The Injured Racing Pigeon after 1 Year in 2013

The Injured Racing Pigeon after 1 Year in 2013

Hello friends, After a year of recovery of the pigeon,
she was seriously injured. As you can see,
she has lost a lot of feathers,
but … despite … lost feathers …
she has recovered quite well. This year she is competing
and returns to compete as usual in it,
marking in the top of the list. Now in ahead 2 liberation,
650 km and another of 800 km,
if she returns well in the 2 races
she comes in the breeding loft. I leave you here with…
with their cock,
so you can see how it is. As you can see,
in this case,
the effort and sacrifice for the care we handle
has been rewarded. Regards

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  1. The video has subtitles in English, German and Spanish.
    Normally the subtitles start automatically, if the subtitles doesn't automatically start, check the youtube-player settings.
    We love Palomas

  2. Disfruto ver tu canal debido a que me gusta las palomas y estudio espanol tambien. Combinacion perfecta 😀 

  3. que hermosos son los palomos , 

  4. Thats awesome! Great to see the pidgie is back up and flying in good health!!

  5. plzz tell me what to put on pigeon wound ?? urgent

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