The Best and Worst Ways to Train Your Cat

The Best and Worst Ways to Train Your Cat

Dear people of Team Cat Mojo. This is a public
service announcement. My name is squirt,
squirt bottle. You may use me to remain stains. You may use me to
water your garden. What you should not
use me for, and what has upset many of my brethren,
is to punish your animals. Welcome to the Cat Cave. Alright, it’s time we talked
about squirt gun diplomacy. If I can’t use this, how
do I discipline my cat? No such thing as
disciplining your cat. I’m sorry to say folks,
they have no idea what you’re talking about when
you use this voice on them. Squirt guns do not work. They do not work. Now let’s use an example. Let’s say your cat
is counter surfing. Counter surfing of course
means that they’re just walking across the
counters, and it’s something that
drives you insane. And you would much rather
that your cats aren’t counter surfing. If you wanted your cat
to stop counter surfing, then every single time,
24/7, that they jump up on the counter– if you
wanted to be hanging out with Mr. squirt
bottle, and you wanted make sure that they got off
the counter, when then you’ve got to camp out there,
all day, every day. Then when you’re not
around, I promise you your cat is counter surfing. I promise that you haven’t
taught them a thing. All they know is that
when you’re around, they shouldn’t do something. And when you’re not
around, they will. So you have succeeded
in diminishing the bond between you
and your cat completely. They are afraid of you, not
afraid of the experience of getting wet when they
jump up on the counter. So it’s something that I find
really, really important, because it follows
that line of thinking. Can cats be disciplined? No, of course they cannot. What let’s say
that we were using an air-compressed canister and
an electric eye, that tool. Put down, cat jumps up,
squirt squirt, OK, with air. And they’re gone. What’s the big difference there? That you didn’t do it,
the counter did it. That’s an effective no. What can you do if
there’s something that you would rather
your cat not do? Well you’ve got to
make it work for them. So counter surfing– first
of all, what does it attain? Are you keeping
food on the counter and then asking your cat
not to eat that food? Is your cat a big fan of running
water out of a faucet, and yet there is no running water
in the form of fountains any place else? Or is your cat thriving on
potentially negative attention? It doesn’t really matter. If you yell at your cat
or praise your cat– it’s attention, right? So if every time I
jump up on the counter, I get attention,
negative or positive, short of striking or squirting
or whatever, then I’ll probably keep doing it. If absolutely
nothing happens when I jump up on the counter–
no food, no reward, no lovey dovey, no pick
you up and put you down, no pet on the way down, no
yelling your name, no nothing. Nothing happens. Then why would I
continue to do it? OK so now we get to the
second part of this. Squirt guns are out. So now we get to what
I call the yes no. It doesn’t matter whether
you’re parenting someone with for legs or two. The yes no is a great
way of doing things. Let’s go back to our
counter surfer friend who, every time you’re in the
kitchen, has to be out there. We can do something very simple. For instance, use a placement. The placemat has double-sided
sticky tape on it, which is a really cool little
trick, because you can take it off, put away somewhere, put
it back down, it’s sticky. Every time you cat jumps up on
the counter– sticky, sticky. Eh, I got to go. Or you use the
compressed air canisters with the electric eyes that
I use, like StayAway or Scat, any of those guys. They go. We just established the no. Now where’s the yes? Well the yes for a
tree-dwelling, inquisitive, counter surfer is something
up in that kitchen that rises to the height,
approximately, of that counter. Now away from the
counter, so we’re not asking them to jump up on
the counter, get sticky paws, get frustrated, go down,
and do whatever they do. But for them to have a sill,
a stand, a tree in the kitchen area so while you’re making
dinner, they can observe. Yeah. I approve, right? My name is Fluffy and
I approve this dinner. Then we’re good. So the moral of
the story here is that if you want your
cat to do something, you’ve got to meet them halfway. Compromise is one
of the highest forms of love in a relationship. This actually signifies
something completely different, on a deeper level. This signifies that
we believe that we can bend our animals
to our will, right? And if we step back from
the squirt gun for a second, step away from
the squirt gun, we may realize that that is not
a humane operational system. Squirt gun diplomacy is
not actual diplomacy. In essence, think
about the no and yes. And once you think
about no and yes, you’ll probably get somewhere, alright? So anyhow. That’s all I got for today. Keep watching. Guys, thank you so
much for subscribing. We passed 20,000 subscribers
on the Cat Mojo channel, and I could not be more
proud and grateful. And grateful to the folks at the
Animalist Network, by the way, for helping so much and
making this a reality. So check me out here. Anywhere you are, I am. I don’t care if it’s Twitter
or Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or Google. Or probably in the supermarket. We’re in the same
place at the same time. And I would love
to hear from you. Please leave a comment. Please keep subscribing. Don’t forget, we just had
our second Google Hangout. We’ll be having Mojo Hangouts
onward and onward every month, so you’ll find out about
that by subscribing as well. In the meantime, be kind to all. We all deserve a break. Until next time. All light, all love,
all mojo to ya, baby. Ahh, love ya. [MUSIC]
You’re a bad cat. I’m not a bad cat. You’re a bad cat. I’m not a bad cat. You’re a bad cat. I’m just misunderstood. Meow.

