We built a patio for our cat… a CATIO!

We built a patio for our cat… a CATIO!

Hey guys, we’re
Evan and Katelyn, and today, we’re doing
something special for our Supurrvisor, because one of her
favorite things is looking out the window. (Evan laughs) Well, hello. Hi, baby. Oh, you went to the wrong one.
(Evan laughs) This one. Okay, come here. Yeah, there yeah,
this one, whoa. So, today, we’re going
to be building a catio, it is a patio for a cat. Yeah, we are normal people. This is not weird. All right, so we’ve
seen some catios online get a little bit out of hand. We’re gonna go with something
a little bit simpler, ’cause our catio- our
Supurrvisor likes a
little cozy space. So, I have everything
3D modeled. And, this should be a pretty
simple design to follow. So, we’re going to build
one leg piece first. This side profile here, ’cause that’s what’s going
to rest on the window sill and we want to see if it fits before we build
the entire thing. We just need to cut
these pieces to length. EVAN: (laughs) So powerful. We got it. Well, we’re going to
join them together, but before we join
them together, I have a magic trick that
I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, ready? So, we’re going to be
joining it all together using pocket holes, because
they’re really easy, and I think that’s really
the only reason why. (playful electronic music) All right, should
we take it outside and test it, see if it fits?
Yeah. Wait. (laughs) This should be a pretty
simple design to follow. KATELYN: Um, are we going
to put some feet on that? I was going to put
some feet on it. Other than this giant gap
in the bottom, it’s perfect. KATELYN: It works great,
yeah, that looks great. Smash it with a hammer. EVAN: (laughs) Why does
your face look so creepy? All right, the moment
of truthfulness. KATELYN: Again. EVAN: I like your
footwear right there. KATELYN: It’s classy. It’s adjustable, so, yeah. EVAN: Yeah, look at
that, it’s perfect. Now, we just need
to make one more. KATELYN: Okay, so
Evan, what happened? EVAN: So, I wanted to one
of those magic clap things, where I just make a
duplicate and I clap, and then it just appears. We’re just gonna–
Hey. I duplicated this one, but you notice any problem? Pocket holes are
on the wrong side. (Evan laughs) There’s no way to fix it. I just gotta do it again. Just like that I
planned, look at that. First try, 100 percent of
the time, all the time. All right, the last
few times I’ve said something is going to be simple,
bad things have happened. So, this is a very
complex thing. We’re going to be adding
four pieces of wood to join these together. But, before we get into
those really complex cuts, we got something
in the mail today. From our sponsor, RZ Mask. So, I think the best
tools there are, are the ones that
you actually use. So, we’ve been really
excited to get our hands on these RZ Masks, because
they are a lot easier to use, which is really important. First time using it.
Yeah. Oh my god, it just velcros on. EVAN: Oh my gosh, wow. KATELYN: And, I
feel like a ninja. EVAN: I feel like a ninja
too, do I look like a ninja? KATELYN: Yeah. Yeah, we have been notoriously not great about
remembering to put on our– EVAN: Safety gear. lung protection. Thank you RZ Mask for giving
us these awesome masks. This is literally so much easier than a bunch of
clips and dangles. If you want to get your
own, go to, and use code EvanandKatelyn15 for 15 percent off
your first purchase. And then, you can
look as cool as us. EVAN: I look like a bandit. KATELYN: We’ve got
more colors, too. Bye. (laughs) (upbeat, playful band music) How are the four
boards holding up? The four boards are perfect,
that strategy worked. KATELYN: 15 more to go? Yeah, we just gotta
put the whole floor in. KATELYN: Just the
whole floor, okay. EVAN: What now? Okay, so now it is
time to finish this. As in, add finishes to it. We still have a lot
more left to go. EVAN: (laughs) I was like, “We’re almost done?
