THE BLOODHALL S???E2 | ??? vs Aurelia the Warleader vs Arcades the Strategist vs Ink-Eyes

THE BLOODHALL S???E2 | ??? vs Aurelia the Warleader vs Arcades the Strategist vs Ink-Eyes

[Music] hey everybody it is the fifth Saturday of the month so you know what time it is it’s time to spin the wheel of commanders to see which commander we play in today’s video and the winner will be dragon lord Silla gar all right so we’re returning back to the first deck of the channel playing Dragon Lord sealing guard so let’s just jump right into the blood Hall hey everybody welcome back to the blood Hall today is the fifth Saturday so it’s the special episode so welcome to the random commander episode of the blood Hall we are playing Dragon Lord cylinder as soon as the commander comes out to play right now we’re in we’re in hiding we are in hiding because we lost the eye roll and we were waiting for despair faction to decide whether or not to play first this is actually if you saw last Sunday I had the video where I was playing against three other concentrators this is commander replay so we’re playing against commander replay again and we’ve got two other opponents let’s take a look at our hand our hand only has one land in it so we’re gonna have to mulligan this I would love to be able to you know use something like the mana tutor to grab another land but there’s no guarantee that we’re gonna get that second land so we’ll just have to Mulligan that’s what we’ll have to do now we are playing Dragon Lord cylinder our this is our first contender in the blood Hall that we had on the channel so back in back in April we introduced all right so we’re gonna mulligan this yeah go down to seven we’ve got three lands here actually four we do not have any black mana and we do have one black opponent so this was super can grab us something black but I think this is actually pretty good I think this is capable so we will we will definitely keep this hand alright so we are going to go to the new possible play yield all and so we are playing here Dragon Lord silom guard six mana for a legendary 3/5 flying death touch elder dragon when Dragon Lord cigar enters the battlefield gain control of target creature or player Walker for as long as you control dragon or Dillon guards so this is definitely trying to use our opponent’s creatures against them so that’s what we’re gonna try to do here shadow now saying hey Oh chaotic saying greetings best of luck all alright so we’ve got we’ve got our we’ve got our Dragonoid cigar deck this deck is all about stealing cars from our opponents whether they’re on the battlefield whether they’re in the hand whether they’re in the library in the graveyard wherever doesn’t matter where they are they might be even on the stack you know so when the matter what’s on there in we’re trying to steal them we don’t know anything in the hand that steals besides this volition rains which can untap whatever we enchant so let’s say someone gets down something like a gilded Lotus we can pay six mana and get our own gilded Lotus and actually on tap it as well so so yeah we have kind of a slower hand but that’s okay we are going to probably just play down I guess doubt we’ll play down this Vesuvio copy the black source here we’re not gonna get any dual lands off of the ink guys so yeah I guess we’re gonna go and get down to the tsuba copy this swamp and pass a turn so we got here despair faction aka commander replay I’ll put the link down in the description of this video but the spare faction here playing irelia the war leader six mana for a legendary three-four angel with flying vigilance and haste and whenever a roll irelia the war leader attacks for the first time he turned on tap all creatures you control after this phase there is an additional combat phase so most likely we’ll be seeing a pretty fast deck from this trying to get a really down pretty soon we’re even seeing auras incubator so it’s gonna make a really cost even less yeah chosen type is angel this might be a angel tribal even I’m not sure but irelia definitely definitely is a commander replays go to commander of choice if you like seeing red a white decks that completely demolish opponent’s commander replace awesome I’ve been watching coming to replay for a while so I really enjoy his stuff so if you like watching for player commander games on Magic online and you know seeing it from the perspective of one player commander replay does that as well alright so we’re gonna go ahead and get this card down read on this island and we can hold up cyclonic Griff but there’s not really a need to use it right now so I guess we’ll just pass the turn we don’t have any of our ramp in our right now but we do have a lot of ramp in the deck so hopefully we’ll draw into it if we don’t we can always get done this boom pile and clear away the board when it’s good for us so that’s the first opponent playing irelia the world leader the next opponent is chaotix 2075 playing Arkady’s the strategist so for mana for a legendary 3/5 elder dragon another elder dragon in the mix 3/5 elder dragon with flying and vigilance whenever a creature with defender enters the battlefield under your control draw card and each creature you control with defender assigns combat damage equal to his toughness rather than its power and can attack as though it didn’t have defender ok so this is most likely going to be a bent defender deck it might be toughness matters as well throw thrown in there it might be draw matters but usually it’s walls wall tribal defender tribe or something along those lines alright so archangel of Thoon coming down here flying lifelink and whenever you gain live put a plus 1 plus some counter on each creature you control all right well that’s a that’s a little bit rough if they’ll be gaining life with this and other other you know other cards that are angels we can see this angel army getting pretty big pretty quickly luckily we do have the boom pile in the hand propaganda coming down for our Katie’s opponent here so that probably means that they’ll be not be they’re not gonna get hit as much as we will or maybe shadow that will be by these by the Angels over inevitably going to be seeing here so we’re gonna go ahead and pass through chaotix turn and we’re gonna go to a shadow note shadow note here is playing ink eyes servant of Oni six mana for a legendary 5/4 rata ninja with ninjutsu for five so they can pay five return an unblocked attacker you control to your hand to put this card on sabbatical from your hand tapped and attacking so it specifically from the hand so it doesn’t work from the command zone but once they do get it out onto the battlefield and they return it to the hand then they can start ninja swing it out usually we’ll finish reading the rest of the card here in just a second and I guess right now it’s gonna be time for us to get down our own propaganda I’ll be pretty nice topdecked into that so that’s that’s that’s pretty sweet so yeah the rest of ink guys here says whenever ink guy’s servant of own deals combat damage to a player you may put target creature card from that player’s graveyard onto the battlefield under your control and then also they can pay to mana to regenerate in guys so we actually used to have this card in an older version of our deck but it is going to kind of operate under a similar axis as our deck so we’re trying to get the cars out of our opponents graveyards that’s exactly what this deck does it is just amount of block but model block is pretty sweet Shannon oh says here the pillows are real the pillows are fluffy as well so we got propaganda here we got a lot of propaganda you can’t attack us we’re uh we’re doing good stuff here so they got the older version the old frame we’ve got the beautiful new frame all right you guys can tell I have I have a little bit of a preference when it comes to the frames they got down this stronghold rats which is a shadow creature it also you know makes opponents deal like discard cards when it deals damage to them so we might be seeing a monoblock ninjutsu deck that’s usually what happens when you see a shadow creature but there’s also another access here that’s also a wrap so this might be R at tribal ninja tribal unblockable tribal I mean there’s a lot of ways that we can go I was kind of anticipating something that was playing off of opponents graveyards that might just be the commander and the rest of deck might not be actually in that in that in that you know kind of room all right so they’re gonna attack with this 3/4 archangel soon at 2-2 shadow note since pjq cannibal in temple – they’ve got the mask of memory on there so that means they’ll be able to discard a card after they draw two cards here so I wonder what he’s gonna discard here hopefully something that’s gonna be pretty good for us to get back with our reanimate er we don’t have any in the hand but we do have some of the deck also inked guys here has it in the command zone so let’s see if they discard a creature if they do they do they discard I own a shield of a Miria alright so that might change things here they might you might see ink guys getting Iona out from the graveyard and then choosing something like white red doesn’t seem that helpful here white is very heavy angel colors Arkady’s is probably more blue and green but it does it’ll probably have a little bit of white in there so right your white is kind of the main color green we’re definitely blue and obviously black here so there’s not really a color that will get a lot of people at the same time I guess if I got it down I’d probably choose white at least that gets a that gets rid of two creatures all right Walla frost coming down this is a pretty good one it’s got seven toughness so it can block a lot of things but it also prevents creatures from untapping if if they get blocked by the wall of frost so we’re probably seeing you know this is definitely going to be a defender deck from the looks of it I don’t really think that this is something else all right she’s O death deaths storehouse one thing that we couldn’t note here is we could have waited to play down to the Suva until they played it played down something that was a non basic but I’m actually okay copying the swamp now this coming time we can play it on boom file and get that down and be okay I really need to get in the steering bridge for this 2xs chaotix or crawlspace yeah in stereo bridge is really expensive online I can actually take a look here in a second but the last time I remember in steering bridge it was definitely have a budget for me all right so this to unblock all damage is going over at despair faction all I know is that this game will be short for me says show no yeah well it looks like the Angels kind of only have one place that they can’t attack so we’re seeing kind of the typical thing that happens not not often but it will happen a couple of times so this is for each player so we each have to discard a card here all these cards are really good we definitely want to keep arcane lighthouse boom pile diabolic intent and cyclonic rift I guess we can discard necromantic selection we already have a board wipe in hand and I mean it is expensive we’re kind of far away from it there’s nothing really I mean angels are gonna have plenty of plenty of things for us to steal so we’re gonna go ahead and mana board up is probably so much better though let’s just go ahead and discard the volition reins this is tough this is stuff worth three word two black away from this one blue away from that yeah let’s just discard the necromantic selections we’ll just select that one it’s a tough decision here hopefully doesn’t come back to bite us but I like being able to get copies of non creatures and also this requires us to draw two more block sources which you know it might not even happen so we need to keep that in mind we also don’t have a creature yet for us to sacrifice with a diabolic intent so there’s a couple of things that we’ve got to still find here we’re gonna go ahead and draw a card we draw into a swamp and let’s go ahead and play that down we’re gonna go ahead and play down the swamp and then play down the boon pile and what we’re gonna do is we’re not going to activate the boon pile until we need to right because there’s no reason to us for us to activate it right now yeah we’re just gonna activate it if we need to so we’ll just leave that on the battlefield and yeah we’ll pass the turn here now there is something to be said about activating before Arkady’s can use something like pros and grip but I’m pretty sure that we’re not gonna really be too worried about that they discard an event sir here I mean they could have a crocin grip in their hand but they’re not really gonna get much use out of crossing gripping it you know on their turn especially with you know they’ve got this 7 toughness creature I mean we’ll take 7 damage if they’ve got the corrosive grip they’ve got the corrosive grip but I think we’re just gonna use this as a way to also deter our opponents from attacking us right because if this 4 5 comes attacking at us and they played they paid for the propaganda then yeah I guess so that we can say we’ll go ahead and activate the boom pile and get rid of everything next turn if we have to discard another card I guess we’ll have to discard this volition drains like I said we’re kind of a far away from that we need to draw another land and it has to be another blue land for us people to even use that all wryly the war leader coming down that’s that’s fine for us now let’s see if they go for the attack they can’t attack one of these creatures at us but I have a feeling I have a feeling that most these creatures are not going to be attacking us most likely going to be taking out shadow notes and well it looks like we’re gonna get hit for three here and that’s fine with us they can pay that last two mana PJ here can pay the two mana attack us for three and we’re okay for that and in the meantime what I can do is take a look to see what the what the cost for Anna staring bridge is online all right so this is attacking us I guess they already paid the two is the idea I don’t know that was just that this is the this is the the first combat here okay tapped it does not have vigilance alright so they’re gonna gain life we’re gonna put some counters draw some cards discard some cards so let’s look up the engineering bridge I’m kind of curious I know it is out of a budget from you last time I checked but online it is currently the cheapest version is sixteen dollars so for me that’s a little bit too expensive here I think if once I get to like 500 subs I want to start doing a patreon and I guess it you know with enough with enough patreon supporter invest more into these decks make the gameplay a lot more a lot more higher level not certainly not CED H because that I feel like it’s almost akin to like a like a house rule where everybody agrees to come with Dec that would be the hardest to beat 1v1 where as you know in multiplayer there’s kind of this sweet spot where if everybody builds at a certain range right they could be building an arranged to try to undercut see-eth decks all right so they’re playing very very highly optimized decks to cut those two EDH decks where if they’re playing at a pod with three of them the three of them are gonna be attacking each other more often and that will give them a higher likelihood to win and so then you can have decks that are like mine I think that try to undercut those decks by playing a little bit lower level than they are so that the opponents all right maybe not lower level but at least appearing to be lower level than they are so that the opponents are you know worried more about each other all right so they’re gonna give the unblockable bookcase the haste and the hex proof obviously it can’t attack it’s got defender but now it’s got hex proof and it can activate whenever they whenever they need to use that 3-minute they don’t have the three-minute right now so they’re a little low on mana as well shuttle notes turn here I don’t think we’re actually going to use the boom pile excuse me I think once we get to our once we get to our turn we’re probably just gonna be discarding or once they you know attack with this stronghold rats probably is gonna be discarding demolition rains no problem they’re gonna attack two more at commander replay at despair faction and they’ve got this Body Snatcher they did discard a creature card to put it into the battlefield they’ve got patron of the Nezumi in the battlefield okay and they’ve gotten izumiko so this looks like rat tribal here looks like it’s a rat tribal for sure this is a minion but this also reanimates so it might be a little bit of a reanimated sub theme this is another Spectre so this is a lot of things that are making people discard cards here let’s see their draw there they’re blocking the Body Snatcher the with irelia that’s gonna let him reanimate something I guess they’re probably going to want to reanimate Nezumi that doesn’t make sense actually probably patron of the Nezumi alright so maybe they discard too they can discard something here and then return it oh no it is targeting it has to target the patron of the Nezumi all right what do we do want to discard here we want to discard the volition rings and say okay alright so um 30 lands can’t get more than three moto hates this deck yeah yeah I’ve been there to the discards certainly not helping I want to go ahead and say that here the discord here not discord discard the discard here certainly not helping it means that before they have the mana to play their spells by having to