The Shiba Inu: About the Breed

The Shiba Inu: About the Breed

Meet the Shiba Inu This foxy-faced little dog isn’t a common canine in the United States But is treasured as a national monument in Japan Smart, stubborn, and surprisingly cat-like, these beautiful dogs with a big personality will always keep you on your toes The Shiba Inu is the smallest of the Japanese breeds and may be the oldest as well Remains have been found of small dogs with curled tails that date all the way back to 8000 BC The name “Shiba Inu” roughly translates to “Brushwood Dog” Originally, there were 2 types of Shibas: The “Mountain” Shiba, bred for strength, And the “Mino” Shiba, that was bred for speed and agility After WWII when the breed was almost wiped out, the 2 types were bred together creating the well-rounded Shiba Inu breed that you see today This breed comes in 4 colors: Red, Sesame, black with tan, and solid white The Shiba Inu has a plush, double-coat curled tail, small feet with thick pads, and small, pointed ears The Shiba Inu is one of the few breeds of dog that shows “dimorphism” meaning that there is a physical difference between the male and female of the breed Males are bigger, stockier, and usually, have fuller faces Females are more slender and fox-like The ideal weight for a male Shiba is 23 pounds, With the ideal height being between 14.5 and 16.5 inches tall at the shoulder This is about half the size of the more well known Japanese Akita who stands 24-26 inches tall The Shiba Inu is a very small dog, but is also very sturdy and solid They are generally very healthy,but can have ear problems Shiba Inu owners should take extra care when cleaning their dog’s ears As with every double-coated breed, Shibas can get “hot-spots” or dermatitis This is an uncomfortable skin condition but is an easy fix with a visit to the vet The major health problem with the Shiba Inu breed is slipped kneecaps With recent breeding however, this is becoming less of a problem Shiba Inus are a unique breed because they behave more like a cat than a dog Very smart, stubborn, and independent, the Shiba has also been known to groom itself like a cat as well Shiba hate the water but love the snow Some dogs of this breed can have a high prey drive This means that if it’s small and moves fast, they’ll chase it While this can make for a fun game of fetch, It’s not always fun for other pets or other animals visiting the backyard This breed is also famous for being an escape artist Shiba Inus will go over it, around it, or through it for a little exploring If your Shiba does escape, they want to keep it that way It’s rare to find a Shiba who will return on command when let off the leash While this breed is sometimes aggressive towards other dogs, they are generally very loving towards people Shiba will almost always sleep tucked in a ball and love to curl up next to you on the couch They tend to bond closely with their owners His temperament is not so dominating though his intelligence is just as obvious A Shiba will think his way through getting what he wants He is not noisy but will spot the invader of his owner’s property without making a scene about it *screaming bark* He loves his family and is not a restlessly demanding dog As you can see, every dog is different Research can only provide you with information about what MOST Shiba Inus are like Because the Shiba Inu is a very headstrong breed, They aren’t recommended for first-time dog owners If you decide that the Shiba Inu is the right dog for you, check your local rescues and shelters first

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  4. Thank you, well done!!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this video! It was very informative and just long enough. I have a Jack Russel mix and for a long time I was trying to decide if he was mixed with Shiba or Basenji. After watching this I am certain that he is mixed with red Shiba Inu. He has the face of a Jack but the color coat and markings for a Shiba. After watching this video, I see now that a lot of his characteristics are more Shiba than Jack. Thank you again!

  6. much thanks for video great doge of shibe such informed

  7. Jomon, not Mino. Mino Shiba is a type of solid rusty red Shiba (Note: The term "Shiba" used to be for small dogs until the Shiba Inu was created as one breed) from the Mino region, which is current day southern part of Gifu Prefecture.
    Also, "solid white" isn't the right term as a colour because white Shiba Inus aren't *solid white, but usually creamy-coloured and have a really high percentage of having light brown ears. Reputable Shiba breeders in Japan do not breed white dogs because they're technically red Shiba Inus with really recessed colours (thus the pink nose, which is a huge fault in the show ring for native Japanese breeds). They try to keep our dogs as close to their origins as hunters rather than pets. And because of that, Shiba Inus in Japan hardly have any common disorders unlike – unfortunately – the ones overseas. (:

  8. Anyone else going to various Shiba Inu videos for the Doge comments?

  9. There are three coats for Shiba Inus. Red, Black and Tan, and Sesame. The cream or "solid white" as you put it are actually Red Shibas with a major fault. Further, there are no solid white Shiba Inus, all creams have some red highlighting or red somewhere in.on their coat.

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  16. As someone who has worked around dogs AND didn't have a father figure in the house consistently growing up, I can say this seems like a good dog for a couple. But only if the wife has daddy issues haha

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  19. I loved my Shiba Inu 🙂

  20. This proves that japan has been worshiping doge for a long time.

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  22. Comments in a nutshell: WOW DOGE 😀

  23. there were actually three types of the original shiba, not just two. also, solid white is not a correct term for a white shiba; cream is. however, cream coats are not an official color in many countries and are generally disliked and unwanted in said countries, including Japan and America. ALSO, you're using a picture of an American akita while talking about a Japanese akita. shame on you.

