The BEST place to get a hamster

The BEST place to get a hamster

lately a lot of people have been asking
me where do I get my hamsters so that is what we’re going to be talking about in
this video I think a lot of people just assume you just go to the pet store and
you pick out a hamster and you bring them home and that is where you get
hamsters but is that the best choice so for myself I do not support large chain
pet stores simply because they do not ethically source their animals large
chain pet stores are petstores that have many locations in various areas like Pet
Smart Petco pet land pets at home all of these places have very many stores all
over across the world and in order for them to keep up with supply and demand
of animals they need to have a big supply of pets to be able to sell so
where do they get these pets pet mills if you don’t know what a pet mill is it
essentially is a big warehouse like a factory of breeding animals it’s
absolutely awful they are put into filthy overcrowded enclosures with
minimal bedding and no enrichment or accessories except for some food and
some water and there have been times where the animals actually have been so
starving that they’ve decided to eat each other
so these breeders are not breeding to better the species at all they’re not
trying to improve the health, temperament or type of the species they simply are
breeding quantity over quality they will take a female animal and they will breed
and breed and breed and breed and breed her until basically she can’t breed
anymore and then they get rid of her so with an ethical breeder there is a
certain cutoff period of between like how long you should actually breed a
female for you should give her time in between litters and when she gets to a
certain age it’s best to not breed them anymore pet mills don’t care about that
another thing pet mills don’t care about is genetics they don’t care what history
the animal has like if their family line has a history of any types of illnesses
or diseases, tumors things like that they don’t care they’re gonna breed them
regardless because they think of animals as little products and they just don’t
care about the health of them in fact many hamsters and other animals don’t
even make it to the pet store because they pass before they even get there due
to all of the neglect and abuse they have to suffer through so those are the
reasons that I do not personally support large chain pet stores for purchasing
animals I do not want to help continue any more animals having to suffer
through that having to be bred for people to buy the only way to
discontinue pet mills is to stop the demand altogether which means not buying
pets from pet stores now I know people will say well isn’t it saving a pet if
you’re buying them from a pet store yes and no because you’re saving that pet
right there and then and you’re gonna help them give them a good life which is
great but you’re just opening up another spot for the pet store to make another
order and say hey we need this many more hamsters to fill the spot which means
they have to breed more which means more animals end up getting neglected abused
it’s not a good cycle so if you shouldn’t get a hamster from a pet store
where should you get them well there are two good methods of obtaining a hamster
the first one being adoption this is a great way to help an animal in need
it also helps shelters be able to bring in more animals because if you adopt one
they are going to have more room to bring in and help another animal of
course it isn’t as common to see hamsters in shelters because most
shelters do focus more on cats and dogs but it is always a really good idea to
just check anyways because there could be a hamster waiting there for their
future home some good rescues such as the pipsqueakery, munchies place for
homeless pets and the great canadian hamster rescue and sanctuary all are
great rescues that focus on small animals and hamsters
and are really a good place to adopt from some other great websites that can
help you find an adoptable hamster in your area would include
adopt a and pet tango comm these are websites where you type in
what type of pet you want you can put the age the coloring gender things like
that and it will look through and it will try to find adoptable pets that
meet your criteria another method of adoption is one that I
personally generally like to go for because there’s not a lot of hamsters
and shelters here so I tend to look on buy and sell websites like Craigslist,
Kijiji, and Gumtree these are buy and sell websites so
anybody in your area can sell anything they have including animals so a lot of
people will put up their animals up for adoption because they no longer can care
for them or for many other reasons and it’s a great way to give an animal a
home of course keep in mind if you’re going with this option don’t ever go
alone to somebody’s house take somebody with you or meet up in a public place I
don’t want anybody to get murdered or killed and then lastly there is ethical
breeders which these are super important in order for a species to improve itself
whether it be through health, temperament or type now the important part is that
you find an actual ethical breeder as purchasing from an unethical breeder is
not the same thing an ethical breeder is someone whose number one goal is to
overall better the species so they are not in it for cute babies they’re not in
it because they want to make a profit in fact the most ethical breeders do not
make a profit at all because they are putting more money into breeding than
they are getting out of it so when looking for an ethical breeder there are
a couple of questions you are going to want to ask them first to make sure they
are an actual ethical breeder the first question is why are you breeding now if
once again they say anything like I just wanted cute babies or I wanted to
witness the miracle of birth or I want to make money
then don’t go with this breeder another good question to ask is what care did
the mother and litters receive it’s really important they’re giving their
hamsters proper care especially pregnant hamsters they need a lot of supplements
and if you notice they’re using anything unsafe towards their hamsters like tiny
cages, unsafe substrates or just anything strange I would avoid them the
next question I would ask is at what age do you rehome your pups
if the breeder says anything less than six weeks of age I would avoid them
because hamster pups really should not be rehomed
until after six weeks of age in fact most ethical breeders will not rehome
until eight weeks of age another good thing to ask is do your hamsters receive
veterinary treatment it’s really important they say yes if they say no
then they’re not getting their hamsters veterinary treatment and they’re not
actually caring for their hamsters properly you’ll also want to avoid any
breeder who cannot properly spell the species name if they’re like miss
seplling it avoid them as well as if they’re using any made-up names like
they say they’re breeding teddy bear hamsters or panda bear hamsters or fancy
bear hamsters or a flying unicorn hamster avoid them unfortunately there
isn’t a ton of ethical breeders out there there are more popping up now
which is really great because they are super important to help us have more
healthy hamsters who can live longer lifespans rather than shorter lifespans
there’s a lot of people who often ask me well what if a pet store is my only
option and I honestly would say to just wait until a hamster comes up for
adoption because eventually one will there’s always going to be someone with
an accidental litter who needs to rehome pups or somebody who just doesn’t want
their hamster anymore or can’t care for them anymore and when one does come up
for adoption you will feel so much better waiting rather than just going
out and supporting a pet store that is not a good cause so I really hope this
video is able to help some people as determine where they are going to go in
the future to get their new furry friend so yeah guys thank you for watching bye

