The Glue Trap: One of the Cruellest Methods of Rodent Control

The Glue Trap: One of the Cruellest Methods of Rodent Control

Did you know that mice and rats are
intelligent and affectionate and will go to great lengths to help other mice and rats
in distress? A glue trap, which is a piece of cardboard,
fibreboard, or plastic coated in a sticky adhesive is one of the cruellest
products on the market, immobilising animals who wander across its surface. It can take trapped animals days
to die of starvation or dehydration. Glue traps tear off patches of fur and skin
as the animals struggle to escape. And many animals chew off their own limbs
in an effort to free themselves. It’s a long,
terrifying, painful death that no animal should ever have to experience. Glue traps are also indiscriminate,
posing a risk to lizards, birds, marsupials, and even kittens. Animal rescue services field countless calls
from individuals who have discovered animals caught on these cruel traps. Usually, the best they can do is to help them
find a nearby veterinarian willing to euthanise the animal quickly and painlessly. In many cases, however, people simply
throw the live animal into the rubbish, still stuck to the trap, to die in agony
and don’t think about the suffering. Using glue traps can also backfire. When rodents are removed from an area,
the resulting spike in food supply prompts accelerated breeding
amongst survivors and newcomers. Populations actually increase. Effective rodent control requires sealing
entry points and keeping areas clean. For rodent control methods that are safe
for your family and animals, check out Please, don’t ever use glue traps. Thank you.

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  1. If you discover that your local supermarket or hardware shop is selling them or that a business or property manager is using them, please speak up. You can inform the people involved about the extreme cruelty these traps cause and urge them to stop selling or using them.

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  4. oh peta this is about Steve Irwin. what makes you think that its a good idea to have a go at a dead person what is wrong with you. he was such a good person who helped all living creatures. he did more for animals in 1 week then you could ever have done. all you do peta is sit there and complain actually do something

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  11. Did you know: Peta kills more animals than they save? Peta’s a fucking joke!

  12. PETA lost their right to Australia

  13. So sad 🙁 I always use live traps. Works pretty well!

  14. Dang peta u right, Rights for mice ( and rats )

  15. If I’m being honest I don’t really care because rats can carry diseases
    Edit: and mice

  16. My uncle uses glue traps I honestly like mice but I don’t want them all over my house either

  17. Ah yes I would love to get a disease and potentially die from it rather than putting it out of its misery.

  18. Stopped watching due to you zooming in on the worst. but yh glue traps are horrible.

  19. Oi, it isn't my problem that rats get in me glue trap, they shouldn't bite me smoll sis then

  20. I'm dead inside so I think stick traps should be the only trap

  21. It's either us or them

  22. so your telling me to remove my gluetraps for a rat infestastion?

  23. Steve irwin did nothing wrong

  24. I agree that these types of mouse traps are bad, I actually like mice, so I use the ones that kill them instantly!

  25. So…check your glue traps every day. If you find a mouse in the trap, take a hammer and smash it to end its suffering.

  26. fuck those little bastards. I don't care if glue traps are cruel. They don't care about you or anybody when they leave their nasty shit all over your kitchen.

  27. Is it wierd that i like to step on the rats that fill up the glue trap? PETA……?

  28. I would say this is not a cruel way of catching mouse. I got 4 mice in my room and they were all caught by the glue. You can release the mouse by a single spoon of oil with great ease and they would not be hurt. This is a much better way than the snap trap, which breaks the neck of a mouse and kills it instantly. Any animal would prefer life than death. Suffering on the glue trap for some hours before they get released is much better than a death. This is relative humane already. But you can also get mouse cage or diy mouse bottles if you have the materials. They are even better and more humane.

  29. When they pay some rent, then they can stay.

  30. Dying glue trappers should be very scared of their fate in their next existences, as Karma and the Great Universal Recycling System keeps the balance. Torturing animals to death is sickeningly immoral and should be prevented

  31. My my, how sad… Use glue traps in confined spaces indoors and check them twice a day. Dispatch any furry critter when found, repeat. I'm all for not letting animals suffer, but these folks at peta had better waste their time and effort on things that matter. End of rant.

  32. It’s hardly the same as “ save a snow leopard “ 🤔

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