Wags to Riches – Part 1 (Sims 4 Cats & Dogs)

Wags to Riches – Part 1 (Sims 4 Cats & Dogs)

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  1. Family tree reminder : Lady Bigwallet -> Anaya and Lacey (twin sisters)-> Little and Sir (cousins) -> Frederick Bigwallet (son of Little and a guy who was the son of Afro Dijiac) -> Katrina Bigwallet (current cats and dogs LP sim)

  2. Watching this so long after release and getting crazy over all misunderstandings! You can call to adopt with the phone! All you have to do is click the damn dog and do adopt! Gaaaah! You know that by now… But I felt I just had to get my frustration out 😀

  3. i like how you were complaining there were no frog logs anywhere, got distracted by the first dog you saw and zoomed right past one lol

  4. Every time he clicked on the dog i kept yelling "click the fuking adopt 200 button!"

  5. 4:24 rip frog log

  6. I goed crazy

    Just thinking he can adopt on phone

  7. You can adopt from the phone


  9. click the dog give intro then click adopt (200)

  10. "Oh it's a dog!!! Ahh nice."
    Um SAME

  11. You could’ve just adopted a dog from the phone by pressing hire service and you have to scroll down, and it should pop up.

  12. You can keep fish as pets


  14. I know this is old but you can adopt from the phone.. duh lol

  15. 😫😒😒😒😒😒😒 you have to adopt with the option

  16. i have a code a secret on to get 50,00 cash it is testing space on then motherlode you can do it meny times

  17. Can't you use your phone to adopt pets???

  18. You could have just used hire survice on your phone to adopt

  19. it would be pretty cool if you did a rags to riches with vampires

  20. I married Katrina lol

  21. Who else was yelling at the screen when he missed the other frog log? 😂

  22. You can use your phone

  23. You can get a dog from ur phone


  25. does any one have the name Katrina?

  26. You can adopt pets from the phone, it's in hire services

  27. he missed a frog log when he looked at the first dog!

  28. couldve adopted a stray dog they walk around the town

  29. Why didn't you adopt a stray?

  30. You need to buy the dog

  31. Dude 4:26 there’s a frog log OMG LOL

  32. Dogs in the adoption center don't need saving because they're getting taken care of by the adoption clinic. Adopt a stray for free and save a life! For those of you who just started playing Sims 4 again here in 2018 and see this video, the piles of fish laying around the world in odd areas here and there are for the stray cats to eat. Also after planting some orchids and getting them to perfect quality at your park you can then use the money to open a shop. If you do a bakery make some gourmet pet food for your pets, sell the shop and never have to cook that pet food again! 🙂

  33. U missed a frog log 4:27

  34. you can do the cheat to get maneys .Ferst reit …Testing cheats true… and then reit… money 10000000… and finisch

  35. When he was so busy looking at the dog at the beginning and he completely missed the frog log

  36. When he was looking at the dog there was a frog log lol

  37. this entire episode is just one mess after another

  38. This was the first rags to riches I watched I kept up with this one Seasons and now Get famous. I just finished all the old episodes. It has been really interesting watching your videos evolve.
    As always thank you for what you do…

  39. U realize u can use the phone to adopt right? And it costs $100 not $200

  40. Do you think it's cheating to play the piano at the bars to make money? 🤔

  41. HUGE face palm
    You can adopt from your phone
    Hire the service

  42. Hoe do you start a regs to richese

  43. Btw u need to write books to earn money and NOT sell the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!📝📝📝

  44. Why didn't you just befriend a stray dog and adopt him for free 😂

  45. "Are you sure you want to leave this dog with — OH MY GOD"

    I lol'd

  46. You missed KATRINA at 4:55

  47. I hate how at 4:18 there was a frog log by the dog and he just didn't even see it xD

  48. Why not use the computer to write and get money????

  49. You can adopt a dog or a cat with your phone in hire a service

  50. 04:26 BRUHHH!

