Unboxing – Monster Menagerie III – D&D Miniatures Icons of the Realms

Unboxing –  Monster Menagerie III – D&D Miniatures Icons of the Realms

Hello, and welcome to the Gallant Goblin! My name is Theo Thourson. Today, we’re going to do an unboxing of the
new set of painted miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons. This is Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie
III. Let’s get to it! So I got a booster brick. A brick has eight boxes in it. This is not going to give us every figure
in the set, but it should give us a nice variety. I went ahead and got two extra as well. That gives us a nice round number of ten and
also put me over the level to get free shipping. So I’ll go ahead and get the wrapper off and
we’ll get started. So the first and most important thing is how
heavy is the box. Eh, it’s pretty heavy. Let’s see what’s inside. So each box is going to have one large or
huge figure and three small or tiny figures. Or medium. So let’s see what we’ve got. Ah, here we go. So, hmm, this is quite the cyclops as you
can see here. Nicely painted. His weapon is a little bent, but that’s what
you get with these things. You can usually fix that. Quite an imposing character. Let’s see what else we’ve got. Oh wow. This is an aasimar I think. Nice, big, translucent wings. Really pretty. Very nice. I don’t have anything quite like this. So that’s really cool. Next one. Oh yeah, this is a kuo-toa. I’m a fairly new DM so if I mispronounce something
you’re just going to have to forgive me. But, this will come in quite handy. I’m running Storm King’s Thunder now for my
group, and so I’m hoping to get a lot of giants, but kuo-toa show up in this too a little bit. So, that’s very nice. And our last one in this box. Fairly large figure. Ah, so, here we have a gnoll. Very nice head of hair there. Little bone necklace. I find gnolls are nice, figures like this,
because you can use them for–substitute them for other things. If you don’t have a werewolf, or you don’t
have an orc or something, you can kind of just bust this out and it’s a fairly standard
size and scary creature that you can use for several different things. So there we go. This is the first set. I’m happy so far. Let’s go to the second box. This one is heavy so… I’m looking forward to this. Oh my. I think this is one of the ones they talked
about on the back of the box that I’m not actually familiar with. I will say that it looks like a stone giant
but its head of hair is too nice. Oh. He’s seatbelted in here. Actually looks like an Asgardian with that
hammer. Yes, this is, oh this is Empyrean which I
am not familiar with. But this is quite the thing. He’s got a very shocked look on his face. Yeah, this is kind of amazing. Very large figure too. Let’s see what else we have here. Oh we got another gnoll. So, especially when it comes to the smaller
ones and medium ones you’re going to get more than one in this brick. I think, and I don’t know where I heard this,
the large characters you get are supposed to be fairly varied in the brick. But we’ll find out shortly. So we got another gnoll. Next we have… I think we might have his friend here. I think this is, yeah, this is another gnoll
but this is a gnoll flesh… crawler? Gnawer? Flesh Gnawer. It’s hard to say, but oh wow, he’s got a nice–what
do you call that–morningstar? I forget now. But he’s got a friend now, very nice. And our last one–I’m sure gnolls travel
in packs. Oh, this is a nice, small goblin. Yes, it just says goblin on it, but he’s got
a very nice, translucent torch, I believe, he’s holding. Quite like this one, actually. I don’t have anything like this either. You can never have too many goblins, right? You never have too many. All right, this one’s also heavy. Let’s see what we have. Oh yes, just what I need. This looks to me like a big frost giant. Take his seat belt off. There you go. This is, oh no, it’s a storm giant! Oh, of course, he’s got a thunderbolt in his
arm. Oh wow, this is really nice. So I’m going to do another video after this
one where we’re going to compare some of this set, especially the giants, with the giants
that came in the Storm King’s Thunder miniature boxes. So we’ll kind of take a look at this compared
to those. But so far, wow, that’s really nice. Next, we have, oh yeah, this is Death Dog,
two-headed dog. Not something you want to run into in a dark
alley. Very useful. And again, that’s something you can use for
other creatures, just a regular wolf if you don’t have a regular wolf. Here, we’ve got–I think this is a magmin,
which runs alongside some of the fire giants, so this is also very useful. I think he’s got translucent hair as well. They’re really going all out on the translucent
materials on these. Last one in this set. What is this? This is a dragonborn. A dragonborn fighter. So if you have a PC who is wanting to play
a dragonborn fighter, you’re good to go. Nice shield on him. Very cool, I don’t have a dragonborn mini
so this is useful. All right, we’ve got another fairly heavy
one. This is very exciting when you get one that’s
heavy. And I think I finally do have my frost giant. Not seatbelted in. All right, so, definitely a frost giant. I’ve gotten several booster sets and booster
boxes of some of the previous Icons of the Realms minis, and I have to say these are
the nicest ones of any of them I’ve gotten, I think. I’m very happy with this so far. This frost giant will come in very handy. Some of these little ones look pretty little
