Top 10 Talented Dogs: Dog with Tricks!

Top 10 Talented Dogs: Dog with Tricks!

Hello! And welcome to our Top 10 Talented
Dogs featuring the cleverest canines from around the world… Number 10: Surfing Dogs It’s no secret that dogs love water, but
these dogs from California are making quite a splash! Numerous dog surfing competitions
take place every year. But… We don’t exactly know how talented these pooches are. I mean,
let’s be honest if they were riding a barrel wave then they would definitely be our number
one! Number 9: Dancing Dogs Number nine on our countdown are all of the
dancing dogs out there. We’re not saying that these obedient and entertaining
dogs aren’t talented, but let’s face it, we’ve all seen it before. This well-trained
collie dog in Israel is performing a country-western dance. Yee-haaaa! Number 8: ATM Dog Hide your pin! Renae is a yellow Labrador
that learned to use a cash machine using… her…. teeth! Renae’s owner unfortunately
suffers from Cerebral Palsy and suffers with everyday tasks, so Renae the dog is at hand
to look after her owner and withdraw cash at her every need. Number 7: Lifeguard Dogs In London, these Newfoundland dogs are rescuing
volunteers from the chilly waters of the Serpentine River. But did you know that these dogs have
the strength to pull 10-12 people? That’s why these powerful pooches definitely deserve
a place on our list. Number 6: Helicopter Dogs But Italy went one step further than London…
Not only do they have Newfoundland lifeguard dogs, but they are JUMPING FROM HELICOPTERS.
Wow. In Lake Iseo these brave dogs are practising their rescue skills, now that’s amazing. Number 5: Skateboarding Bulldog Peru has a new famous skater, Biuf the Bulldog
and he’s a natural on a skateboard. His owner is using Biufs talents for the greater
good by creating a skate school for dogs where all the proceeds will go to charity. Number 4: Parkour Dog This really is a cat’s worst nightmare…
TreT the Staffordshire bull terrier from Ukraine is skilled in the art of Parkour. Need we
say anymore? Number 3: Avalanche Dogs In Les Deux Alpes, these talented dogs are
trained life-savers as there job is to rescue skiers lost during avalanches. These amazing
dogs can search a hectare of terrain in just 20 mins. To put that into perspective it would
take 20 humans 2 hours to cover the same amount of ground! Search dogs from around the world
are doing an amazing job to save lives. Bravo! Number 2: Army Dogs This clip had to go number two on our list,
just because it is so great! And here is is… Number one ! This Dalmatian
called Momotar really is one of the most talented pooches in the world. I mean, when was the
last time you saw a dog riding a bicycle? We think he’ll go far… Mainly because
he can’t use the breaks. Well that’s it folks! Do you agree with
our list? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe and watch our
other video on Snagglepus the cat that adopted a baby rabbit!

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  1. You've got to give to them. Those are some clever pooches!

  2. We can’t get over how amazing these dogs are! 🙂

  3. There was a skateboarding dog in Venice beach or something years ago, he's been around for a long time. He can actually skate really fast though and push accurately.

  4. You forgot about hypnodogs

  5. this is just in general no specific Dog.

  6. Which one you love the most

  7. i though "Talking dog" was going to be in XD

  8. These Dogs Are AMAZING!

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