Shocking & Will Make You Angry! – Why support #FurBan #StopKillingFoxes

Shocking & Will Make You Angry! – Why support #FurBan #StopKillingFoxes

Fox Fur Belongs to Foxes Why would anyone Kill an innocent and beautiful fox? Meet Inali Meet Gaia Our foxes Who are greatly loved And have the best care According to the Humane Society International Millions of animals suffer and die every year for fashion. Their fur is turned into trinkets or trim on coats and hats and full fox fur coats. TRAGIC Would you wear your cat or dog as a fur coat? #StopKillingFoxes #BanFashionFur #FurBan Love foxes. Love fox fur. Let foxes live! Enjoy these next clips of our beautiful foxes.

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  1. <3 they are beautiful foxes,
    You have the best pets in the world

  2. the foxes are so adorable why would you kill them

  3. They are playful,loyal and sometimes being so cute ??❤️??

    But why would you kill an animal for fashion animals are like humans too and they dont even deserve to die

  4. Anyone wearing fur should be given a severe beating the same as foxhunters.

  5. While they R both delightful, I do have admit that Inali IZ my fav… something in the eyes that spell an Xtra level of michieviousness(sic), and I agree with your position, imo very special spirits wrapped in beautiful fur… I feel sorry for your dogs,

  6. They are so cute! I sometimes have a dream that i have a fox:'D. And some way, this helps me because My own little yorkie died 1 week ago. And it wasn't The first Time. Long Time ago… When i was 7, maybe 8, My fist dog died. She was named Peppi. She was only 3 and half year old. She was kindest dog in The world????. And now. My little lovely yorkie who was only 2 and half year old, died too! But they have a place on My heart:'(. And when i watch Dog-fox videos so it helps me! I'm not sure why… But still!:D

  7. I hate the fox fur farmer, those make me seriously mad and want to kill the farmer without any warning

  8. ?☘️?? nice video

  9. Oh my gosh I am so glad you are against this! You go girl!

  10. in real i want to meet Gaia and Inali:) they are so cute and i love foxes:) they are so beautiful Animals:) and cute:) and amazing:) i hope that sometime i meet domesticated fox:)

  11. Why would any turn precious animals into FUR COATS!?!? HOW CRUEL IS THAT!?!?

  12. I agree full force ❤?

  13. Thank you for watching – it's fans like you that make this channel fun and possible!! If you haven't already, be sure to SUBSCRIBE and turn on all notifications to see our new uploads. Watch our other videos to See our Life with Foxes ? ? We appreciate you watching and enjoying clips of life with Gaia and Inali! For more background information, please read the descriptions and pinned comment.

    Please help to raise awareness on the emerging domestication of foxes and what it's really like by sharing our videos with your friends and family and all over social media ☺️ When we first started researching foxes, breeders, laws and caring for foxes, we came across many “breeders” who wanted to make a quick buck and didn’t care much about the animals they were selling. When we asked them to see photos or videos of the parents, they could not supply those. Eventually, we found a USDA licensed breeder in Indiana who answered all our questions and had Gaia and Inali’s parents. They’ve been breeding foxes for more than forty years. I’m not exactly sure if they bred only for desired color variations or also bred for tameness. Even though they are good people and love foxes, they most likely did not go through the extensive scientific methods as Belyaev's Russian experiment. Gaia and Inali wag their tails, get excited to see us and trust us but unlike the Belyaev foxes, they don’t lay by our feet or want us to pick them up. They are more independent and cautious even though they trust us and know we care for them. They’ve never yelled, snapped or bitten us. I’ve seen some fox owner video who’ve not been as kind to their fox or their fox gives them vocal and body language attitudes. Gaia and Inali bicker with each other at times (which is very loud—not violent, though) but never at us or our dogs. Our foxes live side-by-side with us in our home instead of disassociated from the family in an outside enclosure. They’ve come to learn household behavior and being a part of the pack. However, they are not submissive and they do have a mind of their own. It’s their world and we just live in it and feed them, lol. They are very strong-willed and determined. We are consistent with correcting behaviors that may cause damage to our home but we never yell, spank or discipline to try and take away their natural tendencies like curiosity, cautiousness, running, chasing, digging, jumping, hunting, etc. We just find alternate methods to accommodate their needs. We’ve had to alter our lives and our home to raise them and cohabitate with foxes. People often say foxes are like a cat and dog in one. This is true, but they are also like raising two ADHD toddlers for life. We have about thirty years experience of raising and training dogs and other animals so we understand the constant supervision, consistent training and patience required to raise high-maintenance animals. Plus, our children (we raised five) are grown up and out of the house, so we have time and resources to devote to Gaia and Inali. Gaia and Inali have their own room where they play and sleep when we are not home and during the night. We’ve diligently, and creatively, fox proofed our house, lol.

    Belyaev's Russian experiment is fascinating work and I greatly respect it! I’ve researched some on it, but I feel there is still so much to learn about fox domestication. I’m following up with one of the scientists involved in the latter part of the Russian experiment to hopefully provide information about our foxes and help with the research of fox domestication. Our foxes’ biology may not be as advanced as the Belyaev foxes but with how far along ours are from the wild or original fur farm foxes (40 generations) and the environment our foxes are raised in, they are at a great advantage on the road to domestication. Clearly, though, foxes have a ways to go before being close to dog domestication. However, Belyaev’s experiment began seeing favorable domestication traits only ten years after their start. Regardless, each fox has a different personality and temperament like dogs and humans. Inali, the male pearl fox, is more calm, playful and approachable than Gaia, the female white fox. She’s a bit more stubborn and high strung. We got them young (around five to six weeks old) to start bonding with them right away. It is essential to spend much time and loving attention to earn their trust. I hope with responsible, loving and committed adults, foxes can further become domesticated and welcomed into common households. They truly are fascinating, smart and clever animals! We’re working on a guide to help people understand the reality of raising foxes

    Here are just a few helpful resources I’ve read about the Russian experiment.