discard them so that’s a little rough for chaotix here we discarded the volition rains still no pictures in our gravy right we see Iona and platinum angel here in this graveyard mine shatter in that graveyard now in demonic wall we can use that later on I think if we reanimate it alright so what do we want to drawn to right now we draw into a land which is very nice for us we’ll probably discard this diabolic intent I hate to use it for that but we really have no other choice we don’t have a mana for our commander yet we’re gonna have this land for next turn the angels are being funneled and I don’t like it says shadow no yeah well that’s all we can do yeah we’ll just pass the turn nothing that we can cast right now I mean even if we had kept these two cards in our hand we would have still had an empty turn five here luckily the whole next turn we can go arcane my house get down Dragon Lord Selim gar we can copy the Raelians warlord a war leader do we want to actually get control of this one actually I don’t think so it is bigger it certainly is bigger but actually we might actually want to do that let’s see where they go with these attacks then now they will have two attacks here and they’ve got a bunch of mana so let’s see if they go to the attack at us if they do I will activate this boon pile so let’s see they’re attacking both of these at chaotix okay so that’s gonna be 11 they will get an extra an extra combat let’s see if they go and attack us during this second combat they might they might not we don’t know we do not know here either way I’m okay going for the boom pile before this stronghold rat starts getting in this one also they can pay two mana to attack us so I’m okay getting rid of the force thing if we get lucky on our boom pile here if we don’t then that we don’t you know what can I say what can I say alright so they’re gonna draw some cards here they’re gonna put plus one counters on their creatures yeah it’s rough the Angels are being funneled and I don’t like it yeah I mean it’s it’s not great for shadow note here but chaotix is getting attacked as well we’ve got the board ripe on the on the on the battlefield so this might be a good reason that commander replay doesn’t actually care – you know cast more cards just starting a bore Oh signet they’re probably more interested in using that mana for attacking players now they got too many left over so they can attack us with one of these creatures they’re attacking one a shadow note and the other one at us do we want to prevent them from drawing yet another card and then also I think it’s worth it here taking out this does not have first trend right yeah I think it right now is the time to go for the boom pile activation let’s go ahead and flip the coin let’s see if we win the flip we’re gonna choose heads and we win the flip here so we’re going to destroy all the non-land permanent patron of the Nezumi is going to trigger a bunch of times we’re gonna always yield to that we’re gonna see how what life till we get down to we’re probably is gonna go down to 35 here 38 25 and 24 and yeah we’re gonna pass the turn after that so despair faction here back down to 6 lands including the ancient tomb which have they been using it I guess they’ve been gaining a lot of life off of this archangel of dune to offset the damage from ancient tomb yeah we’re gonna go ahead and yield through shout on those turn what we’re going to be able to do here is go ahead and play the lighthouse the arcane lighthouse and we could play down our commander but there’s not really a reason to do it right now there’s no creatures or Planeswalkers on the battlefield so we’re probably just play down the land I guess we can also go basic land cycling let’s do that that way we can grab a swamp down on the battlefield so let’s go ahead and basically in cycling here get a swamp down we’re not using our six mana anyways we’re not using five mana either here so we’re just going to go and play this down and hold it that cyclonic Grif just in case we see something come out with haste and go for the attack we are only at three irelia damage here which is nice if they play a land here they’ll have enough for irelia I believe red or white red or white red or white red or white and then white yeah it looks like they’ll have plenty of of manna to go ahead and get irelia down for the second time and that way they can attack us for 6pj can attack this here for a six which which is a little rough we’ll see if that’s what they end up going for the downside is if they get down the irelia we can just go for the Dragonlords Tillamook our next turn so we’ll see if that’s what they end up doing one of the nice things as well if we no longer if we get we got be some other creature and it’s not really a great creature anymore the battlefield changes you know things are no longer the way they need to be if you bounce Iona does her first color block go away asks shadow know well yes I mean I think I know what they’re saying they’re using like a nun summit on the Iona all right soul ring coming down that will be enough mana to get down the irelia here let’s see if that’s what the spare faction goes we got four colors in there mana pool at the moment he drew archive rx without some more ramp looks like they’re one short of casting aralia now so let’s see if if they’re just trying to prepare for the next for the next combat or what it is that they’re going for we’re gonna hold onto this like long grift we’re not just gonna run it out even though we will have some of mana next turn we’re gonna hold off until we can you know get our board state a little bit higher up and and then go for that now this memory jar will mean that they can you know have a hand of seven for a turn we’re probably not going to use the cyclonic rift in response I’m glad that we held up our our mana at least a little bit here we will have some instance in this deck not a ton but we will have some let’s see they’re casting the Thran dynamo here and they’ve got one minute left over let’s see what they use that for six mana left on anything else do they does PJ here use that six mana on something we don’t really have a ton of ways to get boom pile out of the graveyard or they’re gonna go ahead and sacrifice the hydrent archive to draw two cards here they’ve got too many left over five cards in the hand they’re looking pretty good pretty good they’ve got a lot of ramp on the battlefield yeah if we have if we find it to some of our we get into some of our other ways to steal permanence I would not mind stealing a three and einem Oh myself no reason just try to steal this memory jar there it’s gonna activate in response yeah so let’s see there they they looks like PJ is trying to cast something for two mana here I don’t know what it will be but we’ll we’ll definitely find out we’ve got the red white angel deck we’ve got the band walls deck mono black rats and then our a steely deck usually theft decks aren’t as great against tribal decks like this rat deck and then this wall deck but this angel tribal deck is actually gonna be pretty sweet angels are you know they’re very good cards that’s part of why the tribe itself is so good whereas walls and rats they depend heavily on the synergy aspect so getting down there first white source of the game let’s see they’ve got three man and what are they gonna use it on looks like nothing they’re just tapping out for this turn and that’s gonna be it so this is kind of a slow recovery so far for the boom pod it has only been the first turn so far thank Onan finally a single-wide source that is all I need all I want for Christmas is a single white source right how was your Christmas by the way let me know if you had a great Christmas in the in the comments if you don’t celebrate Christmas you celebrate other stuff like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa how did how did that go I don’t know if it’s uh it’s about to start if it’s already ended let me know let me know inform you I wanna I want to be informed if you don’t celebrate anything but the winter solstice I hope you had a happy knee a happening a happy season of seasonal affective disorder alright so they’re gonna get done these incubator which is fine definitely okay I guess that makes sense to get down the ramp before activating the memory jar so yeah they’re gonna go ahead and pass through this turn still no creatures or Planeswalkers for us to steal with dragonoid ceiling guard which is fine eh okay with us hopefully will drawn to something else here that’s good shadow major infiltrator that’s good enough for me we’re gonna go ahead and run that out here so we’re gonna go on tap one black and blue get that down and now we can start drawing cards ourselves so we’ll be able to attack with this it’s got fear which means that it can’t be blocked in by artifact creatures or creatures that are black we can’t do anything during combat so we’re just gonna yield through this term we’re still holding up the cyclonic rift in case we need to return an infinite combo piece or something we can do that with with the rift but you know it’s a very much a value plate to try to go for a you know what I just now realized we could have used diabolic intent are on our shadow mage infiltrator here to get a reanimate for the Iona but I don’t know if that’s actually what I want to go for here that it doesn’t actually help us we use two cards in our hand obviously we draw another card but then we use it right away I’d rather get more card draw down that’s what I’m really interested in more than anything hopefully this homage infiltrator does not get destroyed though we’ll see I just want to get some card draw guys what’s so what’s so bad about that all right another land down for despair faction let’s see if you know if they get some big creatures now they do have six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen mana here so that could mean a rally in a six truck and there are plenty of six trucks with haste that’s for sure we could get up we could get hit pretty hard here steel shapers gift okay if if I know commander replay and I think I do they’re probably gonna go for a Sun forgery here are they gonna go for the Sun forgery here no they’re going for the Lightning reefs okay so they’re gonna be able to get something haste so this mater already has haste so let’s see what they go for haste instead I was I was thinking that this was gonna be a son forger silly me silly me was not a son forger alright so they got an uncountable angel here we don’t have any counter so let’s see what they end up going for three mana so far irelia coming down okay they’ll be able to scribe one thanks to their path of ancestry here let’s see if they scribes the top or to the bottom they scribe to the bottom okay so well that’s uh that’s a little better for us let’s see they’re probably gonna go for the lightning Greaves here put the lightning views onto irelia now it can’t be targeted which is nice it’s pretty nice yep to man out lightning Greaves coming down gonna probably be equipping off this irelia and then we’ll see where the attacks go I know aggro decks typically tried to get rid of a you know a a what’s the call they try to give a rid of one player at a time but they might be more interested in attacking us we are at 35 they are so PJ here is attacking us for probably for six damage here yeah I will will take it I mean either way this has haste so something we’ll have to keep in mind we can use the cyclonic rift to get rid of lightning Greaves and then grab our dragonlord sillim guard to get our own irelia I think that’s pretty sweet dragons are lugar also offers a really great blocker for irelia because Aurelia can only deal three damage at least for right now so maybe it’s just better to steal another creature and then just get the dragon or some guard hold on to the cyclonic rift until later on alright wall of denial that’s pretty good especially with eight toughness and flying that means that the irelia world later doesn’t really it’s not really gonna do a lot of damage trying to attack chaotix here so let’s see what else they go for that’s that they’re just tapping out all right cool all right now we’re on to shadow nose turning we’re not actually not gonna yield to this turn depending on what they do we might have to use the cyclonic rift here during you this turn memory jar kind of will let us either cast it in response or at the end step so we don’t actually have to use it in response we will have another point during the turn to be able to use the cyclonic rift we’ll probably go for the attack here with the fear we can’t actually get around both the wall denial and the irelia the warleader open mana here though makes me a little bit afraid to attack this fear faction you never know what they’ll have I mean it is only one damage though I guess we’re probably going to be tacking chaotix they are i-25 this is Mona black so they’ll probably have plenty of black creatures probably getting one down right now as we speak let’s see what they get down they get down in Kai’s servant of Oni okay that’s it okay with us I mean right now we have no creatures in our graveyard so there’s no incentive for this to be attacking us they can attack for the mnemonic wall which doesn’t make sense for their graveyard I think they can get down the they can get back to mine chatter but it’s motifs like they’re gonna be this Iona here that’s gonna be what’s gonna be grabbed with with me guys so let’s go ahead and go to our turn I think what we want is we want this well this sounds trouts we can’t even target it even if you wanted to do we need to use the cyclonic rifts right now I don’t think so I think what we need to do is use our Dragonlord Salem guard to copy or rather to steal the ink guys and regular stone guard is a great blocker for irelia I mean what we drawing to might change what we do also will have another draw with the shadow major infiltrator so let’s go ahead we’re gonna go ahead and drawn to a card we’ve drawn to a land so let’s go ahead and we’re gonna go ahead and go on the attack go on the attack here and we are going to attack actually hold on a second we can use arcane lighthouse this gets rid of the shroud on the irelia and then we can steal it that way I think that sounds pretty good I mean we don’t we want as good of a blocker for ink guys but that’s not really that big of a worry for me yeah so let’s go ahead we’re gonna we’re gonna attack anyways here we’re gonna tech for one it is just one damage they’ve got mana open so let’s see what they go for here we’re a drawn extra card we’ve got an extra land to play and we can activate arcane lighthouse and be good to go arcane lighthouse pretty good you know in a lot of situations lightning grieves and the other pair of boots Swift boots are pretty common and so arcane lighthouse deals with both of them the other lighthouse and I forget the name of it but it’s from m-19 whose extra from opponents but it does not remove shroud from creatures so we’re gonna draw a card here which is pretty nice right next indeed well draw a card yep use that ability draw it into sunken hollow well we might as well get this one down we’ll have another land next turn yeah so we’re gonna go and get down sunken hollow I guess if we had done that pre combat we could attack twice that would have actually been pretty sweet but I didn’t think about it alright so let’s go ahead and get down the Dragonlords silom gar actually we need to do this first so let’s go ahead and activate this first everything’s gonna lose Tex proof and then we get down the Dragonlords silom gar now if if this taxes another time we’ll only be up to 15 community damage which is uh you know this is a to turn clock on us but we’ll be pretty close here to we’ve got a good answer here let’s see if this one white mana and to Cullis is something that’s going to be hurting us it looks like now we’re gonna go and grab the irelia here like I said I should have done that pre combat but usually it makes sense to not do stuff before attacking you know especially if they can in response you know deal with our stuff then we don’t even get the value of getting drawing one card so you know I mean it was a little bit of a risk there but you know hindsight is definitely 20/20 we should have should have gotten the irelia of the war leader first attacked forward two combats the spare faction says I always forget to check this thing nice play thanks thanks a minute replay arcane lighthouse yeah it it’s really important in a deck like this that we’ll be doing a lot of targeting our commander targets are you know steal stuff at targets it’s pretty important for our deck to have lands like this so that’s what we have getting around that hex proofing shroud can help us actually get a little bit further along now they do have haste with this lightning Greaves hopefully our irelia and our Dragon Lord cigar can help us you know block some of these creatures a little bit easier would we want to let go of the irelia I think so right now Dragonoid is kind of in us in a little bit of a rub position with seeing blue black and white from our opponents red and green are kind of the the weaker colors for getting rid of creatures for the most part seeing white black and blue means that dragon or still and guard can just get destroyed and then irelia the war leader gets returned to despair faction like I said though it’s not gonna be the end of the world here all right blossom sex is going to destroy all creatures which which is fine they do not have enough mana here to regenerate in guys unfortunately but that’s that’s the