– (reporter) Well,
he’s right here, Seth Rogen! – (gasps and laughs)
– Seth– Is it Seth Rogen filming?! – Oh, no!
♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) We’re gonna be taking
a look at a recently popular trend that’s been swirling
around the internet lately. We’ll be showing you a series
of videos that when people watch them, they often feel that the person
in the video looks like they’re dying inside.
– Okay. (chuckles) I feel like we’ve all been there.
– What does that even mean? – (FBE) These types of compilations
are appropriately being dubbed “Watch People Die Inside.”
– Wow. I actually have never heard of this.
– (FBE) So, after each video, we’re gonna have you rate them
on a scale of one to five based on how dead inside
the person in the video looks to you. – Okay. But they’re alive?
– (FBE) Yeah, they’re alive. – Okay.
– We’re just gonna rank, like, “Ah, I don’t know, man.
I feel like they got a little bit of soul
in them left.” Okay, let’s see how it goes.
– (interviewer) You have every honor…
– George Lucas. – Oh, I’ve seen this video!
– (interviewer) …that a man could have.
You’ve got… – (George) Almost.
– (interviewer) …Oscars. – (George) No. ♪ (sorrowful piano music) ♪
– (laughs) Oh, no! – (interviewer) …Oscars.
– (George) No. ♪ (sorrowful piano music) ♪
– (snickers) – (interviewer) No Oscar?
– Oh, this is sad. (laughs) – Damn, this is good, man.
– (interviewer) No Oscar? – (George) No Oscar.
– Oh! Ah. Ah. Yikes. Ah! – (presenter) The winner is…
– (laughs) – (presenter) …Woody Allen
for Annie Hall. – (crowd cheers)
– No! – Oh, that’s rough, man.
– (laughs) Oh, no! You know what, though?
That feels like something he made a little bit
of peace with that he’s like,
“I lost the Oscar.” – (FBE) So, on a scale
of one to five, how dead did George Lucas
look to you there? – That was a tough one.
That’s a four. – I’m really just dead inside,
so I’ma give that– I’ma give that a five.
– I give that a solid three. – Like a two.
– Five. It’s like Lana not getting
a Grammy sad. – I’ll give that one a three.
– This was a three. – Two. You know, it’s not the worst,
but it’s definitely a little cringy. – Four. But he seemed
pretty bummed. – Okay.
– (gasps) Oh, [bleep], man. He’s wilding out
on his friend. (glass shatters)
– Oh! – Oh my– (laughs)
(squeals) – (gasps)
(glass shatters) – (laughs)
– (laughs) – Ah, that’s what you get
for being a dumbass, man. (groans) – That’s how he knows
his mom is gonna give him, ooh, such a hard time. Two.
– Four just because you could tell it’s not their house.
And if you break something over a friend’s house,
oh, you don’t know if you’re coming back.
– Kid’s [bleep]. And he knows he’s [bleep],
so I’ma give that a five. – That broke my inside. Five.
– Someone’s mom is gonna be pissed, dude.
I’ma say three on this one. – One. He just looked shocked
not so much dead inside. – A one. He just kinda
looked more like, “Uh-oh.” – He was more in shock
than dead inside, though, so I’ll give that one a two.
– I can sympathize with that a little bit, bro,
’cause it’s almost the same feeling I got when I got in a car crash.
And I got out the car, and you’re like, “Jesus Christ.
What the [bleep] just happened?” Ah, dude, honestly,
I’ma give that a four. – Oh, [bleep]! No!
– Psych! (chuckles) – (gasps) Oh, no.
Oh, no! – I mean, what did you expect,
my guy? Aww. Okay. – (laughs) Oh. Right there.
– He’s like, “I just got that iPhone 11.”
– Oh, dude. This guy just looks like his grandma died.
– He’s just like, “Yup, that just happened.”
He must feels like an idiot, bro. He has too.
– His brain just had to process that one!
Oh, no. I feel bad. He looked like a solid four.
– He looked pretty dead. I’m gonna say a three.
– I give that a three. But you know, phones are replaceable.
– A four. – I give him a four.
– Five, ’cause he knows. And it’s like,
he’s up in the air. It’s not like he can be like,
“Oh, let me just go grab it real quick.”
– A two. – Four.
