The sweetest fight in the world – Happy end

The sweetest fight in the world – Happy end

ksksksksksk pspspspspsp Where have you been? I’m calling you in minutes. I’m bringing food for you. Wait me. I’il take Cansu and come. They’re jealous of each other. Do they deserve wet cat food? Of course they deserve it. My babies. I’il kiss your mouth. You cannot enter between two brothers. Who wants to eat wet cat food? Let’s have a wet food party. Go and do your fight on the floor. I end this fight with wet food. Cats know my camera. When I turn on the camera, they understand eat cat food. See you in the next video. Take care of yourselves.

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  1. İlkbeğeni ilk yorum benden olsun videoları severek takip ediyorum

  2. Mutlu sonla bitmesi daha iyi olmuş;)) Onur Öngüç

  3. Harikasınız kedi sevgisi huzur ve mutluluktur

  4. They enjoy every minute of your attention. Thanks guys ♥️✌️?

  5. Kediler ilgiyi çok sever şımarık tatlı tüy yumakları ?

  6. Where are you from? You seem to be talking in a different language

  7. They love cuddles sooo much!! ??❤️

  8. And I just subbed… looking forward to seeing more vids!

  9. Hello onur, the cats seem so happy because you cheering them ? you so kindness i hope my channel growing like you so i can help others stray cats in my village ?keep motivated me sir ?

  10. Mama çıkınca kavga bitti 🙂

  11. Aww they're adorable. The little spotty one looks like a Bengal.

  12. Hello, Onur and Cansu! These kittens are so lovely to each other! It's very sweet to see them together. Have a great week.?‍♀️????

  13. Beautiful cats! Siblings are so harsh on each other! I noticed that the gray tabby brother has a cut on his leg, I have eagle eyes ?!
    Do wish they wouldn't hurt each other though, but unneutered males fight alot ?, even sibling sisters I have wrestle each other, until I tell them…"knock it off you guys"! ?

  14. Cat's food mukbang ??? Süpersiniz… Kavgalarıda ayrı bir tat vermiş ?

  15. Well I wound up watching this video and the adverts 2x as I had to go feed my Manx. They are handsome boys. Good work. I noticed that your channel had gained a bigger number of subs than last week! Fantastic! All the best to you and your family. ???ps you have a lovely garden

  16. So sweet kitties!! ???

  17. I wish I was born in Istanbul, it’s a cat paradise

  18. ???????? Maşallah hepside cins cins güzellikler ????????????????❤️?

  19. They are just too flipping cute for words!!! <3

  20. I'm new to your channel. I'm looking forward to seeing more videos. Thank you for the English subtitles. ?❤️??

  21. ??????? how adorable they are… ???????

  22. Beautiful healthy ? cats

  23. Amazing mate.
    The love they are showing.
    Just cant take them off the lap.
    So adorable.
    Awesome video ?

  24. ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

  25. Hey.. it's my turn now. I'm not sharing ???. ???? from Girl, Momo, Memey & Titot

  26. Suddenly I want to visit Istanbul….

  27. If I lived in Turkey, maybe I would always be late to get to my destination, because I was busy greeting all stray cats on the streets. ????❤️❤️❤️

  28. Ah ah the 2 guardians of the place were hiding in the bush ready to defend their territory but it was Onur and Madame coming with plenty of surprises. But first let go on her lap for some tender petting. Yeah but i was the first for petting, no you are the second, ah ok, let go both at the same time. Then they start to play fight and miss all the petting, ah one day they will learn. And one have spotted Madame's phone, better watch it Madame, they will take it and hide it in the bush. If it happend, call your phone and the bush will ring, lol.
    Thank you for the video.

  29. Time fur wet food party

  30. omg what a cute siblings those fight soo cute ??????