name of the game all right blossom is act gonna get rid of everything this coming turn lie I mean I guess they could probably still get down irelia here they probably have enough mana for it let’s see if they do one two three four five six seven eight nine ten yeah just enough just enough to go for the irelia the war leader here I mean it looks like we’re gonna have to do something similar to what we did last turn if they go for it and get this down I guess what we’ll have to do is go for cyclonic rift in response to an attack all right so magaz the wheel here actually changes things up this means that we’re probably gonna see our hands going away thanks to the haste and the shroud they’ve also got haste over here from the land they can give haste of creatures looks like they’re just gonna go for the lightning Greaves and they’re gonna go ahead and activate it now now everybody is that you know we’re at the second highest amount of cards in our hand cyclonic rift is good to get rid of but we’re okay drawing into seven cards here especially with despair faction having a little bit less mana after doing all this stuff for this turn okay so we draw into a land and a bunch a bunch of good stuff here so blatant thievery is good stealin chapman’s not that great here desertions pretty nice great betrayal is pretty sweet spell Jax also awesome so what we probably want to do is make sure that we have enough mana to go for a desertion next turn let’s see that’s gonna leave us with four mana left over including this land that we get down all right a darker valkyrie so that’s gonna be a trigger I wanted to Jack Iona darn says shout enough yeah with the with their commander they could have grabbed Iona from the graveyard um this is a little bit rough here I don’t know what we’re gonna do I guess they’re probably be attacking us for for bringing us down to 25 which is you know kind of close to everybody else here um man what do we go for I don’t know I think we we have to like regardless we have to go for a desertion here in order to get the irelia it really comes down where we’re very close to dead so we’re getting attacked for for here this is rough I would like to find some more pillow fort maybe someone else get some filler for down we can go for bling thievery I don’t know that might be something yeah I don’t know let’s see how much mana would we have to steal with you know during our turn in order to prevent a relic from coming down next turn even with the land drop well irelia right now costs 10 mana because they’ve cast it twice so that’s five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen we’d have to steal seven mana worth of permanent so even if we steal all the artifacts that’s still two mana away from enough we’d have to seal all the artifacts and this ancient tomb to be able to prevent a really for putting down next turn because of um you know an ability to cast it now our darker Valkyrie this is pretty good um to steel it will block a rally a pretty pretty nicely and it has haste so well I guess they can target something else in response actually so maybe that’s not that great PJ here can just target another creature randomly so that we can’t actually use that tap ability on our dragon Nord silom gar in response to removal letting you know some guard go to the graveyard yeah that’s a little bit rough here like I said I think desertion is probably our best bet but even though we’re still we still see a lot of damage in the air alright Inc guys all so now we’ve only got one creature in the graveyard and that is shadow mage infiltrator but people do like drawing cards so sad thing is that I wasn’t drawing another land for a four turn so thanks for the free seven yeah I’m kind of feeling the same way here I think it’s a little bit too you know too late to go for the mine’s dilation idea what do we do here what do we do I guess if we steal I guess what we can do is we can grab the lightning Greaves and grab the Arkady’s guess we might as well grab ink guys at the same time and what we go for is deal damage with servant and try to does this have any ways to prevent itself of being blocked no it doesn’t but they can treat if they want if they trade that’s actually okay with me but then what we can do is we can get down on our Katie’s and block the irelia and be good to go here basically trade with it and take eight damage what can we take out of their graveyard here let me kind of calculate my man up situation we have six seven man out so we could Google we could go for arcane lighthouse and blatant thievery we can steal all the three creatures we can’t attack with the ink eyes man this is rough because we don’t have enough mana to steal both this creature and the lightning Greaves I guess if we have two creatures that are flying well then we’ll have really good protection against irelia I guess that’s probably the thing to do here we’re gonna hit ourselves for two we have to we have no other choice we’re gonna go ahead and activate the light the arcane lighthouse and then we’re gonna go for blatant thievery stealing all the creatures yeah that’s what we’re gonna have to do first target second target third target tap out all the mana and that’s just enough so blatant thievery we’re gonna target all those three creatures and gain control of them now none of these will have faced except for our doc yeah a darker valkyrie but they can choose to tap it in response looks like that’s not what’s happening here so we can’t actually change the where this is gonna go I can’t change where this is gonna go either and this can’t target itself obviously so yeah that’s this only returns to deterrent under our control okay well the penalty for stealing two is to cut off your hands it says chaotix uh does that mean we’re gonna discard our hand here I don’t know I hope not uh yeah we’ve got we got flying blockers which is nice yeah we’re at 23 live which is the lowest life total right now but hopefully we get too steep we got to keep these creatures for around here and and be good to go maybe next turn what we can do is I mean there’s still no enchantments for us of Steel with steel enchantment surprisingly desertion would be nice but they’re probably gonna get the irelia down now and go for the attacks all right solemn stabile akram that’s fine I mean we can activate this a darker Valkyrie but we can actually steal creatures with this ah interesting so if if creatures die we can actually steal them with a darker Valkyrie this would be pretty sweet if we were playing white but I don’t think there’s a lot of white effects that steel creatures but a darker Valkyrie definitely one of them alright so we we can we can we can bring creatures from our opponents graveyards all right so they’re gonna give it shroud here yeah I guess that’s fine I mean I don’t think it’s gonna be done anytime soon and I’d rather have a blocker at least for right now we might see a board wipe here in which case yeah we should have used it but I don’t know is it likely that they have a board wipe right now I mean maybe maybe maybe committee replay disappear faction here does have one next turn will have 5 6 7 8 9 mana next turn so this cost 5 4 or this is five six six seven seven and this is two so with nine mana what we can do is use one of our two drops and one of our seven drops or one of our other like we can either use one of our seven drops and our two drops well we can use this to drop and any one of these five cards that’s not basically what it is we got steel enchantment as an optional play and then just one of every card all right so two is going to be attacking chaotix here who does not have a blocker any more thanks to us stealing the arcane ease cut off our our hands with all the discard in shadow note deck I might just lose my hand all right so they are going to be bored wiping here there’s no reason for us to go for the darker Valkyrie here we can’t target this a hatch stroud none of these other creatures are going to die so we’re just going to lose the creatures we could have grabbed this solid some you lock them onto our battlefield but like I said it was kind of unlikely that they had a board right there at least in my mind so I’d rather I’d rather use it on something and from our points hands there but I guess that it is the right time to use a board up if you have it all right so are we gonna get punished for not you know targeting these the the solemn simulacra I don’t think so I don’t hope so that’s basically it but also a darker Valkyrie is also the best of our blockers against irelia it means that I came in attack us once all right planer bridge coming down now that’s one card I would like to steal we obviously won’t have enough mana to activate it right away but in terms of stealing it it would be pretty sweet confiscate we can we can do that that’s pretty much it actually just the confiscate I guess ultimately though that’s kind of what we’re forced to do because then having you know if commander replay here has the eight mana way to get any permanent from their graveyard on to the battlefield that’s very pretty rough on us alright so Arkady’s here coming down not really gonna be able to deal with the plane in bridge let’s see if mana block has a way to destroy an artifact here good I need your creatures well actually go have the creatures in hand right now so uh not really that helpful I think I think we’re kind of forced into the confiscate move here we’ll see if someone else gets an enchantment down that we would like to steal but don’t know I don’t really know that that’s gonna be totally it’s not to me totally possible here and even then we man what do we do I mean I’d like to get comforts keep down the problem is they can just get down irelia but either way I’m not really happy which would I’d rather see a really come down or plane and bridge come down like actually that’s kind of the choice I have to make here um yeah this is rough I guess we can hope to draw into something like steel artifact steel artifact would let us grab the planer bridge and also hold up desertion all right dance of the Dead is going to return Iona I guess if they choose white they stop irelia let’s see if that’s what they end up choosing they might be choosing blue here in which case we’d be in a really rough position yeah what do they choose they choose white all right so that’s pretty sweet that they get the Iona so it kind of helps us here what we should probably do is use the confiscate to steal the planar bridge and the Iona here is stopping the irelia from being cast the only way now that this can get taken care of from despair faction is with a red source so we’re gonna go ahead make these a little bit smaller X let’s just make them all the way small kind of take a look better at the board here so we’re gonna go into our draw step what do we draw we draw a swamp so that gives us ten mana here we could go for steel enchantment steel the dance of the Dead does that actually give us new [Music] actually we can prevent it from being untapped by not paying the to mana oh no I still D is still the upkeep of the of the of the thing all right so I hope you realize you aren’t keeping that for long says chaotix shouting oh it says let me have my moment moment came impacts only realized it was in chiang creature in any graveyard alright so yeah confiscate on the on the planar bridge I mean it kind of have to let’s go ahead and target that we’re gonna use all of our black mana that we can and we’re gonna hold up the arcane lighthouse to represent that we can still do stuff here we do have to tap twice for blue so we’re gonna go and tap for blue here we’ve got to mana instance that we can try to do here no enchantments on the on the battlefield that we actually want to steal with our steel enchantment so I also realized Inc guys is where she’s not supposed to be in the command zone oh no in the graveyard in the graveyard well they cannot they can definitely probably reanimate it probably pretty likely here now if someone can double our mana for us that’d be great okay this has so much thievery yes yes yes that’s that’s that’s the name of the game this is one of my favorite decks this and nakiri are definitely my two favorites I can’t decide between both of them though both of them they’re they’re both they’re both dear to my heart but this one and nakir II is sweet because this is also it’s got a lot of like ramp in the deck that will let us get some of these big things down and like be happy with it so I don’t even know what we’re gonna grab with planar bridge though we can grab some of our auras from our deck which is nice we’ll have to take a look at what our options actually are so let me let me go get this deck in the in the side here we can grab let’s see die lluvia and primordial could be sweet alright this can’t be countered Pro white and blue it does not yet have haste but it might have haste very quickly here I guess right now they’re probably more afraid of the person that’s shutting off their white [Music] I guess time to punish the Iona let’s see if that that actually makes them move over now what we can also grab his death we do have a lot of mana but I don’t know if we have enough mana to all it like do it in the same turn and I do like diluvian primordial it can help us get some really sweet stuff we can grab I mean I don’t know let’s see where’s the six going yeah it is going at the Iona controller and I think the way it works is that they’ll be able if they if they do end up dealing enough damage to shadow note here they’ll be able to get the Iona back and then the no actually it’ll go back it’ll go into the Exile zone because it didn’t enter into the battlefield under despair factions battlefield let’s see what else can we get from our we can grab some poker primordial that sounds pretty sweet actually my annihilations is that in our graveyard I think I saw that where to go it is in our hand actually great for trails in our hands we got it to primordial blatant fevers in a graveyard common gears none not a permanent we can go in bowls as clutches the scare of God Future Sight I mean Future Sight would be nice as well I mean there’s a lot of options here definitely a lot of options with 8 mana we’ll only have 2 mana left over so we’ll have to keep that in mind looks like commander replay here is pumping up the chroma we’re gonna keep you linked through this yeah I’m not sure what we want to grab we’ll have to see when it comes to our turn because let’s see what’s in the graveyards in terms of creatures and in terms of instance and sorceries so we’ve got a darker value which i think is really sweet um tide isn’t that great here let’s just take a look at the graveyard here for a second creatures creatures we’ve got blasphemous act in the graveyard chaos warps also in the graveyard which is kind of nice mnemonic wall mnemonic will helps us get one of our instance and stories back I think I like that we can go for necromancy that sounds pretty sweet got a nice necromancy mana qual loop we don’t have that in this step but we could go for that austere command can take away some of the artifacts that would be nice that would indeed be very very nice let’s go ahead and we’re gonna yield here at the same time we’re gonna take a look at this bigger dread return can return stuff from our graveyard I mean honestly I like going for the instance and sorceries I would like to get back oh I gave it on I have that many good creatures in our graveyard maybe creatures then maybe we’re gonna go for sepulcro primordial at our next turn as a pauper of our model and grab some creatures out of graveyards we are down to 23 almost down to the halfway mark and like I’ve mentioned before being down to the halfway mark means that and you’re dead I mean like that’s that basically how easy it is alright crows and grip on the dance of the Dead that’s gonna make the Iona go away interesting choice there that’s gonna let our really be recast here yeah all right well nothing they can do about it dance the dead going in the graveyard which means that I own a shield of a Miria going into the graveyard as well so now this fear faction can get back to casting the commander alright Walla blossoms gonna head to draw a car and also draw a card from Katie so they’re gonna draw two cards from this wall okay they’ve got one minute left over let’s see what they end up using it on we’re just gonna yield for this turn next turn we’re probably going to be using this planar bridge to grab something from our deck I mean the longer we have the cards in our hand the better off we are I think although great betrayal is not bad either certainly not bad man what do we return if we return a I guess we probably return necromantic selection because that will let us you know get the you know get this mnemonic wall triggering again this doesn’t exile itself oh it does it does exile itself so we can’t actually go for that loop nevermind is it worth returning that to the hand or should we return cyclonic drift instead I think that’s probably better all right so three is coming in at it looks like the despair faction they’re at 29 before all right they’re going ahead and cracking that expedition map probably gonna be grabbing here cabal coffers if they have it in the deck let’s see what they reveal close this graveyard open the revealed zone cabal coffers all right so they’re gonna grab the cabal coffers get a ton of mana next turn and it might be time to use the memory jar but they do have a full grip so it doesn’t really help that much it’s not like super great hopefully don’t get rid of any of the cards we want to grab with