(ominous music) – I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to
enter the sting zone, with the Executioner wasp. Here we go. Ahh, ahh, ahh! Stop burning. (panting) Hah! Ahhhhh! The Executioner’s sting! (large cat roar) (exciting drumming music) (large cat roar) (intriguing music) All great journeys
eventually find their end. When we are talking
about my climb up the renowned insect
sting pain index, it seemed as if this end
would never be found. It all began with an
onslaught of Harvester ants. This series of stings
was quickly followed up with my hands being plunged
into an even more painful swarm of burning Fire ants. Ow, ow, ow, oh! One would think I had
learned my lesson, yet determination
drove me onward. As I crested past
the Cow Killer, and ascended to the
towering heights, of the Tarantula Hawk. This alien looking wasp
put me on the ground. Ahhh! Literally. Yet, I got back up, dusted myself off,
and kept going. Hah, I am light-headed
at the moment, and at this juncture, I
think it’s safe to say, that I have worked
my way up the ladder, and am ready for the
Bullet ant challenge. The end was finally in sight, and it came in the
shadow of a giant ant. As I summited the final
peak of sting mountain, the world watched with clenched
fists and gritted teeth, as I went forearm
to venomous stinger with the notorious Bullet ant. Hailed as the most painful
sting in the world, I had survived the
Bullet ant challenge. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! My mission of climbing
this mountain, strewn with agonizing
insect stings, had seemingly come to an end, yet rumors of a
more painful sting, that of the Warrior wasp, haunted the comments
of every video posted on the Brave
Wilderness Channel, so we filmed the sequel. And truth be told, it wasn’t
nearly as painfully memorable as the Bullet ant. Ahhhhh! Ugggghhh! Sharp, shooting pain. Yet, much to my dismay, what appeared to be the
final chapter in this saga, was nothing more than a prelude, that led to the moment in
time where I encountered the Executioner wasp. (ominous music) Mark you rolling? – [Mark] Yup. – Come here, come
here, come here. Look at this. – [Mark] What is it? – Look at this. I don’t know what it is. – [Mark] Oh. – They look like giant hornets. They’re absolutely enormous. We literally just
finished filming the Warrior wasp episode, we’re coming back
out of the jungle, we pass by this little,
kind of, overhang that has a swimming pool here. This is huge. This could be a
totally new species. I’ve never seen this
species of wasp, or hornet, or
whatever it is before. I think we gotta catch one
and try to identify it though. What do you think? – [Mark] Yeah,
let’s check it out. – Uhhh, got my net,
literally in my hand. There’s only two of ’em,
so the good news is, we’re not gonna get swarmed. I think if I can scare
one off the nest, I can scoop it up. – [Mark] All right.
– Should we give it a try? – [Mark] Let’s try it. – All right. – [Mark] I don’t think
they’re that aggressive. They seem to be
holding their ground. – Well, if you were that big, you’d probably would
hold your ground too. And I’m guessing that the sting that comes from that giant
has got to be painful. – [Mark] Should I stand back? – Yeah, you stand
back, you stand back. I’m gonna use the same tactic
I used for the Warrior wasp. Hold on. Watch, watch up above
me there, Mario. Make sure they don’t
come swarming down at me. Okay, so this is the Aquapod. We usually use the under water. I’m gonna use it to tempt
one of them off the nest, and then, just like I did
with the Warrior wasp, (makes swooshing sound) swoop it up. If I run, you run, got it? – [Mark] Got it. – There’s only two of ’em. Here we go. – [Mark] Okay. (ominous music) – I’m gonna try to
scare this one down, it’s just off the edge. (ominous music) It’s right on the
end of the Aquapod. Look at that. Wow, it is massive. – [Mark] (mumbles) – Look at that thing. (ominous music) I’ve got a little capsule
right in my bag, right here. I’m gonna get it
inside of the net, and then get it