this time. Let’s take a look. Oh yes, this is a magma mephit. Very cool and detailed little guy. Don’t know much about these fellas but now
I have an excuse to learn. Next one we have here, oooh, gray slaad. Another one that I’m not familiar with but
this one is really nicely painted, also has a translucent effect on him as you can see
in the video here. Big claws. Really nice. This one looks really small from inside the
thing, oh, I think it’s an invisible one. I was gonna say, I thought it was just a base. They always give you invisible ones, and I
don’t know who necessarily wants– oh no, it’s not an invisible one. This is just one of the very small flying
ones. This is a stirge which also comes up in Storm
King’s Thunder, so this would’ve been useful a couple weeks ago. It’s very cute. A very deadly butterfly. Also heavy. I’m just going to keep reporting how heavy
they are. I’m expecting the fire giant dreadnought,
which is on the side of the box, to be the heaviest thing. I haven’t gotten something that seems that
heavy yet. But we’ll see. What is this? Ah, this definitely looks like a hill giant. Oh man, this is quite the hill giant as well. Nice ponytail on him. It’s got the neck folds. This is a female. Just says “Hill Giant.” Yeah, that’s impressive. Let’s see what else we’ve got in here. We have, oh yeah, this is a–what is that?–a
triton? A triton fighter. Am I pronouncing that right? Yes. That’s very cool too. I like it. I haven’t come across those in my adventures
yet, but I’m sure we will soon. Next one in here, if I can get him out…
there we are. Oh, this is like a little gnome… wizard? It’s a gnome wizard. Also has a translucent effect with the fire. Holding a staff. Very cute. For your NPCs or player characters. Last one in this one. What in the world? Oh man: gibbering mouther. That’s just about the scariest thing I’ve
ever seen. Man, this is again a new one to me, but this
is a very cool mini. OK, similar weight. Haven’t gotten too many duplicates yet, so
let’s keep our fingers crossed there. It’s usually more of an issue with the smaller
ones. But now that I say that, we have another frost
giant, although I think this one’s a little different. Let me find the other one. There we go, so that’s one we opened a little
while ago. I mean, they’re similar except for the weapon. The paint job is also a little different. The one with the axe, his fur is painted brown,
and the other one’s fur’s painted gray. But otherwise they’re the same sculpt, just
a different weapon and slightly different coloring. So it’s always useful to have some variation. Giants also travel in packs so that’s good
to have too. Yeah, so one’s 32 out of 35 and one’s 31 out
of *45*–sorry, 45. So, there we go. Let’s see what else we got in this set. This one looks pretty small. That is a gazer, which I’m not familiar with,
but it sure as heck looks like a very tiny beholder. Very nice. Next one. Oh wow. This is… Tridrone? I don’t know what the heck this is, but it
looks like a spider type monster. Very imposing. Very cool. Last one here. What is this? This is like… a wereboar. Oh yeah, I can definitely see that one looking
at him closely. Nice hammer. Hammer’s actually straight on this one too
so that’s cool. All right, very cool, don’t know where you
find wereboars but we’ll find out. This one’s lighter, so we’ll see. This looks like my stone giant. Stone giant dreamwalker. Very alien-looking. Some interesting design on his shoulder. Certainly know about stone giants, not so
much about the dreamwalker variety so I’ll be curious to learn about him. Very interesting. Very alien look to him. Next one. Oh. This is super cute. This is a winged kobold. This is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Looks like he’s wearing a little– it almost
looks like he’s wearing a ripped up green t-shirt and jean shorts. Probably not what he’s wearing, but I’m going
to pretend that it is. What else we have? Oh my. This one–mezzoloth? Mezzoloth? You can correct my spelling–or my pronunciation–if
you like. Kind of crab monster. Also very interesting. I’m not familiar with this one either but
I like the model. We’re still doing really good with not getting
duplicates so I’m really happy about that. Last one looks like another kobold. This is just a standard kobold. Got a little sword on him that’s bent. No wings this time but he’s wearing a similar
little outfit. Little backpack on him. He’s got a friend. This one feels heavier. I don’t know. Still never got that dreadnought. Still have–oh, no, oh, there you go. That looks like the dreadnought. I swear I didn’t know what that was before
I opened it. Fire giant dreadnought. That is quite the thing. The giant doesn’t seem quite as tall as some of the
other giant models, but it’s definitely heavy and solid. Nice rusted look on the shields that he’s
carrying. Very interesting. This one’s gonna be–uh, when we look at some
of the fire giants from the Storm King’s Thunder set, you’ll be able to see the difference,
but he looks quite different than those. Very interesting. So heavy, I swear. All right. This is the last box of the brick as well. This looks like a bit of a zombie. This is a vampire spawn. If you’re running the Curse of Strahd or there’s
some vampires in Storm King’s Thunder. Let’s see, oh, this one fell out of the bag. Ah. This is the same one as–this is a duplicate
