Single and Happyish – Ep: 9

Single and Happyish – Ep: 9

Lizzie: Hi everyone. It feels like the 2.5 WPF Club
is putting on a full court blitz! Full court blitz…that’s what that’s called, right? Anyway, to marry, settle down, and start our lives.
As if my life has not started yet. My pestering, traditionally-valued mother has it cast in stone
that I’m practically an old maid at 24. But I’ve done my research! The majority of marriages occur significantly after 25 and they tend to be happier and longer. And the children of those marriages tend to
live happier and more stable lives. I have done the research! My mother has never been particularly interested in rational thought.
She thinks ghosts cause power outages. My name is Lizzie Bennet, I am single, and that is perfectly okay. “Single and Happyish”
Written by Daryn Strauss As it is no surprise to any of you, my mom has been preparing me for marriage my entire life. I didn’t turn out quite as she expected. My Lizzie is quite the strange one. All that readin’,
writin’, and studyin’. And that mouth of hers. And when I was seven, my mom dressed me as a
spinster for Halloween. A spinster. Yeah, trying explaining what a spinster is to your second
grade classmates. Who does that? Charlotte: You weren’t a spinster that year. You were a witch. Lizzie: Nope. Definitely a spinster.
Charlotte: Why would any mom dress her daughter up as a spinster? Lizzie: To traumatize her into dedicating her life to find a husband.
Are you not listening? So anyway– Charlotte: No. No, that’s not it. I was there, too.
You were a witch, and a very loud one at that. Lizzie: I had an old shawl, a broom, and a warty hag face as a mask.
Charlotte: Yeah, exactly. A witch. Lizzie: Anyway, so I proposed to Rick Collins just to shut her up.
Charlotte: I remember that. That was so cute. Lizzie: Closest I’ve ever gotten, according to my mother. I would have married the little bugger, but his kickball games conflicted with arts and crafts. I never was kickballer wife material anyway. Which is good, because Rick Collins grew up to be kind of a dick. Turns out he got engaged the other day. And guess who told me? If Mrs. Collins’ dickheaded son is off the market, there’s
not gonna be anyone left for her to marry! What she doesn’t understand is that what makes me happy and what makes her happy are two very different things. All life doesn’t revolve around men anymore! I can get a PhD! I can run a company! I can get one of those crappy mortgages and put myself in horrible, debilitating debt. I mean…more horrible, debilitating debt. So you can chill out mom, cuz I don’t need a husband. Charlotte: But you are still living at home. Lizzie: Buzzkill.

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  1. "'Your plan is a good one,' replied Elizabeth, 'where nothing is in question but the desire of being well married; and if I were determined to get a rich husband, or any husband, I dare say I should adopt it.'"
    – Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice," Chapter 6

  2. Full court press, Lizzie. XD

  3. OMG this is awesome. keep it up guys

  4. Is that research legit? I'm genuinely interested. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I wonder if her mum even has a southern accent. :p

  6. Jesus, I just started the first one and all of a sudden I'm on 9.

  7. Better marriages after 25? And Lizzie just TURNED 25.
    Hint hint, Darcy.

  8. All the research Lizzie did suggests she is actually quite insecure about her lack of a man.

  9. proposed to ricky collins omfg

  10. also i can run a company ALL THE FORESHADOWING

  11. Or because she is fighting back against her mom's obsession with every woman's need for a man. She's a bit oversensitive (spinster/witch argument) about how much Mrs. Bennet pushes her, but I don't think Lizzie herself really feels insecure about not having a man.

  12. Guess what happened on her 25th birthday?

  13. Wow that was fantastic! I read the 98 one, I don't have time rn to read the one for 99, but will when I get home. I think it really captured the characters well, some people go over the top with it…well. While we are plugging, I did a meta on the week coming up to Episode 98 and more behind the scenes stuff in Lizzie's head. (somaybeoneday). Its the only thing tagged #meta, so just add /tagged/meta to the end of my url to find it ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Completely. Not only is this format for story telling such a new and fresh idea, but they executed it so well! I don't want this to end D: I want more Dizzie! …sigh, I suppose all good things come to a close…*weeps*

  15. "I can run a company" – IS EVERYTHING IN LBD FORESHADOWING?!