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  1. See Jackson Speak at 'Total Cat Mojo Live!' –>

  2. Ok……..but also this is great advice for working with a husband/ stubborn partner as well. Don’t tell them no, just make it difficult for them and give them an alternative that’s better.

  3. I came here to see cats get sprayed. This video sucks

  4. So cat's are like women?

  5. How do I punish my cat for bringing a huge live moth in the house and letting it go flying around while she goes to eat some dry food like it’s not her problem? She’s adorable but incredibly stupid and annoying and I don’t know what to do.

  6. I might be a bad cat. But my four kittens are angel!!!

  7. Very informative, thank you. I have to admit that I’m not a cat person. My husband on the other hand, is. I don’t understand cats at all and have been having the hardest time trying to figure him out (The cat, haha!). Really, thanks so much for the great info and the clear way you present it! 👍👍

  8. a good one is to put up soda cans so that when they jump up they knock them over and get scared. thats how we kept out cat away from the blinds

  9. How do i get my male cat to stop being agressive with my female cat? Little background he was raised with her since his first few weeks of his life. He is also attacking my significant others legs. I watched you video on that and when i introduced the new town and my female became interested he puffed up and hissed at her.

  10. Jackson pls help. I have two 10 week old kittens and have had them for 5 days. I have several litter box with pine litter in the house but they don't use it. I've place them there and use their paws to scratch regularly. But they choose to pee and deficate on the shower floor altho I have a litter box just next to it. I tried changing to clumping carbon palette but they still refuse to use it. I move the (pine) litter box to the spot they usually do it and they successfully poop in it ONCE on day 4. Then they decide to poop on the floor again. I don't know what to do. Should I go with clumping litter? Is the sand texture better? I heard its not recommended for kittens.

  11. I never care if they're on the counter.

  12. I have 2 smallish cats and 2 very large ones. 2 sets of siblings. The small ones we have had for much longer, but they are all adults. The big cats Chase around and bully one of the little ones. How can I get them to get along?

  13. My cats rarely get on the counters in my tiny kitchen. They, however, own the kitchen table. If I put the 7 cats' food on the floor the 3 (or so) dogs eat it. Not good for pups.

  14. I put Apple cider vinegar with water in a squirt bottle, stopped my kitty from tearing up the curtains. She doesn't like the smell.

  15. How I stopped countersurfing….. Well didn't stop it, just stopped minding and compulsive wipe down the counter before food prep just like washing my hands. And never ever feed a cat on the counter – always in the bowl on the floor.

  16. I've used one for years. Only one cat that it didn't work with. None of my cats get on tables of any sort. And yes, I've tested it. Even when I'm not home they stay off.

  17. I just don’t understand why people have cats if they don’t want them to be a part of their life. That clip of the guy moving his cat off the bed really annoyed me. What’s the point of wanting that relationship if you don’t want them in your space!!

