Top Velcro Dogs – 10 Dogs That Won’t Leave Your Side

Top Velcro Dogs – 10 Dogs That Won’t Leave Your Side

Dogs are faithful companions but some breeds
stick to you a little closer than others. These so-called Velcro dogs will adhere to
your side like a product by 3M, which by the way is not a sponsor of this video. You’ll never be alone again. Like ever. Let’s check out top 10 clingiest dog breeds. You’re Watching Animal Facts! 10. Doberman Pinscher Often considered a fierce guard dog, in the
home the Doberman is quite a different animal than the Hollywood stereotype might suggest. According to Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue
of Arizona, Dobermans are called Velcro dogs. You’ll never be alone in the bathroom, or
the closet, or the laundry room again. Wherever you are, your Doberman will be there. If you don’t want a constant close companion,
don’t get a Dobie. Their greatest pleasure is to be close to
you. That’s part of their breeding, after all. Dobermans are inside dogs meant to be part
of the family. No Doberman should ever be kept outside or
isolated from his or her human and dog family. All dogs are animals who live in packs and
that goes double for Dobies. You are your Doberman’s pack. Be prepared to assume that role. 9. French Bulldog Little dogs in particular can be clingy. Frenchies are certainly no exception and are
fiercely loyal, and sometimes literally follow their owner to the ends of the earth. French Bulldogs were bred to serve as companion
dogs, so that’s why it’s not surprising why they’re also known as Velcro dogs. Not surprisingly, the Frenchie is a wonderful
companion, loving and sweet. With a Frenchie, you’ll always have someone
waiting for you at the door when you come home. Since they’re so small, they’ll fit beside
you comfortably when it’s nap time. But, If left alone for too long, the Frenchie
may experience separation anxiety. There’s not a lot of reasons to leave your
Frenchie at home though. This is a sociable, friendly dog that gets
along well with everyone. 8. German Shepherd If you have a German Shepherd, you don’t
have to worry about being alone. This dog is stuck to you like velcro, providing
companionship and protection like few other breeds. To the uninitiated, it’s a little known
fact that the German Shepherd is so clingy. Its air of confidence often disguises its
velcro nature. But at home with its favorite people, the
German Shepherd won’t let you be alone for even the shortest amount of time. Expect to be followed everywhere. Even telling your German Shepherd “Out”
will only result in a temporary retreat. From the moment you wake up until the moment
you go to sleep your German Shepherd will always have you in its line of sight. 7. Chihuahua Well, the Chihuahua might not be a big, bad
German Shepherd, but you won’t convince it of that. Though it was never bred to follow their humans
around, like many working breeds, over hundreds of years, the chihuahua has become an extremely
popular choice amongst those who wish to never be without their pup at their side, mostly
due to their size. While they are lightweight and easily portable,
it should be noted that they are also fiercely loyal to their owner, almost to a fault. Chihuahuas are known to defend their owners
despite their small stature. At home, the Chihuahua is happiest lounging
on its person’s lap with the occasional romp around the living room. They tend to pick one favorite person in the
family, but for the most part are friendly to everyone in thehousehold. Chihuahuas are especially territorial and
take a dim view of security breaches. This is one of the reasons they bark so much
and dislike strangers in the house. They are respected for their watch-dog abilities,
although they lack the size to actually do anything about an intrusion. 6. American Pit Bull Terrier Often incorrectly labeled as an aggressive
breed, lovers of the American Pit Bull Terrier know the truth about pit bulls is simple:
They’re sweet, smart, hilarious, loyal companions. Pibbles are among the most lovable dogs in
the world. They love to snuggle, cuddle, roll over for
belly rubs, crawl in your lap if you’ll allow it, and stay as close to you as possible
all day long. Pibbles are the original “velcro dog.” These affectionate dogs will cuddle you, and
cuddle you hard. Get ready to have your lap sat on by a 60+