  16. Hi. I just wanted to say that I love your videos! I was Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice for my school's winter play last year

  17. hey, I "know" you from tumblr

  18. "I can run a company!" Love it.

  19. Watching through the series the first time. Must avoid comments section for spoilers.

  20. I am such an old maid and proud LOL

  21. "But you are still living at home!" … Fail ๐Ÿ™

  22. I absolutely love how Charlotte sheds light into Lizzie's psyche by presenting the other POV.

  23. "My Lizze is quite the strange one. All that reading, writing, and studying…and that mouth of hers…" hahahaha!

  24. "I would have married the little bugger, but his kick ball games conflicted with arts and crafts…"Bahahaha

  25. My thoughts exactly! XD

  26. Full court blitz? I think that's mixing basketball with football. lol. I'm not hating, tho. I love this channel. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. there can be blitzes in basketball too. But ya, it's usually used as a football term

  28. Does her mom kinda sound like AVPS incarnation of Umbridge to anyone else?…

  29. she grew up so much over the course of these videos oh my god


  31. I need to learn to stop reading the comments.

  32. This show has two great things: a good storyline and boobs.

  33. Spoilers? It's a 200 year old book.

  34. I understand all the people that are complaining about spoilers, but I think for some Jane Austen fans, not knowing the storyline of P & P is like not knowing the storyline of Romeo and Juliet.

  35. Darcy: "What… I didn't know it was your birthday, something or someone told me to come to your home today." lol….

  36. "And when I was 7, my mother dressed me as a spinster for Halloween!" Gotta love Lizzie's editorial memory, remembering an event in a way that fits with the way she has decided the world, or in this case her mother, is. It's a pretty interesting character flaw. Also interesting is that although her prejudice towards Darcy gets resolved, her prejudice towards her mother, which is monumental in this adaptation, does not. I do think Mrs. Bennet is more complex than Lizzie makes out.

  37. full court blitz….mixing sports metaphors.

  38. If you don't want spoilers then why do you read the comments?

  39. Why why why. Everyone seems to be finding these series so entertaining, and here I am, trying to force myself through the first few episodes. I've laughed few times so far, and hardly feel like going on. I wish I could find this interesting. Does it happen to get more interesting any time soon? Maybe it's just that he beginning is boring?? Please someone reply and let me know bc I wanna give this a shot.

  40. It might not be your type of show then, maybe, though LOTS of things do happen later on. They're really funny if you've read Pride and Prejudice or get Lizzie as a person.

  41. They planned this series out SO WELL! I wish there was more… ;.;

  42. "and that mouth of hers…"BAHAHA

  43. Well I would hope anyone under the age of 25 seconds would be single.

  44. Lol "she thinks ghosts cause power outages."

  45. haha lizzie is just absolutely spectacular

  46. HAHA I love Charlotte xD

  47. This Cheerios ad. Is seriously the most annoying thing ever

  48. I personally think that marrying at 24 or even 25 is too young. I mean, you just graduated from college (or graduate school) might as well enjoy being single, earn for yourself and buy things for your own happiness. Why the rush?

  49. Am I the only one who thinks that when she says " I have done the research!" She sounds like Amanda Bynes

  50. full court blitz…that is what it's called right?

  51. "I HAVE DONE THE RESEARCH!!!" in complete rage

  52. "I have done the research!" Defensive much Lizzie? ๐Ÿ˜›

  53. I don't why but lizzie reminds of Emily Blunt

  54. "She thinks ghosts cause power outages." DUDE, IS THAT A DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE?!ย 

  55. One of my favorite moments:

    holds up paper and screeches "I HAVE DONE THE RESEARCH!"


