THE BLOODHALL S9E1 | Krav & Regna vs Sliver Overlord vs Augustin vs Ezuri Claw of Progress

THE BLOODHALL S9E1 | Krav & Regna vs Sliver Overlord vs Augustin vs Ezuri Claw of Progress

[Music] hey everybody welcome to another edition of the blood haul and before you start to freak out wondering oh my goodness has a month passed by I already know it’s only been two weeks since we introduced me hearing the Lytham answer into the bottle and not trying to steal the spotlight away from her I’m actually doing something a little bit different if you’re wondering why am i introducing a new commander here at the beginning of the month rather than at the end of the month simply check out my Twitter magical underscore underscore hacker find all the information there so before we jump into the blood haul we’re gonna do a 10-minute deck psych as we always do who are we playing this week well we’re playing partners for the very first time in the blood haul we’re playing krav the unredeemed and regna the redeemer so what does Croft do krav is a 5 man a legendary 3/3 demon that partners with regna it will enter and let us search but obviously recognize in our command zone so we don’t have to worry about that it’s got one other important ability pay a black sacrifice X creatures in order to make target player draw X cards and gain X life and put X plus one plus one counters on crowd for the unredeemed what does regna do well also has the partner ability but it’s a 4/4 flying angel for six mana and at the beginning of each end step if your team gained life this term which you can replace your team with you because we don’t have a team here if your team gained life this turn create two one one white warrior creature tokens so what are we trying to do with crab and regna simple we are trying to go full on black white aristocrats trying to get plenty of value off of the sack outlet in the command zone that we’ll be able to draw cards gain life we can even force an opponent to draw cards if they’re very low if they’ve self milled themself if they’ve milled themselves rather than we can go ahead and kill them with with a sack outlet here we can also make a bunch of tokens with regna but not as important for the deck as crab is so let’s go and talk about a little of what’s going on in the 99 we got cloud goat Ranger and a bunch of other creatures here we’re going to go through them what they all do is they make tokens when they enter or at the beginning of each upkeep something along the line so we have a bunch of token makers we’ve got cloud goat Ranger we’ve got end ryx our master breeder we’ve got night captain of Zeo switches the least of like efficient token maker that we have in the deck however the extra sack outlook on it where we can sacrifice soldiers to fog pretty solid with a lot of the deck that’s going on so marsh flutter as well also has a sack outlet for goblins but not really too necessary Oh fee oh man sir also doubles as pillow fort singer autocrats very very efficient for mana for four bodies scourge dag high priest two mana that if we can make things die which this deck definitely can we can tap it to and tap to untapped creatures we control to make five five Flyers every every time we have the chance to tap them we’ve got spring Jack Shepherd which has the old version of devotion known as chroma and then we’ve got to fabricate creatures that fabricate – we got visionary augmenter and we’ve got weapon craft enthusiasts so we’ve got a bunch of tokens a bunch of creatures that make tokens so what we’re gonna be doing is they’re gonna be sacrificing those creatures and then returning them with our recursion so we’ve got colored hastings everything persist we’ve got Dawn of the Dead which works really well with having sack outlets to stop the exile from happening we’ve got debtors Nell which can also target creatures in our opponents graveyard dusk-to-dawn which also doubles as a boardwalk that’s pretty solid faith reward which can return even our non creature permanence that go away so if someone board wipes all of our artifacts and enchantments faith Ruhr can bring him back Palace siege solid choice for cons I don’t think will ever choose dragons but maybe in a pinch we’ll need to friction reclamation lets us you know recur multiple things per turn and it’s only a one drop it’s pretty pretty you know crazy that it even exists where allottee ancestors kind of the same thing as Dawn of the Dead in the Exile clause we can kind of go around with our sack outlets ravel soul tender for another copy of palace siege but this time on a creature rise of the dark realms very expensive card but lets us return all creatures from all graveyards pretty solid especially in this deck and then lastly thrilling encore can also let us steal some of our Hornets creatures of a board web happens but mostly going to be using it as a faith’s reward type of effect so we’ve got token makers we’ve got recursion we already talked a little bit about Sacko let’s yes we have crowd we also have a couple of we’ve got altar of dementia we’ve got astronauts altered which makes a lot of mana attrition which also doubles as some spot removal friction altar makes more mana as always and then even spawning pit can actually make more tokens if we need to to use that mana on something to make more tokens altar dementia yes at Mills but I’m probably not gonna be choosing my opponents unless there’s some positive reason to do that the reason I want to mill myself is to get dusk-to-dawn into the graveyard so there’s a little nice little synergy with with all the dementia so why is it that we’re making tokens sacrificing them recurring them it feels like we’re just spitting a lot of wheels to not do anything well the reason we’re doing it is because we’re wanting to gain life and make our opponents lose life so we’ve got aa react champion to gain life pretty expensive card on magic online but I had plenty of budget left over for this deck for this card so I was cool with that blood artist very very well-known very famous very good and an aristocrat sticks all over his older cousin Falcon wrath noble pious Evangel which works as another blood artist but we do have to flip it first at the front side it’s a soul sister on the backside it’s a blood artist we got soul warden and souls attendant speaking of our soul sisters and the last thing we’ve got zu Laporte cutthroat which is kind of like a blood artist except instead of gaining us life off of opponent’s creatures dying instead we’re gonna make each opponent lose life whenever one of our creatures died one last thing I want to mention about the soul sisters they work really well almost too well with regna because our opponents are playing creatures they’re gonna trigger our soul sister which is then going to trigger our regna so and then regna obviously he’s gonna trigger soul warden and souls attended again anyway so that’s why I’ve chosen to really include these there are plenty of other cards that work really well with regna like sun droplet but I wanted to really focus on having a 99 that was really powerful into aristocrats not worrying too much about having to have you know one of our six drops you know a six drop from a commands own onto the battlefield so that’s why you don’t see you don’t see sun droplet in this deck so we’ve got some other ways to abuse deaths we’ve got blood butcher of malik here we’ve got dictate of Erebos grave pact and martyrs bond they all kind of do the same thing Mars bond here does it for now creatures as well but they all turn our deaths into making forced deaths on our opponents as well so when we’ve got something like crab in the in the command so we got a bunch of tokens a bunch of sack outlets we can really easily wipe away all the creatures pretty quickly we don’t have to worry too much about having a board wipe we can find lots of other things as well now if we want