The Sims 4: Random Genetics DOG Challenge VS Yammy

The Sims 4: Random Genetics DOG Challenge VS Yammy

One, two, three. Oh my god, why. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy WHYYYYYYY *HELP HIM* It looks like theres something wrong with my dog *INTRO MUSIC* Hey guys, so I am here with another random genetics challenge, but THIS time im doing pets *chuckle* Dogs, cats, what-have-you and I’m also joined by special guest; Yammy, xox Lauren: Or no, just Yammy now
Yammy: HEY *Lauren laughs* Yammy: Uhh, I mean Im both but, Yammy……..Yay So how this is gonna go , is we’re both gonna be creating a randomly genetic…..kited dog(Giggle) and uhhh Then we’re gonna meet back up at the end and see who did a better job of making them Look cuter or crazier Or I don’t know you guys could probably vote in the comments below cuz I’m probably just gonna vote for mine anyway. Oh What about me Lauren? I’m here to too. Eh nah. Ohh.. I cry every time alright, so we’re gonna go do our thing, and then I will see you in a little bit Yammy, good luck. Good luck Lauren cuz I’m gonna win All right well first off. We’ve been staring at this beautiful Uh cowgirl, but it is a totally different species of what we’re going for we’re going for a dog. Oh god. He’s pooping already no stop pooping! Every time I go to a new dog it poops Immediately do I make dogs poop does the sight of my face make them poop alright so the way that this is gonna work is Pretty much like the normal random genetic Sims challenge where we have to Uh click three times on this little random dice on each category and see what we get now There’s not so much like face shapes and things that we can play with however There’s a lot of fur and patterns and colors and clothing and is this is gonna be interesting so Yammy and I have decided That we each have to do the breed mixer, and I have to pick two random breeds, so let’s do one two three It’s an Old English Sheepdog And the second breed one two Three a bloodhound great It’s gonna be a giant dog. Oh, and then I have to do this the randomized the mixed breed together three times one two Three oh he’s cute good. We’re winning. Okay, body one two three Oh, he’s a big one. Oh he’s big guy. Oh, it’s a big guy all right tail I hope he I hope he keeps his tail one two Three oh no, we got the nub you got the little nub tail noo you had such a beautiful majestic tail Oh, it looks like you were in an accident now I mean, I know there’s some dogs that like naturally don’t have a tail. It looks like his but has a nose Okay moving on darn it I jinxed it. I need to stop wishing for things. Okay, so the coat color pattern I honestly really hope I get one of these like cool ones But we’ll see, like the skeleton or the Robo dog or this, but I’m gonna jinx it now, so let’s see one two Three Oh see I jinxed it we didn’t get a cool one all right no now We got to randomize the colors one two three one two three Always boring one two three. Oh my god. What no no You are gonna. Make me lose This dog. he looks so unhappy All right, so we got head shape this might make or break the dog actually one two Three all right, I’ll take it one two three always got like the one floppy ear thing cute Nose one two three Okay, eyes one two Three oh god. He’s cross-eyed. Oh my God. Why why? WHYYYY You’re not cool colored it looks like there’s something wrong with my dog all right fur one oh God two three (hehe) There’s something wrong with my dog guys pet clothing one two three Why is this not going away? Is it stuck on it? I got this all three times. No. I’ll keep count This as one two okay there we go Three oh never mind, I randomized everything. I think I wasn’t supposed to do that. Okay, we’re gonna We’re gonna try this again guys. Let’s do hats one two three oh You couldn’t even get the unicorn horn harness one two three. Yes. He’s a shark, tops uh One two three oh, but then it gets rid of the harness no I am going back What was the harness he had was it this one go back to the harness? Oh, I think I ruined it I probably should have just did this whole thing the whole all of it together. Yeah, whatever he’s a sharp dog, okay? He looks like he’s both equipped for summer and winter at the same time, and uh yeah, this is my special puppy oh My goodness oh, I forgot to name