They’re Eating A $25 TONGUE?! ๐Ÿ‘… Basic to Bougie: Season 4 | MTV

They’re Eating A $25 TONGUE?! ๐Ÿ‘… Basic to Bougie: Season 4 | MTV

(hiphop music) – Don’t be a bitch, go, go, go. (laughs) Who’s tongue is that? Ah!
(Timothy burps) Let’s start.
– Ah! (hiphop music) Darren big baby Brand here. – We back, Timothy DeLaGhetto – What’s happening, Basic to Bougie. – [Timothy] The show where we
try three different versions of two different foods to try to determine which is the cheapest,
middlest and most expensive. – You almost rapped that. – A little bit, and
sometimes along the way. – Uh-huh.
– What do you say? – Uh-huh. – Naw, I’m not trying to be Justina. (Darren laughs)
– Sometimes we find out that the most basic food can be bougie. – Or that the most
bougie food can be basic. Let’s do it. Darnell.
(classical music) – Glad to have you back, brother. – Okay guys be careful, it’s very hot.
– I’m dressing like you today. – It’s hot? – Oh what’s up, that is my shirt. (upbeat music) (Darren gasps)
– I know what it is, espresso. – Really? – I can fit this in a small thing, a small cup, that espresso?
– Oh, I guess so. – Smell it.
– Cappuccino. – That’s cappuccino or
coffee or hot chocolate. – Hot chocolate.
– Hot chocolate! – Yay! (upbeat music) – [Timothy] I’m so excited.
– I’m a fan of hot chocolate. – This is my (beep). – Why you, reach, you have your own. (Timothy laughs) Yo, do not do that this season, bro. – But this is my (beep). – What is it? – With the white chocolate. You can play the violin on
this one, I don’t even care. – Oh, get right.
(violin plays) – The little white chocolate,
with the little peppermint flakes or whatever this
is, oh my God, beautiful. (Timothy blows a kiss) – Say beautiful again?
(violin plays) – Beautiful. – My boy, obviously, this
is a general, at the family, Christmas eve, everybody
got on their pajamas, Santa’s coming, bow. – Yeah, real simple. – Some (beep), this some new (beep). – Yeah, tumeric. – What is that floating? – It’s just chocolate. Oh yeah, it’s just chocolate. – You know what it looks like though? – Oh it’s mint chocolate, what? – Okay, you know what it looks like. (beep) and you just gonna
pick it up like that? (Timothy slurps) All right where you wanna start? (swoosh) – Let’s go with the.
(laughs) – Let’s get your (beep). Your (beep) with the peppermint in it. – Aw man. – And it got donuts and it’s warm too. – Oh, it’s so warm. (upbeat music) – [Timothy & Darren] Mmm! – That taste like Christmas. – I’ma tell you what it is though. And you already know what it is. – What is it, oh! – It’s a fashoyourighton. – Definitely, fashoyourighton.
(air horn) – That’s what it is. – Fashoyourighton, fashoyourighton. – This makes up for all the (beep). Just gonna lick the glass, huh? My boy is in there, okay. (Timothy laughs)
I got something on my face? (hiphop music)
– No. – Tell the truth. – [Timothy] That side, little bit. (laughs) No, I was being serious.
– You was being serious? (swoosh) Let’s go with the gold joint. – Oh, okay.
(hiphop music) What is this?
(record screeches) (curious music)
What is this? Can’t figure it out.
– I don’t know what it is. (Darren slurps) – Yeah, that’s a little too sweet for me. – Oh the diabetes is in
there, oh it’s setting. (Timothy sighs) You said it’s sweet, but you continue. – I just wanna know what it is. – We’re not gonna know
til we get the card. (buzzer) Here we go, last one.
– All right. (hiphop music) – [Darren] Classic
– The good old. – My boy, the good old days.
(glasses clink) (hiphop music) – Do it, oh man, taking it to the head. (hiphop music) – Don’t be a bitch, go, go, go, go, go. Look at my boy!
(air horn) Look at my boy! It’s good though.
