Tiny Hamster paws Package!

Tiny Hamster paws Package!

so today we have a hamster subscription
box here this is from tiny hamster paws shop and this is her January box she did
send this to me- rude she did send this to me and asked if I could show it on my
channel and I did say sure but anything that I talked about in the video is my
own opinion so let’s take a look at what’s inside this box oh my gosh so the
first thing that I see is some nature paws petal boost sunflowers so this is
just dried sunflower petals which is awesome I love dried herbs and dried
flowers for hamsters they are really great for foraging so
I’m very excited to try these out so the next thing I see is a couple of
different chews so there is just this natural I don’t know what you call these
teeter-totters type of Roly throwy type chew! There also is some pinecone
chews which are safe for hamsters I’ve gotten questions before if pinecone
chews are safe they are you’re not a hamster this isn’t for you I’m sorry
maybe one day you’ll get like a cat box but today is not your day then the next
thing is wrapped so I’m not too sure what this is it has a little cute pawprint so in this box is a little reptile dish but these are really great for- don’t eat the
pinecones NO! you can play with this over here, come on so inside of that was a
reptile dish which is actually perfect for hamsters as well it’s like a natural
I think this would be resin or ceramic it makes a good dish for like veggies or
your hamsters food and it looks natural the next thing inside the box is a
couple of different chews here so we have sweet bamboo an apple branch and
Timothy stick which I’ve actually never tried a bamboo stick so I’m excited to
try that gimme this, thank you then there is some really pretty-ly
prettily is that a word prettily packaged hamster chews i think she
makes these herself out of just safe wood chews dude these have different
color themes that you can choose from so these ones just have just like a little white
beads and this one has little pink wood beads as well this isn’t your video and the last thing
inside of the box is a small play sticks woodlands bendable bridge which is
one of my favorite hamster accessories I always love bendable bridges so if you
guys are interested in getting yourself a subscription box I will make sure to
leave the link in the description bar below and now let’s go see bumble so
bumble is finally awake it is 9:30 now hey good morning! so I want
to try out a couple of the things we got today to see if Bumble likes them she’s
never tried a pinecone so I’m excited to give her this do you see the pine cone
are you stalking the pinecone what is that? it’s like a little mini
tree! it’s definitely a different texture for
her hi so for the sunflower petals I’m just going to make it rain in bumbles enclosure you see all the flowers oh okay, goodbye! I also have two sticks for you when is bamboo and one is just wood oh my
goodness aw! she’s liking all these new textures
today hey fuzz butt oh big stretches she’s also very interested in the chew
that was handmade you just got a lot of chews tonight eh? (the most canadian thing ever said) she is very much
enjoying this chew which I’ve never seen her enjoy a chew so much yeah I’m talking about
you so another thing with chews is that you
can take some peanut butter and just rub them on there and it entices them to
want to chew more so as you can see I’ve rubbed some on here and I just took a
napkin and rubbed it off actually so it’s essentially just got the scent
on it and I’m sure bumble will like this tonight’s video is all about dental care
because bumble is chewing on everything which is great because it’s good for
their teeth Oh No where are you taking that! Oh my gosh
I don’t think you’re gonna fit it in there cuz it’s not gonna work that is a
big oh my god how did you that was a big stick oh my gosh how the heck did you
fit that in there oh you’re such a smart hamster I should never ever doubt you I’ll leave you to chew I definitely think tonight was a success
because bumble loved all of the products I didn’t give her the bendable bridge yet
just because her cage is pretty semi crowded so I’m not sure oh my gosh and
there she goes with a frickin petal ma’am why are you so adorable please
explain to everybody oh my gosh so I am going to end the video here I hope you
guys have enjoyed watching bumble, eat and destroy her new toys so ya guys
thank you for watching bye

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  1. This is Sadie's presentation, Victoria is just her assistant.

  2. hi victoria! i was wondering. since you probs live in canada like me where do you get your wodent wheels?

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  9. This reminds me alot of my hamster i had.He was a goldenbrown teddybear hamster that I loved dearly. He would always groom when im near him and I had a 40 gallon fish tank as a cage. Every night I would let him roam the house because I hid food in some places.Sadly he had a stroke at age 3 and a qaurter.I will always miss him

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    I am a new subscriber of Taiwan!
    Enjoy your video and the way you treat Bumble.
    Bumble makes me recall of my Hamster, Pineapple!
    He is also the same pattern and color like Bumble.
    But with different personality, XD

    Wish Bumble happy every day and such smart to move the stick into home.

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    I live in the UK and I do not know what sands are safe for hamsters I have two Russian dwarfs and one robo. Do you know what sands are safe

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    bumble attempts fitting a long stick through a little hole..
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