planet bridge once they do activate the memory jar that would be rough would be rough indeed okay let’s see what they get down still no enchantment for us to get to steel with this dealing channel which is kind of surprising usually the skillet treatment always has a good target all right River demon enters without a field if you catch from your hand destroy all non artifact non-black creatures well that’s gonna take care of all the creatures and then a lot with six six cuz that does not destroy itself so they got a 6/6 flier what does that mean well that means that we need to get some fliers out of graveyards as well this I own ax is a seven seven which is nice so we can grab that and have a blocker for this Reaver diamond and what we can do is we can choose man I would like to choose white again um yeah I think that’s what we’re probably going to be doing all right well we’re gonna go ahead and yield until the end step here go to our turn draw card we draw to a land here so let’s go ahead and play the land down and let’s see three four eight eleven will have three minute left over I guess it’s better to hold up the arcane lighthouse as well so let’s go ahead we’re gonna tap this although we can’t tap this at any point we want you know what I actually kind of like that with that crocin grip being in the graveyard if anybody tries to recur it we can do that in response to that I kind of like this let’s hold up all of our mana we can also desertion if we wanted to um yeah I like this I like this is pretty good so let’s let’s go ahead and pass if someone tries to destroy stuff we can destroy stuff in response all right so well yeah we’re just gonna end the combat here it makes it look like we have cyclonic cards in the hand but we always have that in the graveyard so now we’re just holding up the planet bridge activation this is instant speed so we’re going to stop yielding two turns and start yielding to individual things our clock is down to 44 minutes which is you know greater than this clock over here from commander replay but you never know that you know he might be recording this game as well if he is I will definitely you know what if he’s recording I will start off like the gameplay with an announcement that he’s recording as well that way you guys know to check the link if you want to see it from his perspective so 37 minutes on the clock 56 over here from chaotix only use four minutes of time but that was partly because of the the land screw at the beginning of the game 47 minutes here from shadow which is more than us but just a couple minutes not by not by much so we have this activation from planar bridge and I’ve noticed recently the reason that I make the majority of my punts sometimes it’s by not thinking about not thinking things to be like through all the way but most the time it’s just my my my trigger-happy I just I just like past the turn come on pass pass pass you know that’s what I want to do and so it’s like I gotta like slow down just slow alright karmic guide here entering the battlefield I’m fine with that entering let’s see what it targets though cuz we might want to do a if they’re targeting the Iona here we might want to go for a sepulchral primordial in response so let’s see where they target what do they target they target they actually target via chroma here well I’m actually not too worried about the a chroma because if they attack us with with haste from the a coma we can find a good blocker I mean it’s not gonna be a problem at all this does have protection from white and blue so we have to keep that in mind we can only use John the creatures to block here alright so lightning Greaves is going on via chroma that’s fine no reason to target a chroma here like I said we can still get a big big beefy creature from the graveyard with the with the activation from Lena bridge now let’s see if they had end up attacking us let’s see if that’s what they end up going now there is they are incentivized to do that because if they end up attacking us and we die they get the planar bridge back to spare faction will get the planar bridge back but let’s see if that’s what he ends up doing let’s see alright so they’ve got another uncountable angel well this does counter but this actually yeah both of these counters so we’re actually I was I was planning on using the desertion on a rally I got to keep in mind I can’t actually do that that’s actually a bad idea they can easily use this cavern of souls to make irelia uncountable and then we’re in a really tough situation okay so let’s see what they go for um it’s also rough using supporter primordial we we don’t know entirely who we wanted to target all right so this can’t be countered this irelia let’s see where it ends up going they also get to scry one from it which is fine I think what we’re gonna want to do is we’re gonna wait to see where the attacks are going and then from that point we end up you know using this appropriate and try to grab a bunch of blockers and also we can also take a look at what else we have in the deck maybe we find something even better you know what I mean all right and this will also like getting an aura will automatically get around the it will automatically get around the hex proof thing we don’t actually have to use arcane lighthouse for that do we want to play this card in our deck I don’t think so I think it’s just too much mana we already have a lot of six drops they’re gonna give haste to the karmic guide so we’re seeing a pretty beefy attack here luckily we’ve got basically an army in a can with the planet bridge on the battlefield and some poker primordial in our deck at least it’s filling our deck from what I realize like there’s nothing in our exile zone so I think I think we should be good we are at the beginning of combat do we want to do something right now if we let them attack with irelia they’re gonna get an extra combat I’m gonna say okay I want them to get the extra combat because that means that there’s more damage dealt to our opponents and it is nice to have all the opponents you know around but honestly this angel deck looks like it’s probably gonna be the one that I want to steal cars from the most anyways so these two decks aren’t really helping me at much of the moment so let’s see where despair faction ends up attacking here we just said you’re okay to go to attack I don’t mind I don’t mind you attacking all right so two is coming in at us okay three is coming in at us and no it’s actually going at chaotix okay and that’s it that’s all the damage that’s gonna be dealt all right well what we’re going to go ahead and do do we want to block two or do we want to just take it well the thing is I don’t know man I think we’re just gonna take – we’re gonna I think I think it’s worth – damage to continue to hold of the planet bridge I think continuing to hold up the planar bridge is worth the – damage that we will be getting dealt here I think that’s fine three damage is not even going at us or rather commitment image is not going at us it’s going at chaotic so that’s another reason for us to not really care I mean if we get some light gain we can gain that light back alright so we’re going down to 21 17 and 16 for our points respectively now now despair faction has another combat what does he do here what does he do alright so both of these are attacking us now I guess the bigger problem is the commander damaged here so let’s go ahead we’re gonna go and activate the the planar bridge here one more man I left over we’re gonna go and use the planar bridge and what we’re going to do is probably grab this a poker for Doblo since we can we can take a look here now we can take a look at other stuff so anime dad’s not as good as the pro primordial LANs obviously not as good like movie and primordial can get us a board wipe but I think creatures are a little bit better right now um let’s keep going down guess not that great Gila Drake not that great no mercy is interesting it destroys the creatures but hmm psychic possessions not that great seppuku primordia looks to be like the best card at the moment scarab God’s not not fantastic although we could get an Iona from the graveyard and also exile it so it will also stay out of the graveyard permanently no I think so poker par Mordo here is the best card to go for so let’s go ahead and get down to the proko primordial we’re gonna go ahead and start targeting stuff so we probably want to talk target the Iona we can also target the a darker Valkyrie so we’ll keep that in mind I’m not sure what we want to grab there let’s take a look at our other options here maybe we can get a combo of things junk troller okay sure live voice of Plenty that can give our things hex proof I kind of like that better than these walls for sure unless maybe this wall denial might be okay so let’s see what’s in this rat deck we’ve got puppeteer click put target creature cards from an opponent’s graveyard onto the battlefield under control it gains haste at the beginning of your next end step exile it so we can use this to exile Iona so let’s do that we’re gonna use the puppeteer click to grab Iona I ain’t guys in the graveyard right now I’m actually okay with leaving it in there let’s grab puppeteer click first that one for sure I want to grab we’re gonna grab shall i I think yeah we’re gonna grab I guess we can also grab the mana Quall to return something do we want wall denial and demonic wall actually this is only one creature so what’s it I guess probably the demonic wall it gets this electric card in her hand let’s go for that mnemonic wall here and then we’re gonna grab the Iona with up to your click so we’re gonna grab the a dark room Valkyrie right now so we’re gonna grab a darker Valkyrie puppeteer click and mnemonic wall we’re kind of a big decision there and luckily I didn’t punch this one at least I don’t think I did so uh-huh we’ll see all right so we’re gonna return those onto the battlefield we’ve got a mnemonic wall triggering here puppet you click it doesn’t matter which order we put them in so we’re gonna go ahead and grab the let’s see how much mana does despair factor in here I have two to mana we’re gonna go ahead and grab the Iona Bayona and we’re gonna grab the mana qual we’re gonna grab probably the cyclonic rift blade three Bri is also pretty nice but I think cyclonic rifts just better it’s just gonna be better off in our hand then then blatant thievery it’s into the speed we can we can kind of stack that with our holding up the mana from brave planar bridge so that’s pretty good all right so we’re gonna get that into our hand yep gonna get that into our hand here we can also use cyclonic grift if if something is a problem we can use that with with this min that we have here all right so puppeteer flick is going to bring back i/o now we are going to choose white here why it’s gonna be sweet because it also shuts down the Arkady’s that just a little bit we can’t choose black obviously and choosing an edit color only hurts one opponent this one I at least hurts too so we’re going to choose two opponents here and now we’re gonna go to the block so now we’ve got plenty of good creatures that we can block with we’re gonna block this over here and we are going to block this over here now we can’t actually tap the darker Valkyrie it’s got summoning sickness right now so we also have this 3/2 blocker with persist but I think I’m gonna hold up the persist I don’t actually want it to die right now we’re gonna we’re gonna block like that keep our about our battlefield just nice nice and toasty that’s what we want we are actually kind of we want to get this bear faction as low as possible without actually killing him and I know it kind of sounds really strange to do that it’s kind of a weird strategy but the reason that we want to go for that is because of the fact that is this okay Equipe okay yeah I’m okay with this equip the reason we want to go for that is because like I said his deck is going to be the one deck that we’re going to want to steal cars from the most and also keeping him alive also helps us you know take care of these opponents but I’m pretty sure at this point he’s not really worried about these two opponents he’s worried more about us here so we no longer have anything we can do other than the cyclonic crafts on overloaded we do have a pretty nice board state though a lot of good blockers if we see a board a board wife happen here our puppets did click can grab some stuff again kind of like this a darker Valkyrie I mean this one’s pretty good I mean it’s it’s nice when you get to steal cards from your opponents that also steal other cards a darker Valkyrie here though a really nice inclusion I think this is probably a like I don’t know I don’t know all the cards in this deck but so far so far this a darker Valkyrie is my favorite card in despair factions like because it can steal stuff love I love I love playing with other people’s cards it’s a lot easier on magic online as well I think I mentioned this story before what’s this effect here exile exile Iona shield I’m a mirror at beginning of your next end stem so there’s no reason to us to not attack with us Iona we want to attack with it seven damage is gonna be nice so that we can attack someone for seven it only has flying though and this does have flying and it’s also got pro-white so we can’t you won’t even die to it this also over here has flying so I guess this is probably be attacking chaotix probably that gets rid of the demonic wall and I wouldn’t mind actually flickering it so using something like a darker Valkyrie and sacrificing the mnemonic wall would be kind of sweet now if we sacrifice well I guess doesn’t matter um I’ll just say if we sacrifice Iona can we get it back now will that let us do that it will but it doesn’t matter because I wanted you know doesn’t matter we actually we’re kind of okay with it getting exiled to be honest because the it’s actually more of a liability being in the graveyard then then on our battlefield or you know it’s it’s it’s more of a liability just existing in the game then you know then then us wanting it on the battlefield so we’re gonna go ahead and let chaotic spaz turn to shadow no here they still have this cabal coffers if we can find a way to return our of a suet to our hand we can also copy it which would be nice but I’m not I’m not I’m not hoping out for any of that yeah not really thinking that’s gonna be too likely here alright so um that’s a field game it looks kind of weird with the oil process it looks like a colorless land and I was like those already skill gates okay so on our next turn will probably gonna be holding up the planar bridge again alright exile all cards from their hand face down and draw seven cards alright well normally what you want to do is cyclonic rift in response but to a wheel but this is actually going to return whatever we someone what’s the conic rift so this is okay for us we’re gonna say okay we’re gonna let them do their thing now the cards that we find here in our seven hand it’s actually going to be cards that we will no longer be able to grab with our planer bridge which is unfortunate for lands that’s fine friction um you know we’re not you’re not super interested in that I guess the only one that kind of sucks was gilded drink but you know overall I’m actually happy with his hand getting exiled that’s fine with me I mean it could be worse it could be a ton worse we could be losing our diluvian primordial or our expropriate our rise of the dark brown stuff like that so I think because of that I think this is this is a ok now what we can do as well is if we can find a way to sacrifice cards do we have anything in this deck of let us sacrifice cards we can find a board wipe so if we find a board wipe well actually no we can’t because this is only permanent so we can find alluvium primordial that Leuven premortal can cast wrath of god wrath of god can get rid of these creatures we can then puppeteer click the mnemonic wall or even better target are a darker target the a dark our Valkyrie a dark are on grasses a dark our Valkyrie on the sepulchral primordial we’re turning out to the battlefield use mnemonic wall grab debug intent sacrifice dog bonk intent grab the rise of dark realms and that should be pretty good after using a board up and grabbing all the creatures from all graveyards that’s pretty good that is that’s pretty that’s as good as it gets the thing is what would we want to have haste as we can pick one thing to get haste uh man I don’t know I guess the a darker Valkyrie but then we lose it forever I don’t want to lose this forever I want to keep this I want to keep it until the end of time alright so let’s see that’s gonna cost us 8 mana we won’t be able to do that all in one turn yeah we’re not even close to doing all that in one turn well we can do that in two turns alright myojin of knights reach now that is definitely a problem here that’s an instance speed way to get rid of everybody’s hands yeah that’s unfortunately that’s fine we don’t really have any way to deal with that we’re gonna lose our whole hand here but on the bright side so is everybody else so you know I guess it can’t be too bad we also have a planar bridge on the battlefield so we’re still in a pretty good position the product they’re definitely gonna be doing now I mean right now is not going to do that you have to wait until after everybody gets their cards back with the with the the memory jar here they’ve got five mana what else is gonna use that man on let’s see they got six cards in hand so they probably have a lot of options here once they just drew like