Try Not To Laugh Challenge #15

Try Not To Laugh Challenge  #15

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to another Try Not To Laugh Challenge.(here we go again) I’m gonna make another promise; that I can’t keep, and I’m gonna say that I’m a stone-cold bastard with ice in my soul and no joy in my face,(we believe you) and we’re gonna ignore the fact that I’m actually a giggly bitch that laughs at my own poop jokes.(totally) And we’re gonna skate on, try to watch the videos, and get through them just fine. Also if you didn’t know already, You can now become a sponsor of this channel. If you want to help me make cool videos, like “Who Killed Markiplier” and “A Date with Markiplier”, You can click the big blue ‘SPONSOR’ button down below right by the subscribe button, and it’ll show you a full list of perks that you get if you are a sponsor. Not only do you get a special heart by your name to help you stand out whenever you comment,(yay) you also get access to Emojis, sponsor only videos, live streams, merch, merch discount,(awesomeness) and you get access to a special community tab that helps me talk directly to you guys. If you’re on mobile and you can’t find the big blue sponsor button, then I’ll put a link in the description as well. So thank you everybody so much for sponsoring and helping me make cool stuff. Now! *snuff* on to the videos. [Attack On Titan theme song trumpet cover bass boosted] *Large inhale* [Attack On Titan theme song trumpet cover bass boosted] [Attack on Titan theme song trumpet cover intensifies] *long grunt* Not fun-ny.(new ringtone added) “Ow!” *Silent laughter* *grunt* Start with a rich seafood stock Add plenty of green onions and a spoon of minced garlic… Huh… And a gun! *snicker* *inhale* That’s not laughing! I wanna be very clear that’s not laughing that’s not me laughing I’m not laughing there. [If you say so Mark..] what kind of engine does it have in it mate? “Aww Wade, it’s got a 1.1L single cam fucking non-vtec but fucking WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” (redlines engine) *Farting sounds accompanying lively orchestra music* [music from the South Park movie] Mm-hmm. Okay. That’s that’s not gonna make me laugh. That would solidify my reputation as just… somebody who laughs at poop jokes.(#solidified) *More farting sounds* I’m just so impressed at this dog’s ability to shit on the run, like, that is goddamn amazing.(I concur) HEY. HEY!
HEYYYYY (x3) HEYYYYY (x3) *musically* habab bab bah, bah bah bah, bah bah bup bup bah bahhh (Captain from 3 Men in a Boat) *singing continues and intensifies* If a strange man says, “Let’s go eat cookies.” You say I like that – You have to say no!
– No! There you go. If he says “Let’s go eat ice cream.” You say Good you say no! No! If he says, ‘Do you want to go swimming?’ Good. no! No! Always say no if it’s a strange man, okay? Okay? again Ye Bin, do you want to go eat cookies? and you say? Good! say no! No! again A strange man says, ‘Ye Bin, Let’s go eat cookies.’ You say… no! If he says, “let’s go eat ice cream.” You say… no! Do you want to go swimming? Yeah. no! That’s so funny, my Korean’s getting better ’cause I could kinda- I could kinda get what they were saying!(buy a dictionary) I mean there were subtitles that helped but you know what I mean? I can kinda understand the- formation of-(where r u going with this) Never mind.(brain shut down) [Laughter from Video.](mark realises) That’s not funny *people howling with laughter* Mark: oKAY! It’s only funny because the people- If they weren’t laughing- Guy: Oh my god Aw man; The weird thing about that one is like my brain was like it’s not a face. It’s a face. It’s not a face. It’s a face. It’s not a face It would like shift in and out and when- is- when my brain would just be like “Face?” I’d laugh- Or I wouldn’t laugh but I’d almost, I- I felt the the laugh energy coming up.(good save) *Baby fusses* *Hiss* *baby screams* Thet poar baybie D: Oh, kid whatever you’re doing don’t do it.(going to end in tears) This is a bad idea!(why are u encouraging him) Whatever’s happening is a bad idea! Kid: A- *O O F*(he was never seen again) (finishes the job) *snicker* *snicker* *Seinfeld bass slap* *clears throat* Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm! Chicken: *Yelling, Wheezing, Drowning*(ill talk,ill talk) Lady: Good girl! Lady: Good girl!(look of betrayal) Lady: Good bestie! Lady: You’re a good girl!(yes you are) Lady: Good bestie. Hey! Sadie!(tango down) That’s 100% Chica. Oh, it’s cute. Oh my god.(sure a dog going for the jugular is cute) Lisa: Dad, this doesn’t have your name on it… Homer: Kids, would you step outside for a second? FIDDLE-DEE-DEE. Man: What do you want, huh, some money?