pound barrel of love. If you’re looking for a guard dog, the American
Pit Bull Terrier is usually a bit to friendly for that duty, often greeting strangers with
a friendly tail wag. But, sometimes that bad reputation can be
enough to get the job done. 5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniels little are
absolutely adorable with their long curly ears and their pretty coloring – and that
could be part of why it’s so easy for Cavie owners to get just as clingy as the dogs themselves. If you want kisses and snuggles from a dog,
this breed is a top contender. It helps that the dog is small enough to take
anywhere and to comfortably fit into your lap, a place your Cavie would just as soon
stay. Despite its royal roots, the Cavie will not
shy away from an undignified romp in the garden or a fun game of chase the squirrel. But, when it’s time to relax, your Cavie
will be quite content snuggled up beside you on
the sofa. 4. Golden Retriever Bred to work closely with hunters, the Golden
Retriever is no stranger to companionship. In fact, you’d have trouble finding a more
loyal dog. They are so loyal in fact that Goldens are
the de facto family dog throughout the world. These velcro dogs are sweet, loving, loyal
and generally make wonderful family pets. They are outgoing “people” dogs. They prefer to be close to their humans whenever
possible. They are generally next to you, on top of
you or lying at (or on) your feet. Most will follow you adoringly from room to
room. Because they love to be with their people,
despite their larger size, Goldens generally do not make good outside dogs; they are indoor
companions. Goldens left as outside dogs may become depressed,
neurotic, and destructive. 3. Italian Greyhound The Italian Greyhound is often described as
being a unique breed among dog breeds. They are true creatures of comfort and they
are well known as a “Velcro dog”. They cannot think of a better place to be
than right there by your side or on your lap. The Iggy, as the breed is often called, was
bred to be a companion and to be by your side, snuggle next to you, and keep you warm. This breed is definitely considered a lap
dog and some say that they are very cat-like. Italian Greyhounds might not be not for everyone,
but if you are looking for a playful dog that also loves to spend time on your lap and by
your side, then this may be the perfect little dog for you. 2. Labrador Retriever The cousin of the Golden Retriever, the Labrador
was also bred to work closely with humans. And, Labradors are faithful companions. They are usually always by your side, many
will follow you from room to room. They will also lie in the kitchen while you
cook and at your feet while you watch TV. If you don’t want that much togetherness,
a Labrador isn’t for you! But, if you want a loyal family companion,
you really can’t go wrong with a Lab. Like the Golden and most of the Velcro dogs
on this list, the Labrador is not well-suited for a backyard existence. They are family dogs and want nothing more
than to be where the family is. If you just throw one of these dogs out in
the backyard, you won’t have a happy dog on your hands. 1. Great Dane There was no better breed to choose to be
Scooby Doo than the stick to your side Great Dane. Many can be found following their owners from
room to room, demonstrating the affectionate and oft-used term “Velcro Dane.” The Great Dane is often described as a “gentle
giant,” and it can be a very sensitive companion. Because of the Dane’s size, many would venture
to think of it as an ideal outdoor pet. This could not be further from the truth. The Dane must be kept as an indoor dog, due
to its sensitive and social nature. Yes, be prepared for a dog that can weigh
between 120 to 200 pounds trying to find a way to fit into your lap. No one told the Dane it wasn’t a Chihuahua,
afterall. Great Danes are great with children and naturally
protective, making it a wonderful family protector. Although you might want to have a large house
for this dog to stretch out in. Does your dog stick to you like glue? Let us know about it in the comments. Hey, thanks for sticking to this video. You liked this one, so here’s a few more
for you to enjoy. If you’re a subscriber, thank you, if not,
what are you waiting for? And as always, catch ya next time.

