The Most Ridiculous Cat Chase | Pet Friendly Episode 3: Tonya | Refinery29

The Most Ridiculous Cat Chase | Pet Friendly Episode 3: Tonya | Refinery29

Come here kitty. Who’s a good kitty? You wanna come to my house? Look at this house, we have a good home. You’re making a fool out of yourself, Skip. Cat’s don’t wanna have anything to do with humans. Come on. Come into my house. You need to engage your core. So close. I got it. I got her, I got her! Him? Her! She’s filthy. You’re filthy. Where did you find her? She found us, actually. Practically jumped in my arms. That’s a interesting use of the word, “Practically.” She doesn’t have a chip or a tag on her. You’re just jealous that Tonya likes me better. Did you just call it Tonya? She’s too scrappy to be a Nancy. We want to adopt her. What? Well, if you do, I encourage Tonya to be an indoor cat. There’s a lot of outdoor dangers in L.A. Cars, coyotes, those little rent-a-scooter things. They’re everywhere, they’re super dangerous, but they’re fun. You’re enabling. (cat purring) See, Tonya likes you! Just mind your knees. She gets it. I get it. Come on. Fine, but I’m not walking him. I’m gonna get you guys this GPS collar, just goes around her neck, tracks her. I’ll be right back. We get a kitty. Never pictured you as an old cat lady, Skip. Did you give that dinner party any more thought? Do people have to be involved? Stop being such a sociopath, even serial killers have dinner parties now and then. That’s what made them wanna start killing people. Tonya talk some sense into… Tonya? Tonya? No! No! No! No! No! No! Oh no. Tonya! I’m so sorry, Skip! Dr. Sally, what do we do? What do we do? Did you try the Whistle? Whistle? (Whistling) Please, stop guys, I meant the Whistle app. It’s the GPS around Tonya’s collar. Come on guys, we talked about that. Genius. Brilliant! Well, six years of cat college, what can I say? Oh, okay, bye. We have a signal. We’ve got a signal. Come on. Let’s go. (cat meowing) (bird chirping) Percy, look, your playmate is here. (bird squawking) Lenny, put down the map! Oh, more visitors. Oh, okay. Oh, the dance of life. The only thing scarier than a cat lady is a bird lady. Shh! Okay, I think she’s here. Hello. Hi. We’re your neighbors. I’m Skip, this is my husband, Lenny. We’re looking for our cat, Tonya. Show her the picture. Oh. Oh, you mean, Oxana? What’re the odds? We do yoga together. Do you? Oh you just missed her. She’s on the move! Do us a favor, give her a card. If she comes back, call us. Here you go. I design air filtration systems. Namaste. You’re killing it. Cute new collar. Wow! Oh, perfect timing kitty. You are crushing the catwalk, baby. Right here, Oh, right there. Hold it. Beautiful! Hold it. Okay, bye kitty. Come on! Come on! What up little mama? I was wondering when you we gonna come say hi. I missed you. There she is. Have you seen our cat? Little, four legs. Check this out I got a toy for you. Taupe? Gorgeous cat. Just went that way. This way? Thanks. Excuse me? Excuse me? Hello. Hello. We are looking for our cat, Tonya. The GPS said she’s here. Okay, GPS didn’t say there’d be a wall here. Was here. I love that cat, he’s a great tenor. Tonya’s a female. Honestly, it never came up. Skip? We’re getting closer! Skip! It stopped, stopped. Oh! Yes, Dr. Sally? Come on, guys. You’re gonna leave me hanging. Did you find her? Tonya’s home. Our cat came home. She’s safe! Back to work! You know Lenny, she’s used to a bit more stimulation. You think she likes those crazy people, huh? Some of us actually enjoy being around people. A cat might live with you, you might give her shelter, feed her, but does a cat really belong to anyone? Are you having a senior moment? I’m saying we shouldn’t keep Tonya from her friends. Sally said all kitties should be indoor kitties. We chipped her, we GPSed her. Is that a verb? She’s our cat, Lenny. I know we can’t let Tonya roam, but that’s not the only way for a cat to socialize. Thank you for coming. So how did you meet Tonya? In this lifetime? (cat meowing) I’m gonna go see if they have Rosé. Oh my baby. Hi, I’m Sally. Hi, I’m Flora. Nice to meet you. What do you do? I’m a vet. Thank you for your service. You’re welcome. Tonya’s a real blessing, isn’t she? Who? The cat. Funny, I never imagined you as an old cat lady either. You know what they say? We don’t rescue them, they rescue us. I like that. Who says that? Everybody, it’s everywhere. Oh. Bumper stickers, social media. Oh. Long silence. Oh, I was enjoying it. Okay. We were having a moment. Oh.

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    Bird owner: "oh look! Your playmate is here!"
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  7. Happy International Cat Day to all of the cat parents, cat people, and all around cat lovers out there! Share your favorite stories about these furry friends below!

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  21. My cat Nandi seemed to subscribe to Buddhist principles. I was cleaning out my hamster cage one day when the hamster escaped her ball. You can imagine my panic thinking my hamster is dead. I find them in the kitchen Nandi had wrapped her tail protectively around my hamster and was stroking her with the pads of her paws. Nandi also alerted me to a bird down my chimney which I was able to free. She literally never harmed anything. A mouse broke into my kitchen and sat having a wash in Nandi's dinner bowl which is pretty provocative for a mouse and she just sat and purred at it! By then I owned a second cat who though initially perplexed by the mouse in the dinner bowl on top of a pile of biscuits (you really couldn't make this stuff up it's so ridiculous) decided to chase it so I had to rescue the mouse and rehome it back outside safely away from predators. It was then that I discovered why my cats had appeared to be begging for more food for days. The mouse had been in my kitchen cupboard and destroyed all the dried goods. It even took teabags, it left the tea behind but took the bags!

  22. My old Lily (RIP) was born in my parents’ garage the night we found her mom abandoned in a parking lot at the end of summer. We found homes for Mom and her two sibling and I kept Lily. She had 18 great years of love and purrs.

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