(sure toss it) *MAGNET CLING* Take it. Oh sHIt Oh!(mine mine mine) (Distressed noises) D: Pretty good, pretty impressive. Very impressive. Guy: Wanna know how I got these scars? (Joker reference) Nope Lady in video: Babe, are you hungry? Say yeah-uh! *cat meows then adds vibrato* Awwww, That’s cute(oWo) (Guy jams out with recorder in car to La Grange by ZZ Top) *wheezy voice* Oh my… GAWD…! That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.(thats what she said) Oh my goodness gracious, bless that man. *Kid meows like cat* Mark: Nope, nope Mustache Man: What we’ve got here is the Mark 1 Tank It’s actually the very first tank ever built in 1916,(British used tank with 1 cannon and 2 side gunners) and they were used for the first time in the Battle of Flers-Courcelette(EA aims for historical accuracy) (German ATV spazzes as Mark V tank slowly backs away) on the Somme on the 15th of September 1916. *BOOM* [Mark Starts to lose it] *snuff* (Grunting) Guy in video: Rajah, Take care of the baby!(training) *snicker* *Deep breath* *sigh* So you wanna grab a drink or somethin’ dawg?(lemme check my schedule) *Now Playing: How To Save A Life by Fray* Trevor: Ahh, no i’m good.
*Playing: How To Save A Life by Fray* Okay no problem dawg, see ye soon.
*Playing: How To Save A Life by Fray* *Small giggle* B O O M ! *still Playing How To Save A Life by Fray* *DEJA VU* Mark:NO! Dead meme(but Sean loves it) [Wailord used Deja VU! It’s not very effective…] Ugh!(it shall plague you till the end of your days) Come on! Can’t get away from it(not as long as you have internet) *Paper Planes by M.I.A. plays*
Lady in commercial: This kitchen is so hard to clean. If only there was an easier way! This sink is filthy *Bang bang bang bang* *BANG* Hi, I’m Derek Bum.(heh he said bum) This greasy hob *Bang bang bang bang* *B A N G* New kitchen gun! HAHAHAHAHAHA(the womans face ) Perfect. (Don’t do Drugs) They’re the best guys in town unless you give a hard time Man in bg: Richard thank you, that’s very kind of you to say that! F-uck you Man in bg: Ok… Is he in there? Will: Nah, the coast is Will: Nah, the coast is CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- Will: Nah, the coast is CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-
*Metal Gear Solid Game Over Screen Effects* Colonel Campbell: Snake, Answer Me! Colonel Campbell: Snake, Answer Me! Snake!? Colonel Campbell: Snake, Answer Me! Snake!? SNAAAAAAAAKKKKKEEEE!?!?(hi welcome to chilis) Satsuki: You are pathetic.(yes u) Mio: When he died I was so sad that I would never hear that voice again. His laugh… Shirotabi: *deep rabbit voice* HUH HUH HUH HUH His funny little requests… Shirotabi: Touch me. His reprimands… Shirotabi: Touch me hARDER Man in video: This one is made to look like a fish… Fish: AAAAAAA.(p AAAA.(u AA.(r AAAAAAAA.(e AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.(i Tim: something very bizarre…(n Fish: AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUAAAA [Mark throws in the towel, muffled screaming continues] *Mark laughing offscreen as fish screams*(a *Mark laughing*(n Heugh-wha-wait… What the fff….fuck Oh no! D: Oh my God! [Video replays.] Well shit. Ah. How about that! *man laughing* OHHHHH HA HOHHHHH YEEEAAAHHH HA HA Fuck yeah! Give us another one! Give us another one! *mark laughs* AAAAA– Mark: oh n- ohhh… Dan: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHH Arin: MOORRRE!!!
Dan: JESUS CHRIST, Arin! Fine! Fuck! Alright. *Dan laughing excessively* Arin: MOOORRRE! Arin: AAAAAAH!!
*Mark laughs hard* *Mark laughs even more* Arin: HUA- *More Markimoo laughing* *post being read in a funny new-yorker style accent* (ooh) (oooh) (ooooh) (oooooh) (okay we get it) (sounds German) (someone say hoogs) *Fart noise* (whoah you okay there mark) What was that, honkabongaloo– Bonkahongagahoogs–*more giggling* Mark: Eh-It’s… Uh I don’t know, just silly words and poop jokes. That’s all it takes to make me laugh. That’s a ll it is, really. It’s really nothing complicated. I am not a complicated individual.(we know everything about you, doesn’t mean your not complicated) Hehh… Anyway, but thank you everybody so much for watching.(oh absolutely) I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, if you got other funny videos(right on) You want me to watch,(suspicious look much) put them in the comments below. And also like I said a beginning if you want to sponsor the channel and help me out a great deal, press that big sponsor button down below or click the link in the description. Thank you everybody so much for watching. Check out the other Try Not To Laughs that I’ve done in the playlist Over there, so thanks again. And as always I will see you in the next video Buh-bye!(blyat)

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