  18. I say let them roam, I let mine. Cats are free spirits. Don’t stifle that, human.

  19. my cats never walked on the tables ect just got lucky as even had cctv footage none of my cats got up on counters loved sitting on laptop and books if i had them on my lap magnet to them

  20. My cat loves water too much. He knocks over his water bowl so he can lay in it. And when he's being really weird he turns on the faucet and puts his head under it.

  21. @jacksongalaxy my David Meowie isn't eating as much of his wet food as he usually does, due to the heat. How small/big of a portion should I be giving him, so that we're not wasting food? He refuses dry food altogether, so it's been primarily wet food.

  22. researching because the cat I just started to live with is tormenting me 😔 definitely prefer dogs but i hope me and her can bond eventually… the happiest cats I know roam free 🤷‍♀️

  23. So my friend has 4 cats. 3 of the cats pick on the oldest one, scratching him up and making him more fearful. They have plenty of places to climb and when She reaches for the bottle, the younger three back away from the oldest and dont pick on him. They also still rub on my friend and show no fear of her. The bottle sits out for all of them to see, so idk if that's something

  24. I feel bad.. A couple nights ago, my girl 'sprayed' on the wall next to the window. I sprayed her with a water bottle and chased her into her cat tree. I never do that, but her fairmones are very strong lately, when she's 'in heat'.. Wondering if they get get stronger in scent as she gets older? But I know that was wrong. Besides spaying her, I don't think there's anything I can do to show her not to 'spray'?

  25. I’ve been using a squirt bottle for years, now I feel so awful. I didn’t know it was detrimental to my connection with my cat 😿

  26. I am going to be watching your videos religiously because I am getting a cat soon and I want to know as much as I can to make her as comfortable as possible.😁😁

  27. Oh Man! I used a super soaker to help my roommate to detur the cats from waking her up at ungodly hours for breakfast. I blasted them for no reason when I brought it home. She only ever had to clatter it on the floor and they would go away (for a few hours at least)

  28. I actually turned my cupboards above the fridge into a cat space. It was too high for me to reach anyways. So I took off the doors, put some pillows in there, and they love it. None of mine counter climb.

  29. It worked for us. A door in our bedroom needed to stay closed when we went to sleep for noise and privacy reasons, but initially our cat scratched the door and kept us awake whenever he wanted to pee at night. Now he can wait until the morning and knows to pee before bedtime.

  30. Jacob-cat likes to jump up on "his" bar stool beside the counter and observe my cooking. I ask him for the bar stool back, but usually he just insists on a little ear-scratching instead. Cunning little fellow that he is. Glad to see you mention this idea, Jackson! Funny how all cats' humans seem to arrive at similar solutions, if we've been trained to understand Cat (the language) and cats (the gods of the household).

  31. i don't mind if my Lucy counter surfs!

  32. Hello, my name is Donna and I have recently acquired my sisters cat when she passed away. My sister died on July 12th or 13th under very suspicious circumstances. I had to wait 9 days to get into her apartment, due to CSI doing crime scene analysis. My mom and I were in the apartment cleaning it out when we heard a meow. We both thought it was a feral cat outside her window, because my sister took in any animal that was sick or hurt or hungry. We finally realized that the meow was coming from under her bed ,in the box spring and I finally coaxed Jinx out. He drank water for 5 minutes and was very very scared and hungry. He should have died due to lack of food and water, but he didn’t. CSI Crime Scene Investigators didn’t even realize that a cat was even in the apartment. To me, this is my sister Denise , speaking from the beyond, and saying, take care of Jinx, he held on until you could find him and feed him, so I brought Jinxy home with me. There was no way I was going to take him to the SPCA AND LEAVE him . NONONONONNOOOO WAY. . THE ONLY problem I am having is that he is very scared. I have 2 Chihuahuas and 3 other cats. Jinxy has never been around dogs and as soon as he hears barking, he goes right back under my bed. It’s been over a month and a half and he still will not leave my bedroom. I feel so bad for Jinxy because that is no way to live, hiding under a bed, 20 some hours a day. Can you help me. This is the only animal that survived. He is the sweetest cat and very friendly with me, rubbing on my leg and reaching up to get his neck scratched and for lovey rubs. But, as soon as he hears a different voice, ….BAM, ….RIGHT BACK UnDER THE BED.. it’s so disheartening that it makes me cry. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO TO HELP JINXY GET BETTER ACCLIMATED WITH MY CATS AND DOGS.. SOMEONE, PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS AND TELL ME HOW I SHOULD GO ABOUT THIS TO MAKE IT BETTER. JINXY is the last vestige of my sister and Jinxy was her favorite cat, that she found half dead on her front patio. Jinx was about 3 weeks old. She gave the kitten CPR and lots of love, formula, warmth, love, and caring. The only reason that Jinx is alive is due to my sister nursing him back to health. She didn’t have much money so a vet was not involved. She did it by herself and saved Jinxy. Now, I have Jinx and I want to be the best step sister cat mom to Jinxy that I can be. He has been through enough already. Please, someone, help me to help Jinxy become acclimated with my other pets. My heart is breaking for Jinxy because that is no way for him to live. Thank you

