These Rams Go Head to Head – Literally | Animal Fight Night

These Rams Go Head to Head – Literally | Animal Fight Night

NARRATOR: Big horn
Rams can endure more than five clashes an hour. And after conquering
three subordinates, this outsider now faces
the dominant male. His seasoned opponent
takes the high ground. This builds more
battering momentum and greater impact force. It’s like being hit
by a baseball bat at 80 miles an hour. Casanova faces an uphill
battle, but goes full power. The force cracks
his opponent’s horn. But as a weapon,
it’s no less deadly. After a brutal
two-tiered tournament, one last blow from the big
guy is too much for Casanova. He doesn’t win
the right to mate, but incredibly wins
a place in the gang.

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  1. This bighorn ram has to defeat three subordinates and the dominant male with his horns. What would you be willing to do to join the rams gang? ?

  2. men should fight over us like this hahahah

  3. It's over Casanova! I have the high ground!

  4. Q: What kind of car does a sheep like to drive?
    A: A Lamborghini

  5. The sound of 2 rams headbutting eachother sounds like wood breaking.

  6. Of all the animals that fight with antlers/horns, these impress me the most. They are literally smashing their heads together full force, not locking antlers/horns but rearing up and then throwing themselves at each other. If those horns weren't there they would probably be suffering some severe brain damage.

  7. ♈️ Aries ♈️

  8. Those Rams got big BALLS

  9. That's respect. Took on three sonsofbitches AND the boss. Balls of steel.

  10. Armenian War dance Yarkhushta, this dance is taken from the fight of Rams.


  12. "He doesn't win the right to mate, but incredibly, wings a place in the gang." Casanova may have lost the battle, but he won the respect of the Boss and his Subordinates and became one of them ;).

  13. To think this animal is featured on a truck. The Ram Truck.

  14. Well he didn't got the girls but he got some new buddies, not too bad.

  15. Im only watching this because I'm an Aries

  16. Everyone's gangsta until the Ram starts walkin'

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