Try Not To Laugh Challenge Battle | 💦 = 💰(Ep. #135)

Try Not To Laugh Challenge Battle | 💦 = 💰(Ep. #135)

– Turn down for what. ♪ Da, da, da ♪
(air horn blasting) ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪ – (Dwight) Describes its…
– (snickers and pits) – (FBE) You won $10.
(cha-ching) – Wow, Ary.
– That’s right. That’s right. – (Ashby) Look at you.
– Oh, hell yeah. – (FBE) This laugh challenge
is actually gonna be the first ever on this all new
Try Not To Channel. – (gasps) Ooh. That’s historic.
– Okay. – That really sets
the stakes high, and I’m not good at these.
– Don’t be worried! Ashy, come on!
– Okay. All right. This is gonna be the one.
– Come on! Buck it up! – (FBE) In this one,
you guys are gonna be playing against each other,
and you’re gonna be having water in your mouths.
– What? – (FBE) You’ll win money
based on how much water is left in your mouth
after each round. – (both) Money?!
– (FBE) Money. – Come on!
– I’m a Capricorn. Money’s my thing.
– (FBE) The more water you can keep in your mouth,
the more money you win. If you spit out all
of your water during the round, your opponent wins $5.
Whoever has the most money at the end gets to keep the cash.
– (gasps) – What? I win the money.
– I’ll win the money. – I’m thinking
about me winning the money. – (FBE) We wanna thank everyone
for coming over from the React Channel to check out the laugh challenge here.
This is an all new channel, and we need the support
of subscribers to keep on trying not to.
– Yeah! – You guys should subscribe.
– You should try not to subscribe. It won’t work. You’ll subscribe
within like three seconds. – Ding, ding. Let’s go!
(dinging) – Here we go.
– Come on. – This is a lot.
– Yeah. – Really? ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ ♪ (dramatic suspense music) ♪ – (laughs) I’ve seen this. Nooo! – Ahhh! (chuckles)
– He stopped. No, he’s not gonna move.
He’s gonna stay right there. But then at the last second,
just… wooop!
– (groans) – And he’s in the clear!
– Oh my god. I love these kind of videos,
don’t you? – Mm-mm.
– You got it. – (Ashby groans)
– Don’t swallow. – Let’s go! Let’s go! – (Leonidas) This is Sparta!
(boom) – (chuckles) – (groans)
– Down! (giggles) – (groans) Mm-mm. – (laughs) I would’ve lost
that one so easily. Look at you winning.
– (Anthony stomping) – Ewww!
– I drank some. I’m not gonna lie. I put it in my mouth.
I was like, “Ooh.” (chuckles) – (FBE) Well, congratulations, Jason.
You won $10 there. So, you won $7.
$10 for you. So, you got $10.
$9. – Oh yeah!
– Wow! $9, dude. Gas money. – YES!
– This is the best game ever. – Shot, shot, shot, shot, shot!
– Shot, shot, shot! – This time, it’s over for you. – (woman) I will remember this.
– (laughs) I don’t know why I’m laughing.
– Is he gonna fart? I feel like it’s a farting video.
– The slow start is so difficult. – (man) Oh, good afternoon.
I was hoping to speak to Tess– speak to Tess–
speak to Tess please. – What is…?
– This feels like it’s going in a very dirty direction.
– He about to fall. – Hm?
– (man) It’s Tess Tickle. – (laughs) Tess Tickle.
Can I speak to Joe, please? Yeah, Joe.
Joe Mama. (laughs) – Tess Tickle.
– (laughs) It’s so pretty how he says it.
(in “English” accent) Tess Tickle. (laughs)
– (man) Tess Tickle. – Do you get it? Do you get it?
– Mm-hmm. – (man) I’m so sorry. Sorry.
– (laughs) – (groans) – (laughs) Ew! – (spits in slow-mo)
– (in slow-mo) Ew! (laughs) – You know you wanna laugh.
That’s so immature, huh? Testicles.
– Mm-mm. – It’s amazing.
I can’t believe that guy fell for it. – Oh my god.
You’re like the master. – Look at that!
He wanted the money. – You go “Tess Tickle”!
– (both laugh) – What was I supposed to do?!
– (FBE) Well, that’s another $10. – Yeah!
– More money! – Why am I so happy right now?
– This is amazing. – (FBE) You came home
with $9 there. – Oh! Woo!
– Ohhh. – (FBE) You still won $8. – What?! What?!
– Wow. – That’s literally you
right now. (laughs) – Mm-mm.
– (chuckles) Ahhhh! (laughs)
Ahhh! – (both laugh) (laughs in slow-mo) – (man) I aim to please.