into the capsule. It is looking right at me
– His abdomen’s pulsing. – It’s not happy. Hold on, let me get
him inside the net. (ominous music) Yup, it’s netted. (ominous music) Here we go, here we go. (ominous music) I got it. Yes. Yes, got it! Woohoohoohoohoohoohoo! Look at the size of that insect. Wow, that is impressive. – [Mark] Looks pretty menacing. – Yes, it does. Much more intimidating
looking than the Warrior wasp. I have never seen this
species before guys, so we are actually going to
take it back to base camp, and we’re gonna have
to look this up. – [Mark] What about it’s sting? I mean, do we know anything? – I know absolutely nothing,
and as far as I can tell, this is not something
that is ranked on the insect sting pain index. – [Mark] ‘Cause you’ve never
seen anything like this? – Never before in my life. This is absolutely crazy. Quite possibly a new species. – [Mark] Whoa. – Wow. The eastern mountainous
slopes of Costa Rica seem to be a world swarming
with stinging insects. And if Bullet ants and
Warrior wasps were not enough, the remote untamed wilds of
this rainforest ecosystem, had one more painful
sting up their sleeve. With an intimidating
specimen safely contained within the viewing capsule, we returned to our
jungle base camp, and began scouring the internet for an identification
to our find. All right guys, so
we have looked up Vespid wasps of Latin America,
and I found a great site, and I have found
out what this is. – [Mario] What is it? It is not a new species. It is actually called
the Executioner wasp. – [Mario] What? – [Coyote] The Executioner wasp. – [Mario] Whoa! – Talk about a
horrific name, right? – [Mario] Man, that sounds,
that sounds like it’s something to be considered
for the sting index. – Well, when I look at the
insect’s sting pain index, it does not appear
that this in on there. Now, there is a Warrior wasp,
there’s the Tarantula Hawk, the Bullet ant, there are
some species of Paper wasps. This is considered to be the
largest Paper wasp species in all of the
Neotropical environments, but it is not on Schmidt’s
sting pain index. This is crazy. – [Mark] Maybe this is a
better conclusion to the story. – You know, the Warrior wasp did not take down
the Bullet ant. The Bullet ant, in my opinion, is still the reigning
king of sting, but something like this,
with those stripes, and that menacing
looking face, man, if this had a more
powerful sting, that would truly deserve
it’s place on the throne. Don’t you think? – [Mark] Let’s think about it. – Let’s think about it. (ominous music) The Executioner wasp. That name alone is
enough to drive fear through anyone that hears it. Hailing as the largest of the Neotropical
Paper wasp species, this insect is a giant. It carries the cryptic moniker, in relation to it’s swift
attack and decapitation methods for dismantling
helpless caterpillars, which it in turn feeds to its
brood of alien-like larva. Those who have been witness
to this massive wasp, have wisely kept
a safe distance. And while this is not a
newly discovered species, when it comes to the powerful
punch in its venomous sting, this nightmarish looking insect, has not officially been ranked
on the sting pain index. So today, the chapter you
have all been waiting for is about to be written. (exhales) I’ll tell you what. If this is more painful that
the Bullet ant, that is it. I’m doing no more
stings after this. Honestly, probably do no more
stings after this, regardless. This has to come to
an end at some point. But I would not have been able to walk away from Costa
Rica, having found this wasp, and not having been stung by it. (exhales through lips) so, here we go. Mark is giving me the signal. It is time to get stung
by the Executioner. (exhales nervously) Here we go. (exhales nervously) There it is. The Executioner,
and he is waiting. – [Mark] Are you sure
you want to do this? – Oh yeah, I mean,
I built myself up, at this point, there
is no turning back. (exhales nervously)
Are you guys ready? – [Mark] I’m ready if you are. – Okay, I’m going