  33. i dont know if you check these messages but i got a unique problem with my cat and living condition ((currently attempting a boundry spray but just incase it dont work)) the scenerio is this………im 37 and i live in a senior citizen home ((for a short time they allowed people of any age with disabilities and thats how i got in and grandfathered after they stopped that)) i lived here for 15+ years (( soo i was 22 when i moved in)) part of the senior citizens home is i got these 2 emergency switches ((they look like normal light switches but have a string dangleing from it with a nob)) basicly its for when people fallen and caint get up and needs help 1 in bedroom 1 in bathroom now my cat is triggering them ((triggered them 3xs now)) my cat is super young ((roughly 1 1/2 years old)) and basicly thinks these cords my blind cords and computer cords are all his personal play toys …((also he got another issue of trying to make sure i dont sleep at night)) anyways what do you recomend i love my cat deerly and afraid if he triggers them too many times they will ask me to get rid of him wich i dont want to do nor do i want to be in hot water with the office 🙂 thanks for the advice

  34. I get it. There are better ways of training a cat than a squirt bottle but I have a rescue kitten, 2 1/2 months old now.

    We never left her alone with the dogs to ensure that she wasn't hurt by them. At first she was afraid of my two large dogs but she's not afraid anymore! There was a few days in which she would snuggle with them so I thought "Great! We made a success of that!" Now she jumps my dogs and bites them hard. I know she's doing that kitten thing of play fighting, etc but they're not taking it so well. She'll jump down from the sofa onto their backs biting them hard! Nothing stopped her attacking, which then quickly escalated into her trying to intimidate them, except squirting her. To her, the water comes out of nowhere and she runs off. At first she'd run back and attack again and get squirted again. Now I see her looking at a dog like she wants to attack it but then you can see a better thought running through her head and she decides not to — so it has helped prevent an all-out confrontation between them. I hated using the bottle but couldn't find a better solution. I can see that the dogs are willing to only take so much from her. She's already been growled at and snapped at seriously. She backed away and looked a little fazed but you could see that she was considering how to resume her assault. If the squirt bottle doesn't end this behavior, she could end up being badly hurt.

    Before she started biting the dogs, she started "love" biting me while cuddling. I would tell her "no biting" quietly and try to gently convince her to stop. She resisted. Eventually, I would have to exert very light pressure on the sides of her jaw when she refused to let go. Stubbornly, she kept resisting and would hold on even tighter. I would end up having to pull her off my arm because she refused to stop. I never hit, batted or thumped. I've done this lots of times before but with her, all efforts to redirect, be patient, etc only seemed to increase her stubbornness. One day she bit hard. I picked her up carefully and had to toss her onto the chair next to me to avoid a worse bite. She sat there giving me the evil eye and looking more stubborn than ever but she began to get the message. Things got a little better for awhile but it will still reoccur while cuddling whenever she decides. If anyone ever blocks her way from doing what she wants, she will take it out on them. I wanted to keep her from jumping into my lap whenever she insisted that it was cuddle time (and I do mean insist!) and I was busy so I would block her, sometimes by holding my hand up in a "stop" position. Its worked well on dozens of cats before. She decided she didn't like that. She wants to cuddle right now and so I should let her! so she will take it out on me in a few minutes as revenge. Anytime she's balked from doing what she wants, she's ready to jump the one who's balking her. It's a no-win situation.

