Top 10 Extinct Animals We Shouldn’t Bring Back To Life – Part 2

Top 10 Extinct Animals We Shouldn’t Bring Back To Life – Part 2

We talked about animals that are no longer
with us – scary animals that could rip us to shreds or crush us without even realising
– I thought it might be too much for some of you but I was wrong, the comments were
just full of people asking for more. I think our subscribers are a bit crazy, and
I love it, I am too – my names Danny Burke and this video is the Top 10 Extinct animals
we shouldnt bring back to life part 2! Starting off at number 10 now we have Spinosaurus. Let me start by asking you a question – whats
the largest carnivorous dinosaur of all time? Surely the T rex right? Theyve always been portrayed as the top dogs
… their name literally translates to tyrant lizard king. I was surprised to learn that its actually
the Spinosaurus is the perhaps the largest known carnivorous dinosaur of all time. It lived about 100 million years ago. Estimates put the length of these things at
about 60ft while weighing as much as 23 tons – thats 3 and a half times as a T Rex. If its sheer size wasnt scary enough – you
might have guessed from its name that it also had spines. They fanned out across its back and formed
what is usually referred to as its sail. What scientists arent sure about is if the
spines were covered in fat and looked kind of like a huge camel like hump. If a camel was the size of a small building. Coming in at number 9 now we have The Giant
Crocodile. Thats right, if you thought the best way to
make a crocodile even more scary was to give it more teeth – youre wrong – you just make
them away bigger – and they really did exist. The scientific name for this animal is Sarcosuchus. They lived around 112 million years ago during
the early Cretaceous period in what is now Africa and South America. These things weighed about 8 tonnes and grew
up to 40ft in length. Thats almost twice as long as the biggest
living crocodiles today. The Giant Crocodile would laugh at the crocodiles
we have today. Then it would eat them. Then it would eat us. Then it would laugh. Luckily, they died out over 100 million years
ago. Next up at number 8 we have The Walking Worm. The scientific name is Hallucigenia Fortis. It was part of a family of walking worms. They looked like worms, they acted like worms
– but they had legs – actual legs. Get this – scientists discovered their fossils
in Canada and China – they were so weirded out by their appearance, they called them
Hallucigenia, as in Hallucinogenic, like hallucinogenic drugs. These things are so weird looking, the scientists
basically thought they were tripping out – thats what Im taking from it. Im thinking if normal worms creep people out,
then a big walking one that looks like it came from a Harry Potter movie might be a
bit too much … Moving on to number 7 now we have Andrewsarchus. Think of a big scary mammal. A lion? A tiger? A bear? Oh my. This thing would eat them for breakfast. Andrewsarchus lived in what is now China about
45 million years ago. The only known skull of this creature was
discovered in Mongolia in 1923 – its now on display in the American Museum of History
in New York. It was from only this skill and a few bones
that scientists were able to make an accurate construction of what this beast would have
looked like. When they finished the model, they were pretty
shocked to see that it would have weighed about 4,000 pounds – that would possibly make
it the largest land-dwelling mammal predator ever. Were talking bigger than all the lions, tigers
and bears oh my. If you don’t want to step into a ring with
them, well those creatures wouldnt want to step into a ring with this … Next up at number 6 we have The Pig from Hell. Again – thats my name, youll see why though. This mammal is known as the Entelodon. They lived 37 – 28 million years ago across
Eurasia. If we were around back then, we would have
said they looked like pigs – but terrifying ones. Despite being on all fours, these things were
4 and a half ft tall. They were massive. Some scientists say they had a ravaging appetite
for meat. These things would eat you, theyd eat me and
if there wasnt any other meat around – theyd eat each other. You heard me right. Some have suggested that Entelodonts were
cannibalistic – they craved meat so much, theyd even eat their own kind. How does that sound then? Imagine one of these charging at you … you
wouldnt stand a chance. You better hope theyve eaten their fill for
the day, or youll be the filling – that sounds weird. Moving on. Next up at number 5 we have The 3ft Long Scorpion. Thats the scientific name. Kidding – this is Pulmono-scorpius. It looked just like modern scorpions, it had
the same front claws and sting in its tail – the only difference is this thing was bloody
massive. It lived over 300 million years ago during
