The largest bird in the world

The largest bird in the world

because we know and this is today we’re out here in western Ecuador and right in front of me is the largest bird in the world this is the ostrich now ostriches are not native to Ecuador or South America for that matter Brenau are actually on an ostrich farm here in Ecuador these ostriches are sold for their meat people will actually make them into hamburgers which I’ve heard it tastes like Turkey like I said it before ostriches are the largest bird in the world they can be over eight feet tall and weigh more than 300 pounds due to their size and short wings that can’t fly this right here is a female you can tell it because she’s great the male’s like those who are there are black contrary to popular belief ostriches do not stick their heads in the sand well the origin of this myth is unclear one possible explanation is because they lay their eggs and holes in the ground instead of a nest when they bend over to tend to the eggs it may look like their necks are in the ground to someone standing far away the ostrich is a very powerful bird these sounds right here those claws are four inches long they have enough force in their kick to disembowel align so we’ve got to be very careful using their powerful legs they can also run very fast sprinting at speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour well they’re not faster than let’s say a cheetah they can maintain a high speed over a much longer distance and can cover more than four meters in a single stride male ostriches are extremely territorial and will defend themselves and their mates from anything they perceive to be a threat one common display they do is spreading their wings even bigger and making a loud hissing noise as they come forward ostriches have very large eyes the largest of any bird in fact each eyeball is larger than its own brain just like reptiles birds have three eyelids one of which is a nictitating membrane and here we can see it in action today ostriches are found throughout different areas of the African continent up until recently they also lived in the Arabian Peninsula but that subspecies is now extinct in 2014 the population living in the Horn of Africa or described as a different species called the Somali ostrich they are also known as the blue necked ostrich because they have darker skin and are thought to have separated from other ostriches about 4 million years ago the largest bird in the world must also have the largest eggs in the world this is what an ostrich egg looks like you can see that it’s about 20 times bigger than your average chicken egg imagine making an omelet how do one of these interestingly enough they’re actually the smallest egg relative to the size of the parent each egg being only about one to four percent the size of the mother in the wild they have a very varied diet they mostly seeds flowers and fruits but they will also feed on flying insects like this one is doing here on the farm they are given a balanced feed that provides the nutrition they need to help digest their food ostriches will swallow pebbles but I just don’t mean a few an ostrich will have about a kilogram of rocks in its digestive system at any given time feeding ostriches is a lot of fun what are my chances until next time

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