The Amazing Market Cats of Chile (Gatos de la Vega!)

The Amazing Market Cats of Chile (Gatos de la Vega!)

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  1. Want to help? You can donate towards the care and sterilizations of the animals in the market at

  2. Smart move on the market's part … food attracts rodents so the cats are protecting their product … High five to the logical partnership

  3. this is a good world. I would patronize everyday, that food market. Its i living and breathng community of happiness and good food.

  4. My heart feel so warm after seeing cats

  5. I would probably visit that market every day just to pet the cats!

  6. AWWWW!! They need food! Most LOOK so thin. They need a soft, warm pillow bed, and blanket. They need a good home!! Hopeing someone's heart will be softened, and give them a good home. They deserve such as this! So Purrrrdy and Purrrrry!!! 🐱😿😻😽🙀💗🌷

  7. Q hermosura de gatitos.Los amos

  8. “Cats of the market”

  9. Coexistence takes effort…these fine people are making that effort and it is working out just feline.🙄😜

  10. Guy: can I please have the apples, please?!

    Cat: laying on apples no

  11. Such a great channel. So few views and subscribers. Sure Kitten Lady deserves better!

  12. Why am I crying in the first minute of this video?! This is so precious ❤️

  13. i w a n t t h e s t o r e c a t s n o w

  14. Loved your video, thank you for coming to Chile.

  15. Stress?then can come to this market to released ur stress😂Free Stress Release

  16. Such a genius idea, I looove😭

  17. If only humans could learn to live with ALL animals like this ALL around the world. Probably just wishful thinking at this point, but no harm in trying.

  18. Beautiful video and beautiful people in that Market

  19. Produce protecter s.

  20. As much as I adore cats..ideally I don't want them on my food.

  21. que lindo! amo los gatos donde vivo cada edificio tiene una gato, no hay ratones ni plagas y de paso te dan mucho amor

  22. The freshest fruits and vegetables grown with organic cat pee pesticides 😑

  23. Oh wonderful. Cat hair and tramp stamps. I think the ink addled your brain. Yes yes love cat hair in my food.

  24. Ill a take a few pounds of kitty. 🤪

  25. They look so kuch healthier than your average street cat too. Thats cool. Good kitties

  26. Cats shouldn't be laying or sitting on top of fresh fruits and vegetables that the public is buying to eat. Its unsanitary to say the least. Cats, as well as dogs shed hairs and have fleas.

  27. Reminds me of the bodega cats in NYC. Super cute!

  28. Quiero visitar ese mercado amigable

  29. If any shop had cats I would go there first.

  30. The cats should charge the market owners for the pest control:)

  31. This is the cutest fuckin shit ive ever seen

  32. It’s like a NYC bodega.

  33. PURA VIDA the ppl of Chilli 💖💓💕💞

  34. damn. this is really a good idea lol. It's rat free and a place for stray cats to call home.

  35. I love cat meat sometimes. And sometimes cat shit in my vegetables.

  36. It warms my heart how much these people care for the cats

  37. This made me very happy.

  38. I wanna pet them all :'

  39. Same sort of thing exists here in Greece.

  40. the cats eat the rodents which eat the foods… Yeah?

  41. Thank you wonderful people.

  42. Felicitaciones me parece fantástico tener una mascota 🐈 o muchos ratones 🐀

  43. I love cats 🐈 they are so adorable and really clean animals

  44. Yeah, that’s what I’m looking for in any market anywhere: “lots of foot traffic”.

  45. Linda! 👑🥉👑😚🐈🐯😍👀😊☄💜

  46. I love them! They probably help keep the mice away! I don't think the cats belong to you rather you belong to the cats!

  47. Where do the cats poop and pee?

  48. Free toxoplasmosis with your produce! Yay!

  49. My cat would be in heaven with that lettuce. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be much left for customers to buy.

  50. Bet there are no rats there.

  51. Come to Istanbul, they're are everywhere.

  52. Is the same way in the market areas here in NYC you can’t go a few feet without seeing a cat meowing at you.The best are 5 brothers on Canal st and all are black and will jump up at ya at first I thought I was going insane seeing a cat I bet and walk away in a different direction only to see it sitting on some broccoli crates.I love watching them dispatch mice and even chase those huge mice back into the sewer

  53. the Egyptians had cats that fulfilled the same function and "society" and were respected.

  54. Why would you wanna buy produce that cats were sleeping on?

  55. Love your vids. I love cats, have a cat and love watching your vids.

  56. God bless u all for caring for them. I love cats so much😚😍😍😍

  57. I also take care of street cats I have13 of them these people r doin great job.

  58. The store owners of the market must have been good guys who have warm hearts for those stray cats. Since let me put it bluntly, most grocery store owners don't like homeless cats staying in their market places, but these guys are so different. If any other selfish market dealers who have hated homeless animals, they should have seen this awesome video. They showed me that what is the coexistence in the place.

  59. They must be sterilize to not multiply!!

  60. One word: toxoplasmosis
    Prove me worng….

    Pro tip:


  61. The Egyptians have known this cats 🐈 would watch over the grains 😎

  62. Something right that Chile does, JAJA-

  63. Khajiit has wares if you have a coin.

  64. Customer: "yes I'll take one fur ball lettuce and a couple of your cat crushed avacados please"

  65. 1951 I was in Chile. Loved it there. Wish I could see more things on the computer about what is going on in Chile now…Concepcion is where I lived. Had lots of friends there. I loved to see this about the cats being in a happy place. Adios for now. Send more videos, por favor!

  66. Well…….. I guess Im going to Chile!

  67. Olive oil and tomatoes, my favorite, says the Cat! Too cute🐯🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

  68. Lo mas increible es descubrir que los chilenos hablan mejor el ingles que el español….. bueno, no tan increible considerando como hablan en español.

  69. Gatos de La Vega, my favourite tittle of all time in the history of cats. Vivo en Chile and I love los gatos de la vega.

  70. Awe like who wouldn't love them. O mean, you may think that you don't like them, but just give one a chance. Most of the time, they do change your life positivity. Meow love and God bless!

  71. I love cats my mom as well but my dad well he hates them and if he was there and he saw they where cats in the vegetables he would no return to that market

  72. Kitten Lady Peru needs your help!

    there is a park in peru (i forgot what its called)but its in peru that has lots of cats some of which aren’t spayed or neutered and are sick
    I went there once and counted how many cats there were 17in total was my count

    the park does feed the cats but not correctly and have a whole saftey plan for them if anybody wants to take them home but apparently a lot of the cats died of diseases in Winter

    Please help!

  73. The perrrfect place to shop
    Cata are great felifriends too
    I am so happy to know, of this place
    Thanks for all your support to the cats
    Blessings to you all and all the animals of our world

  74. This is beautiful. I was having a bad day and watching this lifted my spirits.

  75. Has kitten lady been to Turkey? Because that would really blow her mind. After visiting I honestly started reconsidering the whole "pet" concept. We don't need to own animals to love them. They can be free and we can still take care of them and love them

  76. 0:57 enjoy your bananas with cat pee…

  77. Anyone who owns a cat knows that they're super clean, so I wouldn't mind buying there.

  78. aguante los gatoooos

  79. Do all the people who think this is unsanitary:
    Do you not wash your vegetables?

  80. So cute. 😍😍😍

  81. Looooovely!!!🥰🥰😍😍😍

  82. Oh my God, it's like a Cat Cafe on steroids!

  83. hay tantos gatos que ya me enamoré de ese lugar!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 QUIERO CONOCERLO Y QUEDARME A VIVIR AHI!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕🐱🐱🐱💕💕💕💕💕💕

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