to finish the game off we did talk about blood artists effects those are going to help us finish the game off but even faster we’ve got green merchant of asphodel and cocoa show the evening star these two I mean I almost feel like it would be it would be a sin to not not to play it to not run these in an aristocrats build because you play them you sack them you bring them back you play you sack them you bury them back you know it’s just do this over and over and it just it gets out of hand really fast so that’s kind of the the meat and potatoes of the deck let’s talk a little bit about the vegetables the stuff that we have all the time just to make sure our bodies are nice and healthy running smooth drinking plenty of water which I can’t do since we’re doing a 10-minute deck deck even though I’m very thirsty we’re playing grim our respects as one of our cards or we’re gonna go and talk about some card row here we got grim hair respects very uh kind of an iffy card when I was when I was playing the deck I was wondering if it was really gonna matter the fact that it only triggers on non token creatures but after playing it and you know being able to use the morph ability even to kind of surprise opponents if they try to go for a bore up and then we just flip it up and ah crap I would have gotten the rid of that first if I had known you know we can use grim hair aspects to draw a bunch of cards harvester of souls as well just triggers on nun token creatures but at least triggers for our opponent’s creatures as well we’ve got mentor of the meek very good very solid especially with all our token makers mind’s eye my favorite koulos card draw option friction arena one of my favorite black ones sensei’s divine top just a great way to smooth out our draws skull clamp kind of almost doubles as a taco sack outlet as well we got plenty of things with just one toughness in here but mostly it’s gonna be used for the card draw if we can equip it even onto something like like night-night cats out of yes right if we if we clip it on to night captain it makes it a 3:1 but if a board right happens suddenly we’re drawing two cards which is not bad even better on our tokens though like we’re fabricating sure put the tokens with the skull clam draw a bunch of cards be and then lastly but not leastly smothering abomination which does trigger trigger on our token creatures turns all of our sack outlets into also drawing those cards as well now it does have a downside of making a sacrifice creature at beginning of our upkeep however with all these tokens and token makers even regna we’ve got plenty of things to sacrifice to this upkeep ability and if we don’t we just sacrifice smothering abomination no big deal we’ve got three tutors we got other tutors as well but these are the three tutors that are really powerful we’ve got demonic tutor we’ve got diabolic intent which that sacrifice ability is actually kind of a plus side at times and then we’ve got recruiter of the guard which can search for all sorts of different things you can get blood artists we can get soul sisters we can get token makers we can get all sorts of crazy stuff we can even get we can even get some recursion if we need to so recruit of the guard very solid very good next category we have is ramp we have some ramp in the mana base as well but here’s the here’s the the big ones guilted Lotus he drew archive pitiless splendor which also does trigger on our token creatures there’s some other ones out there that trigger on only on non token creatures I chose not to play them just because I have so many good ramp options this one is good enough but the other ones I had to cut them they weren’t that there weren’t a good enough for me three and dynamo and Warren Power Stone kind of the usual usual the the was typical offenders you know for rent but pitiless plunder I’m really excited this cars a lot of fun in this deck board wipes we’ve got austere command we’ve got our of Revelation and we’ve got toxic deluge we also have dusted on which we we mentioned earlier spot removal we also have the attrition that’s not in this category here but we’ve got anguished on making path to exile and swords to plowshares so that’s the that’s the that’s the non mana based part of that let’s talk about the 37 cards here in the mana base so the four the four non lands that I have as part of the lands the mana base of the deck I’ve got expedition app which lets us tutor for pretty good cards you know I wonder what we might tutor for with that we’ve got land tax to give us more basics soul ring also doubles us some ramp weathered Wayfarer another repeatable weights to tuturro plans in terms of the non basics of the deck we’ve got ash barons to get some basics bad river cabal coffer is very solid card and our evolving wilds flood plain godless shrine everybody loves this guy grasslands highmarket in order to get a sack I look on and land just in case we need it in a pinch the gain life ability might be good but I’m not sure we’ll see we’ll get to that we might get to that point in the game who knows we’ve got myriad landscape which also doubles in ramp reflecting pool rocky tar pit scrub land strip mine to get rid of problematic lands like maybe Pachuca bog well I guess but yoga doesn’t really count I’m thinking maybe more of the scavenger grounds that might be a better example Terra morphic expanse herb org to turn everything we have into swamps and then west lav also is another attack outlet but it also can make tokens if we don’t have anything else use a metaphor and once we do sacrifice it we get a huge indestructible life linking flyer with haste so not bad idea at all in terms of the basics up for the deck we’ve got eight planes eight swamps and that is a wrap up on for having reg now thank you so much for joining me for this quick 10 minute deck deck was it ten minutes it’s close enough we quick 10-minute deck deck I’m looking forward to playing this like this ex a lot of fun I was kind of a little iffy on you know how to build an aristocrats deck it was very outside my comfort zone but I think this mech team out really well I’m really excited to play this it’s been a lot of fun of my test game so without any further ado without me rambling any more let’s go ahead and let’s jump into the blood Hall hey everybody welcome to the blood Hall the show where we try to defeat not one not two but three opponents in a game of multiplayer commander this is season 9 episode 1 attempt number some number it’s been a lot I don’t know maybe 5 6 I don’t know kind of following the same trajectory the same path as what we saw for nakiri looking at our hand I think this looks pretty good we do have some white mana we can we can grab with us we’re gonna go and keep this very cool then we can go for souls attendant on turn 2 maybe blood artist something we’ll figure it out we are playing krav the unredeemed 5 mana 5 mana for a legendary 3/3 demon with pea black and sacrifice x features get player draws X cards and gains X life usually it’s gonna be us huh I don’t really see us choosing somebody else but you know put X plus one plus some counters on krav the unredeemed as well so we’re gonna be you know using the sacrifice ability with our aristocrats we’re playing blood artists to get that you know abilities off of things dying things entering we can persist stuff you know all that good stuff the other commander that we have since its partnered is regnant the redeemer six mana for a legendary 4/4 angel with flying at beginning of each end step if your team gained life this turn create two one one white warrior creature tokens in this case your team meaning you know you because we don’t have we don’t have another head to this giants you know what I mean when I grab the planes put that into our hand and that’s gonna be it for our turn now they do both have partner with each other which is important to