The Last Real Circus Family

The Last Real Circus Family

MALE SPEAKER 1: Children
of all ages. Everything forgotten, except
the magic world they’re in. Circus world. DERRICK ROSAIRE: We’ve got
18 bears to take care of. They’ve got 38 lions and
tigers, a petting zoo. There’s just a lot of
stuff around here. KAY ROSAIRE: We’ve always been
saving animals all our lives. We rescued everything
that needed a home. We are pro-animal. We are animal welfare. But there’s a big difference
between animal welfare and animal rights. MALE SPEAKER 2: Both elephants
were forced to perform almost until the day of their deaths. MALE SPEAKER 3: How can we
consider ourselves civilized while we continue to allow the
suffering and abuse of animals simply for entertainment? CLAYTON ROSAIRE: PETA, the
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, they think
the animals are better off dead than working for
us, happy, alive, in this nice area. It’s messed up, huh? Uh-oh. There goes the mic. This is what I really love,
otherwise, I’d have done something else. It’s not like my family’s not
like, [WHIP SOUND], you will be a dog trainer. You get to choose what
you want to do. It’s what you love. RYAN DUFFY: Did you just
get pissed on? FEMALE SPEAKER 1: This is
how they train them. This is wrong! MALE SPEAKER 4: This gives
the circuses across America a black eye. This is exactly what people
protest against. PAM ROSAIRE ZOPPE: There
basically is no more circus anymore. It’s a dying art form. KAY ROSAIRE: I think people will
miss it when it’s gone. If they don’t pay attention,
it will be. DERRICK ROSAIRE: Don’t
even think about it. RYAN DUFFY: I don’t know
if you guys do this. It’s up to you, but if I were
you, my pick up line would be, hey, I train fucking bears. DERRICK ROSAIRE: I have
a little better pick up line than that. I point at my leg. RYAN DUFFY: Whoo, what the
hell happened there? DERRICK ROSAIRE: And that’s what
happens when you screw up working around bears. RYAN DUFFY: Holy fuck, dude. CLAYTON ROSAIRE: Say hi. RYAN DUFFY: Hi buddy. CLAYTON ROSAIRE: Oh, shit. RYAN DUFFY: Oh, dude. CLAYTON ROSAIRE: Sorry,
I had to. Did you hear the squeaking
noise again? That was his hiney. RYAN DUFFY: We’re here in
Sarasota, Florida, with one of the last great American
circus families. CLAYTON ROSAIRE: We try to
rescue all the exotic animals that we can, and then I’m really
pushing in the future that we’ll be able to rescue a
lot of exotic dancers. ‘Cause they need a home– [LAUGHTER] KAY ROSAIRE: You’re so bad. RYAN DUFFY: The Rosaires are a
10th generation circus family dating all the way back to
royal court jesters in medieval England. KAY ROSAIRE: Yeah, we have
a really long history. Here’s my grandfather
and my grandmother. My father had a broken back when
he was a little boy, and so he had to quit doing
aerial things. He couldn’t do anything
acrobatic anymore. And he always loved animals, so
he focused on animals his whole life. RYAN DUFFY: In 1960, Kay’s
father, Derrick Rosaire, Sr., immigrated to the United States
from South Wingfield, England, to appear on The Ed
Sullivan Show with his equestrian act, Rosaire and
Tony the Wonder Horse. He went on to perform on the
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and at the White House
for President Nixon. KAY ROSAIRE: The culture in
America has a different view of circus because of P. T.
Barnum and his attitude about sort of shocking people. He changed the atmosphere of
the circus in this country. We’re also in an era now where
people don’t go out as much as they do. They’re not used to live
entertainment. But the biggest impact
on the circus was the animal rights activists. MALE SPEAKER 3: Circuses cannot
provide animals with the facilities they need to
be healthy and happy. MALE SPEAKER 5: Many of
these animals will literally go insane. FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Animal abuse
is billed as family entertainment. Although zoos claim to be
educational, they are still profit-making enterprises that
too often put their own commercial self-interest in
front of animal welfare. KAY ROSAIRE: All the animals
that I ever trained were all animals that needed a home. I always rescued. I never bought any animals. So I had always done that. And then after I had more than
I could handle, I just wanted to rescue more. So as my career blossomed,
and I had the money, I built the facility. RYAN DUFFY: The Big Cat Habitat
began rescuing animals in 1987 and has since grown
to feature three housing complexes, adjoining exercise
habitats, and pools, and it’s currently home to tigers,
ligers, lions, bears, and basically, anything else with
fur, a shell, or wings. GIRL: Well, I came here to study
a little bit about the different animals, and I’ve
never really seen any kinds of animals like these before. FEMALE SPEAKER 3: We’ve
been here before. We love animals. This is a great place to bring
people to show them what they’re doing with preserving
these animals and taking good care of them. KAY ROSAIRE: My brother started
being a softy for bears, and Pam with
the chimps. And so it just sort of naturally
evolved into this. Why you got to bug me, huh? RYAN DUFFY: Caring for these
animals is a 24/7 job. And for Pam, Kay’s sister, they
might as well be family. PAM ROSAIRE ZOPPE: Well, I tried
everything, and I like chimps the best. I raised my daughter
with a chimp. When my daughter was born, one
of my chimps was pregnant, and I didn’t even know it. And his mother died
when he was born. So I ended up breastfeeding
him. I don’t know, I just felt so bad
for their plight because they’ve always been mishandled
and mistreated. So my heart went out to them. I started buying little baby
chimps that were heading for research when I was
a teenager. And Newton was probably the
best chimp I ever had. It was quite interesting to
raise him along with a child. Newton was an excellent cook. RYAN DUFFY: Cooks
meaning what? PAM ROSAIRE ZOPPE: Cook food. My plan was to do a cooking
program and call it Newton’s Kitchen, but we filmed the
first one, and five days later, Newton had a
stroke and died. KAY ROSAIRE: Kayes Lions
is my uncle. That’s why I’m named Kay. My uncle had been a famous lion
