Water Trick Catch – German Shepherd April – [ 4K Slow Motion ]

Water Trick Catch – German Shepherd April – [ 4K Slow Motion ]

If you’ve seen any of our previous episodes. You know that I’ll cover just about any subject. However. The most requested subject Since starting. Warped perception. Has been animals. And since I really like putting a Twist on
things. I figured today’s subject. Will definitely be. A surprising twist. April you ready for a bath. Ready to go to the big screen. Now I’m not really sure when this started. But it’s going to seem pretty weird. To most of you. April my German Shepherd here. likes to play a game. Where she catches water. And not just any water. Now the way this game works is pretty simple. I sit April down. Take a drink of water. Give her the notification. And then. Good job. And what I find really interesting is. How much she focuses on the stream of water. And also how fast she’s able to respond. And intercept that stream. And catch it. I’ve always wanted to see this in slow motion. And since this is her second favorite thing
besides eating carrots. I figured it was worth making an episode on. I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to check out our other videos. And subscribe. And yeah. That’s about it. The end

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  1. Wow, wouldn't want to get my hand caught in there. Awesome shots.

  2. Just like my girlfriend.

  3. I love your channel showing all sorts of things in supper slow motion. Then she licks her butt then wants kisses. LOL!!

  4. Do you have a cat?( scratch on Aprils nose)

  5. Thank you so much for the video I just realized my doggy my doggy none other than Coco Shepherd lab mix.

  6. Thanks for the great slow motion video. It was fun to watch. I believe some dogs have slightly faster reaction times than most humans , The bite things really fast, sometimes

  7. Since big dogs only live to be 10-15 years, I think their living speed is much faster than humans. In other words, we must be moving in slow motion to a dog. This would explain why they can react so fast to catching objects, or acting on commands. It doesn't stop them from getting hit by a car, but dogs and cats are pretty quick with reaction.

  8. WoW it's awesome, and the music perfect

  9. That's an awesome dog. Maybe do a video of her shaking water off or catching a tennis ball. I but it would look cool as it compressed in her bite.

  10. We love when April is the star! 🙂

  11. Did she faceplant on a fence or fight a cat? She's got a cut on her nose! 😛 Amazing video as always.

  12. Great video! It oozes of love between you and your dog…

  13. What the fuck why are you spitting at your dog

  14. So random, but awesome 👍

  15. Is it the dog who ate your finger?

  16. Spits in his dogs mouth. Tune in next week when he pisses on the cat and takes a shit in the fish tank.

  17. Sooo you spit in your dogs mouth. Sound horrible when I put it like that, but I get it, lol. SHe'd probably go NUTS with a garden hose.

  18. Hola, me encanto este video con april, se me ocurrió uno que podías grabar en slowmo. APRIL CORRIENDO EN EL POLVO, ver cómo se alza el humo de la tierra en slowmo estaría espectacular

  19. German Shepherd ~ Best dogs. I have one at home and she is amazing. I like the music, I love your videos!!!

  20. I'm not complaining but have you ever considered encoding and uploading your videos in 60P?

  21. super cool stuff man!

  22. it kinda disgusting ;-; (no hate

  23. I really like the production quality of your videos. And I'm not talking just about the camera resolution or anything else regarding quality of the equipment used, but rather how it's used including editing, lightning, montage (great you used the black mat beneath the dog). Feels like premium content. Keep up!

  24. Nice video What camera do you use

  25. My dog goes crazy for water sprays too, he could spend hours when he was young just "biting" water in a water fountain…
    Today he's old and doesn't have the same vitality, but he still enjoy a couple seconds of it :')

  26. 1:25 what an smile

  27. That was a bit gross…two words: super soaker.

  28. I'm trying this with my cat.

  29. What camera do you use and what is the FPS?

  30. He just pissed in his dogs mouth with his mouth🤯

  31. April makes me laf 🤣

  32. Can we get carrot eating dog in slow motion????

  33. Wow, is it music from Stalker?

  34. Omg can you shoot some more videos with April, she is so cute!

  35. what happened to her nose?

  36. I’m not sure which is better, the water coming out of his mouth, or the dog catching it.

  37. thumbs up for April!

  38. April rocks, what a beautiful animal. My GSD's also love carrots, i feed them loads of other veg too (steamed, no salt or butter/oil) , but one thing they really love chewing on is the left over cobs when we eat corn. they go absolutely crazy for it…

  39. Kinda weird but cool like if u agree

  40. It’s weird because he is spreading germs

  41. Does april have a little wound on her nose? What happened?

  42. 1:42
    When you bite your lip on accident

  43. I have a German Shepherd… I love watching you put your dog in slow-mo!

  44. You could have just poured water from the bottle

  45. This is kinky lol

  46. You should do a slow mo vid of april shaking water off

  47. 1:03 that fly in slo mo lol

  48. Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird he is spiting in her mouth

  49. i loved the moment when she wanted to catch the water and then the water hit her face

  50. You really wouldn't wanna get bit by these dogs. Oof those teeth. I had a rottweiler/german shepherd, rescued her from under a trailer with her mom. Super defensive but terrified of people. Rip sasha

  51. Kule n gross at the same time…but den again she,s a dog.

  52. You should try it with a hose my German shepherd goes mad she loves it!

  53. You could have used a water bottle not spit it In her mouth freak.

  54. This one's a little weird 😅

  55. nxt time you try to catch the water n April will do the needful 😂….btw nice content 👍…keep going

  56. She's a Cutey, Wouldn't wanna Up-Set her Though

  57. Excellenté Pro-Duction

  58. More of April In slowmo

  59. I'm a human who loves G.S.D S

  60. Awesome video but you should not be spitting water in your dogs mouth and that water cane from your mouth it is not right

  61. Pretending I haven't seen something similar

  62. Pause the video in the min 1:22

  63. it looks like she got some holy water from the gods XD (with the dramatic music awesome) 1:18

  64. Epic Dogs in slow motion.💕💕

  65. i like this guy. he replies to those idiot trolls with even better comebacks xD

  66. this guy doesn't have eyebrows D:

  67. April is the type of girl u bring home to meet mom

  68. Chee chee ghota pani.

  69. April getting blow dried

  70. He must be a retired or current cop. German Shepard’s tend to be working K-9’s and this seems like planned training.

  71. What a gorgeous GSD. Reminds me of my Leia

  72. She/he has my name!💖💖💖💖💖

  73. Dude that dog is smart as heck… people dont realize how smart they really are

  74. My dog I just recently got loved drinking from the water hose I an have a power spray tip kn it and he still loves biting and drinking it from the hose. I think he would rather drink it that way instead of the 5 gallon bucket I have for his water bowl

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