The Terrifying Truth Behind This Rare Sphynx Cat Left To Die Alone Is.. (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

The Terrifying Truth Behind This Rare Sphynx Cat Left To Die Alone Is.. (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

July 16th, on the apartment staircase July 20th, in the apartment parking lot Within an apartment complex Frequently appearing Rare breed, the Sphynx cat Vet : The cat is around 4 years old The cat’s male, neutered The other cat is 5, 6 years old at most? Vet : Since only a select group of people raise sphynx cats The two cats most likely had the same owner Found in the same place, around the same time What does it mean? Asks around The owner would take the cats to the front of that house, and play in the hall.. He lived alone in the *** area And raised four cats.. There were two more? A foul smell was coming from behind the door.. We reported it to the police for a possible death At the time of investigation The house that was hard to get into Was in devastating condition.. Fireman on scene : We didn’t see any cats inside (the house) But there were a lot of cat feces Everything was all over the place As if the owner left abruptly Can’t find any trace of cat care What happened in this filthy home? You can still smell the odor from outside the door No sign of human presence Expert : It could be animal hoarding Due to difficulty while housing them, They were neglected and abandoned Perhaps.. Their life before being on the streets Might’ve been more terrifying.. What’s worse is The other two cats Haven’t been found yet.. Cat expert : Owners have a misunderstanding about cats They think that cats can survive outside if abandoned.. Cats who have been fed and given water Have no way to find food and water outside If you can’t take responsibility until the end, don’t raise them If you can’t raise them any longer, Ask for help from those around you “Abandoned cats are left to die” I was once Part of your family And am now walking on the path of death For what reason, Did you Adopt me in the first place?

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  1. Y'a t'il une suite ?

  2. Many thanks and blessings friend

  3. I dot really like Sphynx cats the most but I know they are still cats so I love them

  4. Click here? to see poor cats in Morocco

  5. I hope they get a nice home with lots of love and care

  6. if anyone is wondering ,these breeds are sold for $3000 each

  7. Are they already get adopted? Please tell us.. thanks

  8. Damn it! Sphynx cats are hairless, they shouldn't be exposed to sunlight so long! Thanks for the rescue!

  9. Hello Kritter Klub……thank you so much for helping….God Bless For you……

  10. Hello frends❤️????♥️❤️???????❤️??❤️❤️??
    Video super ???

  11. Very sad case. But this world and its humans continually,repeatedly leave animals down.if they are not cruel,they cruelly abandon them…god help everyone of them ??

  12. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Povere creature ché fine hanno fatto come stanno grazie x averli aiutati ma adesso dove sono

  14. Adesso queste creature particolarmente sensibili e delicate..stanno davvero in buone mani.. Spero tanto in un adozione consapevole..Un abbraccio dall' Italia ?

  15. Hola me fascina el vídeo ustede #kritterKlub? y me puedes mandar un saludo por favor ??

  16. 体毛が無いのはそういう動物なんですか?

  17. 飼い主が居なくなり家屋内をある程度破壊したのは猫だと思います。




  18. sphynx cat require a lot of attention/knowledge because their skin is fragile. The appartment was an abuse situation.

  19. How un scharry BUT GOOD :0

  20. Pobrecitos! Espero que encuentren un dueño que sea más responsable y que los quiera de verdad.

  21. Beautiful cats. Very loving. Suitable for those who have allergies to cat hair. Thank you for helping. ???????✌?❤️

  22. Que mala leche tiene el que maltrata a un pobre ser inocente que no pidió nacer le utilizo y abandono leyes mas duras que defiendan a estos pobres infelices

  23. Don’t forget to watch the part 1 below!
    Part 1 :

  24. SONG…SAN…NONG…CAT…จรจัดมากค่า♥️?♥️?♥️?♥️

  25. LOV???E..NONG.???..CAT

  26. Этим котейкам обязательно нужен дом! Они просто напросто не выживут на улице

  27. Академия переезда
    Смотрели первую серию (Part 1), просмотрели вторую серию видео (Part 2), всё равно неясно, как кошки такой породы оказались на улице без заботы человека. Видимо причина-неблагоприятные обстоятельства в жизни хозяев. Нужно ждать окончания (Part 3)? В любом случае можно сочувствовать брошенным животным.
    Moving Academy
    Watched the first series (Part 1), watched the second series of videos (Part 2), it is still unclear how cats of this breed were on the street without human care. Apparently the cause-adverse circumstances in life of the owners. Need to wait for the end (Part 3)? In any case, you can sympathize with abandoned animals.