    I keep her exercised and play with her 2-3 times a day. She's been given lots of toys to redirect her killer instincts on to. When she's tired, she's sweet and gentle. I keep hoping she will grow out of it but I'm not so sure anymore if we can survive until — and if — she does. She has been well treated and loved and provided every kindness we can give her, per usual, but I can't in good conscience try to place her in someone else's home. I;m no longer sure what to do. 🙁

  35. you are the best, dude

  36. Hi Jackson can you do an episode about cats that are scary cats they jump an are easily scared in one way or another

  37. Love you so much! You understand!!!!!!

  38. I had a tuxedo cat that ran away from his previous owners because after he was hit by a car and ended up with a paralyzed arm. His disability didn't bother him one bit and he used to jump up on the bar area of the kitchen and watch me cook. I used to refer to him as my "junior chef". I have no problem with counter surfing. Just clean the surface before preparing food. Not brain surgery….
    I miss him so much…

  39. I had a special counter Ellie could surf on. It was too hard to get over to the food counter, so she didn't bother. I talked to her on the kitty counter, petted, and kissed her. All win win..

  40. 1:38 it's like human children dude that's actually what I do

  41. Hello Jackson! I wish you were around here to see Romo and Ms Beasley. They are so funny to watch and they are two spoiled rotten brother and sister cats. Their daddy got them so spoiled. Me the mother don't. They want to be under me as long as their daddy is at work, but as soon as he comes home its on. We just love then to death! I will have to start posting videos of them that I have made in the past and present. We love watching your videos and TV show! Take care!

  42. My cat has a sill right by the dining room window. It's the dining room table.

  43. Squirt gun. lol. Just electrify the counter or use some good old barbed wire. Problem solved

  44. I love my Sassycat so much…I saved her when she was little and sick with cocsidia. She has saved me back a million times with her sweetness. She even loves hugs. I respect her space, and always have, and she always comes to me. I am beyond blessed to have her in my life.

  45. Muy cat bites me, constantly, and squirting water has been the sollution. He backs away and then comes back lovingly

  46. No squirt guns for dogs either? I volunteer at a shelter and when we facilitate a playgroup the squirt gun is like our go to when dogs are exhibiting inappropriate behaviors such as aggression or humping.

  47. okay but what am i supposed to do if all they do is bad behavior how to i reward them kskdndofnwpfmwofne

  48. I met my cat halfway by letting her have the back of the table next to the window and away from food. Not my favorite place for her but it is better than the counters and rest of the table.

  49. I got a question. If you are able to read it and respond it I would be glad. Not so long ago, I was living in a rented room. There was a cat who lived in front of the house next door. This cat was really attach to me, so lovely. But the, one day she started to piss in front on my door (the house's door). I did everything I could to stop her to do that because; even though I had no problem with cleaning it every morning, the owner of the how was really upset. I tried to do everything. I stop petting her for a while (didn't work), I started to wash the floor with ammonia hopping that the strong smell would keep her away (also didn't work), and I used those products with smell that are use to keep cats away from certain areas (you guessed it… Didn't work). After seeing that all those things would work for a while, but not long enough, I even started to spending more time with her since I guessed she was looking for attention. At the end, nothing worked. However, until this day I am curious about what I could have done? And, why she started that behavior after 2 years.
    P.S. The cat is hopefully healthy and well. I had to take her to the shelter since my room mate wanted to kill her. Thankfully, she was able to find a family after a week or less.