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  1. With Great Danes come great big piles of poop.
    It's like having a miniature horse.
    I miss our Great Dane. Sir Prince the Black.
    He was beautiful and goofy at the same time.
    He passed away in his sleep.

  2. I gave a lab and 2 pitties…lordy does my lap get a workout! Let's not even get into how much bed space i get to curl up in every night. And even with all the dirt on my floors and bedsheets and timea i clean up the garbage they get into all day,i wouldn't change a thing. They fill my heart with love and patience and unconstitutional love.

  3. I have a Jack Russell/Pitbull mix and he never leaves me alone. He will choose me over anything besides peanut butter.

  4. I have a chiweenie! I cant go anywhere without her or she will whimper til i get home. She is such a baby and very vocal but i wouldn't have any other way.

  5. Amy cane Corso are Velcro dogs too

  6. How the hell are beagles not on this list?

  7. We have had 6 German Shorthaired Pointers who are extreme lovers. The two we have now Rufus the Dufus and Kota the Wonderdog are very clingy and want your affirmation often. However, if you don't mind that they will destroy your yard, they enjoy being backyard dogs. We have always had 2 at a time so, I'm not sure how they would do alone.

  8. It would have been better if you'd actually used a Labrador Retriever in your video the whole time instead of a Goldie.

  9. You should look into Bernese mountain dogs 😂 should be #1

  10. 9:01 that’s a golden not a lab

  11. I’m glad dobbies are on the list my uncle has been a vet for over 40 years and they are one of his favorite breeds. I recently got one and Velcro is so true. It’s sad they have bad rep, (pit bull 2) mine hasn’t met someone he DOESN’T want to say hi to. Thankfully most people I meet run up to me to say “Is that a Doberman? I used to have one. Best dog I ever had!” I hope to train mine to be a therapy dog and visit people. He won’t go in the backyard by himself, that drives me nuts. If you can deal with their energy and give them things to do they’re great dogs

    I’m also glad they mentioned how labs/Goldens don’t like being alone in their yard when we pass by one in our neighborhood she always seems so happy to see us, I let my dog off leash for a few minutes, but I always feel weird like hi we’re just here for your dog! Fortunately even though I don’t know the owners well they don’t seem to mind

  12. I can't believe Australian shepherds aren't on the list! They are like shadows! Mine sure is! Everyone I know who has one, says the same thing. They don't leave your side for a split second!

  13. As someone with a lab and a pit fighting to be the one to lay on me right now can confirm they are velcro dogs

  14. Funny how a trait like this can be adorable at times, comforting at times, and sometimes drive you mad. My pup will not leave my side and has taught me a lot about patience. Love dogs. Thanks for the video.

  15. A Weimaraner (sadly gone now) , my Beagle and MinPin are both Velcro.. Can’t go for a wee or have a shower without an audience ❤️🐶🐶

  16. Great Danes are well-known as Velcro dogs, they definitely belong at #1 on this list! Massive lap dogs! Thank you for recognizing that and showing it accurately!

  17. Pugs should be on this list?

  18. Man… am I the only one who knew since the beggining that cermets would be there…

  19. My pug follows me everywhere. Everytime I go to the bathroom he follows me in and will scratch the door if I don't let him

  20. My Little One Won't Leave My Side And Gets Upset When I'm Not At Home. She Loves And Plays With My Wife And Daughter, But After A While Starts Crying For Me. She Is A Pomachon or a Bichon-ARAINIAN

  21. You forgot about bull mastiffs/Labrador/Newfoundlander (my dog is a mix*) and they love to stick to you like glue.

  22. Pibbles are the cutest , sweetest doofs !

    Golden's are the perfect kid's dogs !

    I can't believe you have cement in the video ! Exactly where my mind went when you mentioned Italian Greyhounds !

  23. I wasn't so surprised to see retrievers on the list. We have a flattie who is velcro to the point of throwing himself right underfoot while you're walking around the house.

    However, I WAS surprised to not see beagles on the list. Maybe mine is unique..but she's clingy and absolutely capable of using emotional blackmail in order to be included in every single activity I'm matter how much privacy I think I need.