note when it enters the battlefield it will let us have the option to shuffle don’t really think we’ll be using that unless we you know have a sensitive dividing top on the field it’s a free shuffle that we can you know shuffle away the stuff that we have on top of our library next turn we will have to mana we could go for either blood artist or for souls attendant I kind of like soul attendant more things won’t be dying this early on but things could be entering pretty pretty quickly here after that I wouldn’t mind going for blood artists the turn after that now we do only have three lens in the hand so we do need to find some more lands if we want to cast our commanders if we want to catch some of the good stuff in our hand you know all this stuff we need to draw some more cards but that’s what we’re doing we’re playing krav we’re playing regna the two partners just like that that famous best-selling book angels and demons you know angels and demons hey magical hacker what happened last night um well well the story of my life is that there been quite a number of concessions unfortunately all right so it’s going to be our turn here we’re gonna play into the land down ooh weathered we fear we can go for that the same Turner to go for blood artists so let’s go and play the lanes we’re gonna go and play souls attendant get that down and pass the turn now the nice thing about weathered Wayfarer if someone else gets the four lands and we can’t we can’t follow up with them then hey you know what that happens alright so let’s talk a little about what our opponents are doing we got Spiderwick Edie playing sliver overlord five mana hmm I need to change this to be an always yes five mana for a legendary 7-7 sliver mutant with two abilities we can paint you can pay three to search elaborate for a sliver card reveal that card put that a card into your hand then shuffle your library or pay three to gain control of target sliver now the nice thing about this ability ooh this is cool each player who has cast a non artifact spell is turned can’t cast additional non artifact spells interesting interesting well that’s gonna that’s gonna stop us from being able to go for blood artists and for weather Wayfarer but the nice thing is that does give us a way to play weather Wayfarer and then hold up this cauldron hey it’s just in case someone tries to something a little tricky now the persist won’t be too great on a one one and another one one but it will gain us to life if we choose to use it which now that I think about it maybe not the best thing to do I was gonna save a sliver Overlord there’s a nice little combo with a change in card known as a meat boy changeling it has an ability that it can tap that you know that creature can tap and turn target creature to all creature types so with something like that they can tutor it because it’s a with a you know it’s a sliver you will use a soul attendant ability they can tutor it wastes liver Overlord and then they can just tap and make stuff into let’s just put this grasslands they can turn things into slivers in order to steal them with the other ability so let’s go and play the weathered wayfarer down here we’re gonna go always yes always yield alright so we’ve got a 1/1 we’re not gonna attack anybody everybody has better blockers than us so most likely going to be a sliver deck here and I got I got to give a shout out to spite a wicked they were actually in a previous game and then that game was unable to be recorded because of a you know because of a concession alright so making some man I’m making some tokens interesting kind of an interesting choice for a sliver dick might this might be a more of a budget deck I don’t know alright so we’re gonna go through Damian Fink’s ability Damian Fink here is playing Grand arbiter Agustin the fourth not to be confused with the third second and first versions of Grand arbiter Agustin but for mana for a legendary two three human advisor white spells you control or sorry white spells you cast cost one last to cast blue spells you cast cost one less to cast spells your opponent’s cast cost one more to cast so making things cheaper for themselves and making it more expensive for us this is most likely going to be some type of control / stacks type of build we’re already seeing something that’s preventing people from casting lots of non artifact spells in a turn so that’s what I’m thinking is gonna happen here we do see an urges land on the battlefield which is an interesting very interesting choice here thorn of amethyst so non creature spells cost one more to cast now luckily half of our deck is creatures so we’re gonna be okay on that front this our relation hopefully is going to help us a lot you know to mitigate some of the negativity the negative effects of this deck here we do not have the triple white and necessary quite yet however with us grasslands that’s something that we could always find so the nice little combo here now three lands three lands they’ve got four lands they didn’t have four lands we could always go for crack this and in response use weathered Wayfarer that would put us at two lands which is less than than the three that presumably or you know that hypothetically everybody would have all right they’re choosing to attack Damian Fink here with the Grand Avenue which makes sense it is very much a scary deck here okay so I need to keep myself all right this Mills self else too and then returns all lands okay going to our upkeep we’re okay drawing a land here if we do all right well we drew into pious Evangel let’s go ahead and play down this land now we can only play one thing here we’ve got a total of four mana potentially let’s go for what we were saying before where this is four lands here so let’s go and hold control we’re gonna go ahead and sacrifice this and then use this ability so we’re gonna we’re gonna search for a land put that into our hand we can get any land that we want maybe let’s see we’ve got two swamps three swamps with the grasslands activity so I guess cabal coffers is not a bad idea to go for let’s go for cabal coffers then we’re gonna find scrub land here scrub land there we go and then we’re gonna go ahead and play a pious Evangel here is what I’m thinking we should go for yeah let’s go for that pious Evangel eventually we can we can flip it into a blood artist which is nice so we’re going to uh we’re gonna put this on the stack first okay and do we want to attack here I guess we could attack it tap walrus but we don’t want to I think we just we’re just fine Sylvan library and mending of diamond area is such a good combo yeah looks pretty sweet if they find cars they don’t want they can just put on top in the millet you know cuz this goes at the draw step and so is this right so they can stack a however they want alright so if is Evangel eventually we can flip it into a blood artist if we can sacrifice in a you know a creature with Donna the dead in our hand that does mean that we can get that down next turn and with pious Evangel we can just sacrifice whatever we grab with Donna the dead now there is something to be said about going for our of Revelation here as soon as we can for example using this pious evangelist re another positive and using the weathered Wayfarer to go and find another at white land get rid of some of this other nastiness right four four four five three we’re at five cards in the hand as well I wouldn’t mind using that to slow our opponents down a little bit here the downside is we would not be able to to use whether Wayfair to grab herb org if we go for that as quickly as possible so a little bit of a downside there but cabal coffers would be netting us to mana per activation if we use this to grab a white land that’s also a swamp so godless shrine so if we grab godless shrine and Cabal coffers comes down ooh winter orb that’s gonna that’s got to really suck for everybody