  50. i just want to say that you're awesome

  51. Not true for all cats. I've trained 7 cats with spray bottles. Only 1 doesn't obey and I didn't start training her till she had lived with us for half a year, she was too cute to punish. My kittens that I've only had for 2 months know, if I even touch the bottle, they need to leave the kitchen. I always associate it with a verbal cue and sometimes with a physical removal. I know my cats don't break the rules because if I put them on the counters after not having to use a bottle for years, they know they need to get down immediately because its not allowed. I love my cats but to me, the kitchen isn't safe. I've had cats knock glass items off counter tops and cut themselves and nearly step on a hot stove. If it weren't a safety hazard it wouldn't bother me.

    None of my cats are scared of me. They demand affection every morning, every time I come home, every night, every time I go to the bathroom and so on.

    There are some things that have to be trained. We have a balcony our cats are allowed to sunbathe on and when we introduce new cats to it they like to walk on the gutters. We had one fall which resulted in hip pain her whole life. While training they have supervised deck time. They are told "no" when they stick their heads through the railings. If they try to walk in the gutters, they are brought inside. I can't quite remove the birds and insects from luring them onto somewhere unsafe. We don't use bottles on the deck either as startling them might cause them to fall.

    None of our cats are aggressive, fearful, or unhappy. Also, hiding spaces underneath furniture shouldn't be blocked off for most cats, it's often just quiet space for a much needed nap. Cats can be trained without it being harmful to them. My cats understand that they must sit to receive food, they learnt this within days of bringing each of them home. This forces them to calm down to eat peacefully rather than fight with each other.

  52. The kitchen table is just at the window, where the windowsill is. So I leave the chair at the window for my cat. He knows 90% of the time to go floor-chair-radiator-window, not floor-table-window. In the bedroom I have plants at the window (non toxic) and the first time he wanted to climb he threw a pot on the floor and started "fighting" with the plants. I made some space for him at the window and now he has a place from where to watch birds and enjoy fresh air. The plants are now safe, he is interested in pigeons.

  53. I'm guilty of using the squirt bottle on occasion but I notice it just causes my kitty fear, confusion and distrust so I have naturally shied away from it based on her reactions.

  54. I watch My Cat From Hell all the time. I learned a lot about normal cat behavior.

  55. Am i crazy if i use some of this with my kid?😂

  56. I used to use squirt guns or make a loud, sudden noise and it would work as long as my cats didn't know that I was the source. Once they found out, it was totally ineffective.
    Nonetheless, I've been pretty successful at keeping cats off of my counter (while I'm around anyway), until I acquired a feisty little black cat almost 16 years ago. Since then, I have tried numerous ways to thwart her but to no avail. Water, loud sounds, various physical or visual barriers, sticky-side-up duct tape and even her advancing age has not yet succeeded in keeping her down.

  57. What about biting? I can't just sit and let her bite me it hurts

  58. Thinking about it, Ichabod got much less counter happy after we got the cat tree (it's where they can watch us when we're cooking or using the kitchen). Except Macchiato, he just doesn't care.

  59. aka my cat owns my home

  60. Love the yes/no, you can apply it to so many things!!

  61. Can anyone tell me what motion detector compressed air canister to purchase. I’ve looked on Amazon but I’ve only seen ones that spray some kind of liquid. ( even thought I searched for air ) Appreciate any help!

  62. Would using the squirt bottle be ok to stop a cat fight. I have two cats we have been trying to introduce them too each other the way Jackson has said. Only issue is one is a door Dasher. There have been a few times that they have tried to fight. Both are boys one is fixed and is older the other is a rescue and hasn't been fixed yet. I only use that when one of them is chasing the other trying to end the other cat. When I do anything else it's away. I mainly just want a distraction that "oh hey what was that why am I wet, now I need to groom" instead of " end the cat end the cat". When I have squirted them to get them to brake it up it does work. Then we are able to grab one and separate them immediately.