  24. that french bulldog looks like a fat boston terrier

  25. My Chiweenie never follows me around the house, my cocker spaniel is super attached though.

  26. My neighbor's pitbull terrier is so friendly. He has the sweetest spirit. I learned a lot. Never knew a golden retriever or great dane was a inside dog. Our schnoodle is definitely a velcro dog. Totally spoiled. 😂

  27. I for one can attest to german shepherd. We have 3. We can not even shower without them jumping in the tub. However they are missing rottweilers. We oned one. Definite velcro. None of our dogs did we have to off leash train it came natural.

  28. the Vizsla is also a Velcro dog breed

  29. No one ever told the Chihuahua she wasn't a Great Dane.
    We have a Chi/rat terrier who is absolutely frantic when left alone. We had to get her a puppy so she could have a companion dog. But if someone she doesn't know shows up at my door, especially a male wearing a hat, she would rip him apart protecting us. Our PomChi would just bounce around him waiting for a dog treat.

  30. my Dobey always wanted to be on the same level as me too.

    when i walked in the door Blade would smile at me as well. Loved that boy

  31. My Frenchie is definitely my shadow

  32. My Shih Tzu follows me everywhere. Actually he is equally attached to all the members of my family in our house so follows us all everywhere. But he is ok to be left alone as well when we all have to go out. Love this breed.

  33. How about a Pomeranian,so Velcro tries to walk between my legs.

  34. My Pomeranians past and present fit the velcro description of every breed presented in the video. And I mean every velcro characteristic. LOL Teddy will not leave my side, sometimes not even to go outside to relieve himself, he will wait until someone can take him for a walk or the doggie park.

  35. My Doberman spoons me at night he’s all over me and demands to sleep with my husband and I every night, I trip over him all the time causes he’s always under foot,

  36. HEY! You Forgot the PUG!! 🤦‍♀️😱

  37. I had a lab golden retriver when I was 8 and he never wanted to be with out family and ran away whenever he got the chance. I swear he was part dingo when he chewed through a golf ball in just two hours. He was supposed to be my dog my buddy but he rather be a street dog running wild not very loving and didn't like to cuddled at all. I can only chalk it up to that each dog has his or her own personality and he just didn't fit the normal standards for his breed.

  38. 2 dog breeds that want is on list. I don't know how many times I trip over my Pit Bull. It waird not having my pit bull as she away from cancer.

  39. Disappointed because Aussie is not on the list.

  40. rottweilers???????

  41. Oh yes, we've a Velcro dog. He's part Jack Russell and part Wiener dog! He follows us everywhere, including the bathroom!!

  42. Guess they have never had an austrailian sheperd lol

  43. I have a Chinese Crested Hairless and he definitely a Velcro dog!

  44. Haha.. English springer spaniels are the most clingy dogs I know they are true Velcro Dogs

  45. All dogs can be Velcro dogs with the right upbringing. I’m on my 3rd Rottweiler now and everyone of them have stuck by my side. My Rottie I have now would sit on my lap if I let him.

  46. My rat chi is a velcro dog but knows when to back up,she is extremely well behaved and one of the smartest breeds of dog, she goes with me everywhere except work.

  47. My Alaskan Malamute cries every time I walk away from the car

  48. I have 2 Great Danes and they are the definition of Velcro dog. You can’t even use the restroom or shower by yourself. My female Cupcake has slept in the bed with us since the day we brought her home.

    We also rescued a male named Rudy and he sleeps with either my son or stepdaughter nightly.

    Watch out when the zoomies hit!!!

  49. I have a blue heeler and he is the best dog I’ve ever had, all he wants to do is be with the family and protects us to the end of the earth

  50. I had a Doberman, her name was Ebony. My little sister and my everything. RIP my love:( i still miss her everyday, 7 years after she passed.

  51. No Boston 🤦🏻‍♂️?!

  52. I have a mini/toy poodle and she's stuck to me like glue

  53. Our Maltese was a velco dog we couldn't even get ready to go anywhere without her having a full blown anxiety attack.