(Timothy burps) – Oh man, I’m drunk. – Ah!
– Ah! (glasses clink) – Jonathan tell– – We didn’t rate them. – [Darren] Oh.
(laughs) (hiphop music) – Cheap is–
– Cheapest. – But the best.
(swoosh) Obviously, obviously.
– Delicious, delicious. This (beep) right here, middlest. And then, gold. – [Darren] Gold, most expensive. – Jacq, come up here, tell
them what you said last week. Tell them what you said last week. (classical music)
(laughs) – That’s it.
– Man, sit down. – He’s crazy. – He’s crazy, he’s (beep) crazy. Cheapest, powdered hot
chocolate, 25 cents. – [Timothy] Wow. – [Darren] A cup? – Wow.
– Standard water hot chocolate improved with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate chips, me,
from the grocery store. The best one to me. – It was tasty. – No, you don’t think it was the best one? I really liked this one. I like the little mint in there. – Rich peppermint dark, hot chocolate. Eight dollars a cup.
(cha-ching) Crushed peppermints, thick rim, accessorized with powdered sugar donuts, peppermint, bark from a bakery. – Damn, ate it all up. – Most expensive, golden
white hot chocolate. How you gonna be golden white hot, how you gonna be white hot chocolate? – White
– [Both] Hot Chocolate. – Hmm.
– Hmm. Includes gold champagne
marshmallows, flavored with t, what’s that?
– Tumeric. Oh (beep), I was right. – I thought that said TV meric. (Timothy laughs) and other spices from
a high end candy store. That cost $15 a cup. $15 for the yellow–
– The hot yellow most extravagant. – Oh you showing out, oh you showing, eww. It like had a little drool. – That was a little
(Darren drowns out Timothy) – Bougie time.
(classical music) Ready?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Bougie round, head phones, head phones, I mean, eye lids, what’s these called? (muffled laughing)
– I can hear the (muffled). – What’s these called? Blindfolds
(ding) You better call Tyrone. (dramatic music) – Bougie, bougie.
– Bougie round. It’s cold, it’s thick,
what the hell is this? – What is it?
– Wait a second. – [Darren] Wait a minute hold on. – Is this a tongue, oh this is a tongue! (hiphop music)
(laughs) Damn, look at it. – [Darren] You looking at it?
– You gotta look at it. – I’m not gonna look at it. – No, cause if you look at it– – When I felt it, I knew, I knew. – Okay, look at it like
this, it looks like bread. It looks like bread if
you look at it like this. – It looks like bread? – Yeah, if you look at it
like this it looks like bread. – I can’t do it, bro. – See, it’s bread. – First of all, who’s tongue is that? – It’s probably cow tongue. (cow moos) – Oh my God, boy look at that (beep). I’m not eating a tongue, bro. – Oh, no, but they
gonna make it real nice. – Let’s start.
– Ah! (laughs) (classical music) (Darren speaking on tongues) – I was speaking in tongues. – Speaking in tongues, yeah I know. (laughs) You are healed, you are healed. – Let’s do it. – Okay, got the omelet, a tongue omelet. – I feel like this looks like spam. This looks the safest, like a good old– – Yeah, you wanna do that? – Yeah, let’s do a regular. – We’ll eat it real quick, lickety split. – Boy you is on it. (hiphop music) – Mmmm, mmm, mmm. – It’s just a little chewy. (Darren gags)
(Timothy laughs) How you feel about that? – Would y’all eat tongue?
(laughs) – Sammy’s definitely not. – Listen. – Sammy has us eating all this (beep) and she just eats fries. – For those who don’t
know, Sammy’s our producer, so instead of commenting on us, y’all can comment on Sam now. Y’all hit Sam up and let us know that this is too much for the black man. You think Sammy ate tongue today? – No. (classical music) – Okay, are these miniature
tongues into a big tongue? – It’s probably, maybe
it’s cut up and ground up and then put into a thing. (Darren burps) Oh man, his tummy made a crazy noise. – Ah! That’s my tongue coming out,
the tongue coming up out. (laughs) – [Both] Ah!