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  1. A few years a go a van broke down here in Germany and it was found to have 3,000 hamsters and a few hundred birds in it. These animals were being transported illegally from Belgium to Spain in the middle of the summer, with little to no food and water, were in extremely cramped boxes with hundreds of other hamsters, and many had already died. Luckily, with the help of many, they were brought to shelters / organizations and found homes (I adopted two :). However, some died even after being rescued due to illnesses, and all of the hamsters had suffered tremendously. These animals were going to be sold to chain pet stores, and, by buying animals from these stores, you are also supporting so many animals suffering. Here is a link in case you'd like to see the conditions they were living in (second picture), just know that it's very sad 🙁

    My first two hamsters I bought from a pet store, and I don't mean to offend anyone who has done it, but it's important to raise awareness about these issues

  2. What about a local pet store that is closing

  3. Ugg I feel so bad. I just bought two guinea pigs from pet supermarket 🙁 I feel so so bad.😕

  4. There’s these two people on Craigslist who advertise a “small rodent rescue” but are just looking to breed the rodents they get. I’m not sure what to do. I could just report the post but I feel like that wouldn’t do much.

  5. please do a video how to hold your hamster i am a little scared to try

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  7. Im happy pet stores dosent look like that in sweden. This is not how it works in sweden in pet stores

  8. i recently got a 1 month russian campbell’s from an spca and she randomly passed is there a reason for that?

  9. Thx for the info Victoria I feel bad I'm guilty of getting them from a pet store but I won't make the same mistake

  10. Thanks to you I got my Syrian hamster from a locally owned pet store and I had to get up at 6:30 and go back again at 11 to get my Hammy but it was soooo worth it!!!

  11. Can you check if Nantucket hamstery on weebly to see if they are good to adopt from

  12. pet mills are so mean and should be charged of animal cruelty

  13. I like to say that i rescued my hamster, i got her from a mom with collage kids for ten dollars! (collage kids that left off)my hamster, Alfredo a female campbell, was purchased in a small critter trail car, with a piece of broccoli in her food bowl, and a water bottle that did despence any water because it was molded up inside. now my sweet baby is living in a ikea detolf! and a giant wodent wheel.

  14. Victoria, can you do a sand bath video reviewing all natural, chemical and dye free aquarium sand for hamsters

  15. My hamster is named cheeto because he's the color of a cheeto

  16. I saw your video 11 months ago saying you shouldn’t remove all the bedding from the cage, so how much bedding should i remove/replace?

  17. Hi Victoria! It would be really great and helpful if you could make an updated "How to tame your hamster" video. I will hopefully be getting a hamster of my own so this will be very, very helpful! Some things could be different methods of how to have your hamster become comfortable with you. Thanks 😊 btw I love your channel, it is so informative and your videos are very enjoyable to watch!

