Top 10 PARENTS You Won’t BELIEVE ACTUALLY EXIST (Sarah Burge, Eunice Spry, Barbara Atkinson)

Top 10 PARENTS You Won’t BELIEVE ACTUALLY EXIST (Sarah Burge, Eunice Spry, Barbara Atkinson)

Welcome to Top10Archive! We’re all about celebrating parents… but
we’re also not against calling out those deemed less than favorable! The following 10 folk are definitely not your
average mothers and fathers, representing the worst of what’s out there! If there are worse parents, that would be
truly frightening. 10. Sarah Burge
Some parents like to bestow their children with typical gifts like, you know, a bicycle
or action figure; but self-proclaimed “Human Barbie” Sarah Burge is far from typical. That’s why, when her daughter Poppy turned
7-years-old, she wrapped up a gift voucher for plastic surgery worth roughly $10,000,
specifically for breast augmentation, and an additional $11,000-voucher for liposuction. Don’t worry, sweet little Poppy can’t turn
in the vouchers until she turns 18, so there’s at least that; but we can’t help but think
about the poor body image the young Poppy may wind up growing up with. 9. Kerry Campbell
Burge may have prepared some cosmetic surgeries for her young daughter, but she at least had
the sense to wait until she was old enough to decide when to cash them in. British mom Kerry Campbell took an opposite
approach and revealed on Good Morning America that she had administered Botox to her 8-year-old
daughter, Brittany. But wait… does Kerry Campbell even exist? Or is this story of questionable parenting
the product of, well, more questionable parenting? Shortly after Brittany was removed from her
mother’s care, Kerry Campbell stepped forward as Sheena Upton, who stated under oath that
the British tabloid, The Sun, paid her a nominal sum to make up the story. So maybe Campbell, or Upton, didn’t inject
her daughter with Botox, but it’s still mind boggling that she’d risk her parental reputation
for money. 8. Felicia Rea McClure
Here’s a tip for parents – if you are in need of some quick cash, don’t put it upon your
children to earn you that money. In the 2011 case of Felicia Rea McClure and
her daughter, Felicia sought to make $10,000 by selling the 13-year-old’s virginity to
a man police identified only as “Don”. Felicia’s then-boyfriend stumbled across text
messages between her and Don that explicitly mentioned paying to have sex with the girl. McClure and her daughter’s potential lover
allegedly enjoyed a fashion show at Victoria’s Secret, where the minor modeled bras and thongs
for the perverted pair. Before Don was even in the picture, though,
McClure was in touch with a man identified as “Will”, who purchased pornographic pictures
of the young girl. 7. Joey and Chad Mudd
Children are adverse to doing chores, it’s just in their nature, and sometimes parents
turn to bribing to get them more motivated. Joey and Chad Mudd took this idea to a whole
new level by offering them cocaine and marijuana in exchange for completing chores and schoolwork
when needed. At the time of the pair’s arrest, the daughters
were 13 and 14-years-old and were placed in the care of relatives while their unorthodox
parents found themselves faced with charges of child abuse and possession of narcotics. 6. Sandra and James Davis
Would you trade your daughter’s sexuality for a couple of payments on your 12-year-old
minivan? If you said “no”, kudos to you! You’re a reasonable, commendable human being,
unlike James and Sandra Davis. In 2010, the two were looking for a means
to get out of the $281 car payment on a 1998 Dodge minivan purchased at a local used car
lot. Instead of actually paying the car note, Sandra
and James offered their young daughter’s body to the 66-year-old manager of Shorty’s Used
Cars, Wayne Bearden. It’s alleged that Bearden was far from the
first person to receive this uncouth method of payment, as it’s believed the couple also
used their daughter’s sexuality for drugs and money. 5. Sandra Padilla
Can you imagine a parent who encourages a fight between her 17-year-old child and a
14-year-old girl? Sandra Padilla’s own personal fight club landed
her in jail after she was recorded cheering during a fight between her daughter and a
fellow classmate that she was later found to have facilitated. Allegedly fearing that her daughter and the
underclasswoman would continue fighting in school, Padilla arranged a brawl between the
two and, as the video of the fight shows, cheered her daughter on. The supportive mother can be heard instructing
her daughter to bite and hit harder. Things didn’t go well for Padilla as she was
charged with child abuse. 4. Barbara and Kenny Atkinson
Some people just aren’t meant to be parents. Take Barbara and Kenny Atkinson, a couple
that did just about everything they could do wrong. After giving birth to their daughter Lauren,
the two gave the baby up for adoption for eight months before deciding they wanted her
back. For what reason we’re unsure of, because once
Lauren was back in their care, her parents subjected her to a regiment of rape, torture,
abuse, and isolation for eight years. When Lauren was rescued, ironically from her
mother boasting to their neighbor about the malnourished child, she was only 25 pounds,
or roughly 11 kilograms. Kenny and Barbara received life in prison
and the matriarch continues to hold an unusual disdain for her daughter, refusing to mention
the girl by name, often referring to her as “it” or “the girl”, when she does speak of
her. 3. Eunice Spry
Anyone that could make the Atkinsons look like saints is truly a despicable human being
and parent. Enter Eunice Spry. The adoptive and foster mother of Victoria
Evans, Christopher Spry and Alloma Gilbert, can only be described as evil. Though she cared for her biological daughter
Judith and other adoptive daughter Charlotte, Victoria, Christopher, and Alloma were subjected
to an inconceivable level of abuse and torture. On many occasions, Victoria was forced to
eat her own vomit or cat food while Christopher was tied to a car and driven across a field. The trio survived countless beatings and bouts
of starvation over the course of 19 years before Eunice was arrested and sentenced to
14 years in prison. A year after her sentencing, her time was
reduced to 12 years and was released after serving just half of that. 2. Josef Fritzl
Over the course of 24 years, Elisabeth Fritzl underwent a life of sexual abuse by her grotesque
father, Josef. Raped thousands of times by her father, Elisabeth
was forced to carry and give birth to seven children. With the threat of death constantly hanging
over her head, the teenager felt she was left with no other choice than to give in to her
father’s demands, which included violent sex and re-enacting scenes from porn movies she
was forced to watch, even on occasions, forcing Elisabeth’s children to watch, too. It wasn’t until 2008 that Elisabeth and her
children would find freedom, when Fritzl decided to let them go, in which case Elisabeth immediately
ran to the police. On March 14, 2009, Fritzl was sentenced to
life in prison. 1. Hope Askew
Some children need that extra push to clear educational hurdles. Like in the case of Hope Askew’s 10-year-old
daughter, who was having trouble correctly pronouncing a few words. Miss Askew grew tired of listening to her
daughter stumble and sought out a means to “inspire” her. With a hot iron in hand, Askew pressed it
to her daughter’s face. Thinking she could use another dose of her
archaic punishment, she did it a second time. When school officials noticed the youth’s
unusual scarring, the police were called and, when questioned, Askew was unsurprisingly
creative with her story, stating it was an accident with a skillet. The daughter was a little more up front with
social workers, relaying her encounter with a hot iron.

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