  63. My mother tried the squirt bottle thing behind my back because I have told her Not to do it and now our cat likes me best even though she stopped

  64. What about chewing on wires

  65. Oops.. Well that makes sense.

  66. Alright, so now I know why my new kitten doesn’t lay on me ever but will always cuddle and lay on my husband instead. A few weeks after he found her and brought her home I squirted her when she kept trying to get into the blinds and was knocking stuff down, so as Jackson said I broke the bond that we had barely started to establish 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    We’ve had her for about two months and I absolutely adore her and that’s been the only time I’ve been mean to her. I need a video on how to reestablish trust and a bond between us; I’m trying everything I can think of but obviously they’re not the right things. 💔💔💔💔😭😭😭

  67. Even if the cat still counter surfs when you're not around, if the only issue you take with it is that it annoys you, and you don't actually mind the cat doing it, then the squirt method actually does prove effective in that case… If you want to train the cat to not do something around you without completely prohibiting said activity, the squirt bottle seems like it works. Sure, a squirt bottle won't make the cat do something, but it will make them not do something. Though lets be frank here – if someone doesn't want an animal climbing around on their counters, they shouldn't get a cat. Get a dog.

  68. Did I just learn a valuable life lesson when I was expecting cat advice?

  69. What about water balloon diplomacy. Get a really tough latex balloon and fill it as much as you can. Once your sink is full of one huge ass water bomb, leave it there. (You won't be able to lift it without exploding) Any animal, including humans, will never want to use the counters again if they set this mother off. Then the forest may reclaim the land.

  70. Aluminum foil thank me later.

  71. What a great video, thank you! Adopting for the first time today, i’ve always owned dogs, and your video really just showed that you cannot treat them in any such way related to dogs. Meeting them halfway as important like you said, thanks again.

  72. I got my cat to stop climbing the bedroom curtains by doing that of course he had no clue where the water was coming from and it only took two times and he stopped climbing my curtains. Perhaps he doesn't when I'm not there but the curtains are still up and he was knocking them off before so I think that it worked and it literally took two times to train him to stop doing that.

  73. I saw the thumb nail and got excited that I could start spraying my cat….. boooooo

  74. I don’t think we ever used the squirt bottle on our boys, they just knew their boundaries. (And the intro was hilarious)

  75. Well my cat bites my feet and my hands my arms and my legs, I give him toys and it’s like looking at the toy makes him even more angry . I’m running out of antibiotic ointment lol something need to be done . Took him to petco they can’t help him he’s too wild. Mind you I’ve been taking care of him since he was 1 week old bottle feeding him

  76. My cat DOES know what that voice means. I only use it when she tries to get on the kitchen table to chew on my fake plastic rose. She knows after a second warning I'm getting up to stop her so she looks around to see if I'm still watching and I never have to get up.

  77. Our kitchen is too small to put a yes in it. It's frustrating for multiple reasons. My cat has started counter surfing again after not doing so for the longest time. I leave for a week and what happens? My cat counter surfs and my roommates dog returns to her peeing ways of old. Hm, wonder why….but I'm pretty sure my cat is just hungry, cause he's a pig who will eat himself fat and is on a diet. My roommates aren't…the greatest at cleaning the kitchen(neither am I really, but I am seeing that as more of a problem now that he has started this again), so I'm willing to bet he's after scraps on the dirty dishes or food they're leaving on the counter for however long(even if it's jsut a few minutes).

  78. I have two cats and one of them, while trying to jump on a cupboard, landed on a bowl which fell down on a floor, crushed with huge noise. Cat surface tryings never happened again to both of them 🧐👍🏻

  79. I've been watching a lot of your blogs and no matter what I do my cat is continually biting me I wear her out i distract her I sprayed her still biting me I am a diabetic and I am at my wit's end please help me


  81. ok but HOW do i get my cat to stop biting my ankles when i walk????? i can’t just not react, it hurts!

  82. This is all applied behavioral analysis. Learn ABA theory and you can tweak it to any situation.

  83. Like you say make the home livable for your cat. I just gave her her own cruising table. Jump up on it every morning to greet me…She loves having flowers in a vase (fake of course) to lay under. It makes her feel pretty. 🙂

  84. We have to shake that spray bottle to get our girl to come back inside. She hangs out in the backyard, and when she doesn’t come in we just take that thing out and she runs in. We don’t even have to use it anymore, but when inside we give her lots of treats. Trying to get her excited to come in so we don’t need to even have a spray bottle anymore.