a bunch of lands now next turn we have 11 16 19 damage at the most so they’re gonna beacon of unrest karmic guide karma guides going to let them grab anything from their graveyard mmm all right that only counts from the battlefield yeah I don’t know what they’re gonna grab here cuz at the same time like why not just choose the creature you want I guess I guess targeting the common guy gets you an extra blocker oh yes and it’s one less thing for us to be able to pop up into your clique I guess it makes sense it’s a it’s a slight advantage there so what are they gonna target with the karmic guide that’s the question though especially when they could have I guess they couldn’t have brought that back in guys Cerrone that makes sense that makes sense so that’s gonna get returned to the battlefield so now I guess they’re they’ve got a pretty nice board today as well now if they attack us we will definitely block with our 77 we have no fears about doing that not at all I guess does really matter if they get karma guide I guess that’s one thing that despair faction could grab that other graveyard like I said it’s just I guess it’s just an extra blocker they can pay the up the echo costume so we’re going to go ahead and lose all these cards assumably assume assuming that our opponent here is going to make that make us discard the card that we were the cards that we returned which is definitely unfortunate but like I said also they can do it at the draw so I mean they can do that you know whenever they please so they are not doing it now looks like they probably are going to be doing at the draw step no they are not okay well at the very least this means we just hold up cyclonic Rift we’re gonna go ahead play it on Al and if they’re not using it at all interesting choice it is indestructible is one nice thing so let’s see if we have eight mana here we’re going to leave these three untapped and then five that gives us four mana to play around with still nothing that we can do so we are going to go to the attack here so where can we attack well we can’t attack with this a darker Valkyrie anywhere except for chaotix so we’re gonna talk we’re gonna target there so we’re attacked there same thing with the puppeteer click although it is nice to have it as a blocker it kind of makes our opponents have a little bit harder time to get around what we’re doing let’s go and attack this five over at despair faction and since I own is gonna go away anyways let’s go ahead and attack the spear faction as well actually doesn’t matter they’re just gonna block and not take damage we can kill the Reaver let’s see how much damage we’re dealing so far so that’s just five therefore over here let’s bring them out to thirteen I guess we might as well get rid of I guess we might as well you know start taking down shadow note if we get rid of the Reaver that’s fine too I’m fine with them having one less you know attacker for six damage they can also block with the karma guide now I’m not too afraid of yeah let’s see we have to I guess we our only choice here to attack chaotix and that’s gonna be the most conservative we can’t really block anything on the battlefield that’s not scary with this anyways I mean I guess we could block the Maya Jim but then would be trump blocking with it so I guess this is fine that’s fine with us we’re gonna go ahead and attack this way yeah I’m ready for this all units ago no one is supposed to steal it yeah yeah Park why I chose to make sure it gets exiled yeah I don’t know like I said I I think we’re a lot safer with this just not existing in the game anymore rather than just letting it be in a graveyard on the battlefield doesn’t matter don’t want to uh don’t want to see it no we’re all right again we can’t yield through turns that’s kind of like my go-to thing especially while I’m talking and I’m thinking about something else all right we’re gonna exile the Iona bye bye Iona we’ve got another activation from planar bridge again this can let us do something like a board wipe and we can do actually the blossom us act specifically because if they go for the managin activation a wrath of God won’t kill them if they wait to do the activation after the wrath of God whereas the the you know abusing blasphemous act it lets this creature die if they activate the ability after we use the board life so that’s what we’re kind of holding up with planar bridge we’ve also got cyclonic rift in the hand which is nice it helps protect us from some crazy crazy things now something else to keep in mind all right devout witness this is probably going to be targeting our planar bridge here so what do we do we can desertion it we can cyclonic rift stuff we can activate this right now I guess what we want to go for is this can destroy target artifact or achievement so the probably be destroying disenchantment that lets them get back to the cleaner bridge so we either active in a bridge now or we don’t at all and they’ll have enough mana to use you know if we use tectonic rift to go for devout witness and lighting views and equip again and it you know discard again so I guess it’s now actually let’s wait for them to try to put the discard onto it and then what we’re going to go ahead and do is grab that Louvre iam primordial alright so they’re choosing to equip here alright so they’re gonna give this indestructible until end of turn what we can do actually is go ahead and use the board wipe in response now so let’s go ahead and go for that so we’re gonna leave blue mana up we’re gonna tap all of our swamps and tap hard we don’t need to activate abilities here right yeah no way I think we’re good we’re gonna go ahead and use two blue mana here yeah it looks good it looks good alright so we’re gonna go cleaner bridge grab the diluvian primordial grab I think right here we have to grab the blasphemous act that helps us get around this my Djinn of knights reach here as well okay so we’re going to go ahead and grab Dai lluvia primordial we just double-check that that’s what I want to grab here it looks like it yeah let’s go ahead and grab that movie and primordial get that onto the battlefield and we’re going to start targeting some stuff so what do we have in this we got mine shadow which doesn’t do anything death cloud which doesn’t do anything and dread return well we might as well use dread return on shadow mage infiltrator and we’ll have to put this onto the stack in the right way well we’re gonna be choosing targeting the dread return probably at the bottom so let’s put that at the bottom what I want to do here I think in the same way that having the planar bridge on the battlefield is kind of a liability for us I think what we’re going to do is go austere command to destroy all artifacts because that will take care of a couple of problematic cards our only other options are you know really to go for I guess we could put we could put crocin grip of the bottom with the diluvian promoter and make sure that nobody can response when you are things I think that’s pretty sweet and what we want to get rid of I think is probably going to be our planar bridge I know it kind of makes no sense to target our own thing but seeing you know this it’s gonna have some ways to destroy enchantments obviously as a white deck so we are we are going to be trying as best as we can to try to get rid of our you know our opponents being able to get rid of the cross and grip so we’re gonna curse and grow up our own card here and then blossoms act like I said earlier is going to be probably the car that we go for here so let’s go ahead and go for it blasphemous act so we’re going to put things on to the stack in a specific way and we’re going to do that we’re going to also put a darker valkyrie out man so we’ve got to do the dread return at the bottom then the blasphemous act and then the crossing grip so the closer grip here is actually not and not helping us as much as we wanted to because of the fact we have to go for the darker Valkyrie and responsible although we could do it now I mean they are tapping mana so that’s gonna give us priority again so let’s take a look what do we want to return well the the puppeteer click is obviously going to get returned I would like to return that they leave in primordial but I think it’s probably more important to return the sepulchral primordial none of these other creatures really matter all that much although I guess what we can do is target the karmic guide and then see what’s more important they’re gonna give it haste in response which is fine because we do have a way to get rid of the plane of bridge if that’s what they’re trying to go for they’re trying to get rid of the confiscate so they’re gonna get rid of haste here that’s fine with us so go ahead and do that they’re gonna give it haste so they can go ahead and discard a card now let’s see I mean they didn’t do that in response they could have done that to get rid of the activation here but I guess it doesn’t matter they’re trying to get rid of the confiscate yeah so it’s not actually you know hurting them at all that’s gonna be fine with us like I said we have no reason no reason to to be upset with this because this is tap right now so we kind of were forced to do that where we use this ability right then so now we’ve got the eluvian primordial now it makes a lot more sense to krause and grip so now we can click however we want to put these on the stack so before we wanted to put cross and grip on the stack first I went above that last now so let’s go ahead we are going to we want to bore wipe and then do this so this has to go underneath this so we are going to cast that targeting our gilded drink no those make sense just gonna go away I guess our shadow mage infiltrator returned that to the battlefield we’re going to target the blasphemous act which will destroy all the creatures yep and then we’re going to target the crocin grip and we’re gonna cross and grip this artifact here ok so now that we’ve done this we’re going to let the crocin grip resolve first and then we’re going to use the darker ability here targeting our sepulchral primordial the more creatures we have I think ultimately the better we are off all right we can grab the karmic guide to grab a card to live in from earlier yeah this is this is much better we are definitely gonna be choosing the right creature here so we’re gonna let the crocin grip resolve you know put that into the graveyard now we’ve got the blasphemous act on the stack here and we’re going to use the ax darker Valkyrie in response targeting our sepulcro primordial now we can choose if we want an exotic creature and I don’t really know what we want to target to be honest what card would hurt us the most or what car do we want haste the most of our next turn I don’t know I do not know I guess we probably don’t want this my engine of knights retreat you know recurring every turn so probably choosing that but that’s only if it goes away and that’s only if they use that ability right now so if they don’t use that ability right now then we won’t be discarding our hand so we’re gonna go ahead and target this card here just double-checking yep that looks right [Music] we can’t target the karmic guide right now because we want to get that back with this of Poker primordial to return the diluvian primordial because that’s gonna give us a lot more a lot more value here that lluvia primordial can get some pretty nice stuff from graveyards okay so maybe it’s time for us to get rid of all the artifacts with the with the austere command that might be what we want to go for okay so blasphemous act is gonna go ahead and resolve we’ve got the persist creature and we’ve got the a darker Valkyrie creature so I think what we want to do is we want the persist to a resolve second that way we can tell we can take a look at what we want to actually grab and I think now that I saw it I think what I want to go for is this magazine the wheel the only problem is we don’t have any ways to make red mana yet so maybe we’ll find something but also it getting Exile kind of sucks too so maybe we need to wait on that part a Miria Shepherd angel I guess that could be good alright so we’ve got the persist we’ve got this we’re going to go ahead and return some cards definitely going to be the karmic guide here because that’s gonna get a creature out of our graveyard and we’re gonna be able to grab the the diluvian premortal from our graveyard but what do we want to grab out of this graveyard I guess the mana Quall can help us grab I guess blatant thievery that seems pretty sweet drift of phantasm is not that great ludovic test subjects not that great sure lies okay but yeah I think it’s gonna be the mnemonic wall although we could grab the Colossus of a Krause that’s not bad either it gives it defender that’s okay what do we want to grab out of this card here though I guess we probably let’s see we’ve got the what’s this card ink guys I can grab ink guys that’s pretty nice yeah I like ink guys a lot here we could just grab a six six flyer I think we’re gonna choose ink guys we’re gonna choose mnemonic wall and then we’re going to choose karmic guide so we’re gonna choose karmic guide here I know if we could grab a darker Valkyrie but you know sometimes you got the women we’re gonna have the ink guys here I guess that’s probably better to get back with the with haste so maybe we’ll do that instead we gotta grab like the the six six flier then oh well alright so we’re gonna go ahead and yeah I really want to grab that with haste I mean they’re probably gonna get a creature down here though alright karma guy we’re gonna choose the de lluvia no more daeul rabid dead moving primordial and then Monica wall is gonna grab blatant fever or we can grab a tutor hmm I know I think blatant thievery is probably better let’s go blatant thievery yeah we’re gonna grab blink three into our hand I guess doesn’t really matter I mean they’re probably gonna use this activation anyways okay we will use that ability return that card incas is on the battlefield we also have her generate up for it if we need to use that so that’s one other thing to keep in mind here alright karma God is going to bring back our thing we’re going to put that looping primordial on the stack I guess what we want to do it’s probably the swords to plowshares the the Wheel of Fortune and then the well I guess we already grabbed oh no there is something in here isn’t there I thought there was my shattered deaths cloud there’s something else in here I thought I thought there was another incident or sorcery in here well I guess the other isn’t but we’re gonna choose what’s this fate forgotten do exiled target artifact or enchantment okay for a seek austere command I mean getting rid of all artifacts would be nice but I think it is better to go for the swords force them to use that now or never so we’re gonna grab these swords out of this graveyard and The Wheel of Fortune here so at least if we discard our hand at least we’ll all have seven cards in our hand to do actually hold on a second maybe I don’t wanna target that maybe I don’t want people to have cards in their hand chaos warp we can do chaos warp on the on the margin I kind of like that let’s do let’s do chaos work on the my edge in and let’s do off your command to destroy all artifacts and all enchantments there’s not insane us on the battlefield right now I don’t think right yeah there’s no enchants on the battle for the right now and then we can choose something here I guess we might as well choose I guess the card we don’t want them to take it back into his death cloud so we’re gonna Excel that from the graveyard cuz it if it would be cast against exiled instead so I’m okay exiling that instant or sorcery all right so we’re going to go ahead and do some things here this is pretty nice actually kind of like the way this turn is playing out we are doing a lot of stuff here all right so we’re going to cast deaths cloud at the bottom because not really a point in not do that we’re gonna go ahead and chaos warp the this thing and then we’re going to austere command to destroy artifacts and achievements and I guess it probably should have done it the other way around just in case they cast warped into an artifact or an enchantment here but most likely there you’re gonna sacrifice it anyways I don’t think they’re actually gonna cast Warpaint like into something this is anything is going to incentivize them to not remove the counter which is kind of what we don’t want them to do anyways we don’t want them to remove the counter from this card so we’ll see if they end up doing that not entirely sure that that’s gonna happen here but you know we can at least we can say we tried and the amaranth and wall trigger is still intact they try to give it a try alright so they are going to use the ability in response our incentive was not enough here so we’re going to discard our hand here do we want to do anything in response nope I guess we might as well use the cyclonic rift to get rid of a permanent as well no reason to get rid of a artifact because those are about to get destroyed there’s nothing really else to get to get rid of here [Music] yes a chronic rift actually doesn’t do anything we can’t even return one of our own permanence if we wanted to anyways yeah I guess there’s no reason to to do this what’s going to get exiled again what does haste that doesn’t have aced no haste no haste oh it’s cuz our triggers still in a stack here alright well we’re gonna lose this icon up if like I said there’s no reason to actually use it on anything here austere command is probably gonna be resolving