Top 10 animal rescues – 6 years Takis Shelter

Top 10 animal rescues – 6 years Takis Shelter

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  1. Really proud of you sir really your great ?

  2. I don’t want to visit Greece.

  3. Thank You dear brother love From Bangladesh ❤❤❤??

  4. are you real super hero sir. tnq so much

  5. great work love from india keep it up

  6. Thanks takis you are so kind

  7. Very good. Sir now I am your big fan

  8. Love you Brother ???

  9. So saadd???????????????????

  10. Good job god bless u takis

  11. Very good job bro?

  12. Love u brother ???

  13. Thankyou so much for this home less animals I wish you alive very year

  14. I very proud with you
    I hope your shelter became better

  15. Well done takis.. Give a Red Salut for you Brother..

  16. Lite tears and heart smile

  17. He does his job in helping mistreated animals, I do my job in planting trees, what’s your job?

  18. Your the real ???God

  19. I Cry Loook Your vidios

  20. ❤❤❤❤ lovely heart

  21. Honestly …..Hand off you bro….actually I'm from India…we need your helping hand bro….Homeless hungry Peoples and street dogs…..we need your help….bro "Jai hind"

  22. Your look like a Great Gød Sir hands off

  23. Super sir… Realy u r great

  24. คุณคือพระเอกตัวจริง ….สุดยอดมากครับ

  25. This world need more person like you takis

  26. I hit like n subscribed

  27. Who did this good job. Many prayers for them.

  28. Thanks ? for save animals

  29. عندهم أجر لو كانو العرب مثلكم يلريت

  30. Thanks you for help this animals

  31. Amazing transformation of dogs.
    God bless you

  32. This amaized me….

  33. Best guy .. these animals will pray for you from their heart . You are lucky .keep it up

  34. Thank you so much! Thank for magical from a sweat heart.omg i cried a lot for what you did for poor lovely dog. Every animals were born to be loved. And every human were born to make it come true.

  35. This is make me cry

  36. Ur good man……… ???

  37. ????????????????????????????????????????

  38. Good work ?????great man ?

  39. Tôi rất may vì còn sống để xem được clip này

  40. Sir you are my real hero❤️?

  41. Your heart is the golden heart god bless you

  42. Rula diya yaar aap ne aur DIL jeet liya aap ne

  43. Im form Indonesia
    God bless you

  44. I subscribed shout out me please at this name ALFRE IMPORTANTE

  45. these kids are heroes, God is aware of what they are doing

  46. Wow great job sir ♥️♥️♥️

  47. Best video i ever seen

  48. Whoever left those dogs they should punished really bad

  49. God bless you sir????????

  50. How do you get disslikes??????

  51. Дай Бог вам здоровья и удачи в вашей святой жизни.

  52. И какой мудак поставил дизлайк? ..

  53. What you do is really good keep it up legends

  54. Those dogs deserve it

  55. You really god bro?

  56. You are super hero ??

  57. you have really big heart …… god bless you

  58. Dont worry, when dogs die, they're still with you cuz ur their best friend.

  59. I hope you don't stop helping these dogs. I could only watch the video in tears of happiness.

  60. Thank you for saving those dog, you have beautifull heart. Good luck

  61. Tell me how many will not throw rocks on dogs from now.

  62. God blessed you sir

  63. Thanks again god bless you

  64. You are a very good people

  65. I am so happy to look this.. thanks a lot for help them ???

  66. my dog so sad?? plzz come to Philippines

  67. ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

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