Top 11 CUTEST Pets You Can OWN!

Top 11 CUTEST Pets You Can OWN!

Cuteness overload coming right up! Let The Trending tickle those little cheeks!
with Top 11 Cutest Animals you can own! Number 11, Sugar Glider
These cute little gliders are as sweet as they sound. Do not let their size discredit their larger
family relations, as they are part of the same group as a koala bear and kangaroo. The gliders eyes can leave you lost in space,
while finding any reason to tend to their every helpless need. Being so small creates an advantage over larger
pets, leaving less cleanup and maintenance, with more time for love. Theres rumor of the sweet little gliders not
having the ability to be potty-trained. If found to be true, it could turn these sweet
little gliders to sour. there are sugar owners out there that disagree
of course, claiming to have the sugariest glider with trained actions. The sugar glider keeps it small weighing in
around 5 ounces, and only reaching lengths of 6 inches fully grown. you cant go wrong having cute and sugar in
the same sentence. Number 10, Axolotl
The axolotl has a smile to last a lifetime. almost literally. while Its common for amphibians to have the
ability to regenerate, the axolotl takes it another step past your usual amphibian. capable of reconstructing its own brain and
jaws, with other parts regrown at ease, as if the damage never occurred, leaving no scares
to be found. The Axolotl has a rare condition called neoteny,
allowing them to keep their earlier stage larva gills, and its cute little dorsal fin
down its unique structure, keeping it an aquatic species. This amazing creature can reach up to a foot
in size, with colors reaching a darker black or spotty brown, with an exotic albino white
with pink and red flowing through their skin. Even with the max level of regeneration, they
can age up to 16 years if cared for properly with the right diet, and most importantly,
love. The axolotl have become scarce, with their
habitats being destroyed or flooded with predators. You can find a breeder that helps ensure the
survival of this species fairly easily online, and give home to one of the cutest pets around! Speaking of cute with a little extra kink. Number 9, Kinkajou
Kinkajous are a much more rare species to own, and require specific attention from their
well trained owner. These cute little love balls have been heard
to reach the age of 20 to 30 years old, with some exceptional kinkajous heard to be reaching
over 40 years old. This kinky little animal can be quite hard
to tame, and must be hand trained at a young age to obtain max level obedience. Kinkajous admire lengthy tree limbs and shelving
to keep them entertained, with a larger the better, cage environment. The kinkajou requires insects and berrys,
with the love for honey for a healthy life. Its whiney the poo kind of honey love granted
this kinka the nickname honey bear. This love can only be related to this Bee
I once knew who got married, only because he found his honey! number 8 The Slow Loris
Slow lorises are known for there over sized eyes placed in the cutest little round head
of theirs, with a little button nose. The Loris has an equal length to each of its
arms and legs. having contortion like flexibility with seal
team 6 like mobility, gives the slow loris a whole new level of cuteness. Loris could practically kill you with cuteness,
having a slightly toxic fluid if they bite you. this beautiful creature though possible to
own, have been involved with wildlife trade, with many new stories surfacing about the
cruel nature of how these innocent have been treated, while the demand for the Slow Loris
increases. This is by far one of the cutest and exotic
animals you could own, but would be best if left in its wild habitat in peace. number 7 miniature donkey
I cut a donkey off on the road last week by accident, “hee-honked” at me for 2 miles. Mini donkeys will fool you with the word mini. Still smaller then a regular donkey,they can
reach over 2 and a half feet tall with about 220 to 360 lbs of donkey meat on there Eric
cartmen like bone structure. The mini donkey can live a young age of 20
to the near max existence of 40 years. Caring for a donkey will be quite the yard
construction, requiring a clean fenced in area to roam with access to fresh water and
hey or grain. Just like most animals, they will need their
shots and quarterly mani pedis. Could you imagine waiting 3 months to get
your cuticles on point? The miniature donkey will express desire for
a companion if alone, becoming its best forum of mini donkey in a set of two. Having the famous reputation of the popular
movie series, Shrek, has given the mini donkey increased attraction in the pet world. Thatl do donkey, thatll do. number 6 Capybara
The capybara is the largest of rodents, with a super cute face and over sized head, and
its tiny eyes set just right. The Capybara have been known to be quite smart,
and have a softer touch to humans. This gives them a much more uncommon, but
possible chance of human ownership. The Capy can get extremely large, reaching
over 110 lbs of pure rodent cuteness. Standing tall they have reached over 4 and