  54. Briard. Known as a Heart Wrapped in Fur. Fascinating history of the breed.

  55. My Saint Bernard is a Velcro pup. Must follow me to EVERY room

  56. Lol How do you have velcro dog list and no Aussie…. dog bred to live stuck to you, work close by ….

  57. I disagree  golden Labrador are bread to be bird dog not . they are outside hyper active .

  58. a Labrador is not a guard dog they will greet with a smile tail wagging.

  59. Lol agree 100% with the pit being a vecro dog!! He’s a cuddle bug. We call him a hot sandbag cuz he wants to lay as close as he can to us and is a muscle bound creature who is very hard to move!
    Ps. Love the Jenna marbles reference!

  60. The best dog I ever had was my Dobie. As awesome as he was, we had to come to a "truce"; he had to watch me from the bathroom doorway. (A Doberman on the lap is NOT conducive to productive "toilet time".)

  61. Does this channel know what a Newfoundland Dog is???

  62. What no Akita Inu in this list? Mine follows me from room to room and even waits outside the bathroom while I pee! I've never had such a loyal dog and they even made a film about a famous Akita called Hatchico or summat like that where the dog returned to the same train station awaiting his owner returning from work for a full decade after the man had had a heart attack bless him. That's dedication.

  63. Love your Velcro videos but want to say though I appreciate you saying a particular dog can’t be left outside, I have to wonder if you are being a bit sneaky and saying that about each breed. ALL DOGS should be house pets. No dogs should be forced to live in the back yard or even worse on a chain hooked to their dog house. If a dog isn’t going to be considered a family member with all the rights that entails, then you shouldn’t have a dog. I think you agree with that and are giving out that info on all dog breeds while pretending it is unique to the dog you are talking about.

  64. Lol. My pit bull barks at anyone knocking on the door, but as soon as the person even thinks of petting her, all of the sudden she’s all like “oh, hey, You’re gonna love on me?”. When we’re home, some part of her body has to be touching us at all times, 9/10 her butt.

  65. Our Golden Retriever is clingy, with any and/or everybody. Our German Shorthaired Pointer/Weinamariner mix is more like a SuperGlue than Velcro dog 🙂

  66. My malinois follows me everywhere

  67. Just got a great team from a rescue shelter in Texas. She will not leave my side. It’s extremely tough to even go to the bathroom or get in the shower. We have a South African mastiff before this one came along, but she was nothing like this. At times it’s really amusing but sometimes it gets a little difficult because you feel that you’re going to stress the animal if you’re away from her too long. I’m sure we’ll figure this out in time but for now it’s just the way it is😊. Oh, BTW, her name is Mini. Go figure.

  68. OHMY ITS JENNA MARBLE HAHAHA kermit is the definition of a velcro dog for sure

  69. The Presa Canario is a velcro dog you forgot to mention.🐾🐾

  70. As a Great Dane owner I'll have to disagree with number one. Matter of fact . . . How could Danes not even make the list? You need to come visit me in Minnesota

  71. I have a Great Dane and he is very much a Velcro dog. He loves when I pick him up to hold him. He sits on my lap or cuddles up next to me every time I am sitting down. He also greets me with a literal hug every time I wake up or come home.

  72. Is any dog happy outdoor? I hate people that get a dog only to keep it outside. People like that shouldn’t own a dog . Get a wolf instead!

  73. What about hounds? Coon Hoiunds& beagles. Most faithful.

  74. My dog is a pitbull mixed with german shepherd, doberman and lab…. No wonder why he is so clingy. Lol I wish I can post a pic in the comments of him – but he has an IG – @max_pawsymotives . ❤❤❤ this video was so interesting. 🙌

  75. I suffer from Fibromyalgia
    and Thyroid disease. Some days are just terrible. My black Lab WILL NOT leave my side I have to take her out, feed her, get her to drink. She’s THAT dedicated!