here so we’ve got to keep that in mind do they only have two lands in two in the graveyard but they’ll be able to know some more hopefully here hopefully for them not for us for us we we don’t mind them not having the lands on top of their deck so we’ve got to figure out something to do here I think it is good to go for to go for a trying to get this hour of relation down but we still are one white land away so potentially may be the right thing to do here is to not activate this until because we could potentially just draw into it so I use the white mana if we if we don’t need to we’re gonna give it two turns if we don’t find it in two turns then oh well chosen color is green for diamond mares so whenever they’re casting green spells are gonna get some gain some life there they’ve got the the mana sliver so what can we do next turn well we’re only gonna have one man available so even though even if we play the Cabal coffers down it’s not really going to change that much for us nobody has a herb org down as well now these two decks this is blue green this is white blue so we’re not gonna worry about them to have any but you know the the sliver deck always potentially could have it all right laboratory mania coming down for the Azzurri clawed progress point which we haven’t yet talked about tap walrus another shout out to them because they were in a previous game that had involved a concession as well they’re putting one experience counter plus one counter onto the laboratory yeah yeah not surprised they’re attacking the winter or player winter or very powerful but it will it will definitely lose you a lot of games due to the fact that people will attack you a lot more all right so let’s see we’re going to go ahead and draw into reality the incisors we’re gonna go and play a LAN doesn’t cost us anything we’re not going to actually play anything here we don’t have the ability yet to flip this pious of angel we could go for weather Wayfarer but that’s only if someone can get rid of this winter orb otherwise we want to stack our untapped lands until we find something to cast our of revelation is what we’re hoping for okay so let’s talk about this last opponent tap walrus like I said they they were in a previous game that I couldn’t upload because of a concession but they are playing a Zuri claw of progress for mana for a legendary 3/3 elf warrior whenever a creature with power two or less enters the battlefield under your control you get an experience counter and at the beginning of combat on your turn put X plus one plus one counters on another target creature you control where X is a number of experience counters you have so they were able to put one on to this laboratory maniac not too bad if we do choose something like which use some of their creatures with cauldron haze that means that that you know Sri can get rid of the minus one minus one counters off of those creatures so Spiderwick edie made another Eldrazi spawn here chromatic lantern okay so they are going to be making more land though they’re netting three mana here because of their chromatic Lantern awakening zone and then the one limit they can untap due to winter orb so they’ve got more man out of here then then adamian thing same amount as tap walrus thanks to the soul ring but everybody’s got way more than us to three and three we’ve only got one mana per turn so we’re a little bit on the downside here now here’s something that we could think about no no that’s not good enough I was gonna say every three turns we could use the Cabal coffers if we use this white mana right now to grab herb org but even that’s not gonna be that great cuz sure we’ve got black stuff in the hand but it’s not like we can cast that much stuff and I’d rather not wait to cast something only every three turns alright so Damian Fink’s turn we’re gonna yield through this as well resplendent Angels pretty interesting this is a very this is the very outside the box type of sliver deck that’s for sure this creative are a great arbiter deck and really slowing things down here we’re not really able to do too much fabricate they’re gonna go and search for an artifact here I wonder what they’re gonna grab they could grab another winter or like effect maybe something that says you know you got a tap a lantern extra land every turn who knows who knows will they go for here next turn I’m hoping that we draw into a land that would be the best-case scenario we drawn to a Plains play that Plains down after untapping this Plains go for our of Revelation right off the bat that would be honest that would be a lot that will be very nice here we can even go for attacks get at least two damage in two Damian think before the board of life not bad at all that gets rid of a lot of stuff here now there they will be able to return all the lands from their graveyard for the hand and there are three in their torpor orbs what they’re grabbing that’s fine with us we’re not using too many et B’s oh wait yes we are yes we are plenty of easy B’s in this deck so torpor or of a kind of a problematic card for us as well sliver deck I’m sure is gonna have some trouble with that same thing with is there a claw progress they’ll shut down the the ETB effect off of Azuri claw progress no more experience counters for you buddy to try to guess what this decks doing it’s most likely you know based on Azuri trying to make you know a bunch of either tokens with power to last or play a bunch of creatures with power two or less and then get a bunch of experience counters put plus one plus one counters on cards that care about those there is an infinite combo in this deck with there is some heroic card it’s a blue card that if you remove five counters off of it you get an extra turn so or five plus and plus one counter so once they get up to five experience and they have that down that’s infinite turns so we do need we do need to keep that in mind so maybe this torpor orb is actually pretty good for us because that shuts down that combo merc fiend leech okay it’s only good on tap green and blue creatures so I’m not really sure what’s going on here they choose to attack us I think we’re just gonna take it but I’m pretty sure they’re not attacking us I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be attacking Damien here you have the laboratory maniac on the field you need to keep that in mind as well because something like that means that they could just draw their whole deck and win the game from there or mail their whole deck and then just draw a card from some other effect so we there are a couple of things to keep in mind here this is our deck can be explosive can win out of nowhere so we need to keep that in mind yes we’re afraid of the board state of a grand grand arbiter deck but I think Azeri long term is a lot scarier so we’re okay popping off this board web if we find a Plains that is I mean it’s not guaranteed but we have to find a Plains first okay so they’re gonna go potentially for some attacks here what are they gonna go for ten coming at demian Fink’s as well so let’s see if they choose to chunk block here save themselves five life pretty sure there’s not what they’re gonna go for now we do need to keep in mind that our of Revelation is gonna cost one more I forgot about about that aspect so we need to keep that in mind it’s costing one more so even if we don’t find even if we do find a plane’s here we’re actually still one away from casting it thanks to the thorn of amethyst okay so what do we find on tap one lamb we’re going to top the plains let’s see what we find he drew Archive all right well that’s not very good for us here we don’t really care about that nothing we can do right now now we could go for blood artists in anticipation of the hour of Revelation however the problem is actually I think I got to go for the weather Wayfarer ability let’s go for that and actually I guess if we