The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram

The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram

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  1. Man that looks like a hell of a day!!!

  2. they need a good kicking…come to yorkshire u fucking retards….c what happens then

  3. Nah I would be amazed if they actually tame a wild one

  4. There is a fucking reason why they are in the wild seems that guy never attained elementary education or maybe they just pay the school cause it shows stupidity. That guy too would be very thankful if I put him in a grand cage put him in the ocean and provide him food every day

  5. Sweet irrooonnnny

  6. 6:11 me trying to get in the car after a long night of partying 😂

  7. That 'hunt' was pathetic. The Hare was already half dead when it first hit the sand. Saying it was an 'anti climax' is a big understatement. And all for some ego trip. This is why such practices are outlawed. But to incorporate several vehicles, radios, GPS / drone is just lame not to mention illegal.

  8. Idiot is driving at 150km/hr and the Vice Reporter just laughing and not wearing a belt…. Genius!

  9. This is so stupid, why collect these animals i am disgusted.

  10. That is no joke,I wouldnt trust that guy and his bullshit allergic to cats and eggs ass bullshit. Smh.what an idiot.

  11. To be honest, the Cheetah can be domesticated. As long as it has a lot of room to run around

  12. 15:28 awwww. It looks so sad.

  13. As an Arab we are sorry we gave you these pricks that cheat nature, thes elions and cheetahs have lived 1000 year plus and are still existing till today what makes him think he has the resources to feed 50 lions plus in the future

  14. He’s a spoilt child and she’s an idiot.

  15. This is legal in Ontario. Animal auctions and all. @stop_papanack on twitter

  16. God damn that's a brave journalist. But anyways, STOP KEEPING WILD CATS AS PETS

  17. 15:15 bitch wearing cheetah fur on her collar

  18. 15:52 is complaining about cheetah and big cat population decimation but goes ahead and wears a cheetah pelt jacket

  19. “G’d our pad”
    Couldn’t sound more white

  20. When the white man took Africans from Africa and sold them off like animals nobody could careless….

  21. I would rather they be able to live in the wild, sadly though because of poachers it's unsafe and their number are in dangerous low levels some of these animals, so this my be sadly the only way they don't go extinct.

  22. Can we just bomb Saudis Arabia and any Islamic country please

  23. illegal things for people who always do illegal things. not surprising.

  24. They are wild animals in which I love I don’t like seeing people miss treat them and take them into there homes

  25. Mans and his masculinities… If there's something more fragile, i never Heard about…

  26. 15:52 – she's wearing a cheetah fur collar?

  27. the asshole is pulling the cheetah by its tail

  28. Veil of restraint.. nicely done

  29. Disgusting. Leave the animals alone, humans really are the worst

  30. Literally has more money than intelligence. Yikes.


  32. Vice has access to everything illegal and the police is scratching their heads like what 😂

  33. stupid fucken sheltered af white lady LMFAO

  34. U have to think about it maybe it is just as surprising to them that we eat pork

  35. i hate how people from the western country's love to tell other whats right and whats wrong

  36. This makes me so sick.

  37. This English woman is nuts……..

  38. The authorities know where these animals are being smuggled in….so….

  39. if it was legal everybody in the western world would stop breeding dogs and breed lions

  40. Entitled rich nutjobs. Hope they get what they deserve and become lunch very soon I hope. NEXT!

  41. Those Cheetah cubs are starving and they should have never been taken from their mothers that young

  42. I’d rather eat one day and starve in ten and be free then eat everyday while In a cage

  43. Is it illegal what country you come from if your country dont have a law against it is still illegal and we are humans what gives you the right to tell other humans what they can and can not do

  44. After watching this im thinking why is it ok to own birds dogs cats fish etc. But lions and dolphins cheaters are not if one animal life is ok to buy and raise as a companion then all should be if they can be

  45. A Florida man was killed by a pack of wild dogs….found with over 100 bites all over his body…

  46. the goverment just turned to blinded eyes…

  47. He’s a turkey alright !!! Hahahahaha

  48. Im 100% sure doing this is haram

  49. Lucky you that man really knows his lion. He was one step ahead of his lion and that;'s why you did not get seriously injured or died.
    Not a smart thing to talk with a high sqeeky voice while touching his head I imagine.. But very fucking brave you did it! I would not pet a strange lion that's fore sure!