  85. If you as a cat person do not yet know that your cat has suction cupped their butt hole to every surface of your house, then you need to have a wake up call. I just learn to wash up places I will be using for making items like food and such.

  86. My indoor cat meows and paces on the window sill (usually after he sneaks outside and I have to bring him back in). If the windows are open, he will do it literally nonstop. I am going to try the can of air thing as the no (but what could the yes for this behavior be)???

  87. U are a good person, so i subscriped to u

  88. So how do you keep them out of plants

  89. Before I watch this…. 1. Thank you for this channel. Your channel was highly recommended by the vet I called yesterday. My question is solely how to make a cat stay indoors as I've lost way too many indoor/outdoor cats and this last one was the last straw with a broken heart. 2. I've worked with / owned…errr ….rather….been owned by the felines my whole life and the easiest way to not only train a cat off the counters and tables….but to bond with them and gain their trust is a little thing I call "kitty tossing" which really isn't tossing but rather….a firm "no" "get down" while I point to my friend and then to the floor…. and then after saying it three times….I pick him/her up and begin to put them down and then when I'm like six inches off the floor I let go and say down…then while I get the perplexed look…I pet them and say "Good boy/girl…. you are down"… a sweet voice. It only takes me like three times for this to work. Then they get down by themselves and still I praise them with lots of pets and loving. There is no big secret. Cats will learn by loving all the way. Their love is unconditional and when they are shown love they show it back and do not want to disappoint. This is huge in gaining a cats trust. I've had two four month old kittens for about a week and a half now. They are good….really good cats but very afraid. I've gotten to the point I can pick them up and hold them for about 30 seconds now….can't wait to have their full trust….and then some to give them their first nail clipping with what? Not the vet clippers which cats are so fast to get away before the nail even goes in the whole…but I bought baby nail clippers which I have used for 30 years. The only inexperience I do have is with keeping them indoors. Cats are determined and when they have their mind set on bolting they do it quick! (why most are great hunters) :). Again thank you for this channel. Sincerely~~~Marie DiMauro

  90. Don't like the air spray I idea ….I do like the same height perch suggestion. My cats do go on the chairs but not on the table or counters. However, I have had success with the firm no and putting them down then praising them. Like you said….when I'm not around it probably isn't working. That is where diligence in cleaning comes in handy. Don't leave food up there as you suggested and the leaking faucets have to be fixed…. lol I think I'll try a fountain water bowl….the cats love to drink my fish water….I found an effective way to keep them off the twenty gallon but not the ten gallon with the beta. I don't mind them watching the fish but don't want them sick from the tank water either…which I do not think will hurt them perse I'd just rather not have them doing that part. They have already bonded in a way with the fish lol the beta will play and tease the kittens and when they jump to view the guppy tank the guppies swim up to them. It's actually cute to see.

  91. I taugh my cat the order "your place" I say the words everytime he tries to go somewhere he is forbbiden or when he doesnt want to move when I'm cleaning. he stopped jumping on the kitchen counter. 😎

  92. I tried squirting my neighbors cat when I babysat the cat, and she loved it lol

  93. Eh I just pop them mother cats bite them and hold them down when they discipline them cats aren’t stupid. It’s like a child I still did things I wasn’t suppose to do when my mom wasn’t around. It’s just a child thing. I will try the cat tree in the kitchen tho.

  94. What if he attacks me every once in a while? What can i do besides squirting?

  95. Love the water spray !!! It works on my cat, when he gets too crazy. It does work ! He wont ever bite me now because he is scared of it. Thats all I use it for, and dont say a word. Ps I dowse him !!!!!!

  96. Omg, I am learning so much from you. My partner thinks he is an expert. Blah, he knows nothing. You are the man, love your tips, love your thinking. ❤😻🥰

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