  18. Hi Victoria. I’ve had my hamster for 2+ years and she recently suffered from pelvic cancer and had the option to get her uterus removed, but at her age i just kept her comfortable and she passed within the next day. I was wondering if you could make a video on how to notice signs from this sort of thing because it came within a day. would love to be educated on this issue for my other hamster

  19. Help! My sister accidentally got a 28 gallon bin (113 qt) for her hamster and we have read 20 is the bare minimum, but we want to know if 28 gal it is enough for a robo dwarf to live happily in?

  20. is a good site for rescued small animals. Thanks for this video, it's very important!

  21. what if my parents don't let me adopt and only go for pet stores

  22. I had my first hamster from shop and He literally died 2 months old he was at our house 18 days.. He had some kinda illness that we were not mentoinrd about and the illnes got to my other hamster some how so She died too..

  23. I might be getting a winter white hamster soon, do you have any advice, like ex.) where to get them, what cages to get, etc.

  24. Well Tori, you'll probably be mad at me, but my first hamster, Nutmeg (Chinese), was a purchase from a chain store. I know what you're thinking, but after doing so much research on the different species of hamster, I really wanted my first to be a Chinese. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she was meant to be mine. However, I also decided that all subsequent hamsters would be adoptions. My second (and current) hamster, Daisy, was an adoption. If you're looking to adopt a hamster and you don't have a hamster rescue and you don't want to go on Craigslist, another option is to go to one of the big box pet stores and ask if they have any hamsters for adoption. They don't generally have them out where you can see them, but if you ask, the employee should be able to tell you yes or no. Adopting this way, does NOT support the pet mills because you don't have to pay for the hamster & it is not replaced by another hamster. These hamsters really do need good homes, so I think it's an excellent option! You can call the store before you go if you don't want to waste a trip!
    Lots of good points Tori! 👍

  25. I bought my very healthy cream banded hamster from my local non-chain petstore. The people there told me they get all their hamsters from shelters. I would trust that petstore with my pets life, they are very knowledgeable. For example a man there talked to me about fish for about an hour and was completely correct. I support them over Petsmart or Petco any day.

  26. i need help asap! my hamster, misty, has long nails which are starting to curl round, and idk what to do! some info on her:
    she is a 1 year old dwarf hamster and she is tame and has stopped biting.
    i would try and cut them myself but i dont trust myself. please help !!xx

  27. pets at home in the UK have an adoption section where people bring in their hamsters that they can no longer care for. I adopted my hamster Aphrodite through this. what do you think about that?

  28. I didnt know anything about this my hamster waffles is from a large chain pet store.

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  31. Victoria, I have a hamster, but I forgot the breed he is, he is a dwarf hamster, black coat, white ears, white paws, and a bit of white stomach. Some people say he is a winter white black dwarf, some people say he is a BlackBear dwarf, some people say he is a Russian dwarf. I have come here to ask because I know you know a lot about hamsters.

  32. I got my hamster from an ethical breeder and he is gorgeous he’s a Campbells Russian dwarf I highly recommend breeders

  33. Hello, I bought a hamster cage which is 115 x 60 x 50 cm is it good for my syrian? This is what it is called on amazon: TecTake 403227 Hamster Cage, 3 Levels, 6 Sided Shape, Wooden Boards, Rodent Mouse Pet Small Animals, approx.115x60x58 cm

  34. great video tori! adopting rescued hamsters has definitely changed my life, it’s so good to know that you’re helping lots of animals ❣️

  35. Thx you for showing us them videos bec I was trying to not get my friend to by hamsters from the pet shop but she didn’t believe me and now she does and hopefully she don’t by them from there anymore

  36. I just recently got my hamster from Petsmart and I feel so awful about it I tried to find shelters that had hamsters around me but there wasn’t any that had hamsters so I just figured I would get one from Petsmart. But I am so happy I got a hamster I love him so much I wish he wouldn’t have had to be at Petsmart but I’m so happy I got him

  37. I hope that everyone who works in a pet mill gets shoved in a cage. I hope that they are forced to reproduce. I hope they are hurt by each other. I hope that are starved. I hope they are dehydrated. Overall I hope they stop!
    Animals are exactly like us! They need space, they need attention, they need food, they need water. If people were put in captivity people would not stand for it (which boils my blood). Just because they are smaller than us and have a shorter lifespan than us doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have all the requirements. Is is genuinely disgusting how some people treat their hamsters! Not only them but their pets in general. Now I’m only 11 but my sister told me to never be quiet and talk about what needs to be discussed, I’m doing a presentation in front of 2 year groups at my secondary school so over 400 student about captivity. Yeah some people won’t care but it needs to be brought to some peoples attention that we are the monsters!