go for a he drew an archive that would let us get a little bit faster trauma so I’m sorry I’m trying to think about all the options that we have here if we go for he drew archive that would let us get the hour of Revelation down a 1 turn sooner so let’s say we grab a Borg here grab our Borg play that down tap cabal coffers it’s gonna grab the or Borg I can’t see it too well so I don’t want to put the wrong thing there we go herb org tomb of yakima we’re gonna go ahead and play that 1 2 3 4 5 6 so this is for mana that we can produce that would be enough for he drew archive nothing else that we could play though then after that we would have to find three more white lands alternatively we could go for blood artist right here kind of like that and keep one white land open yeah like oops not that one we want we want to have this for black there we go black black blood all right cool that’s gonna gain us to live from our two soul sisters put that on the stack always yield to paisa Benj well it’s not a may ability so we want to choose yes okay so after that we’re gonna go ahead and pass a turn we have our white black land up just to communicate to our potentate we got some things to do don’t you be messing with us here I suppose I could attack with both of these but I’m not I’m not like Sookie I’m not like too keen on just trading here I’d rather keep this around just in case I want to flip it if we have the chance if someone gets rid of the the winter orb next turn we could flip this pious Evangel sacrificing something like weathered wayfarer or something else we find you know who knows hoping somebody has an answer to the winter or we are playing white but so many cards that we had to include in here for our deck to do its thing we just didn’t have enough room to include too many spawn rule cards now I do have some just not that many I’ve got English on making as a way to remove creatures and to remove non creature permanence all right crypt with right that’s really going to accelerate their mana production over here so they’re not gonna have to worry about mana about their mana being bottlenecks thanks to the winter orb however for us we are still very worried quite we’re very worried about that for sure okay three in the air coming at Damion Fink like I said this winter or doing a lot of work to make them very very very low on their life total let me put it that way next turn we will have do mana I guess we could hold up cauldron haze but even that’s not that great alright we’re gonna go through demon Fink’s ability to turn here they’re probably gonna be playing that down that torpor orb if they have a lane in their hand oh they do okay so they’re gonna probably played on the torpor orb hold up a blue mana let’s say for a counterspell okay LAN tasks costing two mana here interesting choice over the torpor orb seeing as how a jury’s not too far away from just going off even though they do have a little amounts of mana they do have that soul ring so their man is not super low myriad landscape is what they choose to untap here at which I was gonna about to say this I don’t think they’re gonna untap that because even if they sacrifice it they’re just gonna make two tapped lands this winter or sorry it’s I it’s rough on us so it’s it’s hurting us a lot here we could get down the Heejun archive at some point in the future not next term but the turn afterwards if we want to go for it but that would be that would be tapping all of our lands for that don’t worry I’m dead soon yeah maybe I was gonna say hopefully but I don’t know that sounds a little rough so eleven committed image from Missouri just two more attacks and they’ll be they’ll be dead three taps since they have a blocker to be honest unless they can find a way to give it unblockable it’s gonna be a 3 turn clock for Missouri now it would be nice for someone to be able to destroy all artifacts but I think that the two opponents that would want to do it the most with chromatic Lantern and soul ring on the field I think they would probably wait for it until it’s not a better time although winter orb not a bad not a bad deal usually it’s best to go for winter orb with a with a response at the end step of the person before you that way you can take advantage of having the winter gone first you play a sorcery to get rid of winter orb you’re gonna be the last one in line to be able to take advantage of that Oh tap always has lost connection to the game they’ll be they’ll be back soon I’m sure there they are they join the game no no magic of editing there gee I was just it out BAM I know that sounds like a great thing to say if you did edit it but I didn’t I totally didn’t edit it yeah just we’re still waiting I think next turn we can’t really do anything and then after that we will be able to go for the hour of Revelation but like I said this is a sorcery which means everybody else we will to take advantage of the window or being gone first what right before us so let’s take a look at the people’s mana without any other non line permanent so it’s five there five there that’s nine here and we’ve got six but we’ve got six lands but we’ve got kabbalah coffers which means that we actually have plus another four so no I’m sorry I plus another three let’s see so that’s six yeah nine we have nine mana after the hour of Revelation so just as much as its top offers and then they played Alliance another above us but we do need to find a plane so if we do find something like that we’ll be in a great spot now we have the blood artist we can choose to take care of Damien you can choose to kind of take tap all of us down a notch not really sure what we’d want to go for but there are quite a few options all right six coming here all this is going at Damien Fink so that is a total of sixteen attacking at Damien think that means next turn even if they do block the Azzurri they’re gonna be dead too two other creatures here are they gonna choose to go down to five it looks like it yeah they’re gonna go down to 5 and 16 commander damage so that’s going to give them some incentive to wipe off the board on top one land we’re gonna tap the plains there we go on top the plains draw into a swamp so here that’s gonna be our one land that we can we can use for our of Revelation let’s go ahead and activate weathered Wayfarer we can guarantee that next turn will have our white land so let’s go ahead and go for that and we’re also holding up the cauldron haze just in case we need it although I mean there there is a possibility that someone you know someone does board wipe I’m thinking Damian think goes for the board back here to survive not die to the onslaught of creatures there so something like that with cauldron haze would be really great we’re gonna go and grab a white land here so if you have herb or grammatical gravel Plains unless well I guess we could grab command tower that’s not too bad either let’s go ahead and grab command tower yeah command tower we can play that next turn with our untapped Plains and go for our revelation so we’re we’re one turn away unless we need to use the cauldron haze or the pious Evangel ability in response so of these two what I want to have another blood artist I think that’s what I’d probably go for hold on to the cauldron haze so if someone does board wipe then we’re gonna go for the pious Evangel now if they only board live creatures like for example let’s say they play a wrath of God that would need another white mana for that but let’s say they do go for that they go for a wrath of God they can’t even go for that because they don’t have enough mana what do they have as options not a ton actually not a ton they could miracle into the miracle spell that lets them you know return all creatures to their owner’s hand so if they miracle something like that that cost three mana they would have enough for it because untap then their upkeep and then their