Sugar Glider | La mascota voladora| (Animales domésticos) |Cuidados de mascotas|

Sugar Glider | La mascota voladora| (Animales domésticos) |Cuidados de mascotas|

a feature that attracts people to the serious animal tenderness that evokes feelings to humans, where the characteristics that cause such emotions are big eyes, have a fluffy fur and sometimes a tiny size. many species meet with such features but that does not make them pets, this is given when they raised in captivity preventing illegal trafficking and depending laws matter of each country, these can be considered as pets, one of those animals that have become so popular and upbringing does not affect your specimens Wildlife would be the sugar glider sugar or petaruo, a specimen very curious appearance reminiscent of a rodent, but that is very different from these because it is grouped with the marsupials. the sugar glider is an arboreal animals from Australia, New Guinea, and Tazmania, where its enclosure must have a surface 50 centimeters long and 50 wide, but its height must be considerable for they can climb a pleasure, must be at least 80 centimeters, so that in their Inside you can put tree branches or sticks which climb and have fun, but you should get a cage with narrow bars to prevent this out when he is not watching because its size is only about 24 counting long tail, but its body is very narrow and this allows them to get away with ease. the cage is placed in a place where they can determine the daylight, this because they are nocturnal animals asleep spending much of the time during the hours light tucked into the nest, which can be a wooden box or comfort one cloth bag that can be hung, the substrate floor of the cage can be chips wood, recycled paper or any object that does not contain toxic materials such as lead, because they tend to gnaw and consume small amounts. They are omnivorous animals, but as the name implies for food are more inclined sweet like fruits and vegetables such as mango, carrot, melon, apple, pear, grapes, avocado, pineapple; this administered a desired amount of carbohydrates being the main base of their food and to obtain proteins are supplied with insects like crickets and tenebrios who eat with pleasure or in some cases raw chicken meat in small quantities or food for dogs or cats. These should be placed in suspended for convenience of air glider, like the container with water either a dispenser or a fret drinking, but drink very little water because much get it from your diet, even so must always have water in your container. They come to be deficient in calcium diet, so you need to be You provide either vitamins or you mix with food, a good way to provide them This mineral is ground eggshells to the point of powder and mix them with their food, for optimal development where it must be noted at an early age to prevent rickets and bone problems. They are distrustful character and come to bite easily if they get scared or are not accustomed to handling, to educate themselves to that we manipulate them to feed must sometimes hand and hold them gently with the palm of our hands and allow them to walk and analyze what happens, this will allow them to adapt to coexistence of humans, animals being Gregarious that if they get another congener will become much more sociable, making small vocalizations up to bark when something displeases them. are animals hide a very striking quality, which can glide through the air from a jump, They achieve this through a membrane among the front and rear legs which it allows you to move a greater distance when jumping, which is due to be careful especially windows while trying to jump collide against hurting glass, but you can train that jumped to your shoulder rise, with animals they are comfortable with children with supervision but they become docile, taking care that not grip too tightly. its main problem is the deficiency calcium so be careful with it, another is diarrhea by getting a disease bacterial their feed, this may be two-way, a food that was not previously washed changing diet or where they are provided something different that causes diarrhea mechanical which can be complicated, in both cases it is necessary to them to the vet for optimal treatment. Another reason may be due to injuries to jump and get hurt to not drop adequately. animals are not normally vaccinated, but a vaccine it might be necessary would leptospirosis, especially by giving food that is not washed. They are considered adults when they enter sexual maturity between 12 to 14 months age where if you have a couple of different sexes will be played often, being animals with a non-seasonal estrus. gestation lasts about 17 days, where the Joys conclude their development in the pouched mother having 1 to 3 pups per litter, to spend time in this fold about 4 weeks, where the eyes open and begin out on your own to explore their surroundings, getting to live about 15 years on average if they cared for and provided most of the care. a curious and the ability to plan when jump pet, which gives a Extra attractive for people seeking an exotic and tender companion, that are sugar glider. 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  1. Seguro que eso es un animal doméstico? lo dudo un poco

  2. Muy interesante, no sabía que podían haber animales tan exóticos como mascotas (legales XD)… Buen vídeo :D.

  3. Siempre he amado a esta especie y ha agradado la idea de tenerla como mascota, pero desconfiaba porque me parecía un animal difícil de mantener. Aunque ahora viendo que sí podría tener un par en buenas condiciones, me he decidido a conseguirlos.

    Gracias, como siempre, por la valiosa información.

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