(Darren coughs) – [Timothy] Oh my God. – All right, let’s do it, let’s do it. I always like to make
sure you eat it first and like nothing happens then I’ll try it. You’re the test dummy, go ahead. Good?
– Taste like bologna. – I love bologna. (hiphop music)
(Darren smacks) – That’s not a fashoyourighton. – It ain’t a fashoyourighton,
but it ain’t bad. – You gave me the fashoyourighton
eyes, I said what? – I could def put that
on some toast bread. Make a little sandwich with that. That not bad. – Not bad.
– No. (smack) I was hoping it would do that. And the only reason I did it is because I knew you would be cool. And I knew you wouldn’t overreact. That’s the only reason I did it and I just knew for some
reason it was gonna stick and I know you not gonna
trip cause you’re my bro, but man, that’s funny. Sorry man. (peel) – Thank you, thank you. – All right, this the one
that was on your face, so don’t nobody eat that one. (classical music) Let’s do it.
– Cheers. Taste like a regular omelet.
– An omelet. That’s what it taste though. That’s what it taste like. – Taste like a regular. – Uh-oh, wait a minute. (dramatic music)
A little tongue in the egg. (Darren coughs)
We’re good. – Taste like a ham omelet.
– Facts. Is tongue, well– – It tastes like ham though,
isn’t that what’s crazy? This tastes like bologna,
this tastes like ham. – Why are tongues bougie? That’s a delicacy? – It’s probably expensive. – All right man, let’s rate
cause now I’m getting nervous cause we don’t know what type of tongue. Like what if this is like
porcupine tongue or something? – Chinchilla tongue.
(Darren gasps) – Animals down, all right, let’s do it. (hiphop music) Cheapest, right? – You think that’s cheapest? – I don’t know. – I feel like this is the
cheapest to be honest. – [Darren] The eggs with the fries? – It’s just cut up and put in some (beep). This might be the cheapest. I think the preparation on
this makes me think it’s bougie just because of like they got
the chimichurri sauce on there and they got the little fancy oil. – That don’t mean (beep). – This is just regular ass mustard, you know what I’m saying? – [Both] Cheapest. – [Both] Middlest. – [Both] Most expensive. – [Timothy] I like that. – Are we sure?
– No, but let’s do it. – All right.
(Darren speaking in tongues) My boy, you want some? – No.
– You sure? All right, lay it on me. We (beep) up?
– We (beep) up. – No! – Cheapest tongue omelet.
(cha-ching) Instead of bacon, sausage
and ham, this omelet’s filled with tongue, served with french fries from an iconic Jewish deli. – Oh, well damn (speaks foreign language) – [Darren] Tongue Blutwurst,
(cha-ching) Traditional European bologna
made with pork tongue and blood sausage.
(records scratch) – Oh, you had some blood sausage, blood. – What is blood sausage? – Sausage made out of blood. – Are you serious or you playing? – No, I swear to God. (Timothy laughs) – See that’s what I’m saying,
I knew it was some (beep). I knew it, I don’t eat blood sausage. That’s not my thing. – You do now and you liked that a lot. (dramatic music) You like blood sausage. Oh, Darren likes blood sausage. – [Darren] And the most
expensive is the smoked tongue. (cha-ching) Beef tongue, served with herb sauce. – Damn, you’re like a vampire, bro. – What’s blood sausage? – Sausage made out of blood. – How–
– They take it and they mix it with some other (beep) and then they like put it. (Darren gasps) (dramatic music) – Close the show. (Timothy speaks in tongues) (laughs) – You need to go to church
now after sucking that blood. – Bro, will you stop saying it, bro. Get your hands off me, man. Thank y’all for watching
Basic to, no, no, I knew it. I knew you was gonna
try to slap me with it. – Thank you for watching Basic to Bougie. I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – I’m Darren big baby Brand. – Bye.
– Damn. (laughs) – [Director] Cut. – [Timothy] If that
woulda stuck, oh my God. – [Darren] Oh man.

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