– That’s a solid four. That’s super cringe.
And you could tell, someone’s gonna be
on the playground running around,
and it’s just like (smack) – (Billy) Who do you think
is funnier? Be honest. Me or Seth Rogen?
– (woman) Oh my god. You. – (Billy) Thank you!
– I love him. – (woman) A million times.
– (Billy) Really?! – (woman) I don’t think
he’s funny at all. – (Billy) Oh, wow.
Well, he’s right here! Seth Rogen! – (gasps and laughs)
– Seth– Is it Seth Rogen filming?! – Oh, no!
– Awww, that’s so sad. – (Seth) He’s really funny.
– (woman) He’s very funny. I’m not into stoner humor, so…
– She tries to save it. – At least she had an explanation.
– (Billy) Well, then you wouldn’t be into Seth Rogen.
– Ohhh, no! As soon as I saw
the camera guy, I was like, “Wait, is that Seth Rogen?”
– She didn’t take it back, though, which I appreciate.
That was good. I’m gonna give that one a three.
– I’m sure Seth gets it all the time. I’m gonna say a one.
– I’ma give that a two. He was more like,
“The joke’s on her,” you know, rather than on him.
– A one. – Two. He didn’t seem
that affected by it. – He’s a one. People are not
gonna like you sometimes. That’s just how it is.
– I would give that a one. He didn’t seem that dead.
– Yeah, I’ll just give that a three. – Five out of five!
10 of 10! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!
That was so awkward! (laughs) – Oh, god.
Please don’t drop the wines. No, no, no, no, no, no, nooo!
(bottles crashing) – (distressed) Oh, oh, oh! – Oh my god. It just doesn’t stop.
It just doesn’t stop! – Oh my god. My cousin did this
at Costco with Heelys. He hit the wine stand
with Heelys in– ’cause Costco’s
the best place to Heely, and she just (smack)
right into the wine. Oh, god. – He’s just watching too,
’cause it’s a hazard. He can’t get in there.
– This man was probably a wine connoisseur.
His rare Merlot from 1972 just smashed to the ground.
He’s hurt for sure. That’s a three. – I’d say a four for him.
There’s nothing you could do in that scenario. You just gotta wait,
weather the storm. – Ah, dude was around a four.
– Four. – I have to go with
a five on that one. – I’ll give that one a four.
He didn’t even open the door. He was like, “[Bleep].”
– A solid four. It just kept going. It was like laughing at him. (laughs)
– Five. And the dog! Are you kidding me?
The dog looked like a 10 of sadness there! – (boy snickers)
– A spaghett. – Little babies, man. – What’s gonna happen?
(gasps) Oh, no, no, no! You– awww, no!
– Like, damn, bro. You got me. Awww! (laughs) – Oh, no! Poor baby! What’s the point of having a kid
if you can’t screw with him like that? – That was good, man.
That was a five. – That’s a five.
She’s so new to the world. She has no idea
how mean people are! – Five honestly.
– Two just ’cause babies cry all the time.
– Three. – One. It’s all right.
– Five. He felt it. He felt real hard.
– Trust issues 101! Five. – That child is going to grow up
with trust issues! I’m telling you. That’s a five.
– Oh, it’s Rhett and Link. – I love Rhett and Link
and the Slow Mo Guys. – (man) Ding.
– (men laugh) (clank)
– (man) Ding. – (men laugh) – Oh, no!
– (man) Oh. – (chuckles) That’s like fail.
– (Rhett) Yeah, your face didn’t change.
– (men laugh) – Good effort, bro.
The shame. You see it in his face. – Nothing is worse than your friends
watching something like that happen to you. (laughs)
– (man) Look at the shame. – (men laugh)
– (man 2) I’ve never seen slow motion shame before.
– Awww. Okay, see, this is what I expect
when I think of, like, “I’m gonna die on the inside.”
I’m gonna give that one a four. – That’s cringe. But it’s Rhett
and Link, so they made it fun. I’d say that’s a two.
– Four. – Three.
– Three. He looked like he was still laughing
at himself a little bit. – Link was doing all right.
That’s a two. – A two.
– Two. They were laughing. It was cool.
– I got secondhand embarrassment from watching for him. (laughs)
So, I’m gonna give that one a three. ♪ (whimsical music) ♪
– Oh, no! I’ve seen this one! – Oh. Are those beers? Yup. – Oh! No, sir.