– (laughs) – (snorts and spits) – (snorts and spits in slow-mo) – I like that he’s one of the boys that also deep throats
his Bud Light, you know? (laughs) You swallowed some of it.
– It was either that or I was gonna choke so bad.
– Oh my god. – Ah!
– That was a valiant effort! – Ah!
– Oh, boy. I’m keep getting it on me. – Oh, no.
– I keep getting it on me. – Ahhh! Ahhh! (laughs)
– (laughs) – It was the look
the woman gave him. And that was– I was done.
(cha-ching) (cha-ching)
– (FBE) You didn’t have to try, but you still won $5,
’cause you spit everything out. – Yeah! Let’s go!
– Here we go. Ready? ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – (Dwight) We gotta find it
before it eggs. Describe it. – (Jim) Brown.
– Oh, The Office! – (Jim) Painful bite.
– (Dwight) Could be an elm weevil. Describe its moves–
– (snickers and spits) (spits in slow-mo) – (Dwight) An elm weevil.
– “Elm weevil”! Did you hear that? It’s hilarious!
– Come on, Jeannie. Spit it out! – (Jim) Brown, shiny, painful bite.
– Spit it out! – (Dwight) Describes its–
(laughs) – (laughs) – (Dwight) Describe it.
– (Jim) Brown, shiny, painful bite. – (chuckles)
– (Dwight) Could be a bat weevil. (laughs)
– (laughs) – (groans)
– (Dwight) Describe it. – You’re done, Jason! Oh my god!
There’s already a little on your hand. – Something about their butts.
Like, whenever they make– (laughs)
– (spits in slow-mo) – (in slow-mo) Whenever
they make– (laughs) (claps) Woo!
– (Anthony) You’re horrible! – (Dwight) Fair enough.
But after it bit you, did it run away fearful
or did it walk away smug, self-assured?
– (Jim) Oh, so smug, like he thought it was fun.
Like this. – (laughs) Oh, [bleep].
– (chuckles) Jason. The bat weevil walk like this.
– (FBE) Did you swallow all of that? – (groans) I did now!
Dammit! – Oh my god! It’s all gone!
– (laughs) (cha-ching)
♪ (sorrowful music) ♪ – Oh my god. It’s like
overflowing in my mouth. (cha-ching)
– Oh, it’s so graceful how he spits it back inside.
– I’ve seen that video at least 10 times.
– (FBE) Well, that’s an additional 10 bucks for you.
– Ha-ha. Oh! Oh yeah.
– (FBE) All right. Well, now it’s time to turn
the tables and put Tori in the driver’s seat.
– All right. (laughs) Don’t make me laugh
before I already drink it. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (loud slam)
– (laughs) – Look at– oh! Timber!
– Oh, slow motion! Ooh. (laughs)
– Poor kid. Oh, no. Probably has a concussion.
– Oh, come on! – That was good.
I thought it was funny. – (both laugh)
– Wait, no! – I can’t do it!
– Ta-da! (laughs) – (FBE) You won $10.
(cha-ching) – Wow, Ary.
– That’s right. That’s right. All right.
– (Ashby) Look at you. – Oh, hell yeah.
This is probably it for my money honestly.
– (FBE) You did win $8. You won $5.
– Yeah! Let’s go! – I hope you’re ready. – (deep breaths)
– Yeah, get it all out now. – (man) My boy in here
getting fitted for my weddin’. – (spits)
– Oh! What?! (laughs) – (spits in slow-mo) – The video played
for one second! – (man) …getting fitted
for my weddin’. You know what I mean?
I just want… – Look. (chuckles)
Is he short? I can’t tell if he’s short.
– (man 2) A little bit to lose. I gotta lose some of this.
Gotta get to 188 down there. – (gasps)
– (man 3) You wanna take this one back and try it out?
– (laughs) Yes! – Oh my god!
– Mmm. – He’s so short and small! – I know you want to.
– Mm-mm. Mm-mm. – Come on.
– Mm-mm. – Spit it out. (chuckles)
– Mm-mm. – (laughs)
(claps) – (laughs)
– I had to swallow it! (laughs) – Oh! What?!
– What?! – No way!
– Oh! There’s no way! There’s no way I thought
there was that much more left. – Ah, the full 10!
– 10. – Wow, Ary.
– Give me those $10. – Mm-hmm.
– That was amazing. (cha-ching) – (FBE) You won $8.
You swallowed and spit out the entire thing,
so you won $5. – Oh, yeah! So worth it. – Ay, turn down for what. ♪ Da, da, da ♪
(air horn blasting) ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪ – (woman) Wait, let me see your hands.