  56. I have a hard time seeing Ricky playing kickball XD

  57. "Mrs. Collins' dickheaded son is off the market…!" I lost it XD

  58. After hearing her say that life now isn't about men anymore, I'm starting to dread the ending. I know that society is different now but I just finished a Jane Eyre miniseries where they completely changed the ending and the two main characters didn't end up together. I don't want huge spoilers but someone please tell me that this miniseries won't have a complete lack of closure!

  59. I have found that the LBDs are rather like a good cheese, they both get better with age.

  60. Lizzie's mother does not hold her daughter in a particularly high regard, does she?

  61. Charlotte is the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. Does anyone else think that Lizzy's impression of her mother remind you of Skeeter's mother in The Help?

  63. "I can run a company!" Aha!

  64. do you think this is why Darcy married Lizzie the day of her 25th birthday???????

  65. I relate with Lizzie so much!! Everything she said it's so me!!

  66. First time watcher who loves the original novel and movies. But my friend who finished this already told me I'd have to wait until episode 60 for Darcy to make an appearance?!?! Is this true?!?!!!!!

  67. "She thinks ghosts cause power outages." LMFAO OMFG XDDDD I laughed SO hard at that! XD

  68. I want Lizzie's top!


  70. Why is Lizzie insistent that her mother dressed her up as a spinster….?

  71. What's a spinster?? Seriously what is it?

  72. Holy sh*t, I can't believe these came out FOUR years ago!

  73. I wish there was more of Mrs. Bennet.

  74. This Lizzy is almost a perfect incarnation of the book character.ย  Not QUITE, sure, but ALMOST–and that's good enough for me.

  75. "She thinks ghost causes power outages" Wait what. THEY DON'T?

  76. I am so excited I met you yesterday at Charlotte's play!!!

  77. Lmao she dressed her up as a spinster???

  78. Mrs. Bennet is awfully similar to about 90% Indian moms out there. just sayin

  79. If they said this wasn't based on Pride and Prejudice, that top would tell me otherwise. lol

  80. Wasn't Eliza 20 in the book

  81. charlotte is the real mvp here

  82. "Chill out, mom, cuz I don't need a husband!"
    "But you are still living at home."

    As someone who watched these at 20 and is now 24, whose dad has recently been making cracks about her having grandkids eventually, and who is also still living at home… this video is a callout post and I did not come here to be dragged like this

  83. 2:04 is extra funny after watching the LDB cast play Marrying Mr Darcy

  84. Una solterona hahaha

  85. hello from irak ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  86. I have really enjoyed these episodes so far. they are hilarious. I also bought the book. I have read the original P&P novel seven times and am working my way through the variations of that novel. Liking them all so far.

  87. "I HAVE DONE THE RESEARCH!" I feel like this is the tagline for my life.

  88. Man… I can't believe i'm still watching these… still thinking about Darcy seeing these…

  89. โ€œAnd that mouth of hers…โ€ lol

  90. "And that mouth of hers…"

  91. I brought up the research (kinda word for word) to my friend's mom when she asked my about marriage, (I don't even have an SO). And when I was done, then was a brief moment of her mom staring at me and my friend silently celebrating behind her. Then I started to sink behind the kitchen counter.

    Turned out her mom agreed with me despite what her face said.

  92. "I can get one of those crappy mortgages and put myself in horrible debilitating debt. I mean…more horrible debilitating debt."-The voice of a generation.

  93. Everyone has that "line that gets them every time" in these videos…
    Mine is "If Mrs. Collins's dickheaded son is off the market, there's not gonna be anyone left for her to marry."

  94. I was looking forward to seeing how the Charlotte/Mr. Collins would play out in this, but I guess they had "Mr. Collins" in this marry somebody else ๐Ÿ™


    If only she kept up the perfectly fine being single attitude.

  96. "My mother has never particularly been interested in rational thought. She thinks ghosts cause power outages." Man, I forgot how much I missed Lizzie.

  97. Ghost…DON'T cause power outages?

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