although I guess I probably should have done the cyclonic drift on one of these cards just in case you know despair faction had a two fairies protection but doesn’t look like that’s gonna be the case here cyclonic rift or sorry chaos warp is going to fizzle here it doesn’t have a target disclosure is gonna get exiled we all lose zero life discard zero card sacrifice your creatures and then sacrifice it to zero land since X is equal to zero here then we’re gonna have to persist click coming back onto the battlefield the dread return returning our shadow maing infiltrator this has been a really long game but I guess this is the type of games that you uh people tend to like to see oh this returns to their battlefield whoops what’s today’s II forgot that that’s not a good car to steal I always make the mistake to I always assume that persist returns to your creature to your battlefield I guess if I had known that I guess I probably would have returned the puppets here click and then grab ink guys with haste but you know it could be worse I mean what’s the worst thing they’re gonna grab here I guess it’s also okay that they grab a creature and they exile it I don’t know we’ll see I guess it’s up to that what they want to make sure that ink eyes can’t actually attack and the lack of persist here means that it’s not as great of a blocker as it used it usually is so I don’t know if that was the right move or the wrong move it’s kind of a subjective thing like you could be subjectively you know liking it I guess knowing now that this interaction happens do what I have wanted to do this I mean although I don’t know because um we did get that I own it down and that helped us you know stay a little bit a little bit protected there I guess I guess it’s worth this seeing this for the advantage of getting rid of Iona for real all right so what did they target here I don’t know what they targeted and there’s too many graveyards to take a look so let’s just scroll down to the bottom gilded Drake alright so they’re gonna be able to you know copy a creature here what were they gonna grab I mean I don’t know maybe the ink guys it’s kind of on point for their their deck all these others are et B’s and this is it just has an echo probably the ink guys you know probably they could have made this dread return fizzle by getting rid of by you know stealing this shadow made you infiltrator but I guess the gilded Drake here is much more important are they’re gonna grab the sepulchral primordial that’s fine with us it is just a 5-4 uh 5-4 intimidate which I guess Inc guises are only blocker for but next turn you know we’re gonna have our commander that we can use we can grab the ink guys back you know this is not the work I mean the the appropriate primordial back it’s not the worst all right so finally finally this stack is resolving and now we can start yielding through turns cuz actually we still can’t because of this ink guys well we finally this stack resolves we’re gonna go on top that type that in finally finally alright so we’ve got the activation for ink guys up just in case I mean there’s no cards in the hand so this is probably gonna be aralia coming down and we do have a flyer that we can block with we haven’t we have a 5/5 flyer as well it’s probably better to block with that one a 3/3 with haste that we can attack wherever we so choose alright so let’s see what ya really coming down here we are going to get to scry one so they can make sure that they or at least help encourage their deck Fugit can help encourage his deck to give them a good card here don’t know if it’s going to happen but that’s the encouragement here now we’ve got a big board state here like I said I want to get despair faction down as much as possible without killing them although right now we don’t have any cards from their from their decks so maybe right now is a good time to go for that they chose to not attack with the irelia I guess because they don’t actually care about dealing with any of these to create these two opponents the longer that these opponents live on the battlefield the better off it is for us because now we have to go through them first now what can we attack that will be unblocked well not the ink guys this fair faction says board wipe needed yeah luckily though we do have the ink guys and to make sure that I have my auto yields off here I don’t know possible a hold on I might have accidentally all right so this is not a board wipe this is just an arcade ease coming down that’s fine some boards prevent creatures from regenerating and so that kind of sucks for you guys but for right now we’ve got enough creatures you know there’s enough board wives to that are printed especially the new board wipes they don’t care about creatures regenerating that we might be okay and this will let us get the a darker Valkyrie back out if we can find a way to make it unblockable although we can do is attack with this and everything else at disappear faction since we you know if they don’t block this then we’re fine if they do then we’re then we actually be a lot of damage yeah I’d have drawn into one but I keep having my stuff blowing up cess chaotix yeah their stuff keeps keeps uh keeps disappearing somehow all right well at this point there’s no reason to use arcane lighthouse at least not right now they might drawn to a light in Greece with a boot something like that so we’ll hold up this activation at the same time we’ve got ink guys so maybe it’s a good idea to go ahead and go for the they get the regenerator right now I should have done at the upkeep before they drew into a card now they’re in the main phase let’s see what they cast here 8 mana that is a lot of mana sanguine prate or sacrifice a creature destroy each creature with the same converted mana cost as the sacrificed creature so they’ve got an 8 mana cost creature a 7 mana cost creature and a 5 man across creature we’ve got seven five five six and three so they can get rid of our two fives which is not a big with you but they of our seven which is a big deal not really anything we can do about that right now so I guess this resolves I guess this result this also put this back into our graveyard which is this is this something about yeah exiled actually if they sacrifice it alright Nikias that changes things up although and it now if any of their creatures die we’re gonna gain control of them maybe I I mean if they if they make the misplace is it is it a problem should I like to tell people when they’re about to miss play if they you know they have the option to miss play no because now if they sacrifice the support chimera yes they get rid of their sylvan delivered primal but this read this will untie because of mckay as’ because they just cast it and now that means it’ll come back onto our battlefields we can grab some creatures from other people’s graveyards again so let’s see if that’s what they do hopefully hopefully not we’re hoping that that’s not so what’s happening here okay time to experiment says shadow note I mean there’s also a you know something to be said about not you know using right now they are using it right now though it looks like we’re down pretty low on the clock to we’re down to 24 minutes here so we’ve got to keep in mind that we’ve got to play a little bit faster than we playing now alright so they are getting the undying yeah this is um this looks like a mistake here but that’s okay maybe they’re doing this on purpose I don’t know maybe they are no no at least now they don’t we all have a big flier ah there they’re getting rid of all the things so now we’ve got to make sure this is going to destroy this so we’re not actually getting it but now we’ve got to make sure that we don’t pick seven drops with our creatures Red Dawn bringer is so sweet so super sweet Amira Shepherds okay yeah I think yeah let’s go for the red Dawnbreaker this will return one of our super primordial dye Louvre mural to our hand to our battlefield that’s pretty sweet we’re gonna go for that and then we’re gonna go for because we can draw card with wall of blossoms that’s probably the best thing here primal plasma okay wall of resurgence we can gain some life I do like gaining life here let’s go for the life gain one because this is at your ends now let’s go for the life gain one and I think it’s a lot better here than drawing the card or you know getting hex proof on our creatures yeah let’s go for the gain life one and then let’s go down over here my agent of night reach not very big it’s also not very good it’s just a 5-2 with no abilities raper demons a 6x flyer which is not bad this one is actually okay here I mean it’s a little rough actually they’ve got three cards in hand man I don’t know what we do here I guess we’re gonna go for the big creature let’s just grab the big creature here this is eight mana this is four mana and this is nine mana so none of these creatures will get blown up here we will get all these things back or rather we will get these things from people’s graveyards we’re gonna choose to be the echo cost for karma god I guess it depends on what we draw but we won’t actually see what we draw until we draw it I guess if we can do that and our commander then we will pay for it but we’ll see what happens when we get to that point all right so we got we added two cards to our graveyard that we can rage on bring you’re here still playing with this deck says shadow no despair faction says gg alright so let’s see we’ve got some amount of power in the board I think this guild Drake is gonna get exiled though when it comes to shut on those intercept though so we’re gonna have a we’re gonna have a little less let’s see n step gilligan goes awake probably yeah exile jokela drake i thinking you’re next and stuff okay well we didn’t really get any value they just got the steal our creature um okay okay I think I think we’re in a pretty good spot here so karmic God we’re gonna put this onto the bottom although we could have karmic guided although we did this wrong we did this wrong we are going to choose the sepulchral primordial yeah what we could have done is sacrifice the karmic guide radon bringer this is poker primordial bring back the karmic guy bring back the dilithium primordial that would have been pretty sweet we are gonna use the random burgers ability so poker primal is gonna grab us some creatures I doesn’t want to grab here a darker Valkyrie I’m pretty sure there’s nothing else here that’s that important to grab I mean if we had red man Americans the will be nice but we don’t and I don’t think the same creatures here that will get us that I guess at this point we might as well grab Colossus of a Krause and then here I guess since we don’t have any cards in hand we can make chaox and shot on the discard a card with the ravenous rats oh this is target opponent this is each opponent discard at random I guess patron of them – zooming let’s grab patron of the Nezumi that’s fine at least now when we don’t pay for the karma guy we can make them we can make them lose and why for me going into the graveyard no no I’m sorry the despair faction alright so we’ve got a lot of stuff on the battlefield right now we’ve got we’ve got you wait you know uses for our mana here we can make it so that it can attack we are not gonna pay the five mana for coming guys the better off it’s better off in in our opponents grave everything let’s make sure there’s not a bug and we don’t lose the life here yeah this fear faction here loses the life we’re gonna draw into a card we’ve got ether snatch which is nice we will have to use let’s see so how much does this cost commander costs 10 no no 8 so that would be 14 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 hold on 8 10 12 so we’re to manage I of going for both I think what we do is we play Dragonlords sillim gar bring despair faction down to zero I think this is good or not doesn’t zero I guess we could go down to zero right let’s see how much powered wave on the board seven eleven twelve eighteen well actually this is this is so many sickness here as does this one that has my so one six twelve that’s nothing [Music] sixteen seventeen so we’ve got seventeen damage right now we can take out despair faction but that makes our board stay a lot smaller I don’t know it’s actually pretty scary here maybe it’s time for us to get control of this sanguine Prater so we gain control of that actually we need to get control of the Mackay Hollow because this pumpkin seed click is just gonna undying this persist infinitely so we’ve got to get rid of this Mackay as’ which is which is also unfortunate because now if a Bora happens our opponents get all these creatures so maybe it’s better to get the puppets here click actually I know that sounds weird but it probably is better here yeah cuz we can’t let them have that as a blocker so we’ve got to go for this this is we’re kind of stuck in this situation is there anything here that we can make it like discard no I guess this is it we’re gonna go for the casting of the Dragon Lord cylinder here and use all of our black mana and then use some of our blue mana here as well go for Dragon Lord silom gar and I know it makes no sense but we’ve got us through this cup of your click and then attack Flyers over at so we are going to steal this actually we can make stuff attack so we can deal an extra for damage yeah doesn’t matter we need it we need to get this this is why we cast the dragon or ceiling guard is because of this this puppeteer click is a problem we need it to die on our battlefield all right so now with four mana all we can really do is regenerate this but let’s go to the combat here so we are going to attack one actually we need attack as much as we can at shout on though so we’re gonna attack shout it out because actually they can block that so we need to attack the spare faction since they can’t block this says that can’t attack that can attack they can’t attack you can attack with this we can attack chaotix and they’ll either jump or take it but they are at 6 life we can make disappear faction either take it will get another angel or a chump with their commander 6 damage in the air I’m gonna go at shadow note this is unjust can’t attack this can’t attack this can’t attack we’re a text shadow down here this can’t attack and this can’t act so that’s all of our attack see that we’ve got all the ones we can do so let’s see how people choose to block here like I said we’re trying to take our shadow note and despair faction and at our end step because we’ll have this defender with flying we’ll be able to gain 10 life now we could have gained 20 life if we chose to if we chose to monstrous at this turn but you know there’s an it there’s an advantage to not going for that so we’ve got double regenerate it open for ink guys in case someone tries any funny business we’re gonna draw card ink guys is going to return a creature let’s return the actually you know what I have an idea here let’s return Archangel of Thune because if we do that let me just double check here all right if we do that then ooh karmic guide we get coming back it oh yeah I think I didn’t want to go up the loop in prayer portal actually let’s get the Louvin primordial alright where did I put that supreme verdict yeah tell me about it alright so in guys here we’re going to return the karmic guide the karmic guy is going to return the deliverer primordial the lunar primal is gonna get us some more instance in sorceries we can then use them so let’s see what do we want to grab I think Wheel of Fortune is not actually that great for us I guess we might as go steel shapers gift we don’t have planes in this deck Wheel of Fortune actually hurts us Raths hurt us I guess steel shapers gifts the only option fade forgotten doesn’t seem that great swords to plowshares is very sweet indeed that lets us get rid of the Machias once and for all let’s go for these swords to plowshares and then sleep minds chatter we’ll just exile that might as well alright so we’re getting rid of the Machias here now they will gain some life from those swords unless the sources the land what I think the swords the land one alright so we will oh we got a cast new alright so cast it yeah whatever we’re target you swords to plowshares the Machias steel shapers gifts we’re gonna get an equipment from our deck if we have any I don’t think we actually have any in the deck which is fine I guess we’re exiling it and like I said the other cards we don’t actually want to cast all right so steel shapers gift no equipment to search for which is fine swords to plowshares they’re going to gain life equal to X 11 mine share they’re gonna discard 0 cards at random then shut millage infiltrator we’re gonna get to draw an extra card here let’s see what we’re drawing to we will use this ability go ahead we’re gonna draw it into future site which we also can’t cast right now so we are just going to yield to this turn everybody’s tapped out we’re going to target our 10 10 because that has the greatest toughness among all of our creatures every single one of them now this one we will use this ability we’re gonna go to 31 here we’ve got a pretty nasty board state here so let’s see what ends up happening I mean it’s not we’re not just winning yet shadow note says out there down to 11 year 27 we’ve got more life than our opponents combined here we’ve got a pretty big board state now it just comes down to actually sealing the deal we do have 10 mana to go for monstrosity next turn if we need to so we might actually if nothing happens to our board stay here we will probably have enough – we probably have enough damage here to