a half feet, with only 1 and a half foot tall when on all fours. They are great around friends and family,
and will enjoy a decent yard of grass and water to ensure capy happy levels at a max,
doing whatever floats its goat! number 5 pygmy goat that is,
The domestic pygmy goat originally emerged from an area located in Africa.They are quite
like the mini donkey, with smaller features then its predecessor. Their little body surround a heart of steel,
having abilities to withstand rougher conditions with ease, and if your into a fresh source
of goat milk, pygmy is there! This could also lead to the obvious fact,
free butterfat milk, which actually could be sold locally to your friends or family. These little pygmies were transported to the
US by Europeans, and created a trade for private breeders, sparking the pygmy goat obsession
to own one of these cute little guys. If I bring the goat, will you bring the cookies? number 4 tamandua
The Tamandua, with its over extended neck, gives off a top notch level of cuteness you
cannot deny. The tama would preferred ants on the regular,
but once obtained by our human hands, will be soon eating regular meat and hopefully
organic fruit! Its said You can set your eyes on the wild
tama in the forests of southern mexico, and central america, being most active in the
night time. These mammals are known to have an active
91 degree body heat, which is near the lowest temperatures for any known land mammal. The tama in defense will not only use its
claws, but effectively release a foul scent, said to be many times stronger then a skunks! PEE YEW! The local amazon people that live with these
amazing mammals have found them clearing their homes and area of any termite and ants nearby. Lets hope your on the right side of the death
star like power, of their potentially taste bud changing, sour mist. There still cute though. number 3 Fennec Fox
The fennec aka desert fox, has the cutest widdle foxy woxy face. Having a cute fury Yoda has never been this
rewarding, with its elongated ears overflowing with the force of cuteness. The Fennec loves the darkness of night, originating
in the Sahara desert. Fennec foxes have been on the uncommon side
of pets, but are still viable as a dog like companion, with a little more of a skittish
persona. They will need special attention and watch
if not in a contained area, having possibility of them getting distracted, potentially taking
off into the wild. They are only legal in a few states and live
off of insects, fruit and smaller rodents. Once joined with a human family, breeders
and owners have been known to mix raw meat and vegetables with dog or cat food, and kept
on a leash while learning simple commands taught. may the fox be with you! number 2 Hedgehog
Hedgehogs are known to be super sonic fast, and be one of the cutest little balls of joy. They originate from Asia and Europe, from
Africa and New Zealand. Practically everywhere but the United States. These are mildly easy to maintenance as pets
being so small, and can reach the short age of 3 years to 8 years young. They have reputation of becoming over loving
to any family, bringing huge energy to any sized room. Many hedgy hog owners will agree that these
little guys are just as responsive as anyone, with the right training, having specific recognition
for its owner. These hogs are not for everyone, as any research
in the needs and necessities of these cute little fuzy wuzzys will only be beneficial
to upcoming owners. The baby spikes on their skin helps defend
itself from any attacker, generating difficulty in holding it without a towel, gloves or thicker
skin. Not to worry, unlike its more scary twin,
porcupine, the spikes will not launch at you, setting your mind at ease ready for holding. If your hedgehog ends up landing in your field
of grapes, do not expect any loud screams from your grapes, but prepare for, a little
wine. ๐Ÿ™‚ number 1 Chimpanzee
A chimpanzee will be the most human like animal you can, if your lucky and in the right regulations,
give home to. The Chimp is a lifetime commitment on your
part, with ages reaching over 45 years old. Their weight is right there with us, around
140 pounds as a full grown adult. The habitat required for a happy and safe
chimp can be quite the obstacle, with chimps having double the amount of strength then
a regular human. This means no plastic fences for your chimp. Were talking the mac daddy of a pet house. Chimps can give you a feel and understanding
of animals unlike any other. With its human like communication, and ability
that surpass us as humans already, its hard to look at such responsive and communicative
species any less then us. From having to wear diapers at a young age,
to learning how to use simple tools like a hammer, silverware and even wearing cloths. You will only gain unconditional love when
coming home with your panzees favorite desert, chocolate chimp cookies. ๐Ÿ™‚ subscribe with notifications on to stay tuned,
as we bring you up to date top lists every week. have a top list suggestion? leave a comment below! if you enjoyed this
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