“Yay.” This bottom part floor, we’re going to add
a matte wood varnish that’s safe for outdoor use,
and the rest of it, the frame, we’re going to do the same color we put on our front
door, ’cause– EVAN: We still have some. We still have some, and I
did some internet digging. It seems like most finishes that are okay for your
house are safe for pets once they are fully
dried, fully cured. So, I think we
should be good to go. Let’s throw some paint on it, and hope that we don’t
run out of this one, (laughs) and have to
go to the store again. How are we going to sit this? It’s stable enough, there’s not going to
be like gusts of wind. EVAN: (laughs) Gusto. KATELYN: A gust of wind. (frantic orchestral music) EVAN: So satisfying. (laughs) KATELYN: You don’t
want to overload it. EVAN: Katelyn, you’re
painting over wood. KATELYN: You know what
we’re leaving some, okay? We’re leaving some. EVAN: So, while the paint
on the main body dries, we’re going to go ahead
and prep all of this with waterproof finish, too. I also think that the
natural wood mixed with that dark paint
should look really pretty. (upbeat, funky music) Didn’t show that much. (Katelyn laughs) (laughs) Not much
of a difference. KATELYN: We’ll know it’s there. EVAN: All right, I’m ready but you might need to
duck down a little bit. Okay, (laughs) so,
we’re going to be adding our floor to the catio now, and
we’re actually using spacers to make it a slatted floor. That way if dirt, or pollen,
or whatever, gets in there, it can fall through the bottom
and doesn’t get trapped. ♪ When will my reflection show ♪ (Katelyn laughs) EVAN: It’s looking really nice. I mean, we’ll see if these
spacers are the right size. EVAN: I think that
they should be. Pretty much, possibly. Don’t hit it with the brass. You can just ooch it. All right, I’m gonna just. Oh, oh god. Everything’s falling. Oh no, I was trying to help. Stop helping. Perfect, just like I planned. Looks pretty good. Yeah, looks pretty good. KATELYN: Shouldn’t
we screw into these from the bottom up? This is easier. KATELYN: No, it’s
gonna look terrible. Oh, we could save all
the work that we did. KATELYN: Can we tape
them with blue tape? Tape, tape, tape. ♪ Tiny clamps, the best clamp ♪ Such a cute little floor. I know. Now, Katelyn, you just grow
a whole bunch, screw down. Let’s see if this works. None of the boards seem loose? No, they all seem good. That’s a perfect cat deck
right there, purr-fect. Purrfect, it’s purr– Okay, so I think the framing is done.
Yeah. Her little house is done. Next, are we going to
do the mesh screen? Yeah, let’s wait until tomorrow. Are we going to
wait until tomorrow? I don’t know, actually. Should we just go for it? I think we should
just go for it. All right, so we got this
screen to resist pets, and I guess my general idea
is just to wrap it around and use staples, so we’ll
see how well that works. KATELYN: I know, I’m concerned
about how it’s gonna look. Does it already
seem not straight? Oh, cause I’m not holding
it straight. (laughs) Yeah, could you lean back a
little bit there? (laughs) Bring it around
town over to here. Bring it around town. Did we get enough?
Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes. Yes?
Yes. Just like I planned. So, we’ll do the bottom of this. That looks so cute. I know, right? Especially with this
big thing on top. EVAN: All right. We’re committed now. Makes me nervous every time.
(Evan laughs) Okay.
Woo. KATELYN: Before we
do all of these, let’s see if the
sharpie trick works. EVAN: Oh yeah. I feel like that’s pretty good. I don’t know how
long it’ll last. Worst case scenario, we could just go back
and paint them later. You get far back, you
don’t even barely see them. (upbeat music) It’s looking like something now. EVAN: It’s so legit. KATELYN: Okay, time for
one of the final steps. We’ve gotta do the roof. What do you think about
this thing so far? Do you trust it? This is the first
time she’s seen it. What do you think? We’re about to fit the roof,
and we need your opinion. Look, doesn’t it? Where are you going? Oh, hope this isn’t indicative. (Evan laughs) So, we imagined something like this polycarbonate
sheet for the roof, so then she can still get
some sunlight and everything but she’s protected
and waterproof. I mean, I’m tempted to
just like, call it good. I worry the overhang
is a little bit much for the size of the structure. EVAN: But, we’d be done. I know, but what
if we ooch it over. We leave the length
on the outside, ’cause that’s the
most important, because of our gutter and rain,
and then we can mark here, and we just one cut,
and then we’re done. Nice.