  50. Swakll be like “I cant imagine live without my lions. I love them”.but shoots them to hide evidence

  51. Well the West is just as guilty as the Middle East and the Far East…. everybody is blaming everyone about who's right!

  52. @ 23:50 She says "i surrendered to my fate" smdh… She was as near death as she could have been … Watching SO many videos on how lionesses kill that one was gonna put her pressure on her and go straight to the throat to crush her windpipe… Idk how she doesnt realize that!! She needs to do some homework !!

  53. Damn imagine getting your arm ripped off of your body and your stomach ripped open by a lion just to later die days later in the hospital after experiencing it. Then he burned the animals which is just fucking awful they were so nice… you can’t blame the animals for human neglect.

    But she didn’t stay in the hospitals and die…. even the news article said she was released and then a few days later complained of headaches and he sent her back to the hospital and she ended up dying. I will give him props for atleast trying to save her instead of just burning her with the lions. Though it’s just a horrible accident all around

  54. These animals are easy to take care of it is lie made by people who want to only have humans in this world

  55. The truth is many people could care for these and they do safely stop buying into crap that will get the species killed

  56. How could someone be so heartless

  57. … how can i be so turned off by a guy than this… i feel so repulsed.. i cant even…

  58. No respect for gods creatures. How dishonourable

  59. That is huge lion

  60. Any rich brat would do this either to animals or humans. Nothing to do with religion, race, or culture. It’s the evil that descends with ascending wealth.

  61. Congratulations to her ! She's so brave, go to meet the lion and play with it, at 23min 40sec… A big moment ! Thank's… ; – )

  62. This reporter are more enjoying …

  63. I care about these lions so much…. So much that I will kill them and burn their bodies in the desert not to be caught with them

  64. this makes me sick. nuke them back to space fcking morons.

  65. Let's emphasize the word men some more

  66. I HAD TO STOP WATCH. I saw those bunnies being put in bags and nearly felt like I was going to puke.

  67. These people are disgusting, cant wait for them to run out of oil.

  68. The hare was alive u fucking phsycopath

  69. Devolution occurring in Muslim world starting to infect the rest of us .
    These are not people, but shadows from an underworld before the advent of conscience.

  70. it is wrong deffinetly but english people is complaining that assholes about wild animal keeping home if u go to british museum u can see many taxidermy killed many wild animal fuck u all of u

  71. The rich dont think he juste use he is money LOL ..

  72. she def got mounted by more than a lion

  73. What was I expecting…abuse,kill, illegal,inhumane….and then as always …Allah as the climax!

  74. 10:07 – brilliant logic! the problem is that they are boys!. All men are like that and all women are always perfect. Maybe we should destroy all the men in the world so the world could be a better place right?

    If we can't destroy all men, we should at least destroy all the masculinity, we should emotionally castrate them right?

    feminist Misandric disgusting logic…

  75. She wants to shot something? Bad girl

  76. 10:20 … serious ? …

  77. More proof that these idiots are savages. The USA should go over there and incorporate that country as a new state. Obviously Muhammad is a retard.

  78. If there only some way to nuke that country without hurting any animals.

  79. At 15:50 She casually goes to interview people smuggling lions and cheetahs while wearing a jacket with fur presumably cheetah fur. Wow

  80. There are big cats in Iran even though they’re nearly extinction they’re still there

  81. Holy shit what a crazy end! However I don't believe it. I think its a lie to make them look bad.

  82. Those poor innocent cubs =(



  84. Yow try to eat pig

  85. This might be one of the worst examples of journalistic integrity I've ever seen. This woman is interviewing men so short-sided, vain, and misogynistic that they literally pay to steal animals from the wild simply to stroke their own egos and she is ooohing and ahhing and laughing and acting so obviously impressed it's flat out disgusting. HELLO, DID YOU FORGET WHO YOU ARE INTERVIEWING?!? These are terrible people with behavior one should not encourage but one would definitely not pick up on that from Miss Gigglepants… Way to go, lady.. do you know how many people are going to see this and now want to cage one of these beautiful creatures for themselves?!? smh

  86. whats tthe name of the background music




  90. haha pussy hunters in sandals, cant get off their damn cars when they go hunting…

  91. Lmao that mount terror made me tear up lol omweybi…I love her marr….

  92. Everything wrong about western journalists is when they interfere in others businesses.

  93. I don’t understand morally how this reporter can sit inches away from such an awful person

  94. Money enough but Animal Friendlyness Nahh

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