“Toy Freaks”—Creators of Bad Baby Videos—Shut Down By YouTube | What’s Trending Now!

“Toy Freaks”—Creators of Bad Baby Videos—Shut Down By YouTube | What’s Trending Now!

Gregg Chism, the father of two behind
the “Toy Freaks” channel, has had all of his content removed from YouTube as some
of criticized his videos as child abuse. Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Shira
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YouTube has a lot of content specifically made for children, but not
all of it is appropriate for younger viewers. Some videos are even presented
as content specifically for children, but are actually sick, disturbing remixes of
the original content, often containing violent or sexually suggestive imagery.
The now shut down YouTube channel “Toy Freaks” seemed to be for children, but the
content was really disturbing. “Toy Freaks” is one of the many channels that were
run by Greg Chism. “Toy Freaks” featured Chism’s two daughters, often being put
into humiliating situations. As BuzzFeed reports, Chism filmed his young
daughter screaming in fear, bathing, pretending to be babies, spitting up food,
to be force-fed, and “peeing” – all viewed millions of times on YouTube. Okay, this
is f*cked up. I actually saw this guy’s channel, and his videos. Last year we were
reporting on top viral videos of the year, and his was one of them, and I
couldn’t even feature the video because I thought it was so weird. Chism would
often barge into the bathroom while his daughters were bathing or playing, and
throw animals like frogs and snakes at them. He also had his daughters, ages 6 and 8,
pretend to be babies and filmed them. The two girls pretended to be babies in the
videos and were filmed spitting up on themselves and each other eating baby
food and crayons and wetting themselves. The
videos created the “Bad Baby” trend which was then copied by a ton of other family
YouTube channels. When I hear the “Bad Baby” trend, all I think of is weird
fetish videos of like adults dressing as babies. Yeah. Moving on. And over the years,
many people had reported the “Toy Freaks” channel to YouTube, but nothing had been
done until now. It was only after YouTube updated its YouTube Kids App this month
that Chism’s content quickly came down. In a statement, Chism said,
“YouTube updated its Kids App and Community Guidelines to allow for
stronger regulation and flagging ability for parents.
Later that day, three of our videos that we did not know were on the Kids App were
flagged by the community resulting in the ‘Toy Freaks’ channel being terminated.”
After that, Chism voluntarily took the rest
of his content down. And according to Greg, he was just making videos and
content that people wanted to see. They were asking for it. “It was just family
videos,” he says. “I take videos of my kids and post them up there, just like home
stuff playing in the living room, playing with toys and stuff. I started to see a
pattern where some videos would get more views than others. So I focused on that, I
analyzed each video, the description, the titles, the tags – everything involved in
making that video and what made it a success, and I tried to repeat it. And
I’ve had some good luck with that.” However, it didn’t occur to Greg to
figure out what kind of audience he was attracting. In July, a fan-channel called
“Toy Cartoon” featured this animation depicting Greg being peed on by one of
his daughters. And this isn’t the only family channel to get flagged. Webs and
Tiaras, one of the most controversial channels within the Spider-Man and Elsa
sub-genre, also has been terminated. And while other channels haven’t been
terminated, a lot of their videos have been taken down – like Toy Monster who
features videos involving action figures. And who could forget the DaddyOFive drama.
That couple lost their two children and are now on probation for their
controversial prank videos. So, what is your reaction to “Toy Freaks” being shut
down, and how can we stop other channels like this from popping up? Let us know in
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  1. What the hell is wrong with people and having problems with the toy freaks they're just making videos that we want to see you if I were the YouTube I would let them stay but no YouTube has to shut them down what is up with YouTube they're more inappropriate videos than toy freaks

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