  24. Uck, the music and animation in this is horrible. Great information though.

  25. Woah woah woah wait one second…. Japan worships doges?!?! Omg that's awesome!!

  26. I'm gonna become a first time dog owner soon and I really want to get a shiba inu so i've been doing a lot of research but it seems everyone is saying that shiba inus aren't for first time dog owners? So i'm kinda stuck

  27. My dog is a very good escape artist XD

  28. Very informative; thank you! 🙂

  29. Knowing the breed beforehand, we named our Shiba "Princess". If you ask her, however, she has graduated to Queen.

  30. It scares me how she said that theyre fast, they try to escape, and hardly ever come back on command

  31. is ok i have thell come back proimise i have one

  32. I think that the Shikoku ken and the Kai ken look more like a now-extinct Japanese wolf which was much smaller than the European or American wolf.
    Indeed, when I take my Kai ken out for a walk, small kids often scream "There's a wolf!"  – it is fun.

  33. Thanks very helpful 🙂

  34. Corrections…
    There were originally four types of Shiba Inu.
    Colours…  Red, Red sesame, black & tan, white, white sesame.
    Slipped kneecaps??  Correct term is Luxating patellas.
    Not a good dog for families with small children

  35. i think my grandaddy would get this dog for me i want it yellow and white

  36. so this dog acts like a cat so to speak and it's difficult to train…..yet you wouldn't recommend them to first time owners but also recommending people to go to shelters to find one who either was abused by an owner or abandon cause they couldn't train it properly……………and it's difficult to train as is………*just watched Bill Burr's skit on rescue dogs"……….

  37. Vocês conhecem a miniatura do Akita? A raça se chama Shiba Inu! Querem conhecer melhor a raça?

    Os Shibas são extremamente comuns no Japão. No mundo ocidental, eles demoraram a ser conhecidos, pois, somente no século XVIII, os primeiros exemplares foram levados para a Europa. Logo após a Segunda Guerra Mundial, quase houve extinção da raça por muitos casos de cinomose. Além de todas essas informações interessantes abordadas até o momento, o melhor ainda está por vir. Talvez você tenha imaginado neste momento: que outras surpresas vêm por aí além de tantas que já li? Pois bem, no Japão, existe uma crença fortíssima de que, ao adquirir um dócil Shiba Inu, ele trará para seu lar muita sorte. Ou seja, além de ter um cão carinhoso, independente, amigo e fiel, ele ainda trará muita sorte para sua vida. Isso não é ótimo?

    Deixarei nosso endereço do Facebook por aqui. caso se interessem mais, é entrar e curtir!

    Canil Nagano:

  38. Great video!  I rescued my Shiba from attacking Coyotes. She has all the traits except she is bigger and has black markings on her tongue. She loves to lay on her back, she has a Yalping bark, and is very independent. She won't start a scrap with our other dogs, but she won't put up with their crap either. She has been a lovely addition to our dogs.

  39. My parents recently got a Shiba, and they absolutely fell in love with him. He's a red one, and he loves watching tv. they even plan on breeding Shibas.

  40. And then doge was made..

  41. my sister got a white one. I knew it had to be a shiba inu

  42. They look like huskies, just smaller

  43. I might get a Shiba inu and I might call it SimbaToffeeCaramelBonBon Lol weird name

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  48. "This is about half the size of the more well-known Japanese Akita". Picture shows an American Akita XD Awesome :')

  49. I'm a first time dog owner and have shiba. I wouldn't change my dog for any other. I love his independence, intelligence.

  50. Dude, the back ground music is chinese… It s interesting how people can't distinguish Japanese and Chinese instruments

  51. tone down the music so people with hearing problems can hear what you say .

  52. in my opinion the shiba is the best dog due to their quirky and mischievous nature … my fist shiba that i ended up having off my mom when she died was a black and tan who was a compleate nut case ( always up to some kind of mischief) with loads of character now a few years after he was pts due to cancer we rescued a beautiful calm and relaxed female red who loves to go for slow long walks and who must sleep in bed with me and the wife …. and annoy the youngest cat

  53. I have had dogs before and I plan on getting a Shiba Inu in the future, this is good PR, specially for me gathering information ^^

  54. At time stamp 1:07 you talk about the physical difference between a male and female but I think the pic on the left is the female.

  55. I have a Shiba inu watch my videos and you'll see him

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  58. I have a mixed Shiba – predominately Shiba. He's my 1st non-Jack Russell Terrier in over 30 years. I say Chance is the over-ground version of a Jack Russell.

  59. The black and the white ones look like wolves

  60. Shiba Inu is Dog Cat Fox aka VF Dog

  61. Never had any pet.. lots of people told me it's a bad idea to get a Shiba as my first pet…. Man she couldn't be any better. She is smart, well behaved, super clean and yesss a lot of cuteness.

  62. I have owned 8 over the years and I’m on the ninth — White male Shiba. Named Mr Jones ,,,He’s a FN Dick ! But I love him lol

  63. my shiba must have more mountain shiba because his standard weight is 27lbs and is a male

  64. There are solid white Shibas, and creme Shibas

  65. Mine is such a ball buster!

  66. do we need music ? no its distracting

  67. Why is a lot of this from dogs 101? I'd be pretty pissed if someone was stealing my work.

  68. I love shiba inu (Kobuso the doge)

  69. My husband and I recently got a shiba inu, we found out that he's a good climber when it comes to a fence.

  70. So Thats Why My Dog Hate Water!

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  73. got a shiba inu as my first dog and i love him!

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  75. Sometime Shiba looks like a monk

  76. They can have allergy problems as well.

  77. i have a half-shiba, half-basenji. She is so much a Shiba,though; she both looks like and acts like a shiba, only with a basenji coat and tail. I adore her and wouldn’t trade her for anything!

  78. I Have Shiba Inu dog in my house

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