  76. I have an Australian shepherd and he is an absolute velcro dog should have been the first one on the list

  77. I have had two German Shepherd dogs, and they were both Velcro dogs, on top of being highly intelligent and extremely easy to train.

  78. No Havanese on the list? Mine has not left my side for over 10 years.

  79. What about Vizslas? They're very velcro!!!

  80. I have a border collie/ lab mix and she is always by my side. She also follows me from room to room and when I use the bathroom she waits outside the door for me to come out.

  81. My precious ChiWeenie, Toon, is as Velcro as it gets! She is either on me, beside me or waiting for me (if I go somewhere) …my best friend and the lover of all dogs and people she encounters. A true love dog and so very intelligent and funny!! She’s a blessing from God and I thank Him daily for sending her to me to care for!!!🙏🏻❤️🥰🙏🏻

  82. I have a velero miniatura poodle. She sticks to me like glue 🙃

  83. I have 3 Standard Poodles and they are all my shadows! Where I go, they go! Literally everywhere! I don’t even remember when was the last time I went to the bathroom in private! What sucks the most is when I start to clean my house and I’m running around going back-and-forth putting things in their place, my dog Jaxon will follow me back-and-forth back-and-forth! It’s soooo annoying!!

  84. My mastiff always stuck to my family like glue! You couldn't relax on the couch with her laying on top of you or follow you all around the house

  85. Y’all forgot about pugs! Pugs are VELCRO dogs. They will be your shadow and hate having to leave you. Depending on how you raise it they can be little social butterfly’s but they know their family

  86. Chi. Waste of a dog. Food only.

  87. I can't believe you left out the Shih Tzu! We just adopted one and she follows us everywhere! She must be on one our laps, or between us to be happy!🐾

  88. Watching this while sandwiched between a Lab and a GSD….yep definitely velcro dogs lol

  89. I can't believe Rottweilers are not on here ! 😕🤨

  90. Yorkies are well known as being household suprvisors and very much the epitome of the velcro dog. I have a morkie (Yorkie/Maltese) in Santa hat in profile photo and he follows me from room to room so he can keep track of me 24/7. They are also cuteness overloads, especially the morkies.

  91. My neighbors have a German shepherd and is definitely a Velcro dog, but they’re almost never home so he gets really bad separation anxiety. We’d hear him howling and barking almost all day because he was lonely 🙁

  92. Like comment and subbing
    That fucking accent
    Can't place it, talk about a unique voice ヽ(^。^)丿
    Love it, and awesome top 10! Looking for a dog and seeing which dogs cross a few lists… Seriously finding that the type of dog I'm looking for seems to be the French bulldog. The breathing problems is what scares me because they have such a short snout. But it seems to be the type of dog I may need in my living situation at the moment as well as the kind of spirit in a dog I'm looking for. Still wanna look up more about their breathing and if they can stand the cold and living in a tourist town. Not many people have infornation for dogs that live in areas with an influx of population. Sometimes there's 50 million tourists as well as the many locals then of course the j-1 students. So it can be crowded until January til mid March. Dead season it's totally empty and just locals working, so walking around looks lonely and even feels different when it's not in season so the dog will have to get used to the switch up if seeing lots of people every time it goes out then suddenly empty quiet side walks. But also get used to bears as well… Like don't bark at the bear, quietly walk by please lol.
    I guess specifically, do you know good companion dogs for Gatlinburg locals lol.

  93. I have an American Pitbull, she was a rescue, so, she is best dog in so many ways. This video described her to a T. We love her goofy disposition and nothing makes you feel more loved than a 60+lbs dog wanting to cuddle after a lond day at work!

  94. Hi! I have a Chion Spaniel. She is every bit a clinging pup. She's actually one of the best pups I've ever had.

  95. My little guy is curled up on the back of my thighs right now. ❤️🐾


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