THAI RIDGEBACK DOG || Ancestral perro crestado tailandes para caza y compañia

THAI RIDGEBACK DOG || Ancestral perro crestado tailandes para caza y compañia

The Thai Ridgeback Dog is a Thai dog
of hunting and company, with short hair that characterized by having a ridge that
it extends along the back in the direction opposite to the rest of the layer. Another curiosity
is that some copies have their tongue stained, they can even have it
completely blue or black. The Thai Ridgeback is one of the most
old ones that exist. In your country of origin, Thailand, has been used in the hunting of cobras
and wild boar, to escort carts and as guard dog. Until recently, the race
it was relatively unknown outside the eastern part of Thailand and even more so, outside
from the country. HISTORY: The Thai Ridgeback Dog is a breed
old, which can be seen in documents archaeological sites in Thailand that were written
around 360 years ago. This was used for hunting animals mostly in the
eastern part of Thailand and also the people they used them to escort carts and as
guardian. The poor transportation systems in the
Eastern part of Thailand caused the race was kept unchanged by so many
years, because he had little chance of
cross (mate) with other races. GENERAL APPEARANCE: Short haired dog forming
a protrusion on the back. Medium size, whose body length is
slightly longer than its height at cross. The muscles are well developed
and its anatomical structure is adequate for his
function. TEMPERAMENT AND BEHAVIOR: Strong and active
and with an excellent ability to jump. A family dog ​​and very loyal.
Skull: The skull is flat between the ears, but a bit rounded when seen sideways.
Front: With wrinkles when the dog is attentive.
Naso-frontal depression (Stop): Clearly defined but moderate.
FACIAL REGION: Nose: Of black color, in blue dogs the
nose will be blue. Nasal bridge: Straight and long.
Snout: Wedge-shaped; slightly more short that the skull.
Lips: Well glued with good pigmentation. Mouth: Preferably with a black spot
in the tongue. Jaw: Upper and lower jaws
They’re strong. Teeth: White and strong. With bite in
scissors. Eyes: Medium size and almond shaped.
Of dark color. In the blue and silver, the amber color of
the eyes is allowed. Ears: Located on both sides of the skull.
Preferably medium and triangular, firmly erect
and leaning forward. Not cut. NECK: A medium length, strong, muscular,
a little arched and holding the head in high.
BODY Back: Strong and level.
Loin: Strong and wide. Croup: Moderately inclined. Chest: Deep enough to reach
the elbows. Ribs well developed, but Not in the form of a barrel.
Abdomen: Stomach well collected. COLA: With a thick base and decreasing towards
tip. The tip can reach the hocks (“hocks”) He keeps it
vertically or a little curved. EXTREMITIES
PREVIOUS MEMBERS: Shoulders: Well placed backwards.
Forearm: Straight. Metacarpals: Straight when they face each other
and slightly inclined when they are seen from the lateral.
Feet: Oval. Nails: Black, but they can be clearer
depending on the color of the hair. SUBSEQUENT MEMBERS:
Hips: Well developed and curved knees pronounced.
Hocks: Strong and well descended. Metatarsals: Straight and parallel seen from
the back part. Feet: oval.
MOVEMENT: Step with good reach, not inclined nor swinging the body sideways.
When stepping, it forms two lines straight parallel. Seen from the front, the legs
The front ones move in a straight line, way that the shoulder, elbow and metacarpus (“pastern”)
they are roughly in line with each other. Seen from behind, the knee and the joint
of the hip, are roughly aligned. It moves in a straight line to the front
in a straight pattern without removing the feet towards inside or out, allowing you a
He passed long and powerful propulsion. The movement
It is uniform, easy and well cadenced. SKIN: Soft and tender, with tight skin, throat
without dewlap MANTLE
Short straight hair. The projection (ridge) on the back and the back is formed by hairs
that grow in the opposite direction from the rest of the coat; the edge of the ledge should be
clearly defined. The outgoing can present forms several and different lengths, but it
prefers a symmetrical projection on any from the sides of the loin and within the width of the
loin. Crowns or swirls at Start of the outgoing are acceptable.
Color: Solid color: red, black, blue and light brown. The mask is preferred
black in the reds. SIZE AND WEIGHT.
Height at the withers: Males: 56 – 61 cm, Females: 51 – 56 cm. Tolerance is more or less
2.5 cm WEIGHT:
Males, 23 to 34 kg, Females, 16 to 25 kg. CARE AND HEALTH: The Thai Ridgeback is a very healthy dog,
He does not usually have health problems. Due to the few crosses with other types
of dogs, the Thai Ridgeback is hardly they know serious specific diseases.
Although as in other races, by its constitution It can be affected by hip dysplasia. The Thai Dog with Crest adapts well
to floor life, but you have to take into account that is an active and energetic dog that needs
Exercise daily. Prefers warm climates, does not support the
cold or rain. It is a dog that does not need much care
hygienic, just brush it regularly to eliminate dead hair. FEEDING.
The food of Thai Ridgeback It must be resolved before the puppy appears
in his house. The food system of dogs differs from the human, so feed
«Thais» with waste from the table is not the Better option.
In general, the Thai food system Ridgeback obeys the basic rules of nutrition
of all the dogs. However, there are specific characteristics
of Thai Ridgeback. Inadequate feeding can cause
obesity or diabetes. It is necessary to control the fatness of the pet and provide the
Necessary level of physical activity. Some types of food can cause allergies.
Therefore, it is necessary to control the state of Thai Ridgeback. If the allergy
still manifest, alternatively excludes the suspect foods of the diet for
identify the “culprit” Sometimes, the best way is to transfer the dog to the food
dry antialergic. Life expectancy: From 12 to 14 years old.

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