    Edit : rlly you didnt see it

  51. I actually started screaming when you just skipped on past the ADOPT button.

  52. You could've adopted from your phone

  53. You could also adopt a stray

  54. 24:42 there is a stinky smelly abandoned baby on the sims lot! Hilarious XD

  55. you can adopt a pet from ur phone!

  56. You can adopt dogs and cats over the phone from services!!

  57. U can use a tablet just browse web

  58. Your so stupid you have to click on the dog and hit ADOPT(200) STUPID

  59. james u have to hit the dog and hit addopted on him that is why u didnt get baxer u had to hit addopted on the dog

  60. You can buy a dog on your phone you don’t need a tablet

  61. I know this video is really old, but just wanted to say, that you get rich really fast from gardening. I'm doing a super sim challenge by myself, and I'm making so much money just from gardening

  62. When you watch this video 2 years later and you're screaming at the screen that you can adopt via the phone! lol

  63. you could have your sims do writting on computers to gain money in the early stages

  64. My first ever Sim Supply video.. I'm excited for the journey! (I Googled best Sims YouTubers and James was no.1 so here we are woo [he better be good {Deli is great and I know of him through her so I'm hopeful}]) Also low key I love that two fellow Australians were the top two <3

  65. So I got cats and dogs two days ago and I moved next to a house close to the two gay sims and I was so happy that my neighbors were gay sims lol

  66. Katrina the original look like snookie to anyone else?

  67. All I do is wash my hands too, I haven’t showered in 4 years.

  68. Wait why doesn't he just have the girl get a job

  69. who else was extremely irritated at the fact that he completely missed the adopt button

  70. You can adopt a dog from your phone

  71. Can you have a exotic animal has a pet in the sims 4

  72. if you go to another Sim's house and use their bed, shower, or kitchen to cook, the homeowner will kick you out. I have tried.

  73. for the food could you just put what people grill in the inventory so you still have food to eat later? it may not stay fresh for long but at least you can have extra food

  74. Watching this in 2019 screaming "it says adopt pet right there!!!!" 🤣🤣🤣😬

  75. completely doesn't check if you can adopt through phone which you can XD

  76. Lady, Anaya, Lacy, Little, Sir , then Fred and Now KATRINA! That's the Bigwallet family so far. I know this family far too well.

  77. Literally painful watching him try to get a computer so hard…………………..the phoooooone, common maaan

  78. Watching this knowing you can adopt strays hurts lol😭😭

  79. Pets are so much cuter in the sims 4!!!!!

  80. I love that you concluded that there were no frog logs in that world and then saw your first dog and got so excited that you didn't notice the fact that the dog walked RIGHT PAST a frog log, hahaha.

  81. Very very late, but to the follow commenters: wouldn't a little catnip farm be so cool for a series like this?

  82. 4:27 A frog thingy right there, but James was busy contemplating his first Sims 4 dog xD

  83. Bro u have a phone just click "hire services" and adopt a cat or dog 😂😂😂

  84. how do you get sims four cats and dogs

  85. buy a tablet for 1k instead of going to the library for free tf

  86. I adopted 2 strays. Love them both. Love how it was free

  87. Can't you adopt a stray at Brindleton Bay?


    semaj it said adopt

  89. Nobody:
    James. KatRINA

  90. Rip the real Katrina past away in my game

  91. Damn I just started watching these and it has been two years since the upload. I keep wanting to help lol. You can adopt a stray.

  92. 29:50 That dog has the name of a character from Game of Thrones. That's cute.

    Katrina looks just like Penny.

  93. Now that Realm of Magic is coming out, maybe you could do a "Rags to Witches" challenge. Or combine the two packs and do a "Wags to Witches" challenge.

  94. James got so distracted by the first dog that he completely missed that frog log in the foreground. XD

  95. LMAO! James you are insane! Thanks for the laugh…

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