him. I hope the name matches what he looks like one two three Oh squee yes that does match what he looks like one two three Squee Oglesby you are the greatest dog ever you’re super Plain-looking and look like you were in a terrible tragic accident and now cannot tell whether it is summer or winter weather I love you Squee Oglesby. I love you. Let’s let’s see you sit lets you do tricks. Oh, you’re so smart See you lay down his face Why? What is why are your eyes cross-eyed should I randomly choose his traits? That’s What I got well smart what I guess you’re just smarter than you you look buddy okay other trait It can’t am I clicking something did i click? Oh i clicked off Loyal, I keep going right through the middle Gluton Okay great great Squee you you’re the best so so Mine i don’t know what your dog looks like mine looks like Mines a special guy My dog actually came out really cute apart from the fact- What!. that There was one color that I honestly hate, but that’s it like it looks like a normal dog apart from that what mine. Yeah. I was hoping mine would be like crazy rainbow colors, but it didn’t end up being that way. I’m so excited to see your dog. Do you want to see mine? Yes, who should reveal first? I’ll reveal mine and then you can show me yours. ooo He’s on his hindleg’s.Oh, you can see the dog. yeah. Okay, that was a weird position there we go. Oh my god. you like him? He’s called Grant Seymore Wait what is his name Grant Seymore. yeah. it’s like a mans name Don’t you think he’s cute Lauren. He’s adorable, I wish I wish my dog got the unicorn horn. look at him hes a cute pup- he’s a man He’s a man dog. Grant Seymore I like It Yeah he like turned out super normal apart from the pink on his face, but you know he matched his scarf to it, so we’ll let him off. aw He’s cute. Thank you, Thank you Now I wanna see yours your saying he was in a accident okay um hold on let me turn on screen share. Oh, he’s cute. He’s cross-eyed. No, he’s adorable Lauren aw. Hes cross eyed and he’s confused on whether it is summer or winter. yeah. Also his tail was chopped off in an accident. aw He’s so derpy, I love him. He’s soo derpy and his name is squee Oglesby. That is the weirdest name that the game could have given you and it gave you it wow. Its amazing I love his name. Aw. but he Started out with such a majestic like fluffy tail and then when I randomized his tail take it away. And now he has a nub. Yeah now he got a nub and he’s got cross eyes. Aw he’s so derpy and cute, I love him I love Squee Oglesby What name is that. I think he’d be great friends with Grant Seymore. yeah, I think so too I think I’m just gonna have him roam around my sim series on the street. you should because we need to give more love to Squee Oglesby. alright guys and there you have it my derpy Squee Oglesby and uhh Yammys unicorny pink-faced What is it grant Grant?. Yeah get his name right? He has a man’s name, and he wants you to use it. He sounds like a gentleman. He is a gentleman and mine is derp. as you saw a Gentle giant I call him. Oh, yeah I didn’t even ask what your breeds were. Oh. Do you remember?. Let me see okay. My breed was. it might not show. it doesn’t show it and we don’t know what he is He’s a he’s a freak of nature. I’ll have to go watch your video. Yeah, you should yeah and i’ll watch yours. Yeah, so if you guys are interested in seeing What she did to make that uh?- WOW I am offended on every level Lauren Okay You can check out yammys channel and her video link will be the description below and leave me some comments letting me know whose was your favorite my derpy guy or Yammy’s umm Gentle giant Lauren. Yeah yeah there you go gentlemen as always guys if you made it this far as video make sure you leave like before you go subscribe if you’re new to the Channel I’d put anything it was every single day, and I will Z you guys soon!.

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  1. I had a dog with a short tail and he was a boxer but… he… died πŸ˜ͺ
    Love your vids πŸ‘


  3. I have a German Shepherd puppy toy and I named him squee!


  5. Hey, it's good that you make dogs poop with your face! If their constipated you're saving them right?

  6. My brother killed me because you said three

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