the carboniferous period and this helps explain why they grew so big. Back then, Earths Oxygen content in the air
was a lot higher. Scientists know that this is one of they key
factors in determining how big some creatures get. So, if you don’t like creepy crawlies – just
be glad there isnt too much oxygen in the air. We know this creature had venom, like many
modern scorpions, but its difficult to know just how toxic it would have been. One things for sure though, you wouldnt wanna
stick around these things to find out – if modern day scorpions cause problems for us
today, imagine these 3ft versions running around stinging us. No thanks. Moving on to number 4 we have the Smilodon. I love this one. I remember watching a show as a kid called
Walking with Beasts that featured this animal. Check it out if you havent heard of it – probably
came out before some of you were born. The Smilidon lived from 2.5 million yeard
ago to just 10,000 years ago. If you recognise the picture on the screen
right now – you may know this creature by its much more famous name – the Saber Tooth
Tiger. They were a forced to be reckoned with with
– well built forelimbs and exceptionally big canine teeth. They spread all over the world and came in
a number of different types. The biggest ones are thought to have weighed
up to 880 pounds! You might think oh well Im glad humans never
had to live alongside these beasts – well think again, they did. Considering the Saber Tooth Tiger didnt died
out about 100,000 years ago, there were already modern humans just like me and you, walking
around. Many of them got probably got eaten by these
big cats as they had nothing more than a spear to defend themselves. They died so that we could live, I vote that
we don’t bring them back. Next up at number 3 we have the Terror Bird. Thats the nickname given to Phorusrhacidae
– and I think the nickname suits it well. They were the largest species of apex predators
in South America for about 60 million years, starting 62 million years ago. Thats a very long time. You can even picture how long these things
were the top dogs for. They were huge, standing up to 9.8ft tall. They were flightless too, thats quite strange
to think about – we usually think of flightless birds as quite harmless – dodos and penguins,
maybe Ostritches could give you a good slash but generally speaking, its the flying hawks
and things that are the scariest. This creature will make you think twice though. The terror birds were big, they weighed up
to half a ton. OK, so you might be able to outrun them? Well probably not, its thought they could
run as fast as a cheetah – thats about 75 mph. If you see a terror bird and the terror bird
sees you – just give up. Accept your fate as its lunch. Coming in at number 2 now we have The Giant
Bird. Thats my name for it, the real name for this
creature is Pelagornis Sandersi. It is one of the largest flying birds ever
discovered. It lived 25 million years ago during the Oligocene
era. This thing – was huge. You may think youve seen a big bird, maybe
bit pigeon or a seagul – nah, youve not seen a big bird, look at the side of this. Pelagornis Sandersi had a wingspan of up to
24ft – its wingspan, was bigger than a Giraffe is tall. Just picture that. Perhaps fittingly for one of the largest flying
creatures to ever live, the only fossil of this creature to ever be discovered was found
in 1983 by construction workers at Charleston International airport, South Carolina. Big bird, found at an airport? Yeah? Interesting link? Well, it seemed like it was earlier, perhaps
its not anymore … And finally at number 1 we have the Quetzalcoatlus. Im not even sure how to start off with this
one – just look at this thing. This creature was a pterosaur, they lived
alongside dinosaurs, but were very much their own thing. This Quetzalcoatlus was one of the largest
known flying animals of all time. It was toothless, it had a long stiff neck
and was just generally a bit of an odd ball. Its wingspan was 52ft. Remember the massive bird we were talking
about earlier? This creature had a wingspan twice that size
– its hard to even imagine how big this thing was. Ever since its discovery, people have been
fascinated by it. Its been features featured in documentaries
and movies. Perhaps my favourite one is Clash of the Dinosaurs. We already know thats wrong anyway but wait
till you hear this – the show portrayed them as having ultraviolet vision to locate dinosaur
urine while hunting in the air. I laugh but I kinda wanna watch it … Well they were some scary animals – are you
glad they don’t exist anymore? Or have I done the opposite, maybe you think
theyre really cool and you wish they were still around! Let me know your thoughts – let me know if
you want a part 3 there are thousands of extinct species we can talk about – thanks as always
for watching my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the next video.

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