trainer in England during the ’30s and ’40s. And then when I was in high
school, I had the chance to work with Clarence, the
cross-eyed lion. And that’s when I started
working with big cats, and I was hooked on them. That’s what I decided
I wanted to do. And it was interesting, because
sometimes I’d have her mouth open, and I’d be putting
my head in her mouth in these big auditoriums with the super
troupers, and I could see the spotlight shining in
through her nose. It gave me chills when I
realized how lucky I was and never got hurt. 13,000 times. Well, because I did an average
of about 500 shows a year. RYAN DUFFY: Anyone who questions
circus people and their care for animals, and the
conditions, should have to come here at 8:00 AM and clean
up tiger shit with these guys. Because there’s no way you’d
do that if you don’t truly love animals. CLAYTON ROSAIRE: You get up, you
clean everybody out, make sure everybody’s got
fresh water. Here at the habitat,
they all rotate. They all have these big outdoor
habitats that they get to run and play and
everything. It’s a full day. You really have to spend most
of the day with the animals. RYAN DUFFY: It’s just
a different smell. It’s not even like shit. It’s pure dead animal. CLAYTON ROSAIRE: You know what
I’m saying, one little slip-up, and you could be
that turd down there. RYAN DUFFY: Oh, that
is terrible. CLAYTON ROSAIRE: It’s
rewarding, isn’t it? CLAYTON ROSAIRE: You know, way
back in the old days, a lot of the videos they showed when
they’re trying to make it look bad, a lot of those animals
were from the wild. They got them from wild animal
parks, and they’d just go in and grab a couple and throw them
in a truck and sell them. Times were different, so
those type of acts were totally different. You never saw in the old days
a tiger trainer petting a tiger, because it was a
different relationship. Well, times change. You have to learn to work with
the animals and be a part of their family and have them
be a part of your family. You don’t have to be
cruel to them. You don’t have to abuse them. They can be great kids,
and they can love you. There’s always been a connection
between man and beast, and we just show
them how it can be done the right way. KAY ROSAIRE: Our mission has
become really important over the last 20 years, because the
environmental issues that are going on with animals
disappearing and all of that, we are able to let people see
them up close and personal. And it makes them much
more willing to help them in the wilds. We just lost my brother. This is my brother, Derrick,
with the bear, Peter. RYAN DUFFY: That’s
a great picture. Derrick Rosaire, Jr.
died in 2010. And since then, his sons have
taken over his place as caretakers of the bears. FREDERICK ROSAIRE:
Aspa, wave, wave. Higher. Give me a good wave. DERRICK ROSAIRE: Well, the big
male we have down at that end weighs 1,500 pounds. He stands 11 foot tall. That’s an average male Kodiak. FREDERICK ROSAIRE: But
everything you do with them, you have to do nicely. You have to be very gentle about
it, because if you try to force them, they eat you. DERRICK ROSAIRE: If it wasn’t
for circus, five species of bears would be extinct. Yeah, it’s what we’ve
all our lives, it’s what we’re good at. And lay down. KAY ROSAIRE: You know, it’s
amazing, because had our circus friend not sent it to
me, we never would have had any of this stuff. Because by the time the
newspaper articles came out, my parents were already
in the next city. It’s neat to have
all this stuff. ELLEN ROSAIRE: Well, my dad was
a fabulous horse trainer, because he didn’t really– he called it teaching. He would teach them,
and that’s how we’ve always trained. Just the lips. OK, wide, good boy. We all work with all different
kinds of animals. I went with horses, because
I love to ride. I have a need for speed. I’ve been riding for more
than a half a century. And I still will get
on a horse and just go ripping away. I love it. We love what we do, and
obviously they love us. Give me a hug. Good. I think there’s a decline
in live family entertainment of all kinds. There’s so much going
on in the world now. There’s so many other forms of
entertainment happening. There’s a lot to choose from. And people don’t always take
the time to enjoy a live performance. For some reason, it’s way
easier to just say, oh put the TV on. PAM ROSAIRE ZOPPE: See the
old-fashioned clothes? So it was quite a thing when
the circus came to town. They would parade into town. They’d all line up and
all come in together. And during the Depression, there
were over 44 circuses in this country, and they
did very, very well. People were seeking affordable
entertainment. When you went to the Ringling
show, and you saw Gunther Gebel-Williams, it warmed
your heart. There’s none of that now. You know, there’s something to
be said for the old school. CLAYTON ROSAIRE: –at the
beginning of his training. Everybody please say
hello to Handsome! Come on, Handsome, let’s
go, big guy! Handsome– PAM ROSAIRE ZOPPE: I think
there’ll always be circus, and to which level, or how
many, I don’t know. But I’m sure it’ll be around. It’s been in this country for
over 220 years, I believe, so why would it stop? CLAYTON ROSAIRE: Circus is
supposed to be a place where you can take your entire family,
mom, dad, the kids, everybody, and make
them all happy. That’s what circus
is all about. In one form or another, it
will still be around. FREDERICK ROSAIRE: As long as
people need entertainment, it’ll be there. DERRICK ROSAIRE: The
show must go on. That’s one of our sayings. It’s a shitty saying,
but it works. [APPLAUSE] KAY ROSAIRE: Everytime you
hear something, oh, the courtroom erupted into a
three-ring circus, you know, it’s such a misnomer because
there’s nothing more organized than a three-ring circus. CLAYTON ROSAIRE: When you’re
ready, of course. And they need all that stuff. Just so you know, Mr. Cameraman,
it’s good luck to get peed on by a tiger. RYAN DUFFY: Did you just
get pissed on? I like that. CLAYTON ROSAIRE: You actually,
physically, now– I don’t know if you know this or
not, but you belong to her. If she had a motorcycle right
now, you would be riding on the back of that motorcycle.

