Top 5 Amazing Big Cats

Top 5 Amazing Big Cats

Top 5 Amazing Big Cats No one can deny the amazing beauty and abilities
of the big cats of the world. Because so many are sought after for their
fur, their numbers are in decline. This is a list (which is by no means exhaustive)
of 5 amazing big cats. The ten cats were selected because they either
have a creative way of hunting, an amazing coat pattern, or are simply awe inspiring. 05. Jaguar The jaguar is the third largest big cat in
the world. It is the national animal of Brazil. Jaguars closely resemble leopards but are
much larger. It is also one of the few big cats that enjoys
swimming. They are solitary predators and are known
to regulate the populations of prey species. The powerful bite of the jaguar allows them
to break through shell and hard reptile skin. Sadly, their numbers are dropping quickly
and are nearly threatened because they are often killed by humans. Jaguars’ short, stocky limbs make then skilled
in climbing, crawling and swimming. 04. Snow Leopard The snow leopard lives in the mountain ranges
of Central Asia, Afghanistan and many other parts of the world. Its life span is usually about 15-18 years. It is about the size of a regular leopard
but has a long tail that is used for balance in rugged terrain. They may live in caves in mountainous regions. There are estimated to be about 5,000 snow
leopards left, making them an endangered species. The snow leopard will occasionally kill prey
three times its size. Their diet consists of ibexes, boars, and
deer. A snow leopard will not fight hard for its
territory. 03. Lion Lions usually inhabit savannah and grasslands
and will sometimes be found in forests. A group of lions is called a pride which consists
of females, lion cubs, and a few male lions. The female lions usually do the hunting in
groups (males will rarely ever hunt). The lion is known as a vulnerable species
with a population decline of 30-50 percent. A male is recognized by its mane. The lion is the second largest feline in the
entire world. The color of their coat is usually a light
yellow. Lion cubs are born with spots on their body
but they disappear as they mature. The diet of a lion includes wildebeest, impalas,
zebras, and buffalo. 02. Cheetah Many people classify the cheetah as the world’s
fastest land animal with the ability to reach speeds of 70 miles per hour. The round, black spots on the cheetah help
them to camouflage when hunting. The head of the cheetah is said to be small
compared to other big cats. They will eat mostly mammals including gazelles,
wildebeests, and zebras. When a cheetah sprints for its prey, its body
temperature becomes so high that it would become fatal if kept at that level for a long
period of time. Cheetahs are on the World Conservation Union
list of vulnerable species. There are said to be about 12,400 cheetahs
left in the wild. 01. Tiger Tigers are usually found in southern and eastern
Asia. Like many big cats, they are territorial and
solitary. The dark, vertical stripes that overlay the
reddish orange color is one of the most noticeable characteristics of the tiger. They are featured in many forms of ancient
mythology. Tigers living in the wild will usually prey
on animals such as buffalo, boar, deer, and sometimes leopards and pythons. In the wild, tigers can leap up to 16 feet. They always live close to water because they
enjoy bathing. Unfortunately, the tiger is one of the Big
Five Game animals of Asia.

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