to place the capsule inside of the entomology net. Here we go. And I’m going to get the
wasp out with the forceps. (ominous music) Okay, the wasp is in the net. (ominous music) Got it. (exhales nervously) All right, there we go. I’ve got it, perfect hold. And that stinger is
absolutely massive. Okay, I’m gonna move
the epinephrine pen off to the side here. Let’s keep the glass
capsule accessible, so that I can quickly
cover it back up. That is a very large
wasp right there. You can see it’s completely
calmed down at this point. It is just waiting
to inflict a sting. (ominous music) Okay, are you ready? I’m gonna move this here. – [Mark] Yep, I’m ready. – Yeah, okay. I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m
about tho enter the sting zone with the Executioner wasp. Here we go. One. (exhales nervously) Two. Three. (ominous music) Ah! Ahhhh! Dohhh! Ughhhh! Dohhh my gosh! Dohhh, that’s really
bad, really quick. – [Mark] How bad– – Ahhhhhhh! Dahhhhh! Ughhhhh! Dohhhh, right there! Dohhh, you can see the venom coming right out of
my arm right there. You see that? Dohhhh, my gosh! Hoh, that hurts a lot! (panting) Ahhhh! Dohhh, it’s as bad as
the Tarantula hawk! Dohhh! Dahhh! – [Mark] (mumbles) Ahhhhhhh! Ooaaah! Ahh! Ughhh! (exhales) – [Mark] Wow. – [Coyote] (exhales
through gritted teeth) (whispers) right there. Ahhhh! Ffffff! – [Mark] Tell me
what you’re feeling. Fffff! – [Mark] I know it’s hard. Oh my gosh, it’s bleeding. Fffff! Fffff! Ughhhh! Duhhhh! (exhales) Ooohhhhh! – [Mark] Think I
should be worried? Ohhhhh, I don’t know. Ohhhww! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Gahhhhhh! Man! The Executioner wasp packs
an unbelievable wallop. Man, the initial impact is
definitely just as sharp, if not worse, than
the Tarantula Hawk. But look, you can see the
blood underneath the skin. Right now, my arm is throbbing. It is on fire. It is about– Ohhhhhhhh, my God, that hurts! – [Mark] (mumbles) Ohhhhh, it is burning
uncontrollably. Whoaaaaa! It is definitely as bad
as the Tarantula Hawk, there’s no question about it. And it is without
question sharper, sharper than a Bullet ant. I think we’ve got a
new king here folks. It’s just a matter of how
long is this thing gonna last. Haahh. Ahhhh! – [Mark] Talk to me
about the swelling– – Gahhhh! Hold on! Ahhhh, it’s getting worse. Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh! Stop burning! Ahhhh! It’s getting worse. Dahhhhh! You little devil. Ahhhh, the Executioner
lives up to it’s name! Ohhh my gosh! (panting) – [Mark] You can see
the blood coming out. – Ughhh. Ughh. I just, I can’t talk. I can’t talk. It is so much pain. I’m g– Cut the cameras. Ahhhhhhhh! – [Mario] Oh my goodness,
look at this white spot. – [Mark] Wow. – Yeah. – [Mark] That is the worst
reaction you’ve ever had. – Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! – [Mark] Holy cow. – [Coyote] Ahhhhhh! We have a new king
of sting folks. – [Mark] Mario. Mario, you seeing this? – [Coyote] He is the king! Bahhhh, I can’t feel my arm! Huhh! (panting) – [Mark] Do I need
to be worried here? Are you going to be able to– Mario what do you think? Mario? – (panting) Oh my God. Oh my arm. Oh my arm. Ahhhhhhhh, it’s– Burning does not stop. Ahhhhh! That may be the most painful
sting I have ever taken. No, let me rephrase that, that is the most painful
sting I’ve ever taken. The Bullet ant has
been dethroned. The Executioner is king. Ahhh! – [Mark] Mario, have you ever
seen him react like this? You see the white? – [Mario] Yeah. – [Mark] Looks like scarring. Just like the bullet ant. – [Mario] Yeah. – [Mark] There’s scarring,
but there’s blood coming out. (ominous music) – Mmmmmm. Mmnnaahhh! Whoaaaaa. (ominous music) Oh my gosh, my arm is on fire. – [Mark] Feel like
the Gila Monster? – Mmm. It is a different
pain than the Bullet. This is a searing pain. It is attacking my blood cells. It is breaking down
the membranes around
those blood cells, and the cell particles
are spilling out onto my arm right now,
sending firing neurons screaming to my brain right now. They’re saying, you’re
