Trump Goes Hard – Songify 2016

Trump Goes Hard – Songify 2016

Thank you for sitting down with me. Were you ever bullied? No, I wasn’t Has it happened that somebody has – has done something to you? To wound you? I try and unwound myself I feel like your trying to get out of bounds Mr. Trump, some have suggested that you refuse to release your tax returns because of your extreme privacy concerning your hobbies Yes So can you confirm or deny this list of personal pastimes? Yeah, I guess It’s gonna be a throw down in November Whoever sings the best will be the winner The winner Remember that you can hear the autotrack HERE To vote for president just bang your head against your desk Or argue with your friend or a stranger in the comment of a YouTube video Now have a great day and a great life!

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  1. 🚨 On spotify w/ all the 2016 tracks here 🚨 ➡️

  2. 1990: rock music
    2020:Trump second goes hard

  3. This contasterfy of a video just gave me cancer.😐👎

  4. Trump is going hard all the way into 2024! #MAGA

  5. This is fire whole new respect XD

  6. Yes he was bullied by his dad.

  7. Trump Me watching pewdiepie doing ricardo dance
    | |
    | |
    | |
    / /

    Going hard

  8. Im familiar ? Yes , you are

  9. "I'm familiar"… lol

  10. Wowwwww nice job !!!

  11. Them b3st of best like as chavez the 2 continentens love

  12. Idk bout u guys but I love america

  13. It you want to be pedantic, she left out Uracil, the RNA replacement for Thymine.

  14. Guys please just sit down!!

  15. I see this song as more than a funny song i see this song as a piece of art and your singers voice is unbelievably amazing

  16. 👱‍♂️I go hard I go hard if I haven't I would not have gotten this far👱‍♂️

  17. This made me laugh so HARD.

  18. She's familiar eh? I can totally see him tapping dat…

  19. Wow so much vision

  20. TRUMP 2020 #K Aga

  21. I always go hard😋😋😋😊😊😊

  22. 4 thousand democrats niggaz refuse to sit down

  23. One of my favorite songs hahaha

  24. this song was my shit 3 years ago i thought it was so funny and i kept showing it to my friends but they never laughed while i was sitting there dying it was pretty sad tbh

  25. Trump – VP – VP – collabbro?

  26. Just looked at Vegas odds and democrats odds vastly increased but my copious chips are still on trump, life is a gamble and I’m all about my chips #2rare #bobby #LW # ymcb # lastchanceU

  27. i need more of this kinda flow❗️❗️💯

  28. I want this song playing in the loop for 3 hours! Somebody do it please

  29. Go trump😍😍😍


  31. 1:29 Is probably the only reason why he won.

  32. Can’t wait for his bitch ass to get the boot come 2020.

  33. Playin' Tuba?!


  34. T-VP-VPP…TRL ETA!!!?

  35. Even Trump knows Minecraft is the best

  36. Y’all made this happen!

  37. i.. dont remember the gun part.

  38. She’s such a good singer. Gives me chills every time.

  39. The prime of this channel

  40. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🤙🏻

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