  28. This kind of sad crap I can't take it! ???

  29. Even though I don’t like sphinx cat, i still respect them

  30. India is one of the country where Most of the people dont like animals specially CAT'S… seriously dont know why…??

  31. Тут есть русские или нет?

  32. Nossa que tanta maldade que fizeram com os amo animais graças a Deus que foram salvo???

  33. Why do people think they're ugly I love them

  34. That's it? You're ending it there? What's happened to these angels? We're they adopted? Are they healthy? Did they get adopted together? I NEED to KNOW! Lol. Please make a follow-up video! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! & THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  35. This cat is so adorable thank you so much for saving this angel God bless you always

  36. This video must have copy right . It is copied from another youtuber @kritter Klub

  37. Don't like breeders when they do this to cats (& dogs). Dog breeds suffer the most for people's absurd notions of how genetic deformities should be.
    3 changes I've seen breeders make that are horrid.
    The shortening of the nose as in Persian cats (& pug dogs)
    The shortening of the legs as in munchkin – this is horrid as a cat is a natural athlete/gymnast in body habit. Cruely this has been done to dogs like corgis, whose body cannot support their heavy torso.
    And designing the poor & oft reviled Sphynx. Madness. Cats love grooming, & their fur is frequently unique. Very cruel.
    I'd treat them the same as other cats, as they still have the cat personality.
    A cat should have, a long nose, for breathing whilst running. Big ears & long legs. And especially fur.

  38. i hope theres another video of them being found

  39. :c sadness, may the pretty kitty be loved

  40. ??????????meu Deus!

  41. I treasure my kitty & respect his needs. He’s independent doesn’t like a lot of fussing or picked up but will demand his quota of attention like lying on your lap or when lying in bed, he sits on my chest & gets a good love up, petting or stroking, he sounds like a 2 stroke engine with his loud purring.
    When I see animal cruelty it’s really hurtful because cats are so intelligent & understand most things plus are very clean creatures. It’s so disrespectful to them. If only people could realise cats or dogs may be an animal but they have to be respected. What you give out you will receive. Of course you will get those people that have no respect for themselves or unable to. They should be banned from having a pet.

  42. If only the kitties could tell the story of what happened to them ?

  43. I hope you can find other cat soon

  44. Why must everyone hate my favorite cat? Just because their bald and need extra attention! LONG LIVE THE SPHYNX CAT!

  45. Whoever did this to that sacred precious peach fuzz cotton deserves to have the shit beaten out of them, tied to a post, n left to starve

  46. Chats de race ou pas on ne les abandonne pas. Les pauvres chou

  47. I'm not satisfied with the ending. Lol

  48. I want a spinx cat so bad.

  49. Urgh, don’t neglect any kind of animal. What a cruel thing. Hopefully the both of them are doing fine!

  50. اظن ان هذه من نوع القطط الشريرة

  51. O veterinário falou tudo se não pode criar não adote,para depois jogar na rua, é desumano demais mas se deus quiser eles vão encontra alguém,que os adotes com muito carinho e amor!

  52. Poor babies ??? I hope they find a better home!!

  53. Por dios ayudarlo..pobre gatito…buscarle un hogar una familia donde lo quieran d verdad y lo cuiden como merece..yo porque vivo en España sino lo adoptaba con muchisimo cariño y amor…se merece lo mejor…porfavor no lo abandoneis..porfavor….gracias….❤?❤?❤?