    How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog):

    Fox domestication:

    Fox genes and behavior:

    We got a health certificate from the breeder, along with documentation from the DNR and the state veterinarian approving that we may own these foxes that do not resemble foxes from the wild. The DNR requires a Permit to Hold Game in Captivity for animals that closely resemble game/wild species and can be reasonably confused with game/wild species. This is why we chose Gaia, a high-white marble and Inali, a pearl color so they would not be confused with the wild red (Vulpes Vulpes) or gray (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) foxes. People should never take an animal from the wild!

    These foxes are not exotic animals since their species are from North America. We had to present a compelling case before our township Board of Trustees to get these types of foxes classified as other household animals since, of course, nothing in the local ordinance mentioned anything about foxes. We cited state law: Foxes in captivity as domestic animals; protection; construction of part – “ Such fur-bearing animals, together with their offspring and increase, are the subjects of ownership, lien, and all other property rights, in the same manner as purely domestic animals”. After our township consulted with their attorney, we were then given permission to own domesticated foxes.

    We wanted to be sure we had clear documentation and authority to legally have these foxes since illegal ownership could result in them being confiscated and euthanized. That is something we could not live with going through and that is very irresponsible for someone to do. After getting the proper approvals, we then called around to every veterinarian in the area to see if they could care/treat foxes. Only one clinic would accept them. We consulted with the veterinarian to ensure her qualifications and knowledge about which vaccines the foxes would need and proper dosage, along with being able to spay/neuter them. Gaia and Inali receive deworming medicine, flea and tick prevention treatment, and the distemper and rabies vaccines. They have rabies certificates but that is still a gray area since there are no FDA-approved rabies vaccines for foxes. It is possible that if a fox bites someone, they can be considered rabid and would have to be euthanized to get brain tissue and test for rabies.

    Foxes are a handful and a ton of work. Foxes are not for everyone. Again, most of it depends on where you get them and how you raise them. We never cage Gaia and Inali. They are a part of our family like our children, just a bit naughtier. Gaia and Inali were not taken from the wild. Never take a wild animal from the wild. Our foxes are from a long line of domesticated foxes who originated and were rescued from a fur farm. Humans are primates who came from the wild. We now enjoy the comforts of modern-day lifestyles, as do our foxes—you can see in our videos how they interact with us and are happy. As with us humans, Gaia and Inali are happy to be free from parasites, ticks and fleas and the diseases they carry. They're free from fear of being hunted. They're free from extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures. Gaia and Inali are happy and a part of our family- not prisoners or deprived of the wild. We don’t ever cage them. Gaia and Inali are just like anyone else’s dog or cat as far as living together with humans. You would never image throwing your cat or dog out into the wild to try and fend for themselves and survive. That is very cruel. Foxes are an emerging domesticated species just like dogs were at We created this channel so people have information as to what they may be getting into since foxes demand more than cats and dogs. We are responsible adults and knew what we were committing to before we brought Gaia and Inali home. We make sure to provide them with the best home, the best food, the best vet care and with so much love as we do our children. I hope this helps clarify a bit – foxes are not for everyone.

    Please join our cause in #FurBan and #BanFashionFur by checking out and sharing. ? ?#FoxFur belongs to #Foxes – Thank you!

  14. Its hurting… Your Foxes are adorable, like all of them

  15. I love foxes so so much

  16. like your videos. keep it up

  17. Foxes are adorable!!! Why would anyone want to hurt them!?!? It makes me so sad!!! 🙁

  18. I want to kill every fur farmer!!! Some people are so egoistic they only care about money and fashion. It's horrible!

  19. I have heard that foxes are cleverest

  20. Foxes are so cute! I cant believe there are people who kill them for FASHION! they have to stop! #StopKillingFoxes

  21. My fav Pokémon is alolan Vulpix and she is based on a arctic fox so that’s my fav animal (WHY WOULD ANYONE KILL FOXES YEA I AGREE!)

  22. my dad almost ran over a fox. if he did we would have fox fur. but luckily he didnt. 🙂
    also it was by accident. the fox wasnt hurt luckily, cuz foxes are one of my favorite

  23. This doesn't make me angry just really sad and heart broken why kill such beautiful creatures, when we have the ability to nod our heads to their fur and make fake ones that LOOK like fox fur but is NOT they deserve to LIVE THEIR LIVES! #ISUPPORTFURBAN #ISUPPORTSTOPKILLINGFOXES

  24. I really cant stand poaching and the flaying of these poor animals. I've seen very cruel videos and it makes me cry. I just wont ever understand why or how anyone can do such terrible things. I'll do anything I can to help stop the harming of these wonderful animals.

  25. Thank you fore opening up my eyes to this horrible thing❤ I live in Alaska so half of the people in my village hunt foxes?? you helped me realize how horrible fox hunting is.

  26. why i like faux fur

  27. #FURBAN

  28. I hate fur and other animal fashion it's stupid!

  29. I dont understand why people do that. The government should ban that!

  30. Anyone how kills foxes to get fur should be killed

  31. #FOXFUR BELONGS ON FOXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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