– How many times do you think that’s happened to him, though? – You can visibly
see him go (sighs) “I know where this is going.”
– Oh. As soon as one fell, he immediately gave up.
– I just love the zero reflex in that. He just was like–
Most people would be like, “Oh!” He he was like, “No.”
That’s gonna be a four. – A five, ’cause he was over it.
– Four. – Five. The fact that
he saw it tumbling and was just like, “Well…
there it goes.” – That’s a five.
When you’ve had a long day like he has, that’s a five.
– Five. – Five. Ronny, the manager,
has been on his ass all day, riding him, and then this happens?
– Poor guy. That’s a five. He was dead inside.
– (interviewer) You’re going to do a spoken word for us now, right?
– (Marshall) Right. – (interviewer) And tell us
what we’re about to hear. – (Marshall) It’s just a freestyle.
– (interviewer) Okay. – Okay! Freestyle.
– (interviewer) Well, let me sit back. Go ahead, Marshall.
– (Marshall) Okay. – How is this gonna go wrong? – (Marshall) Years ago, they tried to…
– (snorts) – (Marshall) Years ago,
they tried to put me in the…
– (laughs) – (Marshall) Years ago,
they tried to… Years ago, they tried to
put me in the… – Aww, poor guy! Oh, no!
That’s the worst! Ah! – (Marshall) Ah, this is live.
– Oh, no! (laughs) – (Marshall) Ah, this is live.
– This is– (laughs) Oh, that was the cringiest one
I’ve seen! – I think that was one
of the funniest videos I’ve seen at FBE.
That was [bleep] hilarious. That’s a five.
– Five. That’s a man who’s going through
a five right now. – Five. He was like,
“Well, I [bleep] up. This is live television.
Here we go.” – That’s a five.
That’s like the worst one. – Four.
– Four. His heart was racing, you know, at that moment for sure.
– Four. It’s hard, but it’s embarrassing.
I feel for him. – That one’s a good four for me.
– Straight up a five. Seeing his face,
it’s not happening. (laughs) I was like, “Oh, [bleep],
[bleep], [bleep].” – (Tyler) Girlfriend
made me chicken parm. Look how good this [bleep] looks.
– Oh, Tyler! – I [bleep] love tyler1! Is this the pasta one? Yes!
– Why are we showing the food? Is this a– (gasps)
Ohh. – (gasps) Oh, no. He dropped his spaghetti.
– It’s gonna slide right off. Insert the clip of me
doing that with my cake here. (laughs)
– Oh, the cake! It’s so– – (both scream) – Oh, no. Oh,
he’s really sad. Awww! – Ah. I’ve done
that same [bleep] live. Oh yeah. I’m like,
“Hey, yeah, what are you eating?” I’m like, “Oh,
so I’m eating a– Nothing.
Now I’m eating nothing.” Five just because I’ve been there.
– A five. It’s funny to see a grown man cry.
– He gon’ pick it up, and it’s gonna be okay.
That’s a three. – I’ma give him a four.
– I don’t believe it. I give it a one.
– I’ll give that one a three. It’s okay. He’ll live. (chuckles)
– Dude looked like he was at a five, ’cause of the pain
he was feeling. (chuckles) – Five. The tears were about
to start rollin’. – He’s always dead inside. I mean,
he plays League for God’s sake. So, I’ma give
that one a five. – (FBE) After watching and ranking
all these videos, do you feel a little dead inside?
– Ah, after watching these, I feel embarrassed for everyone,
but I’m not feeling as dead. – All the time. What?
I don’t even need to explain myself. – To be honest,
I feel more alive inside. I feel like this made me realize
that I haven’t been through the worst of it yet. (chuckles) – Thanks so much for watching
this episode of College Kids React. And shoutout to Mr Golden.
– If you liked this episode, then hit that Like button.
– What was your favorite clip? Let us know in the comments.
– Bye, guys! – Hey, everybody.
I’m Jesse, associate producer here at FBE.
If you wanna see more of the videos that you love,
then make sure to subscribe to our channel and hit
that notification bell. If you’re here
in the first 30 minutes, you may even get
to chat with me. Bye, guys!

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