in a lot of pain. Lot of pain going on right
here guys, a lot of pain. (ominous music) Ahhh. – [Mark] Are you out
of the woods yet? – It’s extremely hard right now. The initial sting, and the
shock that came from the sting of the Executioner, was
more painful than anything I have experienced before. And I think I said it when I
was on the ground over there, that the Bullet ant
has been dethroned, and the new king of
sting is the Executioner. And I am bending the knee
right now to this insect, because not only is
it’s look intimidating, but it’s sting is
the real thing. It is screaming at the moment,
screaming searing pain. So where the Warrior wasp
felt like pins and needles, and the Bullet ant felt like
somebody taking a hot poker and sticking it into your arm. This is like flesh peeled back. No, I don’t know
what it feels like to have flesh peeled
back, but I can imagine that this is what it is. You see, I can’t even
move my hand right now. My whole arm is in
such agonizing pain and it’s starting
to itch right here. I can feel the venom
working it’s way up, similar in a sense to how the
Gila Monster’s venom worked, and it is hot to the touch. Mark, just tell them how
hot my forearm is right now. – [Mark] Oh wow, you can
see right here, actually. Mario, can you get
a shot of that. – Try to get that. You see this? – [Mark] There’s a residual
reaction occurring up your arm. Is it– – Now, in this instance,
I do not know if the pain is going to last for
more than an hour, more than five hours,
more than 36 hours, but I can tell you right now that the pain has lasted
longer than the Tarantula Hawk, and at this moment, it is
worse than the Bullet ant. So, in this immediate
presentation, I am declaring the
Executioner wasp as being the king of sting,
as it currently stands. All right guys, I’m just gonna
go ahead give you an outro, ’cause I’m starting to have
trouble composing my words here. – [Mark] Yeah, we’re
concerned, man. You’re not out of the
woods yet, are you? – No. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. Man, that’s intense. (ominous music) The prolonged effects of
the Executioner’s venom lasted for nearly a week,
as just a single sting packed enough potency to rot
a small crater in my forearm. This has got to be
the longest hike back to base camp I’ve ever had. My arm is screaming
in pain right now. The residual pain was followed
by persistent itching, and ultimately a scar, that
today I still carry with me, as a reminder that this
Neotropical Paper wasp is a foe unlike any
I had ever faced. Ahhhh, are you still filming? – [Mark] Yeah. – Ahhhhhhh! – [Mark] You don’t
want to remember this? – The Executioner! Oh, my arm is
throbbing right now. – [Mario] Drink some water. – Ahhhh. (eerie music) Oh. (birds singing) The planet is teaming
with more insect species than are known to man,
and a fair share of them are armed with
venomous stingers. My climb up the insect
sting pain index, and my destiny to encounter
and face the Executioner wasp, was a journey I could
have never predicted, yet it successfully
captured and captivated the minds of millions
upon millions of viewers. And while I know you all
enjoyed watching me squirm around on the ground in pain, I hope that you also walked
away with a new sense of respect and understanding for these
fascinating creatures. Without my incredible crew, Justin Schmidt’s
brilliant sting roadmap, and the wonderful Coyote
pack cheering me on, none of this would
have been possible. So, thank you all for
joining me on this journey. I certainly have
enjoyed the ride. Now, to firmly answer
your burning question, yes, for me, this
really is the end. Is there a more painful
sting out there, crawling across
the desert sands, or flying through the
humid rainforests? Possibly. Probably. But that is a mystery I feel
is best left to live on. Crowning the Executioner
wasp as the new king of sting is as far as I am going to go. And in my opinion,
this truly was one sting to rule them all. (epic orchestral music) (coyote howl)

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