  54. Хозяин не справился и дал кошкам умирать?

  55. No sabia que los gatitos, se dejan morir, por abandono, es muy triste y cruel, lo que llegan hacer muchos humanos, con estos seres inocentes. Sí, no pueden cuidar y respetar hasta el final de su vida, no tengan animalitos. NO MÁS MALTRATO ANIMAL, POR FAVOR ??.

  56. Please help us spread the channel to a wider audience You can help us and street animals by recommending the channel to your friends and relatives

  57. People who abandon their pets should be locked up

  58. Such a sweety. it hurts to know this naked angel were outside all along without warmth an love and food. ? thank you for helping

  59. Muito lindo o trabalho de vcs de salvar as vidas dos animais parabéns

  60. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?

  61. Those poor, precious kitties. My heart hurts!

  62. If the case was involved in animal hoarding, could the other two cats have also been kept for breeding? ??

  63. Tão fofinho, todo carequinha,, ????

  64. ? why!!?? I need a part 3 now! Glad at least 2 of them are safe. I hope the missing two are ok !

  65. We hope Kritter Klub can follow up on this story – what happened to the other 2 Sphynx cats? Has this sweetie been adopted? Can be culprits be brought to justice? Fined & imprisoned???

  66. A majestic breed. Hope they are all safe now.

  67. OMG
    Quiero saber que paso con los otros gatos ?

    Puede ser que el dueño tuvo una emergencia o un secuestre al dejar su apartamento en esa condición

  68. People are so awful to animals; they are like children and need to be cared for…for as long as they live. They have feelings and love their humans, so to be thrown out into the streets is horrible. While a feral cat might be able to revert enough to survive, those raised as special breeds have a very difficult time fending on their own, and often die of starvation.

  69. I swear they are the cutest kind of cats.

  70. I feel like I have already watched this?

  71. im still waiting the truth behind this…

  72. Pobres animalitos, efectivamente ellos no saben los motivos despiadados de quienes los adquieren y después los desechan como si fueran objetos, ….estos desequilibrados mentales ,no deben tener acceso a una mascotas; no son aptos mentalmente y espiritualmente …"son basuras infrahumanas" ?????✨???

  73. I just wish I can have this cute sphinx cat, I really love this breeds.

  74. Only feral cats can survive outdoors. Cats raised by humans or raised indoors will not have learned to hunt properly (hunting a toy is MUCH easier than hunting a real animal), will not have learned where clean water is, will not have learned where good shelter is, will not have been welcomed into the ranks of a clowder, and thus will likely be viciously attacked by other cats on sight. Healthy ferals don't need human help…lost or abandoned strays do. Some breeds like the sphinx will never be feral. Sphinx's lack of fur makes them highly prone to hypothermia and could never survive outdoors even if otherwise cared for.

  75. my dog was abandon in cemetary

  76. But wait, I thought we would receive more answers in Part 2. But still more questions. That poor Sphynx, I wish I had a cat like that. I'd take good care of it. Wouldn't be walking the streets like this.

  77. Thanks for rescuing them. Hope they get a nice home ?

  78. Poor cats??????????

  79. What that guy said is right, if you cant support a cat do not get one, if you can no longer support a cat then ask for support.

  80. 死なない‼️生きる‼️悪いけど。

  81. I have three Sphinx and I can’t believe Someone could do this to such an amazing breed. Better yet I don’t know how anyone could do this to any kind of cat or dog

  82. If the owner left abruptly, has anyone thought of filing a missing persons report? Maybe something happened to them? Why would anyone spend that much money on pets, take care of them and suddenly disappear?

  83. Ok whoever left this cat to die is INSANE, one because its an animal, and two because THOSE CATS ARE REALLY EXPENSIVE!

  84. so pretty.unique.glad safe

  85. Will there be a part 3?

  86. I'm so glad they are safe and are great hands. their breed need lots of care and love and hope they have new families soon.

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