  38. I know in both Petco and PetSmart, you can call and ask if they have any animals up for adoption. These animals are usually ones that are returned back to the store. So if you can't seem to find any in a shelter or online, that's one way and it's free.

  39. Hi, can I have some help? I just got my first hamster, and I'm trying to get her tamed, However, she's got no interest in treats. She's fine, and still eats, but she just doesn't cate about food. Whats another good way of rewarding my hamster?

  40. I bought my hammie last week from a small independent pet shop who breed small litters every now and then. They were much better than Pets at Home for their hamster care and love but they were still doing a couple of things wrong, so next time I get a hammie I'd like to adopt or find an ethical breeder for sure





  45. I got my hamster from pets at home but she were a rescue someone's hamster has baby's and patch (My hamster) were one of them she had lots of health checks so m8ne were a rescue so she were up for adoption in the adoption section

  46. Victoria is the best YouTuber because if it wasn't for her many hamsters would be living sad lives!!

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  50. My hamster just passed away. How can I get over it. He was a male long haired Syrian hamster named fluffy

  51. What size of a fish tank would I need for a hamster? I’m getting a hamster soon and I wanna make sure my hamster has enough space but idk what fish tank to get? Also what’s a good water bottle because all the ones I had kept leaking?! Ive had a hamster before and this time I wanna make sure I’m taking good care of it. 💖

  52. Hey Tori! Nice video, I can see it helping a ton of younger / newer owners! (P.s. Totally unrelated, but what is your hair routine?! Your hair is gorgeous! Also, is it naturally wavy, or did you style it? 🙂 )

  53. Have anyone ever felt like not owning hamsters…. like because of the fact that they don’t live that long and the possibility of them getting a tumor which puts them in pain??

  54. Hello! My hamster's weight is 124g. Is it okay? She has 1 year and 6 months

  55. how deep should the sand in my sand bath be? also what tray do you use for your sand baths?

  56. I have syrian hamster living in a Prevue 528 universal small animal home. She recently has been bar biting. I've tried giving her more free roam time and boredom breakers. I'm not sure what else to do. Does anyone have any advice?

  57. Send emails to your legislators, post flyers, write a story and send it to newspaper person to show all, etc. let’s really try and stop pet mills!

  58. I have a hamster and give birth in all of your videos I love ur vids

  59. I feel so bad for those poor hamsters in the mills and all the other other animals

  60. Hi Victoria, Do you know how to convince your parents to get a hamster if they keep on complaining how it will make their allergies worse and make them sick.

  61. I got a cream banded syrian 😁

  62. I am getting A hamster today, I have a small cage but in a couple days, I will get a new one, and she will be A baby, so I’m not so worrying.

  63. I got a hamster from pets at home it died 2 months later no proof of what caused it

    I tried again and he be vibin

  64. Pets at home in my area now have an adoption section where the money you pay is a ‘suggested donation’ and goes straight to the rescue centre which eliminates the ‘supply and demand’ factor if anyone was struggling to find a hammie! X

  65. I usually always save/adopt an animal before resorting to a pet store because of the breeding mills. I hate it. I do, rarely tho, get a pet from a pet store because I believe they too need a good life. I am a rescue and have had random animals dropped off to my house at random times. Which is sad, but they do find a good home once up to health and such.

  66. thank you for your video, because it helps me very much in raising hamsters, and I like your videos, but I beg you to add subtitles in Indonesian, because some of those watching are Indonesian, thank you Always Success VICTORIA RAECHEL.🙏😊

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    I mean this as a compliment 🙂

  68. Where do you recommend getting hamster toys from

  69. hi🌈 i wanted to ask what i should do if my hamster seed mix has 9 percent fat ( which it should have 4-7) but everything else is amazing it has 18 percent protein and 9 percent fiber and it has a lot of variety in it ( also no coloring added) Is it a problem if i just avoid giving them fatty foods and keep the mix?

  70. Victoria my hamster passed… IT WAS NOT FROM WRONG CARE he had all his needs I forgot what it was called but my hamster got a disease where when he pooped…. his intestines came out… my baby is gone….

