, the economies are always up and down and who
knows what could happen the next day. So, anyway, that’s it for today.
I’m going to talk to you, guys, tomorrow.

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