– Her face says it all. – (woman) It’s not washing off.
– (woman 3) It’s coming off. It’s coming off.
– That’s gonna be us with our teeth. It’s not coming off.
– Come on! – (spits)
– (laughs) (laughs in slow-mo) – (woman) Let me see your hands.
It’s not washing off. – (gasps)
– (wheezing laughter) (laughs)
– Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
– Hmm, hmm, hmm. Mm. – Aww, come on!
– (laughs) Half tank! – (Jason) Are you kidding me?
– (Tori) Half tank, bitches! – She’s just–
– Not at all. – (Anthony) She’s just eating me.
– (Trudi) Not at all. – (FBE) You just won $7 there.
– Oh! Am I in the lead? – Please, may the last video
be really funny please. Please make it really funny.
– No. We’ll see. Let’s see.
– Come on, Jack. Jack, it better be funny. – (Gabe) I am all about Pilates.
– Oh, it’s The Office again! – (Gabe) There are
four tenets I live by. One…
– (laughs) – It’s like a peacock strut.
– (Gabe) Elongate. – (Dwight) I could do that.
– (wheezing laughter) – (Jim) All right, guys.
I think we all– (chuckles) – (laughs)
– (Gabe) My sense of– – (actors laugh)
– (laughs) What happened? You spit?
– (Gabe) …Dwight, but big biceps are…
– Ooh! Ooh! – (Gabe) They’re basically
just arm [bleep]. – (Dwight) Oh, really?
– (Anthony) Those are arm [bleep], Trudi.
– (slams) (spits)
– Oh! OH! (in slow-mo) Oh! OH!
OHHH! OHHH! – (both laugh)
– (Gabe) Basically just arm [bleep]. – (Dwight) Oh, really?
– Oh my god. – (Gabe) Yeah, It’s like two boobs.
– (Dwight) Why don’t you tell that to the great apes?
Have you seen their biceps? – (Gabe) Yeah.
– (smooch) (laughs)
– (Gabe) You’re just a little chimp. – Jim can’t hold it together.
(chuckles) – Should I kiss my…
– (spits) – …biceps again? (laughs)
(in slow-mo) Kiss my biceps again? – (Gabe) Yeah, I remember
when biceps were all the rage. – What?!
– (Gabe) Dukakis had just announced his candidacy…
– (Ashby) What?! – (Gabe) …for governor.
– (actors snicker) – (spits) I can’t!
– Oh! It got me in the face! – Wait!
– Oh, you sprayed me! Oh! – I was trying,
but then literally up to the letter when he was like,
“For governor.” (laughs) I can’t do it! – You killed it.
– I was holding it together! – So close.
– You arm [bleep] me. – I arm [bleep]– arm [bleep].
– That did it. – Oh! What?!
– (laughs) – (Thomas) Where did that come from?!
– I got it! (laughs) – Where does it come from?!
– You… – (chuckling) (laughs maniacally)
– (FBE) You get five more bucks. Now she wins six.
– (squeals) – Where does it come from?!
– (FBE) You went perfect. You didn’t laugh once.
How hard was that? – YES! The Office almost got me. – (claps) I can’t believe this.
– (claps) The Office almost got me. – (FBE) The final score is 30-29,
so Tori, you did still ultimately win. – Hell yeah, I did!
‘Cause I’m good at this! And I think too the fact
that Jason went first, I had the confidence to know
what I needed to get for my rounds,
and that strategy worked. – (FBE) Jeannie, you made
more money today, so you’re our winner.
– I’m a winner? – Yeah.
– I don’t feel like a winner. – You wanted to win.
– I don’t feel like a winner. – (FBE) Thomas, you won,
which means you get to go home with that money.
Unfortunately, Izzy… – Hey.
– What?! No! What– what?! – Here’s a condolence dollar.
– NOOOO! – (FBE) The final score
is 35, Anthony, and 33, Trudi. – Ah!
– That was so close! – God!
– That was so close! – So close!
– So close! – We’re very good together.
– This is like, “Oh, I finished level one
of Try Not To Laugh. Ooh, great job.”
– Yeah. This is– – Now it’s like level two.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – I failed level one. – Thank you guys so much
for checking out the first Try Not To Laugh Challenge
on the Try Not To Channel. We know a ton of you guys
came over from the React Channel. Thank you guys for clicking
and coming over here. We know you’re used
to seeing it there. Hopefully, you laughed.
Hopefully, you cried. Hopefully, you called your parents
to tell them that you miss them. You should always be
doing that anyway. Hopefully, you’re on time
with your taxes. Let us know what you thought
in the comments. We’re so excited to keep making
this show for you guys. See ya!

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