draw they would have enough mana for that would have to get really lucky for something like that in that case we wouldn’t actually go for flippin a pious Evangel or anything like that because that just returns everything it doesn’t actually trigger our blood artists we were disciple and and blood artist in himself these Eldrazi spawns though if they choose to sacrifice them does this work for other it’s only what creatures you control die okay got to keep that in mind so we are going to choose here Damian we are gonna choose them really put the pressure on we’re gonna save the targets so that we we use this ability until there until they’re dead now they do have added one minute of any color they have the ability from crypto with right to tap and then sacrifice so they can produce two men at each going down to three and they’ll be going down to two and then they have a flyer here so they want to have a chance to fix their problems now with all this craziness going on from top all risks I think probably what we’re gonna go for is the hour of Revelation anyways they’re down to one card on the hand and we don’t mind just stripping them down to just lands I think that’s gonna be a solid choice here same thing with with this deck that’s gonna give us quite a lot of advantage because then we can go for a he’d ruin archived afterwards and really be in a great shape there hello the host nice we do not we do not mind getting rid of that one as well authority of the consoles okay very awesome just playing a bunch of stuff down now here they could go for the attack with the resplendent angel and take out Demian thing let’s see if that’s what they go for I’m pretty sure that’s what’s gonna happen cuz they’re tired of the winter orb being around alright yep that’s what they’re gonna do they’re gonna take out the demon fink and he’s gonna bite the dust here so winter orb a lot of people think of it as very strong probably gonna probably gonna kill you more often than its gonna win you the game at least early on so there we go demon think biting the dust very delicious dust I’m sure so now we’ve got a lot of a lot of choices here we only have three blockers so if tap offers is most afraid of us more afraid of this sort of ish like sliver deck I’m not sure what’s going on and how we can play some commander says spider wicked yeah maybe I don’t know they might be attacking us they might be attacking spider wicked I think what we’d want to go for is maybe jump blocks all around we are at sixty live so maybe doesn’t really matter that much maybe it’s not a big deal all right Sylvan Library okay they’re gonna draw two cards and then you know either keep them in their hand or put them back now there are low on on cards in the hand so we might actually see them keep them here and just just shoot themselves in the face for eight that would not be too surprising to be honest they choose to put two cards on top okay so they’re not keeping anything they’re putting it on top keeping only one card in the hand let’s see what they’re tapping out for that they’re fighting to make cygnets also great for us because of the fact that we’ll be able to destroy it next turn I’ve never been so happy to just destroy stuff I’m not a very destructive person but at this moment I am I feel very destructive indeed so how are they gonna put are they gonna put counters on the arbor elf make that into a pretty pretty beefy attacker as well it looks like it okay making that into a 4/4 so now they’ve got 20 power on the board they attack all out at us and we don’t block any of it then we’ll be done 2:40 back to starting life total they’re splitting up the damage five of us five at Spiderwick head so I think they do have one card in the hand there might be something good let’s just thinking about what I want to do here I could go for let’s just take it we’re just gonna take it here ya know blockers I don’t really feel like flipping this pais Evangel here either because I want to sacrifice whether we fare more than anything else here so actually we could go for grabbing up planes off of weathered wayfarer so it won’t actually impact our mana production right no we have to play this we’ll only have three man yeah nevermind alright we’re down to 55 so we’re in a pretty good spot I think let’s see what that last part in their hand is maybe something they want a flashing with alchemist refuge who knows it could be an anti board wipe here and if that’s the case then I’ll be very sad alright pitiless plunderer that’s gonna create a lot of treasure so let’s go and put command tower let’s see how much mana we’re we’re working with here so we got eight minus the three for our revelations of ten mana total we can go for pitiless plunderer hmm let’s go for that I think pitiless plunderer yep it’s gonna create a lot of mana for us and I think that’s gonna be a great position to be in we’re gonna go for collagen haze targeting all of our creatures here yep okay we’re gonna say a okay to that all right so we’re gonna go for caldron haze we’re actually gonna choose some extra things to we’re gonna choose that one because we do want it to persist to get an extra death trigger off of our blood artists we’re gonna choose these five press okay pay to mana alrighty we’re gonna have four mana left over to go for he drew archive we won’t be able to use this mana but that’s a okay with us all right so we’ve done that we’re gonna go for our revelation right here right there and wait here so we’ve got our revelation that’s gonna destroy everything we are then going to see the pitiless plunder create a bunch of treasures then when everything undies or two rather persists we’re gonna choose here tap all risks and we’re gonna save the targets can I save it yet not yet all right well we’re just have to choose a bunch here just go for a bunch of targets yeah just targeting tap always here I think they’re there in the scariest position surprisingly usually it’s the sliver deck that you’re more afraid of than other aggro decks however in this situation I think is err he’s got a little bit of a power boost in comparison all right you choose it like that we’re gonna choose I’ll persist things all the persister gonna happen now with all this mana we might actually even go for alright so let’s save this target okay man Oh EFT is gonna is gonna persist as well didn’t really think about that but that’s okay it’s just an extra death trigger for us creating a bunch of treasure tokens look at them look at them over there very nice they did not have an anti boar dog which is really nice for us we’re persisting some stuff onto the battlefield blood artist we’re going to put that onto the stack it gives us just one ability here which is not the best but it’s better than nothing all right weathered Wayfarer we’re gonna gain a life make a token yep make a treasure rather we’re gonna persist the souls attendant as well trigger the pious Evangel pitiless plunderer okay all right so we’ve got seven treasures here we’re gonna go ahead and go for we’re gonna play the Hedra archive here we are then going to play krav the unredeemed one two three four and five need one more five okay and that’s gonna gain them gain well again that’s one laughs going up to 73 we’ve got the option to partner but we’re not actually gonna do it choose ourselves yeah I no big deal now we could bring back all of our two drops and then not be able to sacrifice them until their next upkeep I actually kind of like that to be honest let’s go for rally the ancestors as well we will use this ability just to shuffle I probably should have done that but that’s okay no big deal 73 and then everything’s got so many sickness so we’re just gonna pass the turn here now we do have rally the ancestors it isn’t an instant so if we want to go for blood artists whether Wayfarers souls attended in response to something ooh paradox engine doesn’t matter