Tiny Chihuahua Weighs 2lbs | CUTE AS FLUFF

Tiny Chihuahua Weighs 2lbs | CUTE AS FLUFF

COMM: This is Layla, a pocket-sized chihuahua who was born with hydrocephalus. COMM: A rare genetic defect which causes a
build up of fluid inside her skull. At the time of her birth, she was the smallest of
three puppies born to her mother Tia and her father Chulo. At first her owners just thought
she was small in size and it wasn’t until her first visit to the vet that they were
told that something was wrong. Once diagnosed, Layla was given treatment to help with the
condition. COMM: And owner Kathy has been showering this little pup with love ever since. COMM: She is part of a larger family of dogs
owned by Kathy – including two Great Danes and four other chihuahuas. COMM: Duchess the Great Dane and Layla love
to take photos together and because of this dog’s condition, she goes absolutely everywhere
with her owner and has become quite the globetrotter. COMM: Owner Kathy likes to dress her up in an array of different outfits for every place
and occasion. COMM: And as a result, Layla has even built up a fan base on social media. COMM: At the time of Layla’s diagnosis,
the vet predicted she wouldn’t live past her first year. But she is now three, so things
are looking positive for this adorable, little chihuahua.

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  1. My real name is Laila twins

  2. I'm not one to like Chihuahua's but dang that is one cute pup!

  3. Precious baby it looks like a lot of care and love keeps her alive.

  4. You're a CUTIE, Layla!

  5. Pocket Size! So cute!

  6. M my name is leila I'm happy

  7. I'm so sorry if this upset you, but I must say seeing you walking those dogs it looks like the big dogs poo is chasing them, no need to pick up the poo it runs home with them hee hee sorry but I'm very immature

  8. My dog was like this when she was a puppy but now she's 5 pounds

  9. I literally screamed saying "it's so cute!!!"

  10. This is actually sad, it's going to make major health problems

  11. My wife all ways wanted one iam going get her one when the time is right.

  12. Ok that's the cutest silliest thing I've ever seen lol. I'm in love 😅😅😍😍

  13. That woman has big dogs small dogs but no in between

  14. I really hope she didn't let that dog go in a swamp

  15. Awww, poor little thing. I am glad that her people love her and are giving her a good life.

  16. I wanna stomp on it, both feet.

  17. That's not healthy

  18. Tiny pup with big siblings 😍

  19. My puppy is the smallest and is smaller then her. But damn that dog is so cute

  20. OMG THOSE ARFS!!!!!

  21. 🤣😂😃😂🤣😂

  22. I hate Chihuahuas but she is the cutest dog ever

  23. it’s so cute when she’s in the jungle 😂😂

  24. Aaawwwwww she so CUTE!!!😍😍

  25. Repulsive little bug eyed beast. I can hardly stand to look at it and the hideous sounds it makes. Disgusting animal!

  26. We need stricter breeding regulations to keep certain breeds of puppies from being born with life-threatening genetic defects and deformities.

  27. What a sweetie!
    and geez, thats a HUGE great dane!

  28. Great Dane would probably eat a chihuahua whole

  29. Did a toad mate with this dogs mom?
    ( just a joke, this dog is ugly adorable😍😍😍😍😍)

  30. Her eyes barely fit inside her head!

  31. seeing dogs like this just make me so mad all the selective breeding making big health problems

  32. I have a chihuahua but she has a normal head. Not one that looks if it’s going to explode any second.

  33. I've got a dog like that and the same size to but my dog has more hair

  34. Aww she is so cute I want her😍

  35. Disgusting to promote unnatural selection to an extent in which animals are born WITH defects as a standard. This is not cute, open your eyes people and think about the animal and not yourself. If you really cared you would feel sorry for this animal born due to human selfishness.

  36. its great to see the lil tyke has a happy home but she is a product of bad breeding. you can tell the brief video of her "walking" that she has luxating patellas common in small breeds, often painful and crippling. definitely crippled her. bad teeth because there is no space in that micro mouth, difficulty breathing. I love chihuahuas but when people breed for cutest smallest dog they are promoting bad genes. this selective breeding ruined GSH, english bulldogs, shih tzu's etc. and that is not cute.

  37. My chihuahua is small for her age and she’s 3 years old.

  38. That s. cute baby God loves all. Children

  39. That Chihuahua does not looks healthy at all!!!!

  40. Glad she has a good owner.

  41. I hate chihuahuas, I own 2 pitbulls, don’t @ me.

  42. Layla_lil_dog_with_a_bi

  43. Omg…… she so cute

  44. How old is this dog? I wanted to see what a 2 lb chihuahua looks like.

  45. Protect the smol

  46. Amazing Little Dog.

  47. So un natural poor dog

  48. litl sweetheart 💗

  49. Awww I love how two of her friends are Great Danes! One of the largest dogs out there, I find it ADORABLE!

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