  71. I got a small town pet store I'm best friends with the owner and I said her pastors all right song

  72. Pet mills make me want to vomit how can they do this to those little puff balls!😱😒😲

  73. Have you guys heared of a video called Hamster vs Fork :/.It's really wrong and bad.

  74. Hi Victoria. So i got my first hamster in January , and the breeder said that it was a girl. So I decided to name her Zoe. But now I see that she actually is a boy! I’m pretty disappointed but it’s fine because I wanted a boy from the start ( but my mom told me to get a girl ) So I ended up with a boy hamster, but I don’t have a name yet, have to think about it more will be pretty weird to change from saying her to him. Anyways I love your videos! And you have helped me set up “his” cage, and I think that he is pretty happy. ( just want to be with me at night all the time and won’t let me sleep tho. ) ❣️👍🏻🐹

  75. I don't even own a hamster or anything (bc my parents don't like animals) but I'm subscribed and wach all your videos and do a lot of recerch on my own time

  76. >:( pet mills are horrible

  77. can you please tell me if is it this cage ok

  78. Well our store in The Netherlands is called Jumper and people bring for example their baby's from like a mother hamster there or just animals that the other owners can't care for anymore

  79. Wow this was extremely eye opening and encouraged me to do more research…it is truly horrible how these breeding mills work…adoption is the only way to go or ethical breeders for sure ❤️❤️

  80. Hi tori, so we got a sand bath and sand of course, and when we were sanitizing it, it wasint dusty, but when i like played with it and made it like fall from my hands, if you undestand that? It like made a bunch of dust in the air, and I'm not sure if it was because it's just sand and thats how it's made or if something is wrong with the sand?
    And also, it is just called play sand!

  81. I learned something new today

  82. Where do you get your multi chamber hideout?

  83. hi!! i it’s science week at my school and people got to bring in animals…this one kid brought a hamster in a critter trail so i asked if it was its real cage or just a carrier.she said it was the real cage so i informed her about your channel and politely asked her to upgrade the cage and wheel (it was a 5.5 inch)she argued and said that it was fine bc the pet store employee told her it was like a mansion….i told her that not all employees are educated but she just turned and walked away…..i felt so bad for the robo who was super skinny and i also realized no food was in the cage and she said she only feeds it once a week. it made me feel even worse…..idk what i can do to save the hamster and i was just wondering if u have any tips????

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    if you do to then like please c:

  86. I got my dwarf hamster from a petco. They used her for breeding and they did’t need her anymore so they gave her to me for free 🙁

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  88. I think my hamster is depressed because it never seems to want to get up (day or night)and play. His brother is always on his wheel ALL NIGHT and up for playtime yet this one just sleeps all the time and lays around. How do I help?

  89. I took my hamster to the vet today, she had suffered a bad fall and was limping a bit on her front left leg. The vet said she was fine tho and she's not limping anymore.

  90. I’m so happy I stumbled upon hamster YouTube 🤗 I had one as a kid, and unfortunately we had a very small cage like from petco. Didn’t know any better as a child. I feel so bad knowing now. I’ve learned so much from your channel, it’s fun over here.

  91. My friends syrian hamster cage is way to small for her hamster. she replaced her wheel for a flying saucer, so i told her the mistakes she was doing and was trying to help, but she said she knows how to care for her hamster and doesn’t believe me.i don’t know what to do because i feel bad for the hamster and she did no research at all before she got it. i have had 3 dwarf hamsters and have been watching your videos for years, luv your vids :))

  92. I got a hamster and the first night I thought he died but he just burrowed

  93. Your channel has been super helpful for me. I got a hamster from Petsmart on January 29th. Not going to lie, I kinda did it impulsively, but I really want to be a good hamster mom, and I'm so happy I found this channel

  94. I don’t really know why I didn’t think of where hamsters came from before they reach pet stores but now that I’ve watched this video it makes all the sense. I bought my 3 babies from pet stores, doing it without even thinking, and that is the last time. I’m glad I got to save them from who knows what, but I’m sad that another hamster is filling in the same spot. Thank you for providing this info, now I’m done supporting them as a whole 🙏🏼

  95. What do I do if I live in an extremely rural area and nobody has posted any hamsters in months? I don’t have any other options but the one pet store in our town…

  96. In Germany and Austria we have Hamsterhilfe! They have very strict conditions for adopting but thanks to that they always find proper care and caring homes which is great ❤️

  97. You should do a video on you taking one of the hamster care test. I took one the other day and everything was way out dated 😔

  98. At petsmart i asked if a cage they showed me was actually big and good enough and obviously they said yes. It was way too small, the wheel wouldn't spin, and my hamster was so tiny she couldnt get up the tubes. I ended getting a large bin cage

  99. That is horrible I wish people actually cared about these tiny creatures they have feelings too you know😭😭

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