from the last box. This is the tridrone. Still very interesting character. And last but not least. Nice cape, what do we have here? Oh wow, this would be a nice player character
for somebody. This is a human bard. Almost looks, to me, like a pirate-themed
character. Very interesting character. Very pretty and nicely painted. These are our last two. Not part of the brick so no promises for duplication. And it looks like we have a hill giant again. I think, definitely a hill giant–28A Might be a different–let me see if I can
see the other hill giant down here. There she is. Yeah, this one actually is different, so that’s
good. The other one didn’t have a weapon. It is a similar sculpt, just a open hand versus
closed hand and the backpack is a different color, as you can see. But otherwise similar. Nice. Technically not a duplicate. We also have–put that over there–very small
one again. Oh, it’s another gazer. I think I’m going to enjoy these. I don’t know what they can do, but I think
they might be fun. We also have, yeah, so we’re going to get
duplicates now. This is the mud mephit. Was the other one a mud mephit? I don’t remember
anymore. I think the color–I think it was a fire mephit. I’m not sure but I think this one the coloration’s
a little different. We’ll figure that out in a little while. Last one in this box. Another kuo-toa I think, if I can read it. Kuo-toa whip. Ah yes, this one has a whip on him. So this is, I think, different than the last
one we opened. So very nice. Let’s look at our last box. Put these over here. There we go. Another stone giant. Oh, that little fella is out of his box. Yeah, he already–his little thing was open
already. But, yes, this is another stone giant dreamwalker,
so I think this–well, he might be different. Where’s my other stone giant? It is different. So this is the one we just got. Different weapon set. Got a flag as opposed to a bladed staff. Slightly different coloration again so we
got the two varieties. Probably two varieties of each one in here. So that’s great, I’m happy about that. This one fell out of the box. Oh wow! This one I’m happy with. Arcanaloth, which I don’t know what that is
but it is a cat with scrolls and a fireball so–it’s not a cat, it’s a–or a wolf? Maybe it’s a wolf. But this is really cool. I want to make a character around this. We also have another kobold. Just a kobold. Very cute. Red color. And our very final one for today. Another gray slaad. I think his coloration is a little different
than the last one. Oops. But, and again, it’s just one of the actual
cooler poses of any of them. OK. Let’s go ahead and clean up and take a look
at the whole set. All right, so overall, I think this is a really
good set. This is the 9th Icons of the Realms set that
they’ve released. I think it’s one of the better ones. There’s a good variety, especially if you’re
playing a game that’s fairly giant heavy. So like I said, Storm King’s Thunder, Tales
from the Yawning Portal might be good. Each of the figures has something fairly unique
about it, whether it’s a translucent spell effect like some of these smaller ones, the
wings on the aasimar, or just a very interesting, dynamic pose. Even when you get–and they have some varieties,
the same sculpt but holding a different weapon, a slightly different color scheme, so it’s
a very good set I think. If you are playing Storm King’s Thunder, I
think if you got a brick of this and a brick of the Storm King’s Thunder mini set, you’d
probably be pretty set. Even if you’re not playing those, a lot of
these figures just open up interesting story possibilities. You can take some of these figures like the
celestial over here and you could probably sculpt an interesting little story line out
of him. Looking at the box, interestingly enough,
I don’t think I got very many of the figures that are listed on the box, which kind of
makes me want to get another brick. I’m not really the biggest fan of random booster
boxes in anything to begin with, so it’s a little frustrating to not get what’s on the
box, but that’s just the nature of the beast. If there’s something in particular that you’re
interested in getting, if you wait a few weeks, some of the individual figures will be available
on some of the online shops so you can pick and choose what you want. Some will be more expensive than others depending
on the rarity, of course. Overall, that’s the Monster Menagerie III
set. Our next video, if you want to subscribe to
the channel, I’m going to try to compare some of these figures to the ones in the earlier
sets so you can see how different they are and if they are compatible, if they’re an
interesting combination for you for your next game. The video after that is going to be something
interesting. It’s a new set of miniatures that hasn’t been
released just yet, the Kickstarter backers will be getting it pretty soon, and I think
it’ll be an interesting idea and we’ll see if it works. So, subscribe to take a look at that. Otherwise, if you have questions or comments
leave them in the comments section below, and I’ll answer them. And otherwise, I need to clear the table. I have to get ready for my game tonight. My party ran into an interesting vampire that
they weren’t expecting to meet last week, and it didn’t turn out so well for them so
we’re going to see if they can clean up that mess. Thank you for watching, and I will see you
next time on the Gallant Goblin!

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