  31. Wound on his leg, is that treated ?

  32. Sevimli kedicikler ??her zaman tam destek ?

  33. Cute cats they look active. I saw one of them is hurted his leg. I hope he gets well and that hurt get not afected or any infection. Thanks for feeding them ❤️❤️?God bless u

  34. Love the video of these adorable feisty brothers, they are like little tigers , just so adorable!!!

  35. The one with gray fur, look like my cute cat. ?

  36. How beatiful litte devilsOne of kitten male realy look like Bengal☺I think this sweet brother are jealous about love Your Wife❤Fantastic funny video.?Like humans baby are this cats brother!Thank You for love food for him?We are like Angel for animals.My heard is so happy when i watching your chanel???????Poland saluted You?

  37. Hakettiler manayı ??

  38. They are so adorable ❤️ ❤️

  39. Cats know what good life is about. They know what love, playing and having fun is and even in the worst moments they can make it. You are such wonderful people but at the same time lucky to live in a cat friendly environment?????????

  40. Kittens are so cute!Grey kitty I have too,they are so adorable!♥️??

  41. Awee so cute ?? they must be siblings! they fought like my kittens lol

  42. Bu kediler tam bir minnoslar ya huuu;))

  43. It just party there are so happy and playing with there friends and they just love you both. Thanks you both for your love and care.

  44. Gri yavrunun bacaginda sanki yara mi gordum…

  45. That's just brotherly love… LL! Plus this teaches them how to fight other cats, when living on these hard streets. Peace to both & ALL!

  46. Sevimli çocuklar hakkettiler mamayı ??

  47. Kavgaları bile çok tatlı, birbirlerine zarar vermesinler yeter ki…

  48. Just another day in Catstanboul❤❤❤

  49. Aaawww… they are sooo precious ❤❤❤❤❤ playing fight..????? full watch including ads ?????

  50. What a JOY to behold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the way it should be. Food, Lotsof Love n Security

  51. ?❤️??❤️♥️???

  52. I would kiss them too! Adorable! ????
    Thank you! ????

  53. Pspspspspssps???? very fanny,???

  54. Bu kardeşler çok şeker tiplere bak yavv ;)) Onur Öngüç

  55. The two beautiful grey cats surely prefer food from fighting!!! ??????so sweet!!!! ??

  56. Bonjour à tous les deux !
    Merci beaucoup pour cette belle vidéo car ces deux chatons sont vraiment trop mignons à jouer ensemble et aussi merci pour leur avoir donné à manger et j'ai déjà envie de voir la vidéo suivante ! ♥♥

  57. Evet tatlı bir kavga olmuş

  58. So cute!
    The world really needs more people like you, keep up the hard work 🙂

  59. What you see on a gray kitten's leg is not a wound or cut. A sticky substance smeared from the tree he climbed. I would like to thank the sensitivity of the friends who stated that they thought it was a wound. Kittens are my responsibility. They don't have any health problems.??

    Gri kedinin bacağında gördüğünüz şey yara veya kesik değildir. Tırmandığı ağaçtan yapışkan bir madde bulaşmış. Yavru kediler benim sorumluluğumdalar ve sağlık durumları son derece iyi. Bunu yara sanıp yorumlarda endişelenen arkadaşlara hassasiyetleri için teşekkür ederim. ??

  60. Anam Kedilerde Kavga Edüy Yimek İçin Yaww Yazıktır ??

  61. Gün geçtikçe artıyor abone sayınız, ne güzel

  62. Ohhh so cute ❤️??❤️

  63. Beautiful patron…adorable cuties???
    Played video and ads twice. Thank you both for so much love and care! ??????

  64. They are cute brothers ??

  65. All Haill The Lord Of Da Cuteness

  66. everything of cats is sweetest

  67. One mf again disliked your video dude

  68. какие же вы молодцы

  69. Wow me and my cat does the same thing ????

  70. These cats are all amazingly beautiful. Cat paradise indeed. Thank you for feeding them and for your caring hearts??❤️?

  71. What a great happiness it is to devote time to such amazing cats, to care for and love them, and besides, this is a great responsibility that you and your wife do very well!
    It's nice to watch everything you do.
    Thank you so much for your kindness !!! :-)))

  72. Very cute Kitty's ????????☺️?

  73. Oh oh afiyet olsun miniklere kedi ?

  74. Beautiful garden with beautiful cats. They look so well cared of and happy ?

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