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    Rosaire license 58-C-0387 cited for three violations including a freezer that was not working properly where animal food was stored, bears being separated only by use of hot wire where they could reach through and harm each other and bears being kept in such small cages that they could not get out of their own excrement.

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  89. These are some of the most mixed feelings I've ever had. Like this is awesome, clearly. But seaworld and that kind of shit is disgusting. How do you legislate this?

  90. Something not graphic good job vice

  91. ⚠️⚠️Newton the chimp died five days after filming the first cooking show…. Ummm I wonder could the stroke that killed him have been caused by the human food he was obviously eating ‼️.. Yeah people that's CARING for animals!!!! Animals are NOT for #Entertainment #StopAnimalExploitation

  92. I'm no liberal or PETA fan , but times have moved on and for me personally wild animals should not be circus attractions at all in the 21 century . The ethics of a zoo is a whole different subject but in general zoos I feel are ok . But dancing bears and big cats performing and elephants etc etc ? for entertainment, in a travelling circus ? it just does not have a place in modern society .

  93. Vice lets rewind back to the good ol days. At one point I loved you guys, if at any point I had time to stop and catch up with Tv y'all were my first pick! Now days you lay so far left so blatantly I cant fk with it

  94. This shows that nobody who trains animals for a living has any excuse not to treat them like these people do. I'm sure there are more out there like them, but there sure seem to be a lot of shitty fucks out there too.

  95. Omg this makes me so happy, i really had a different view of the circus, but I would actually go see this family, mainly because their animals are rescues! They will be rewarded for their kindness to animals inshallah

  96. The circus came to town when I was living in Mexico. The animals were kept in traditional trailers with bars, like many of us saw in storybooks as kids. No room to move, let alone run, they weren't beings, they were equipment.

  97. So we're gonna just ignore the lady that said said she breastfed a chimp?

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