you know take everybody out and finish and seal the game but it’s just a matter of time before we actually do that now if we need to sacrifice a creature I’m gonna kind of plan out you know depending of what things might happen we want to sacrifice the mnemonic wall that way if we ever get rid of our diluvian primordial our sorry our stock poker primordial this never goes away where is it oh no I guess I guess ink guys is another reason that we want to get the money well we can grab back some of our infants and sorceries from our graveyard okay yep yep yep yep a bit now one reason that we might want to go white in this deck obviously we’ve got a darker valkyrie but another reason is for stuff like open the vaults and what’s the other one replenish which can return all enchantments and we are kind of an enchantment heavy deck and in this blue-black deck so we can go for that maybe even play some of the white cards that you know let us draw a card every time we cast an enchantment so we can go that and go expert another reason that we can go a different color though we could go red to get doc fade in we can get what’s that for drop gelareh I think is what it’s called that will exile instance and sorceries we can get that one I mean it’s a couple of reasons to go red another one is the what is it called Godhead of something there’s like a lorwyn car that’s like triple blue red hybrid so sorry not triple quintuple blue red hybrid so that’s another reason it gets you it lets you do a free threaten on any permit each one of your up keeps so we’ve got a lot of things that we can do here I’m not really sure you know what our opponents who can go for it there’s a lot of options here I think despair factions thinking about what car they have in their hand what they want to do let’s see let’s see what they end up going for they might be thinking they got one car they got their commander on the board do they just keep it up as a blocker do they just die I don’t know I don’t know yeah I think next year let’s count apart our damage if we activate this monstrous we’ll have 20 with trample so 20 I guess if we find a way to steal the Arkady’s because you can detect with our defenders but I’m not gonna I’m not gonna count on that so 20 24 29 2013 1 yeah we should have so we’re only halfway done and we’ve got enough we’ve got more than enough here chaotix has disconnected we might see we might see the game be over right now well yeah stealing cards can really get out of hand very very quickly I think that’s part of a part of the reason why I like it so much is almost like you know compared to a lot of the other decks like for example in a hurry deck and the sliver hive Lord Dex another good example crab and regn is another good example this one’s actually not as high on the like thinking aspect I could play this deck a couple of times and not really have my brain hurting from all the all the you know choices because sometimes the choices are just really obvious and really I just go for the choices that like okay this is probably gonna be more valuable I’m not really thinking that far ahead you know multiple moves in the future to see you know which ones actually the best one as you can kind of tell so it also kind of works with my my personality in that I can go for you know some decisions that that’s not that those people can’t see and that’s not I’m not bragging at all gosh if I I’m the I’m the person that needs to brag the least obviously but you know when it comes to cards that I mean they might be out of out of options here options the spare let’s ask him um I guess that means they’re in the despair faction I don’t know if that’s if I can make that joke or not um I’m trying to not rub it in but at the same time it’s hard to make jokes when almost all the jokes are like punching down there’s like a tournament in comedy you’ve probably heard it before punching down is where you make jokes at people who are you know who are all there will already have it bad enough you know they’ve got enough on their plate so punching down is is that you know so I try not to do that but sometimes I accidentally do that so sorry for the joke probably probably not a good joke there to make with just fair factions name here so we’ll see if they just end up they just end up dying here through the clock in the tank I’m just gonna ask it that way because I think that’s that’s that’s a little bit more you know chaotic says sorry about that now it’s not their o’clock actually going down it’s actually despair factions clock going down here so um yeah I don’t know I don’t know what we are going to be doing here now if we get rid of a get rid of all the angels here if the clock runs out for them actually its despair factions clock running down I mean if we lose the Angels that’s fine I think we’re still in a pretty good position here to still get a lot of value not nearly as much value but that’s you know that’s that’s part of it the way this works here so we’re just gonna wait you’re gonna continue to wait here in the meantime how was your Christmas I think I already asked that in this video but you still haven’t said why not come on I’m just curious how that still I feel I have to apologize because I can’t afford premium Internet no problem been there done that it’s miserable alright so I think I’ve only had luckily I’ve only had one game where I had an internet problem while recording all right so we’re still here waiting for despair faction to go ahead now they might be just uh they might just have no other options so they’re they’re gonna go ahead and lose the game here I’m just gonna wait see if I if if they just if there’s a computer problem it could be a technical difficulty yeah I don’t I don’t think I don’t think that that despair faction here is ending the game right now I think I think right now they’re probably dealing you know he’s probably dealing with some technical difficulties or maybe someone and you know he’s got he has an emergency has to kind of go somewhere else so I don’t think that’s what’s happening here we’ll see I don’t know if it if it actually matters they have one card in the hand and if it’s a car all right so they are gonna pay their costs let’s see whether they’re playing so let’s see what the perfection is playing here yeah I don’t think I said this fair faction commander replay seems like a really nice guy I don’t think that he would he would on purpose they’re paying the cost let’s see what they’re casting here it lives whoo yeah yeah let’s see what let’s see what’s happening here casting something that might be uncountable angel here but we’re not really counting anyways ethers naturals and gets around that so we can keep that in mind unlike desertion and the other ones beljac this one actually gets around you know stuff that that can’t be countered all right so did they cast something there we’re still waiting for them to pay the cost all right cool so like I said we’ve got enough damage hopefully next turn to get around anything but there this might be a board wipe here all right looks like nevermind on the cast maybe they’ve got a tutor and so now they’re looking you know despair faction is looking through the deck to see what hard in the think tank yeah uh no problem take your time but don’t lose to it alright so when in doubt go balls deep yeah I mean it might be a tutor here and they’re thinking okay what can i tutor for that can get me out of the situation so now they got a look at the decklist then you know do something that now that’s one of the things you can’t do with paper magic and I mentioned that on my stream I’ve been streaming recently Tuesdays and Thursdays at starting at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and I usually do like three games of commander obviously I didn’t stream on Christmas this past week because it’s Christmas and all right all right so they they’re kicking marshall’s anthem here four times I guess they’re deciding whether or not they wanted to do it five times so they’re gonna get a bunch of angels here I don’t know what this means for us though this might mean this might mean pretty pretty low death though unfortunately let’s see what they grab this angel does have haste we have a blocker now but we might not have one forever that’s what the grab and this is only from your graveyard right yes from your graver to the battlefield and all the creatures get plus and plus one um so I’m not yet sure if I want to do the twitch stream this coming Tuesday which is New Year’s Day I think I’m probably gonna cancel it but at least this coming Thursday I’ll have a twitch stream I’m going to be trying to get towards Affiliate obviously the the bigger the bigger advantage or the bigger goal in the grand scheme of things is to have fun and have a lot of people who enjoy the content that I make that’s honestly the the bigger goal here but it would be nice to be able to go to Affiliate and have more of a professional look I think people will enjoy that a lot more all right so they’re gonna be able to go to terpil and with the Soliman simulacrum they’ve got some fliers here so they’ve got a good a good board state of blocking the question is what do we not want to do well I think we definitely don’t want to take out chaotix that’s gonna let us gain more life at our turn alright so they’re gonna trigger a planes from the the solemn simulacrum they’re gonna return another card they’re going to turn Mugen the spirit dragon so that’s gonna make us sacrifice cards right yeah – ex exile actually alright so they’re gonna exile cards here luckily we will be able to keep our Colossus of a crows and a bunch of mana so they might be using a lower you know CMC then just – seven so they’ve got seven counters on it let’s see what they do they do – seven all right so they are gonna lose one life from the Nezumi but they’re gonna get rid of all of our seven drops and less with the Exile ability here okay you know that’s fine nothing that we can do about it right there’s no point in regenerating we have no responses in the hand this goes to the grave you I’m pretty sure this is going to the command zone yeah commands on instead of exile yeah nothing we can do so this is gonna happen all right so we get to keep two of our creatures our two big creatures and Colossus of a cross which is untapped at the moment they did get rid of their commander they get to keep the Platinum angel and the chroma angel of fury so I can see why they were thinking a lot for that play that was our sweet play I gotta I gotta admit that was a sick line dude I fail to change zones correctly oh no it’s in the Exile zone now there it is yeah something a lot of people don’t realize is that commanders start off with default abilities that are the most common choices I think that’s the word the way to word it all right so we’re gonna yield through chaotic Stern here we have no ways to response to respond either I’m pretty sure we’re going to be attacking with Colossus of a krause we don’t have any creatures in our graveyard to return with did we read on bringer and this is a creature that’s not owned by despair faction so I’m pretty sure what we’re going to be doing is you know pumping up this Colossus of a Krause to a twenty20 and attack here now they can block 12 of it taking 8 damage putting them down to one so maybe what we do also is attack them with one of the one of the Flyers as well to make sure that we take them out at the same time this sanguine and Prater they can use that and get rid of our eat drop so they’re probably doing that right now you know that way they can ensure that they’re not gonna take 6 damage and that what reverence is gone now so we’ve turned off our way to gain life having the 12 other than the 20 20 introduct will trample though is not bad next turn what do we want to do probably going to be using Future Sight and then holding up ether snatch casting as many cars at the top or playing them rather because we can play lands playing them off the top as much as we can now what we also can do is I guess it doesn’t matter we there’s no point in stealing one of these creatures because we’re trying to kill the spare faction here they’ve got enough of a bored state that they’re the most threatening monoblock is the second most threatening here at the moment chaotix is not as bad it’s also matches up with what we want to do want to keep Colossus of a crows alright so they’re gonna get black market which they can get some counters on let’s see if they go ahead and sacrifice their sanguine Prater to get rid of the rival demon alright patriarchs bidding so they’ll be able to return all the rats from their graveyard onto the battlefield which is kind of unfortunate here yeah that’s not that kind of sucks for us alright so we are choosing a creature type we’ve got let me just double check no creatures in the creature in the in the graveyard double check yeah we got nothing so I’m gonna choose everyone’s favorite brush wag we’re gonna choose brush wag yo choosing brush wag all right let’s see what everybody chooses I’m kind of curious take a look alright so angel brush wag rat and probably wall here wall so this is a good you know when you’re playing tribal decks unfortunately all of our opponents are playing travel decks so now we’ve got to try to board wink that’s what we are you know in the mood for now what we can do is steal some things maybe we can steal a platinum angel with our commander all right they’re gonna draw card they’re gonna make a make us discard a card yeah they’re choosing us here what do we go for what we’re going for the scariest board state here yeah we’re gonna discard a card here we’re gonna discard ether snatch feature sight helps us lets us dig a little deeper yeah it’s it’s a bit rough it is definitely a bit rough here no creatures in graveyard so we got to keep that in mind all the features have just been brought back well I guess for the most part creatures have been brought back there are a couple of more still in there yeah we’re hoping for a board wipe here man things definitely turned around that pretty great patriarchs bidding was very good because of the fact that we’re going up against three tribal decks ouch ouch ouch ouch alright so we are at 31 life this opponent can just cast their commander unless it’s already out it’s not already on they can just costume it their commander and deal a bunch of damage that way yeah I have no idea what we’re doing alright so they’re buying it back they’re creating a 1/1 black rat token there it is the black rat alright so what do we do here well no matter who lives we are dead so we’ve got it I think we just got to keep up our blockers and we’ve got to not use the mana on the Colossus of a Krause what we’ve got to do is use the Future Sight to try to dig a little deeper I think that’s that’s what we’re kind of in the end uh in the situation of doing now they’ve also got the Platinum angel on the battlefield is there anything here that’s that’s indestructible we’ll have to keep that in mind because the board wipe if there is something that’s in trouble obvious our Colossus mattresses if there’s something that’s indestructible then that’s gonna stick around and we need to keep that in mind this they can’t actually activate to give it indestructible a lot of weird walls here alright so we can’t talk at their creatures besides shall I not indestructible they can exile cards so if we start if we try to bring a card from a graveyard they might exile it so we got to keep that in mind as well alright go ahead and up keep on top draw well he drew an archive will let us draw two cards for six mana future site I think is a little bit better of a return than that so let’s go ahead and we’re gonna tap this way we’re trying to find something that will help us get rid of the entire board stake here that patriarchs bidding really is rough on and this black markets even worse alright so control magic well we can cast that and get a blocker so what’s a great blocker here I guess a life game one’s probably pretty good ones that give you no one that gets this is five lifelink I like that I like that one too shall I will give our things hex proof which is nice too it kind of prevents us from from dying to stuff I know these cards I think are worth stealing so let’s go ahead we’re gonna start off here with a control magic on the lira dawnbringer it also makes you know commander replays creatures smaller so let’s go ahead and take that and we’re gonna hope that we find a this is underworld connections on top well we might as well go ahead and play it yeah we might as well and we’ll put it on a basic here we’re gonna choose this land yeah because there’s no reason to go for anything else maybe we found a land on top of our deck no we find memory plunder which is gonna be nice that we can use it on a board wipe next turn but we’ve got to survive until then so hopefully we do that hopefully we survive we’re not gonna attack here because we cast spells obviously so we’re not gonna be able to anyways with angelic arbiter but we’re gonna do this so we can keep some creatures back as blockers I do want to use I want to use this life gain ability for blocking as much as possible so I’m not actually going to jump with Leonberger until a shot on those turn if we have to also I believe sanguine Prater can get rid of five drops let me just double check this is three this is two or at least it should be two hopefully it’s not 4 to 2 and 0 all right so they can’t get rid of our 5 man I think they can get rid of our 8 man of things are three men of things and our too many things we don’t have any of those