for those we’re gonna wait till tap walrus tries to get some creatures down they’re gonna go for rally the ancestors in response should be nice and good very good indeed unless they go for something like a board wipe and then we can go for rather the ancestors for one sacrifice a bunch of things with krav it’s not a bad idea either all right they can flash some stuff in where they’re gonna flash they’ve got one card to flash in they’ve also got Azeri in the command zone if they want to flash that in let’s see where they go for is this is er II it is is there a so we’re gonna go for rally the ancestors in response so painting White’s white white and white currently to we will return all of our to drop creatures or less from the graveyard to the battlefield and the beating the next upkeep will have to exile them but we won’t actually do that because of our craft will be able to just sacrifice them we’re gonna gain five live here going up to 78 we’re gonna always yield to this and always yield to that it’s not gonna be for very long but we will choose to yield to it anyways there he’s gonna enter it we’re gonna gain one life from souls attendant and be nice and happy okay so here it’s gonna be the end of their turn here we’re just gonna pass through the turn nothing else anybody can do then I go to tap walruses turn shaping up to be a pretty interesting game so far like I said at our upkeep I think we’re gonna go for a crowd to sacrifice these three so they don’t get exiled all right whenever you draw a card game one life okay that is going to trigger oh and its power 2 or less I’m sorry I thought was toughness or power 2 or less or they’re gonna draw a card to gain my life going up to 23 now we could flip this pious Evangel in response to the sacrifice ability and then because of that sacrifice all of our other creatures really get some good blood artist triggers to target tap walrus with that could be pretty good honestly we are top decking mostly we could get this done with dead down and really you know go to town here five four in the air they’re probably not attack us which is okay we don’t mind taking five here we’re at 80 we’re okay going down to 75 it is say okay with us all right three attacking spider wicked and five not attacking up because it has so many sickness I’ve got to remember the basic rules of the game otherwise I really look like an idiot here you know I normally do look like a somewhat of an idiot but you know I got to make sure it’s not too badly you know what I mean let’s kind of calculate the math here so if we flip this so that’s gonna be one off the pitiless plundering I’m pretty sure that’s where you know we do like the hmmm let’s sacrifice whether way fair so that’s one off the blood artist and then we’ll have one two three four this targets itself right all right council itself yeah so that’s four that’s eight will be gaining for gaining eight with kravan backs and that’s one of the life so it’s gaining twelve they would be losing eight nine including the one from previously and we would be making quite a few treasure tokens I think that’s pretty good because we can also sacrifice this he drew an archive to draw some cards okay so that’s the end stuff they got no cards in hand that’s what I like to see alright so in response here we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna flip this so we’re gonna paint two sacrificing the weathered wayfarer unless we want to activate it for Al and here you know what we might as well let’s go for it let’s go hitting a white they have more lands enough still we’re gonna grab here some good land I guess reflecting pools probably what we want to go for looks like it last strip mine do you want a strip mine actually we could strip mine that Alchemist refuge that would be not too bad now let’s just go for a reflecting pool make sure we have plenty of white mana that we need alright now we’re going to go ahead and sacrifice this sacrificing the withered Wayfarer all right that’s going to put the pitiless plunder and blood ours we’re gonna save targets here we’re gonna always deal to that always yield to that alright we’re gonna transform pious Evangel now we’re going to go ahead and sacrifice all of our creatures except for krav choosing ourselves to draw on game we’re paying one black here let’s go one two three and four okay done so we’re gonna gain for card we’re going to draw four cards game for life pitiless plunder we’re gonna put that onto the stack now this is a target creature as well right yeah target player I mean sorry my words have not been super great it’s it’s tough to go through a week and I think like I said this is number 5 or number 6 in terms of attempts to to record this to record this episode and I’m not I’m not complaining I I don’t I don’t mind doing this I don’t mind doing a little bit of extra effort to really have great gameplay on the channel but I do mind you know just it seems like people just don’t want to they don’t they don’t care so much about the the the things that people ask about okay so they’ve got two creatures down we’ve got butcher of Malek here we could get down the smothering abomination and butcher of Malek here this turn let’s take a look at that so let’s go ahead and use cabal coffers alright and you know I’m actually okay with keeping the Heatran archive here I’m thinking I’m thinking we’re pretty okay on in terms of card draw it’s going to get the butcher Malik here down okay we’re gonna get the smothering abomination down as well we’re gonna tap this and we’re gonna tap this one as well so we’ve got that now we can actually sacrifice two creatures make them lose their last two creatures here let’s go ahead and do that that puts us at a pretty good position we’re gonna draw two more cards paying one black here sacrificing these two creatures we’re gonna draw actually four cards thanks to the smothering abomination I’m gonna say done there very nice we’ll draw cards draw cards butcher Malachor is going to trigger we do have 5 min left over we could always go for Donald ed if we wanted to here we’re up to we’re gonna be up to a quite a bit of life here okay they’re sacrificing creatures faiths reward into our hand that will definitely change how we want to do things here because faiths reward means we can kind of redo everything all over again so let’s go faith reward white here white white White’s just paying to live in the painting me out no big deal face reward to return all to all the permanence that we that went to our graveyard look at all these permanence look at all this stuff that’s happening aristocrats so much fun I’m glad I kind of tried to do some stuff outside the box because I’ve been doing other stuff besides aristocrats and you know it’s good to push yourself outside of your comfort zone I think that’s that’s a big that’s a big way to start enjoying commander if you’ve stopped enjoying it for a while we’re gonna use always yes oops I’m gonna always yield so I’m gonna say yes to that ability yes all right cool Wow Creve regna is powerful we do have one more treasure if we want to go for that that would create pitiless plunderer actually I’m kind of cool with that um how much can we can we can we kill them this turn can we do can we put five more counters on it I think we can so let’s go ahead we’re gonna sacrifice a creature we’re gonna choose ourselves paying a black here we are going to sacrifice weathered Wayfarer yeah sacrifice that oh we can sacrifice any number hmm might a little sacrifice five in a row let’s say we go I want to keep the butcher amount here that Opie border I’ve killed me so I’m sacrificing one two three four and five I think that’s what I want to sacrifice right keeping the pitiless plunderer and butcher Malik here on the field I think that’s right let’s go done there okay pitiless plunder going to the stack a lot of a lot of moving parts here which