Sweet. Ready.
All right, well let’s see. KATELYN: Yes. That looks cute. KATELYN: It’s really cute. Okay so, I’ve
devised what I think might be a clever solution
to hold this in place. We want to be able
to remove it easily, to clean it, or get in there. So, I 3D printed these little
magnet holders right here and that has a
nice holding power. That’s probably like– KATELYN: More than
she can push through? More than she can push through, when they’re all spread
out, and everything. So, I think we just need
to attach these right there and we’re good to go. (upbeat music) KATELYN: (laughs) So graceful. So, so graceful. (laughs) Oh yeah. You look at that? KATELYN: That’s awesome. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. EVAN: Looks so classy. KATELYN: It’s really classy. EVAN: Classy little hotel. Now, all we have to
do is like give her a way to enter her palace. KATELYN: Yeah, I’m actually really nervous about this part, ’cause it means cutting
a hole in our screen. We can’t go back from that. These screens are really
nasty, anyways, so. KATELYN: You know,
they’re our nasty screens. They’re our nasty screens. Hi, welcome to our messy corner, where we stash all of our
supplies for half finished, or finished and not
yet sorted projects, but the very first thing that
we bought for this project was actually the cat door
that we need right now, and I can no longer find it. KATELYN: Oh, I moved it. I put it over there, where
we’re going to be installing it. Oh, never mind. All right, so we went
through a lot of research trying to find the
ideal window cat flap. Oh, not sponsored. EVAN: Not sponsored. We actually were
kind of worried about if she would go through a
cat door, so to test it, we took a box and
cut a hole in it that was the same size as
this, and she likes it. (Evan laughs) (Katelyn laughs) EVAN: The tail! We call it the kitty cave,
she goes in there a lot. So, she has no excuse
to not use this. So, like, theoretically,
all we need to do is raise the window, put that
in, and we’re done, right? Let’s do some very
careful surgery. Put it all the
way at the bottom? KATELYN: Uh, sure. EVAN: No going back. Hey.
It’s done. Okay, one finishing touch. (upbeat electronic music) (Evan mimics a spray can) EVAN: Alrighty. KATELYN: It’s so
cute, it’s so cute. There we go. (calls cat) You know what
would be hilarious? KATELYN: If she just
like, won’t go in. Want to come outside? Oh, hi. Really, you gonna
hang out right there? Can we bribe you? Oh, she’s going for the treat. Oh, you little turdly one. EVAN: (laughs) Put
it farther out. Over there. And so commences the longest
part of this project. KATELYN: Hi. EVAN: She’s going
after the tape. KATELYN: Oh, yes, yes, yes. There’s another one. KATELYN: It may just
not happen today. EVAN: It might not happen today. KATELYN: She sees
that other treat. Come on, come on, baby. Oh my gosh, yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes. EVAN: Yay. KATELYN: Oh my gosh. Is that so cool? EVAN: She’s so excited, she
didn’t even go for the treat. It’s a good size. KATELYN: She can
stand up straight, but it’s also still cozy. You like hanging out? You just want to sit
outside and look inside? Are you a happy bear, yeah? Hi guys, thank you so much for joining us
along this journey. Her little head scratches
through the screen. I know, my sweet girl. I’m so glad that– That she likes it? That she likes it, even though she’s looking
away from the camera. (laughs) She’s so happy. I think she’s
telling me something. I think she’s
saying that you guys should subscribe to
our channel. (laughs) (laughs) I heard that, too. I heard it, too, yep, yep. All right, thanks so
much for joining us, we’ll see you next time. Bye.
Bye, say bye. Dangit. Wasn’t even that much pressure. ♪ When will my reflection make ♪ Oh, I think that looks good. EVAN: I’m scared. What are you doing? ♪ Who I am inside ♪ Oh, baby. Am I supposed to say
something, now? (laughs)

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