other things all we have a beat so they can get rid of radon ringer by sacrificing sanguine crater here let’s see if yeah chaotic skier says everyone here with the sub 35 clock except me yeah we were actually the lowest two so that was a tough turn to go through I mean we don’t really have a ton of options but now now we just kick back and we see what our opponents do we’ve got one two three flying blockers so we can take just 5 damage here if we block the 5 if we block a three biggest fliers here with this board state I’m a little bit more worried our key knees can come down and they can attack with everything at us but at the same time I think that opens them up to dying as well and honestly we’ve just got it we’ve got a we’ve got a stabilize here I mean 31 31 seems like a lot but it’s not a lot when you look at a board say like this this board state is really crazy memory plunder if this if we can survive and this Nezumi grave-robber doesn’t exile what we target with that then we can ward wife but I’m pretty sure it’s going to right now there’s two board ups in this graveyard over here so we can talk it something like wrath of God or day of judgment re they’re gonna go and cast irelia that’s gonna give them two combats here so if they do attack us with irelia we’re gonna block with the lira Dawnbreaker for sure we have to keep in mind also this is only gonna have six six cuff nests if the lira dawnbringer dies which I’m hoping he doesn’t die that’s for sure I am definitely hoping it does not die if we do get a bored wipe we’ve got to also find a way to get rid of this black market because that’s gonna give him a lot of black mana and that’s a problem that is definitely a problem what we can do is we can try to find a board wipe on the top and then attack them we’ll see if they have mana opened if they have been open then we can we can use this in a way that we know it’ll be a board wipe if it’s not that we can’t actually attack holding this in our hand because of that so let’s see where the attack goes here they do have a tax they do have a tax to use let’s see where they go I mean I could see I could see disappear faction here not attacking at all because of how this how this game is probably gonna end up if they do attack they attack us I mean alright let’s see whether I mean it does it up to them I have no idea what I would do in the situation that I’m kind of I’m kind of trying to save my mental power to not do that alright so they’re going to go ahead and start attacking shadow note here I’m assuming it’s because of the sanguine praetor ability but I could be wrong what happened to the marshal’s anthem oh no I don’t have to the marshal anthem it was on the board and then it wasn’t oh the obviously the Mugen exiled it that’s right that’s right all right so irelia here is going to untap the Archangel Thune I guess this makes their creatures bigger with more toughness they also gain life this way whereas the other other creatures in the league I mean it just doesn’t matter because these are going on tap also but I guess they don’t want creatures to be lower on life total they want other people to get that that down alright so they’re gonna go up to ten line if they’re gonna put a plus one count on each creature they’re probably going to tap with their vigilance creature I’m assuming I don’t know maybe not maybe no other attacks here seeing as how they didn’t attack with all their other creatures although I guess that committed image is a good good incentive now this is now bigger than our Lyra dawnbringer I don’t think they have one card in the hand I don’t think it’s probably gonna be an instant way to gain like an instant speed way to gain life for one mana usually you don’t see stuff like that commander so I’m pretty comfortable blocking with a Lyra Don bringer on irelia if it does attack us all right let’s see this is going this is again going at shadow note here they’re gonna gain some life they’re attacking with that seven year interesting choice does this have vigilance it does not okay alright this sevens coming in at us so we have no blockers unless we want to chump block I think I think I’m okay taking seven damage here because no matter what I block with it’ll be a chump block and there are bigger creatures over on this board there a bigger fish to fry here eight toughness six toughness seven toughness seven toughness where else is this going alright so both of these are going over there so they’re gonna try to take out the rat deck right away I’m assuming it’s because they see that we’ve got the memory plunder I’m assuming you know come here to replay season we have the memory planner and they’re hoping that we board wipe wait yeah I do want you declare blockers so I can block this 7-7 protection from white and blue so I can only block with the Reaver demon anyways I guess either way to be blocking a seven toughness creature although we can eat some other creatures – what’s this thing – how’s the expert one I guess we take seven we’re down to 24 they can attack us here with fifteen twenty one twenty eight twenty eight twenty thirty four thirty four actually no they can’t attack because of angelic arbiter actually you know what I’m fine taking des seven yeah we’re gonna take a seven because if they do cast their commander and they don’t get rid of this angelic arbiter then they can’t attack us so that’s fine that’s fine we were only worried of this board state because they could cast the commander with this angelic arbiter on the battlefield yeah well if you’ve done a lot of watching this game says the pair disappear faction yeah yeah but we might be we might be clocking out so why is it giving me alright well that’s gonna be the end of shadow note here they’re gonna gain life off of this they’re going to put a plus we count on all their creatures so now we’ve got to try to figure out can we actually kill them here because if we cannot then what we need to do actually doesn’t matter they’ve got the Platinum angel in the battlefield I guess what we do how much mana we have four plus eight twelve we’re still two away I guess we cast the he drew an archive last turn we would have been able to but and then we can’t draw an extra card this turn I think drawing extra card here is better than he drew an archive hmm also we’ve got it they’re gonna play everything again well I’m not sure what that does here you don’t have their commander on the battlefield ghost wait does this return it at the end step yeah the beginning of the next end step and there are casting it during their main phase here are they playing for mana for others tapping out all right that was an interesting choice that ghosted prison probably means that I mean we’ve got to deal with this chaotix player right maybe what we go for is we steal this card with our commander mmm-hmm we’ve got to keep that in mind right so we drawn to memory plunder expropriate can do it I think so let’s go for expropriate we’re gonna start off with that we have 12 mana so we’re gonna leave three-minute left up we’re gonna leave the card draw and one of these so we kept this for blue tap this for blue tap this for black well that was fun yeah we got to expropriate on top now we got ristic study I’m gonna choose time here nobody has any of our permanence right now so that would be the one reason that we would choose money because we gained control of a permanent owned by that player now we’ve got to choose this angelic arbiter because right now we can tack this you know stealing this would let us attack here shot a note says well that was fun yeah GG I only alright so we’re going to they gave us an extra turn here which is fine we are going to gain control and we can choose any of their hex proof things as well maybe we choose one of the flying blockers what has flying and can block well this is a flying blocker that’s not even bigger flying blocker though let’s grab actually wall of denial wall denial is actually we can grab ghostly prison I mean they’re only drawing one card I hand attorney anyways let’s grab this flying blocker let’s do that and we’re gonna pray first okay all right so now we get to choose something here so actually do get to attack this turn we’re gonna go ahead and gain angelic arbiter here and press okay so we’re gonna get one extra turn here we’re gonna go ahead and cast ristic study because that’s gonna be drawing a car but we’re not actually losing life from that we’ve got to land on top so we can play that now we’re gonna go and play the land and what do we find cabal coffers alright sweet so let’s go ahead and go to the attack now we’re okay attacking all these creatures because that we’re gonna you know start taking away their things they only have one creature that they can block with and it’s a three four that has right because everything L know nothing else has reach here let me just double-check nothing has reach that has defend all right so we can attack all the fliers at chaotix that’s gonna be probably gonna be blocked by them so we can deal 5 damage to them regardless of how they block let me just double check here right because if we if we got down the if we attacked here with a red dawn bringer that would change things up now we can attack with the 10 and bring man this is tough this is tough because now as well as long as the spare faction exists we are let’s just attack this way we’re gonna try to take out chaotix here and we’re gonna attack can we attack with this declare attackers is there something stopping us from attacking with things without flying I don’t know what’s happening why can’t we talk with that is that something Cygnus let’s see um new what why can i attack with it oh I guess it must be a bug off of angelic arbiter cuz know it does make sense actually oh oh wait if we want to tackle what to pay to mana anyways so yeah another mile not so we’re gonna go ahead and attack into despair faction here they can kill our Lyra dawn bring her here and they can even kill our red red dawn bring her as well well actually they can only choose one of them to kill we are going to get an extra turn and we can board wipe after our attack next turn yeah we can bore up after our attack next turn all right going for the ten damage now they might just take it seeing as how they have the Platinum angel in the battlefield we are at twenty four life again still more than all of our opponents combined but well draw to the Cabal coffers we have five swamps on the battlefield which does give us a lot more mana that we had before we’ll see what else we drawing – alright so they’re blocking both of these on Red Dawn burger they’re leaving our Lyra Dawn bring earth on the Ray Adan bringer they’re leaving Lyra dawnbringer alive we I guess it doesn’t matter which one we deal damage – well I guess we’ll do it like that get rid of the Platinum angel first we’re gonna get rid of our rear down rear this is FX graveyard we’re gonna get in with five ring the nuns nine we’re gonna gain five life going up to 34 and then we’re gonna pass to our turn here let’s go ahead and draw return I’ll keep draw into the cabal coffers we’ve got three and dynamo on top this is gonna give us a lot of mana here so we’re gonna go ahead and cast that we’re gonna tap our black mana for it we’re gonna use threatened dynamo and only cost a net of one here we’re going castor in that amount we’re gonna draw a card with the ability here get past the two lario west see what else we can draw into psychic possession that’s not that helpful so we’ve got a lot of mana left over we’ve got 3 7 10 13 15 damn hub mana left over this costs that is 10 mana so we’ve got enough to go for memory plunder and Dragonlords talingharr here so what do we want to grab I think we want to grab the rally of the war leader and then attack actually is there a board up in this graveyard we’ve got a we’ve got to look to see if there’s a board up in this graveyard I don’t actually see one this is tough man this is really tough ghosts way all right so we want to deal with despair faction here actually we’re fine because they’re not gonna block with a platinum angel where they’re gonna keep that alive and then when we cast the memory plunder yeah let’s do this alright I got I got this is a good idea this is a good idea we’ve gotta top of this though cuz we no longer have any use for them we gotta tap this as well for the three mana everything else that we can leave up alright one more there it is Dragon Lord silom guard coming down what we’re gonna go ahead and take is this aurelion and then what we’re gonna do with the irelia is we’re going to attack twice okay we’re gonna say okay to that that’s fine okay and we’re going to attack everything at we’re gonna attack everything at despair faction because regardless of what happens I think we end up killing them here and we also end up killing all the bore of the whole board of chaotic so we’re back to zero but I think that’s not bad all right so we’re gonna attack here with this we’re gonna attack again why is this not able to attack here oh it’s cuz it got the fender door man I’m an idiot all right so we’re I can’t attack with that yet it’s got the fender all right so we’re gonna tag with these three we’re gonna untap those cards we’re gonna get an extra combat step always yield they’ve got a six six flier at the moment they can eat up our lira Don bringer but that’s still that’s still going to be lethal for them since we’ve got the board wipe in our hand now they can go for this mr. Vale Plains actually they can’t because I do not have the white mana alright sweet they have one more white mana they could put actually they don’t have white permits for it either anyways alright so never mind never mind we’ve got five minutes left on our clock so we’ve got to go a little faster than how we’re going right now if we may if we want to expect to kill chaotix here alright let’s see how the sphere faction blocks here I don’t know if they remember that we have memory plunder in the hand but we’ll see if they do alright so they are gonna eat our lira here we’re going to go up to 38 which is almost uh that was first I was wondering like why um yeah okay so then we’re gonna deal there at negative five right now I guess it doesn’t matter we’re gonna combat step we’re at 52 I guess this has lifelink no oh is because are there other features have lifelink alright interesting um we’re gonna go ahead and use I’m sure no we’re gonna go to the attack first why can I cast this oh I was supposed to choose attackers well it doesn’t matter I mean it’s the same amount either way and I guess it’s better to have the untapped creatures alright going to the main phase we’re gonna go ahead and go memory plunder targeting the wrath of God right cuz this can friends of the regeneration alright so let’s go for that blue blue blue and black we’re gonna yield through our turn we are going to cast that destroy all the creatures all every single one of them and that’s gonna kill the spare faction as their as their planet angel goes away alright so now chaotix down to six life they’ve got a thing yeah good game all right let’s see we’re yielding through this turn because we can’t do anything and they’ve got the they’re getting some more defenders down if they can get enough defenders we can you know we can we cannot we will be under a little bit up we will be unable to win with the Colossus of a crows activation man toughed you saying I’m getting so like nervous from that clock that four-minute clock I don’t know it’s make me sweat alright alright so creatures can attack us though okay so they got nine toughens on the board that gives me a virtual 15 damage 15 life all right so we’ve got the win on board here we’re not gonna make it we’re not going to take forever here we’re gonna pay 10 so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 this is there we go that’s enough all right so we got that we’ve got two we got anything else actually so we’re gonna go ahead and go to the attack attack for 20 paying 2 mana GG well played yes good game all right so 20 coming in and out at them they can block with both creatures and that’s gonna wrap it up we we had a pretty rough situation right there when we had the patriarchs bidding but we managed to get out of that and it was a tough situation for everybody really so that was a game that was a long game that was quite long so thank you so much for joining me don’t forget to check out commander replay his channel will be in the link down below thank you so much for joining me and I will see you next time in the blood Hall [Music] you [Music]

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  1. you cant keep doing this bud- your videos are more than double in time of anyone else. either edit or maybe NOT talk so much on your turn. The people watching you already know how to play magic and know most of the cards or can pause it to read it themselves to refresh their memory. I hope this dont piss you off. I like you and love commander, Im just trying to help, but I cant stay here seeing nothing and watching you chatter on about the same card for 2 hours during a match.

  2. My poor Arcades deck… So mana screwed…

  3. In opposition to the other comment I want to say that I like having these longer lightly-edited/unedited videos. It is nice to be able to go over to mudstah's channel and see a 14 min video but it is also fun to watch and listen to every thought someone has as they go through a game which is what this gives. There is a point at which it is simply too long but I don't think this video is at that point.

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