is I think why people like they like aristocrats decks so much they’re actually gonna be at nine here so yeah saw way too many lens with library yeah that’s that’s that happens a lot of times is you’ll get unlucky and you’ll just draw a bunch of lands come to me in quite a few of the games I had to concede I think actually now just one just one of the games but no a game I didn’t see enough you know so it’s it’s a little bit of give and take you know everywhere you go okay so I’m actually gonna choose the targets so how do I turn off the auto yields here I’m just gonna you know won’t do this we’re gonna remove all the auto yields all the auto yields I’m gonna I can’t choose the different targets now unfortunately all right well they are down to one the card in the hand I think maybe we can just take out spy Wicca wicked here might as well put this back on so let’s go ahead and always yield to that always yield to that I’m gonna save targets for that to cool always yield to that always yield to that and always yield to that alright cool drawing a bunch of lands into the hand here we’re gonna have five trigger tokens so we can keep going if we want to all right we found thrilling encore we can go for that as well here so let’s go ahead thrilling encore black black black black and I actually hold on a second hold on a second I think what we need to go for is we need to sacrifice these last two creatures I wasn’t thinking about doing this but when we saw the thrilling encore we had to go for that should have done that at the same time but oh well it is what it is we’re gonna put that onto the stack okay creating another trigger token we’re gonna go ahead and go for thrilling encore black and then just a bunch of stuff you know so something we think about this day this X is a lot of moving targets kind of was inspired to try this out because of jolt his love for was the Kratt dex i said you know what that thing that seems like something i could i could totally do myself as well so looks like we’ll be able to get the commander damage win here and go for the ability to actually we don’t have another Treader token here unfortunately so we’re just gonna gain a bunch of life gaining a bunch of life okay um no way to make manna here unfortunately none of our none of our creatures can died due to a sock eyelet we just don’t have a sack lout outlet out right now we’re always gonna yield to this under what I’m doing here yes we’re gonna choose that okay and yes always yes then I press always yes all right let’s try this one more time there we go okay so we got a bunch of cards in the hand let’s go to our upkeep we can’t cast anything else right no nothing else we can cast we got a soul ring in hand but I think we can do with that we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna take out tap walrus make sure that they can’t do anything too crazy now we’ll have one turn two let’s pie we can add try to take care of what we got going on here but I don’t think that’s probably gonna it’s probably not gonna happen we got 35 minutes on the clock tap all risk biting the dust through an encore one me and my partner’s so many games at the bottle bond pre-release yeah it’s uh it’s honestly my favorite card from battle bond alright so let’s go ahead and discard all these lands I don’t need any of these let’s get maybe we’ll keep one oh we have that plane there maybe we’ll keep the strip-mine actually we got we got soul ring in the hand as well I think we want to keep strip-mine koku show is fantastic to have that can really turn things on this is too slow here same thing for and rooks are I think Dawn of the Dead is probably too slow we’ve got what how many more we got to get rid of three more we want to keep the path and the swords that really will keep us in check Coco show can help us take care of something out of nowhere we don’t need to gain more life I know that we need more tokens and we don’t need to sacrifice outlets let’s get rid of the altar of dementia keep the spawning pit okay so what do you got spy spider wicked what do you got going on they go to their main phase they’ve got two cards in the hand what do they want to do we’ve just got to bring this up to 21 so one two three four five we’ve got plenty of creatures and destroy three creatures we’ve got some more in the hand to play so we’ll see what they choose to go for looks like they might not have any option here to survive sacrifice a creature we’re gonna sacrifice itself you know we could sacrifice weather Wayfarer that doesn’t really do anything for us goodbye weather Wayfarer look at all these abilities just so many abilities not all at the same time okay so one two three four nine thirteen plus 16y is not enough we do have to go for the commander damage kill here so paying black sacrifice all the creatures am I missing any missing pets plunderer one two three four five six done okay well we got to put more triggers on the stack you know you know how it goes give any link to your deck list magical art yeah it will it will be in the description of the video of this video that will be up Saturday all right now if it’s not up Saturday I apologize but sometimes that happens you know where you know I can’t upload at home my Internet’s just not good enough here unfortunately I would love to get better internet but fortunate we just don’t have a lot of options we kind of live we don’t live in the in your like a neighborhood or anything so we just live no neighbors which is which is nice I mean has its own positives but the downside is you know Internet service providers don’t care about giving us high-speed internet they just want to let us they just let us keep the old stuff you know no reason to give us the new stuff really we draw on to rise of the dark realms which fantastic here all right so we’re creating some treasure tokens we got 22 damaged let’s go and attack if they got something then we can just go for rides the dark realms let’s go ahead and attack spite a wicked for community image here we never got to play our oregano but we just never found a spot where that was the best thing to do we always had better things to do with with crowd here that’s why he’s done redeems regna never comes out alright thank you so much for joining me for this episode of the blood Hall I had a lot of fun I hope you did too and I will see you next time [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Hey its the Ezuri player just stopping by to say I really been enjoining your content, and will continue to watch your vides. Fun fact at 28:40 you mention there an infinite combo with sage of hours I scryd sage to the bottom in the very begging because I though it wouldn't make a fun video for you if I combo off in the early game.

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  3. Sweet commanders even though Regna didn't see play. The deck could benefit from some utility/mana fixing lands that also give Weathered Wayfarer more use: Volrath's Stronghold / Vault of the Archangel / Temple of Silence / Shambling Vent / Phyrexian Tower / Isolated Chapel / Fetid Heath / Caves of Koilos / Windbrisk Heights / Shizo, Death's Storehouse. This also might be a deck where Storm Herd can do it's thang. 🙂

  4. I run this pairing in paper MTG, I Just maybe might run Approach the Second Sun and Lich's Mastery in it.

  5. (Haven't watched the rest of the video yet) That Winter Orb was an absolutely terrible play by an absolutely terrible GAAIV deck. It did nothing except slow everyone down and make them a target. Looked like the deck was full of "make the game glacial paced without actually having a game plan". What an awful deck. It deserved to die. If you're going to Winter Orb (and friends) do it when you're already ahead to keep yourself ahead. I have no idea what that player was doing and I suspect neither do they.

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