scientists experts and common dog lovers
can’t agree on which dog breeds should be considered the most dangerous in the
world however due to frequent attacks on people certain breeds are banned from
breeding keeping and selling in many countries fine is good is here with the
top 10 most dangerous dogs breeds in the world let’s start it at 10 is Doberman
Pinschers famous for their agility and tracking abilities these breed of
intelligent dog makes the perfect guard however they require a closely monitored
training with consistency and patience Doberman Pinschers are very capable of
killing humans they are very sensitive breed and can be very aggressive in most
cases at 9 husky a popular breed of domesticated dog Huskies originated as
sled dogs in the northern regions extremely agile and good at carrying
Freight with thick coats and unique color patterns and striking facial masks
added with special blue eyes they are closely related to Malamutes and are
noticeably resembling two wild wolves some cases reported are Huskies working
with their pack attacking humans at eight bull mastiff bull Mastiffs are
powerful strong and solid built dogs very sensitive guarding abilities these
dogs are dependable and efficient when it comes to security with consistent
training these dogs become very dependable and obedient but there are
many incidents of attacks that even resulted to fatality at seven wolf dog
these breed is a mixture of domesticated dogs and wild wolves these beasts have
protective instincts and can be very wild due to their unpredictable behavior
that probably resulted from breeding wild animals with common dogs in some
countries owning and breeding this dog is prohibited at six alaskan malamute originally used as sled dogs and carrying heavy loads
these popular Arctic breed is one of the largest domesticated dogs that can grow
up to 100 pounds capable of surviving extreme climates Malamutes are natural
hunter and can even kill large predators such as bears no wonder this dog is
fearsome at five phyla Brasileiro aka the Brazilian Mastiff are one of the
largest breeds of herding dogs this particular breed originated in Brazil
makes excellent guard dogs but requires experienced owners very aggressive and
protective these dogs are feared due to their uncontrollable behavior and many
instances of fatalities caused by their attacks have been reported at four
Rottweiler a breed of dog that is well known for its fearsome reputation this
dogs are one of the oldest breed hurting farm animals Rottweilers are very
intelligent and aggressive by nature and are very effective as guard dogs
almost half of death caused by dog attacks in the US are reported to be
caused by them at 3 Canarian catch dog often described as strong-willed and
dominant dog perro de presa canario which is Spanish for Canarian catch
dog also known as the canary Mastiff used as working dog for farm animals but
is a combination of several breed of fighting dogs there are rumors that like
the pitbull this breed is also used in deadly dog fights at – pitbull a very
popular breed of strong dogs and many times accountable for cases of attacking
humans this is the resulting breed when you combine the energy and agility of
terriers and the body build and strength of a bulldog in some countries pitbulls
are even used in dog fights where the dogs are trained to fight each other in
a deathmatch at number one caucasian shepherd need the topper of our list
also known as caucasian of charka this dog can grow very large minimum of 50
kilograms or 110 pounds for an adult male lifespan average of 10 to 12 years
this breed originated from Russia and other European countries originally used
as guard dog for protecting livestock in mountain regions these dogs are even
feared by some popular wild predators such as wolves thanks for watching and
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